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Entries from 1835 Robson's Directory

Sturminster, Newton Castle, a market town and parish in the hundred of Sturminster, Newton Castle, Sherborne division, 8 miles from Shaftesbury, and 108 from London, contained in 1831, 1831 inhabitants, and was assessed in 1815, to £3,406. It is situated on the river Stour, part on the right and part on the left bank, connected by a good stone bridge, and consists of old low-built houses, with the exception of a few in the central part of the town. The market-house is a long high building, the ground floor of which is used chiefly for shambles, and the upper part occupied by warehouses. The only manufacture here is that of white baize. The markets are held on Thursday, and the fairs on May 12th and October 24th. The petty sessions for the hundred are held here, and a court leet annually, at which a constable and tything men are appointed. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of Lord Rivers, value £16 16s 8d. K.B., and £902 in 1835. The church, dedicated to St Mary, ia a spacious and venerable structure. There is a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists, and also a national school for the education of children of both sexes. The Dorset and Somerset canal passes to the east of the town. The castle, supposed to be orginally erected by the Romans, is now completely in ruins. Its ground plan is the form of the letter D. The remains consist of a small artificial mount or keep, within a vallum, and deep ditch, seated on a hill, on the Newton side of the river.

Name Residence Profession
ADAMS, Charles Carpenter
ADAMS, Henry Carpenter
ADAMS, Joseph Carpenter
ADAMS, William Newton Beer Retailer
BAKER, George Hairdresser
BAKER, Robert Newton Carpenter and Wheelwright
BAVERSTOCK, Charles Newton Miller
BEALE, James
Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Hop and Seed Merchant
BELBEN, John Newton Horse Dealer
BEST, J. Tin Plate worker and Brazier
BLEATHMAN, William Newton Butcher
BRINE, Charles Manston Plough
BROWN, John The Swan
BURBIDGE, Henry Watch and Clockmaker, Postmaster
CHAPMAN, Francis Plumber and Glazier
CLARK, Richard The Crown
CLUETT, Thomas Blacksmith
COLBOURNE, William Manager to branch of Dorsetshire Bank
COLBOURNE, William Stamp Office, and agent to the York and London Fire and Life Office
COLBOURNE, William Grocer, & C.
CONWAY, John Watchmaker and Ironmonger
COWLEY, John Stonemason
CREW, William Carpenter and Shopkeeper
CURTIS, James Boot and Shoemaker
DARE, Robert Leathercutter
DASHWOOD, Thomas Solicitor
DIKE, John Newton Shoemaker
DOWDING, Elias Cooper
DRAKE, Charles Shoemaker
DUFFETT, Philip Maltster
DUFFETT, Samuel Newton Butcher and Shopkeeper
DUFFETT, William Newton Butcher
ELFORD, Joseph Shoemaker
EPPER, John Beer Retailer
FISH, George Baker and Shopkeeper
FOOT, C. C. Agent for the Law Life Office
FOOT, James Newton Bull Inn, and Butcher
FRICKER, Joseph Globe Fire and Office Agent
FRY, Andrew and Co. Bankers
FUDGE, James Newton Stonemason
GIBBS, Henry Linen and Woollendraper
GILLINGHAM, Stephen Shoemaker
GOODRICH, John Surgeon
GOULD, John Tailor
HANCOCK, Thomas Ironmonger and Shopkeeper
HARRIS, John (see note below) Grocer, Printer, and china and glass dealer
HARVEY, R. R. Solicitor, and agent to Royal Exchange Assurance
HARVEY, Thomas Newton Beer Retailer
HAWKINS, Thomas Academy
HAYWARD, Robert Newton Cooper
HUTCHINGS, William Shoemaker and Sexton
INKPEN, John Parish Clerk
ISAACS, I. C. Tanner
JACKSON, Joseph Patten and Clog maker
JAMES, Mary Shopkeeper
JEAMES, Ann Beer Retailer and Butcher
KENDALL, M. and M. Straw Hat Maker
KERLEY, James Smith and Farrier
KING, Thomas Tailor
KNOTT, Ambrose Master, National School
LAMBERT, Robert Butcher
LANGLEY, John Gents, Boarding School
LINTERN, John Gents, Day School
LONG, S. W. Solicitor, and agent to the Norwich Union Assurance
LYDFORD, Benjamin Newton Shoemaker
MARCH, John Blacksmith
MARCH, Stephen Blacksmith
MATCHAM, James Bagber Rose and Crown, and Smith
MELMOTH, Thomas Saddler and Harness maker
MITCHELL, R. F. Butcher
NEWMAN, John Fiddleford Mill Miller
PAVIOUR, T. B. Linen and Woollen Draper and Hatter
PHILLIPS, Edwin Plumber, Painter and Glazier
PILE, William Newton Brush maker
RAKE, Martin Cut Mill
READ, Joseph Newton Cheese Dealer
READ, Stephen Newton Red Lion
RING, Miss Ladies Boarding School
ROLLS, Ann Newton Baker
ROSE, Henry and John Carpenters
ROSE, Benjamin Tailor
ROSE, Daniel Shopkeeper
ROSE, Edward Newton Shopkeeper
ROSE, John Newton Butcher
ROSE, Joseph Newton Butcher
ROSE, Robert Newton Baker and Beer Retailer
ROSE, Thomas Newton Beer Retailer and Butcher
ROSE, William Tailor
ROSE, William Shoemaker
ROWLAND, Thomas Shoemaker
RYALL, John Newton Shopkeeper
SANSON, James Newton Shoemaker
SHARP, Eli Manston Miller
SHORT, Edmund Newton Butcher
SHORT, John Shopkeeper
SPICER, John Newton Smith
SPENCER, Robert Newton Bick and Tile maker
STENT, Master Union Workhouse
STICKLAND, James Beer Retailer
SWEET, Mary Mistress, National School
TOPP, John Newton Butcher
TOPP, Thomas Newton Butcher
TUFFIN, Silvester Confectioner
TULK, Thomas Surgeon
WHEELER, Henry White Hart
WILLIAMS, Robert Baker
WILLIS, James Plumber and Glazier
YOUNG, Edward Shoemaker
YOUNG, James Tailor
YOUNG, Thomas Beer Retailer and Cooper
YOUNG, William Carpenter

Note: Entry for John HARRIS is as listed under classification of trades. In alphabetical listing, name is shown as I. M. HARRIS and also shown as J.M.HARRIS

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