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Marriages - 1731 to 1805 (Bishop's Transcripts)

The following marriages were taken from the Bishops transcript's, which are held at the Wiltshire Record Office. This is not a complete list of marriages for Sturminster Minster as there are many missing that I know are in the Parish Records themselves
Note - Only names and dates have been extracted, no other information is on the following list

26Apr1731 Henry WEBB Cathrin [______]
[24?]Apr1731 Abraham TAYLOR Rebecca COLLENS
07May1731 Matthew ROWLAND Susanna PENNY
16Jun1731 Moses ROSE Elizabeth COWARD
26Sep1731 Thomas NEWMAN Jean [______]
24Oct1731 John STONE Elizabeth [______]
28Dec1731 John BERRIMAN Rebecha [______]
12Jan1731/2 John CARTER [_____] [______]
?????1731/2 Richard BU????? [_____] [L____]
03Jun1732 Robert KING Mary SILVER
10Oct1732 John COLE Jean TUCKER
18Nov1732 Isaack SPENCER Susan CREW
??Apr1733 Nicholas FRANCIS Jean SHEPHERD
26Apr1733 William NEWMAN Mary THORLY
16May1733 Thomas YOUNG Mary HAINE
14Jun1733 Robert BLEATHMAN? Mary BUTTLER
27Jun1733 John FRANCIS Mary FOOTT
27Aug1733 John NORMAN Ann FOOTT
01Oct1733 John CLEWETT Susanna JEANS
25Oct1733 Robert PELLY Mary INKPEN
24Dec1733 William WARREN Jean YEATMAN
26Dec1733 John BELBIN Jean INKPEN
13Jan1733/4 George ARNOLD Hanna BUTLER
21Jan1733/4 John RIDOUT Cathrin FEIZELL
05May1734 Thomas RIDOUT Elizabeth SPENCER
05May1734 Richard CAATE Martha HARRIS
12Jun1734 Robt. FUDGE Sarah RIDOUT
26Jun1734 Lewys BELBIN Elizabeth WOODWALL
30Jun1734 Thomas NEWMAN Ruth ROSE
13Jul1734 John FISH Elizabeth IHKPEN
24Jul1734 George FONN?? Mary WEST
31Jul1734 William FOOT Elizabeth SHEWSTONE
04Sep1734 Thomas ROSE Mary CAATE
11Nov1734 John RYVES Elizabeth ROSE
29Dec1734 Henry HELLIER Mary HUTT
31Jan1734/5 William SPENCER Elizabeth MOGG
09Feb1734/5 John ADAMS Mary FOOT
18Feb1734/5 Edward SHEPHERD Tempice ROSE
14Apr1735 Henry NOOKTE Biddy MERVIN?
14May1735 Charles SCOTT Alice ROWCASTLE
14Jul1735 Daniel NEWMAN Susanna RABBETTS
02Aug1735 John FISH Elizabeth SPENCER
04Oct1735 Samuel COCKING Mary COLBOURNE
12Oct1735 Thomas BROWNE Elizabeth SHORE
11Dec1735 John CLEWETT Rachael SEMON?
11?Jan1735/6 Charles THOLY Sarah DODDEMEAD
11Feb1735/6 John HANCOCK Mary SCOTT
25Feb1735/6 James BARNARD Mary HAMBERT
03Mar1735/6 John WEBB Betty SERGANT
08Mar1735/6 John UPSHALL Jean TROUBRIDGE
29Apr1736 Hezekia MALLAM? Sarah DOVER
16?May1736 John NOTHOVER [______] CAFFE?
25May1736 Thomas ADAMS Susanna [____G]
13Jul1736 James FUDGE Mary [VE___NTS]
26Aug1736 Richard RYAL Mary CREW
09Oct1736 Thomas ROSE Mabel HUNT
14Oct1736 Richard PENNY Jean KNOTT
20Oct1736 John SPENCER Sarah SOCK
16Dec1736 Thomas RYVES Mary STARK
13Jan1736/7 Henry CARTER Jean ROSE
07Feb1736/7 Thomas APONELL Sarah RIDOUT
10Feb1736/7 William CLARK Sarah KNOTT
20Feb1736/7 Matthew RUTTLEY Sarah RIDOUT
22Feb1736/7 Thomas CASTLEMAN Mary DUFFETT
02May1737 Charles CLARK Ann YEATS
26May1737 John ROSE Elizabeth GUY
28May1737 Robt. STODDARD Mary KINGE
20Jun1737 George YOUNG Elizabeth RUTTLEY
14Sep1737 William NORTH Mary MESSEY
01Jan1737/8 Robt. DEAN Susan COLLENS
23Jan1737/8 John PENNY Ann SPENCER
02May1738 Henry WELLS (NELLS) Cathrin COOMBS
29May1738 Benjamin WHELLIER Mary NOTHOVER
03Aug1738 William COMBS Ursala WHITE
14Sep1738 Henry NOTHOVER Martha BRIDPORT
12Dec1738 Robert HELLIER Elizabeth SPENCER
19Feb1738/9 Joseph SILVER Mary SPENCER
26Feb1738/9 Thomas RIDOUT Joan LODGE?
23Apr1738/9** John ADAMS Femorence SEGAR
29Apr1738/9** Thomas MARSH Edith WATTS
08May1739 William KNOTT Mary LUSH
18Feb1739/40 Thomas MULLETT Jean ATCHISON
09Nov1741 William ROSE Mary ROSE
23Nov1741 John INKPEN Joan FRIZELL
18Dec1741 John SPENCER Mary DIRKE??
27Dec1741 George VELTHERN? Mary PHILPS
16Feb1741/2 Robert COLBOURNE Betty HOFFE
24Feb1741/2 John ROSE Mary ROSE
??Apr?1742 Thomas HEWLET Phills KATE
15May?1742 Edmund? RICKETTS Elizabeth PORTER
23May?1742 James KNOTT Jean SEYMOUR
06Jun1742 John PORTER Cathrine KING
09Jul1742 Benjamin ROSE Cathrine PORTER
12Jul1742 Thomas RIDOUT Grace FRIZEL
23Sep1742 Robert [___EN_TE] Susanna RYVES
?????1742 Stephen MARSH?? Mary HATCHER
05Apr1743 William NEWMAN Susanna FRANCES
03May1743 Abraham GOODING Gaace INKPEN
17Jul1743 John FISH Susanna SPENCER
27Jul1743 Nicholas FOOTT Jean KATE
25Mar1743/4 Thomas ROWLAND Elizabeth LANER??
26Mar1744 Thomas HAKENS Sarah YEATMAN
02Jun1744 Benjamin RIDOUT Sarah ROSE
14Jun1744 Hezakia ROSE Ann VACHER?
17Jun1744 Thomas INKPEN Ann ROSE
21Jun1744 Robert CARTER Rachel ROWLAND
19Aug1744 John FANERTS?? Ann TUFFIN?
23Sep1744 William KEARKS? Christen [_____EL?]
27Dec1744 Nath. MULLENS Elizabeth [WHIST?]
07Jan1744/5 Robert ROSE Frances FOOTT
02Feb1744/5 John RYVES Jane INKPEN
14Feb1744/5 Robert PITTFOLD Grace EYERS
16Feb1744/5 Thomas PENNY Elizabeth WEBER
06Mar1744/5 Bartlier? HAKINS Ann LONG
16Apr1745 John TYLER Edith HOFFE
17Apr1745 Hezakiah SAY Mary BARTLETT
17Apr1745 William SILVER Jane SPENCER
09Jul1745 Thomas PERCY Catharen MOGG
12Oct1745 Lammas ROSE Hanna MOORE
21Oct1745 William BLEATHMAN? Mary BIRD
27Oct1745 Thomas BELBIN Sarah WHELLER
28Dec1745 Joseph RIDOUT Elizabeth SPENCER
28Dec1745 John INKPEN Elizabeth FISH
08Feb1745/6 Thomas ROSE Rebecca TOPP?
11Apr1746 John DAVIS?? Mary BLACKMAN
27Apr1746 John COLLENS Elizabeth RIDOUT
29Apr1746 Stephen WILLIAMS Mary YEATMAN
09Jun1746 Joseph NEWMAN Mary [_____]
29Sep1746 William COLBOURNE Christine [_____]
13Oct1746 Thomas CLARKE Elizabeth GULLPIN?
03Nov1746 Joshua LAMBERT Rebecca INKPEN
17Nov1746 George LAMBERT Ann NICHOLLS
30Nov1746 Joseph WHELLER Martha LUSH
22Dec1746 Richard CLARKE Elizabeth MEACHARD?
24Dec1746 Daniel FUDGE Frances WINTER
11Jan1746/7 Christopher ROBERTS Mary ROSE
19Jan1746/7 Thomas KING Jane NIGHT
27Apr1747 Joseph VINCENT Elizabeth YEATMAN
29Jul1747 Moses NEWMAN Susanna SILVER
31Jul1747 William DEWEY Sarah ROSE
14Sep1747 Silvester TOPP Elizabeth DUFFETT
29Dec1747 William LAMBERT Mary HENCOCK
01Feb1747/8 Joseph BARTLETT Ellener GILLINGHAM
16Feb1747/8 John HARVEY Margaret GUY
05Apr1748 William ROSE Gree KNOTT
02May1748 Thomas WATTS Mary LAMBERT
01Jun1748 William NOATHOVER Dorathy COOMBS
11Jul1748 John TAPPER Ann PORTER
25Jul1748 William NEWMAN Martha SPENCER
25Jul1748 William TROUBRIDGE Mabel CREW
25Jul1748 Joseph RIDOUT Susanna BURSTARD
28Jul1748 Edward KENDLE Betty RIDOUT
01Nov1748 William CHURCHILL Hanna NEWMAN
28Nov1748 John LASEY Elizabeth CREW
06Feb1748/9 Samuel DOSON? Hanna MEACHARD
01May1749 John ROSE Betty [_______]
10May1749 Richard BRIDPORT Hanna JASS??
28May1749 Richard NEWMAN Elizabeth HANCOCK
12Jun1749 Daniel ROSE Ann HATCHER
25Jul1749 John AMBROSE Susanna DOWN
23Dec1749 William ROSE Elizabeth PORTER
25Dec1749 Phillip ADAMS Mary FOOT
27Dec1749 Benjamin INKPEN Susanna POLLY
27Dec1749 John NEWMAN Elizabeth MOORES
13Feb1749/50 Ambrose KNOTT Ann PERCY
26Feb1749/50 William DUFFETT Catharine RIDOUT
24Jun1750 John PLOWMAN Mary JOHNSONS
17Jul1750 Abraham DRAYTON Mary STICKLAND
28Jul1750 Issacher FUGE Mary NEWMAN
02Aug1750 William MOGG Susannah TOPP
03???1750 John CLEWIT Mary RIDOUT
11???1750 Robt. ROSE Sarah NOTT
?????1750 William TROUBRIDGE Mary BISS
?????1750 Christopher TROUBRIDGE Grace EYERS
?????1750 Thomas EVEL Jane DRAKE
?????1750 William WODMAN Hannah EYERS
?????1750 William RIDOUT Mary MUDLE
?????1750 John STODARD Mary BUSTARD
03Oct1751 Robert LEWIS Mary ROWLAND
02Nov1751 Silvester FUDGE Betty COLLENS
27Dec1751 Robert INKPEN Sarah STEVENS
30Dec1751 William DOVER Elizabeth CLARKE
01Feb1751/2 Robert PELLY Betty BUTT
31Mar1752 Benjamin TOPP Susanna JENKINS
21May1752 Isaac SPENCER Alice GAP?
18Nov1752 Stephen KING Elizabeth FUDGE
04Dec1752 Charles BARNERD Mary NOTT
20Jan1753 William DAWSON Hannah DRAKE
01Mar1753 William HARREY Susanna NEWMAN
25Apr1753 Giles LOADER Annover HILL
05Jun1753 John SMITH Mary INGRAM
15Jun1753 John MITCHEL Mary BALL
03Jul1753 William JENKINS Jane MUKETT?
10Jul1753 John PILE Mary MEACHARD
18Aug1753 Abraham ROSE Susanna CARTER
03Sep1753 Joseph NEWMAN Mary BAKER
10Sep1753 William COLE Sarah FUDGE
24Oct1753 Thomas ROSE Mary RICKETTS
26Dec1753 George PORTER Sarah KING
10?Mar1753 Edward GODARD Jenny HANNEN
17Apr1754 Thomas AMBROSE Mary PERCY
03Oct1754 John GREY Mary GOODARD
10Feb1755 John ROSE Ann CARTER
18Feb1755 George DAVISS Elizabeth HASSELL?
13May1755 Richard TROUBRIDGE Jane SPENCER
18Jul1755 Thomas PLOWMAN Catherine CHAMBERLIN
13Sep1755 William MARTIN Persilla HASSELL
19Sep1755 Richard TWAIN Jane THRING
07Oct1755 Abraham SPENCER Mary HARVEY
26Nov1755 William HELLIER Melyor WOODROW
13Jan1756 Michael ROSETER Ann TAPER
09Feb1756 William NEWMAN Grace GOODING
19Jun1756 John SPENCER Ann COLLENS
30Jun1756 Samuel GAP? Sarah BRIDPORT
03Sep1756 Robert FUDGE Mary HAYES
19Sep1756 Thomas TWAIN Elis TOPP
10Oct1756 Thomas TOP Mary TOPP
13Oct1756 John FOOT Mary PITT
11Apr1757 Richard GREY Alice RIDOUT
01Jun1757 John BARTER Sarah KENNELL
05Jul1757 Daniell ROSE Arundill NEWMAN
17Aug1757 John ROWLAND Susanna LAMBERT
29Nov1757 William NEWMAN Catherine INKPEN
01Feb1758 Joseph NEWTON Dinah ROSE
06Feb1758 Robert TINDER Joyce RIDOUT
07Feb1758 William SILVER Mary GILLINGHAM
06Apr1758 Joseph HOPSON Elisa MOGG
21Apr1758 John RICKLAND Susanna BELBIN
11May1758 Aaron ROSE Elisabeth NEWMAN
23May1758 Phillip RIDOUT Sarah FISH
13Jun1758 William NEWMAN Jane SILVER
23Sep1758 Charles ELFORD Jane HAMBERT
25Nov1758 George WELLS Betty RIDOUT
27May1759 Christmas KEANDLE Sarah NOTHOVER
26Jun1759 John TULK Ann THORNE
27Jul1759 Robert ROWLAND Mary SPENCER
12Aug1759 Henry FOOT Mary NEWMAN
28Aug1759 Richard WADMAN Jane JENKINS
25Sep1759 James DOLLING Martha BAKER
07Dec1759 Joseph RIDOUT Charity PENNY
18Dec1759 Edward PHILLIPS Ann WEBB
04Jan1760 David ROSE Susanna INKPEN
21Apr1760 John STAFORD Mary CLUET
30Apr1760 James CHURCHMAN Mary GRIST
05May1760 John TALLIS Ruth FULLIGE
06May1760 William LEE Betty HAMBERT
06May1760 Joseph CREW Susanna BRIDPORT
15May1760 John SPENCER Betty WEBB
12Nov1760 Robert BAKER Ann JENKINS
05Dec1760 John KING Elinour RIDOUT
08Dec1760 JohnRIDOUT Mary CLARKE
06Jan1761 James HANDLEY Elis JEANS
27Jan1761 James FUDGE Sarah TROUBRIDGE
28Apr1761 Robert CARTER Mary HANN
04May1761 William HARRIS Rosanna HASSELL
06May1761 John DICK Elizabeth FISH
11May1761 John FRANCIS Mary KING
14May1761 William CREW Susanna FRANCIS
16Jun1761 Edward LAURANCE Ann KING
26Jul1761 William COLE Jane RIDOUT
27Jul1761 Thomas FISH Elisabeth ROSE
04Aug1761 Thomas SPENCER Jane NOTT
28Sep1761 Richard HELLIER Elisabeth CHOURAGE
19Oct1761 William UPHILL Elisabeth ROSE
28Oct1761 John RIDOUT Mary RYALL
02Nov1761 John TULK Mary WATTS
28Dec1761 Joseph MATCHEM Mary DOVER
19Jan1762 Robert STODARD Eliz. RYALL
22Feb1762 John RIDOUT Melior CARLEY
27Apr1762 John FISH Mary DICK
03May1762 John YOUNG Ann HILL
12May1762 Thomas PORTER Elizabeth INKPEN
29Jul1762 Joseph POOLE Ebbot LINGFIELD
11Dec1762 William HARISON Martha BIND
19Dec1762 John RIDOUT Elizabeth LOCK
29Dec1762 Elias WILBRENT Mary LAURANCE
17Jan1763 Walter FRANCIS Mary COLBOURN
15Feb1763 Joseph RIDOUT Hannah HANN
15Feb1763 William CREW Edeth NOTT
04Apr1763 John COLE Anna ROSE
11Apr1763 Thomas ROSE Philis ROWLAND
30May1763 Thomas RIDOUT Thomsen FRIZEL
02Jul1763 John BEACH Sarah TAYLOR
20Aug1763 Robert KING Mary SPENCER
12Sep1763 John INKPEN Mary RIDOUT
17Sep1763 Samuel PERCEY Ann HARVEY
17Oct1763 Thomas ROSE Sarah GOODING


23Apr1764 John TOPP Sarah CUZENS
23Apr1764 Robert FRANCIS Elisabeth KENDALL


20Aug1764 John TULK Ann RIDOUT
01Sep1764 Anthony ABARROW Mary LOADER
26Sep1764 George LAMBERT Elisabeth HATCHER
25Oct1764 Robert CREW Mary RIDOUT
23Apr1765 Thomas MARSH Catherine MOORE
25Apr1765 John CLUET Mary NOTT
02May1765 William ELKINS Grase ROSE
01Jul1765 John CROCKER Elisabeth CLUET
08Jul1765 John SNOOK Sarah LOADER
17Jul1765 Joseph RIDOUT Susanna ALLEN
19Aug1765 Thomas SNOOK Sarah FRANCIS


17Sep1765 Thomas MAJOR Christian HOOTON
14Nov1765 Stephen ROSE Mary RIDOUT
04Dec1765 John SWEET Elisabeth MARSH
07Dec1765 Edward NEWMAN Ann MAJOR
01Feb1766 John NEWMAN Betty HELLIER
10Feb1766 Thomas EYERS Mary GREEN
31Mar1766 Thomas CLARKE Elisabeth ROSE
01Apr1766 Robert BELBIN Susanna FISH
10May1766 Thomas DUFFORTT Martha ROSE
20May1766 John ADEMS Mary NEWTON
24May1766 Thomas TROUBRIDGE Rachel WILLIAMS
19Jun1766 James RYALL Bethiah RIDOUT
30Jun1766 Henry WILLS Mary FRIZEL
08Jul1766 James SHORT Catherine PORTER
03Dec1766 Stephen BARTEN Elisabeth SHERRING
30Dec1766 Robert THRING Sarah MARCH
02Jan1767 William AMBROSE Jane NEWMAN
21Jan1767 Benjamin INKPEN Elinor BARNERD
31Jan1767 John ROGERS Mary NEWMAN
12Mar1767 William MAJOR Margaret TOPP
12May1767 Soloman INKPEN Martha ADEMS
09Jun1767 John NEWTON Rebecca EYERS
02Oct1767 William REX Frances GAP??
31Oct1767 William CLARK Sarah RYALL
19Nov1767 George MOORE Mary HODDYNOTT
21Dec1767 Christmas KENDLE Martha ROSE
03Feb1768 Joseph BYLES Ann HARVEY
08Feb1768 James RIDOUT Hester CLUETT
28May1768 Samuel PITT Mary BLAKE
21Oct1768 Michael TOPP Ann T?????
06Nov1768 William ROSE Hannah ROGERS
07Nov1768 John ROSE Martha GALPEN
10Nov1768 James MOORES Jane BRIDPORT
18Nov1768 William CHURCHMAN Mary HUTCHINS
13Dec1768 Richard FUDGE Mary RIDOUT
02Jan1769 James ROSE Sarah MOGG
06Feb1769 William SHEPPARD Mary ADAMS
06Feb1769 John STODDARD Martha COURAGE
21Mar1769 William CREW Betty TAPPER
22May1769 William HODDEYKNOT Elizabeth DEVOBE
10Jul1769 Peter FUDGE Rosanna GAP??
26Dec1769 Thomas SPENCER Barbara TOOP
12Feb1770 Thomas SPENCER Mary CARTER
27Feb1770 Stephen FISH Mary ROSE
14May1770 William DEWEY? Frances HENNELL
18Jun1770 Thomas GILLINGHAM Jane DUFFETT
19Jun1770 Robert ROSE Sarah LAMBERT
30Jun1770 Joshua FISH Mary FOOT
02Jul1770 John ROSE Elizabeth COURAGE
06Aug1770 Benjamin INKPEN Betty LOADER
26Sep1770 Richard HANHAM Elizabeth PITTMAN
19Oct1770 Isaac PERY? Avis RIDOUT
31Jan1771 Nicolas FRANCES Edith LAWS
08Jul1771 Henry FRANCES Ann CLARK
15Sep1771 Thomas SWEET Elizabeth NEWMAN
16Sep1771 William HASSELL Grace REEVES
04Nov1771 Aaron ROSE Betty BIRT?
24Dec1771 John FARWARD? Ann TAYLOR
26Dec1771 Robert RIDOUT Sarah NOTHOVER
03Mar1772 William TOPP Jane NOTHOVER
27Apr1772 John FRY Mary ROSE
30Apr1772 Edward JACKSON Mary MARSH
29Jun1772 John GOULD Ann SCORE
21Jul1772 William COLBOURNE Mary BAYNARD
16Nov1772 John STANGET? Edith MARSH
23Nov1772 Henry ROSE Mary TRUSS??
21Feb1773 John JAMES Mary NOOTH?
24May1773 John SPENCER Mary ROSE
31May1773 Richard BRIDPORT Mary INKPEN
11Aug1773 Henry JEANES Edeth HOMES
06Sep1773 John FINDER Elizabeth NEWMAN
25Sep1773 Thomas HUTCHINS Elizabeth RYALL
08Nov1773 George WARD Dinah COLLINS
27Dec1773 John MADDISON Sarah ADAMS
07Feb1774 Benjamin ROSE Mary ROWLAND
05Jun1774 Peter MAY Mary NEWMAN
21Jun1774 William FRENCH Grace BARNETT
25Aug1774 John BIRD Hannah DASHWOOD
18Oct1774 John FOOT Elizabeth TROWBRIDGE
06Dec1774 Abraham ROSE Mary HARVEY
31Dec1774 Robert PENNY Catharine ROWLAND
01Feb1775 John BALDWIN Mary POPE
16May1775 Thomas KING Jenny WHITE
18Jun1775 Joseph ROSE Betty FOOT
24Jun1775 George CLEWITT Ann CLARK
06Jul1775 Robert FOOT Mary NEWMAN
17Aug1775 Joseph CONWAY Susanna NEWMAN
21Aug1775 Thomas HILLIER Grace JAMES
21Aug1775 John NOTHOVER Martha BRIDPORT
25Aug1775 William HARVEY Betty ROSE
25Sep1775 Gould SINGLETON Eve? FUDGE
26Oct1776 Joseph OLIVER Elizabeth NEWMAN
30Dec1776 William WHITE Elizabeth SA?TT??
09Apr1777 William ROSE Elizabeth ADAMS
12May1777 James JENKINS Mary ROSE
23Jul1777 Richard KNOTT Dinah GOSSE??[GOFFE]
23Jul1777 Thomas ROSE Jane HANCOCK
13Oct1777 John ADAMS Susanna INKPEN
26Nov1777 John KNOTT Martha ROSE
26Nov1777 John FOOT Mary TOLLERFIELD
26Nov1777 Richard NOTHOVER Elizabeth TAPPER
15Dec1777 Ashur? BUTT Catherine NEWMAN
03Feb1778 Benjamin ROSE Eliza SPENCER
08Feb1778 John INKPEN Betty HILLIER
02Mar1778 Thomas CHAFFEY Hester RIDOUT
03Mar1778 Charles FUDGE Christian? FISH
20Apr1778 George G?EW? [CREW?] Phillis W???sh
21Apr1778 John RIDOUT Jane P?ENNEY?
?3Aug1778 John WATTS Mary FISH
24Aug1778 Robert CLARK Mary BARNET
25Sep1778 William DUFFETT Mary RIDOUT
03Oct1778 Samuel COWARD Ruth GOSNEY
02Nov1778 Benjamin GOODWIN Mary HASELL
29Nov1778 William ROWLAND Sarah HANOWOOD
11Jan1779 Thomas NOTHOVER Mary DUFFETT
17Jan1779 Joseph RUDDY Grace HASSELL
31Jan1779 Phillip ADAMS Susanna INKPEN
01Feb1779 John MAYO Honour MARCH
04Apr1779 Ambrose FORWARD Susanna HASSELL
11Apr1779 John MOOR Dinah MARCH
29Apr1779 Richard CLARKE Sarah CLUIT
03May1779 George PORTER Susanna MAJOR
14Jun1779 John CARTER Margarett HANDCOCK
05Aug1779 Thomas ROSE Jane TOOPP
25Sep1779 Robert STODARD Sarah CARTER
25Oct1779 James BARNARD Susanna CARTER
?1Nov1779 John MARSH Mary CLUIT
30Jan1780 Thomas COURAGE Ann SPENCER
06Feb1780 Richard MOORE Martha DASHWOOD
10Apr1780 Richard HOPKINS Joan BUGG
12Apr1780 John SMITH Ann SWEET
23Apr1780 Samuel NEWMAN Elizabeth HASSELL
03Aug1778 William TROWBRIDGE Betty RABBETS
14Aug1778 Thomas LAMBERD Percicla FOOTT
27Aug1780 John FRY Elizabeth LEDFORD
04Sep1780 Henry HILLIER Susanna LAMBERT?
10Sep1780 Thomas ROBBERTS Elizabeth BOYED
28Sep1780 John RANDELL Catharine WOOLBRIDGE
10Oct1780 William GALPIN Elizabeth COWARD
03Nov1780 William WODMAN Sarah MADDISON
03Nov1780 James PORTER Ann INKPEN
20Nov1780 Joseph BUNNIP Harriet SCORE
10Dec1780 Stephen INKPEN Sarah TROWBRIDGE
24Dec1780 John HILLIER Mary NEWMAN
25Dec1780 Robert BARTLETT Mary NAILE
17Jan1781 Benjamin RIDOUT Virtue ROSE
05Feb1781 James RIDOUT Sarah ROSE
22Feb1781 Joseph HUTCHINGS Elizabeth SWAINE
25Feb1781 William STANDY Sarah INKPEN
05Apr1781 Joseph ROSE Mary JEANES
10Jun1781 John NEWMAN Percilla BARTLETT
19Aug1781 Abraham SPENCER Sarah ROBENS
26Aug1781 Thomas KEARLY Mabel ROSE
05Dec1781 George MARCH? Margaret KEARLY
26Dec1781 Stephen ADAMS Mary HARVEY
17Jan1782 George LEAK Elizabeth PENNEY
29Jan1782 Benjamin INKPEN Margery PORTER
24Mar1782 Samuel ROSE Mary ROLLS
05May1782 John PENNEY Ann LAMBERD
16Jun1782 Richard ROSE Betty PORTER


Samuel DUFFETT Priscilla RIDOUT
25Nov1782 Thomas STYLE Sarah HODDINOTT
06Jan1783 Silvester FUDGE Betty FUDGE
26Jan1783 Stephen FUDGE Charity FUDGE
27Jan1783 James GODDARD Ann HARVEY
07Apr1783 Henry STACY Betty STANLEY
21Apr1783 Samuel BRIDPORT Ann SPENCER
04May1783 Thomas WEST Margaret ROSE
16Jun1783 James KING Ann POPE
29Jun1783 Thomas CLUETT Hebe ANTILL
14Jul1783 John PHILLIPS Sarah HARVEY
06Jul1785 Richard CHURCHILL Rosanna FUDGE
15Aug1785 Robert INKPEN Ann INKPEN
14Sep1785 Henry STANDLY Hannah CHAFFEY
26Sep1785 John KING Sarah PERCY
27Sep1785 Henry FOOT Sarah Rose HISCOCK
03Oct1785 John STODDARD Betty STAGGS
11Dec1785 Henry FUDGE Ann ROSE
26Dec1785 James FUDGE Mary R???
02Jan1786 Robert OLIVER Elizabeth NEWMAN
03Jan1786 Thomas RUTLEY Ann INKPEN
16Jan1786 William CHAPPELL Mary AMBROSE
22Jan1786 Ezekial ROSE Hester SCORE
25Jan1786 James SPENCER Sarah MULLETT
29Jan1786 William HUTCHINS Elizabeth ?????
28Feb1786 Thomas INKPEN Elizabeth HICKLEY
10Apr1786 Major FISH Lydia ROSE
07May1786 James SNOOK Elizabeth ADAMS
28May1786 Robert BURY? Elizabeth ????????
05Jun1786 Benjamin INKPEN Sarah SPENCER
05Jun1786 Robert GALPIN Ann ROSE
22Jul1786 James HAMMETT Mary ANDREWS
23Jul1786 Cornelius FUDGE Miriam PORTER
25Jul1786 Stephen ROBBERTS Martha THORNE
05Aug1786 John NORRIS Betty COLE
03Sep1786 Charles BERRY of Epsom, OXF Mary CHANNING of Channing cadbury, DEV  
10Sep1786 Charles RIDOUT Mary PORTER  
24Oct1786 Richard SPENCER Susanna ADAMS  
25Oct1786 Stephen FUDGE Mart BURT  
19Nov1786 Thomas RIDOUT Hannah PELLY  
25Nov1786 William RYALL Ann DOVER  
24Dec1786 Thomas SPENCER Susannah AMBROSE  
22Jan1787 John ROSE Susanna KING botp
29Jan1787 William WADMAN Sarah RIDOUT botp
18Feb1787 John TULK Sarah BOYDE (otp)  
28May1787 Elisha HISCOCK of Templecombe, SOM Sarah KNOTT (otp)  
07Jan1788? John FUDGE Sarah HILLIER  
14Jan1788? Samuel HAMBLE Mary RIDOUT  
05Feb1788? William TUFF Sarah INKPEN  
15Jun1788? Benjamin FUDGE Eli(z). FUDGE  
28Sep1788 John GOODING Betty INKPEN, wid.  
01Dec1788 John ROSE Sarah ROSE  
15Dec1788 John KELLY Mary FUDGE  
28Dec1788 James COLBOURNE Grace ROSE  
08Feb1789 William DOVER, wid. Elizabeth BOYDE, wid.  
09Feb1789 Robert ROWLAND Sarah STODDARD  
24Feb1789 Edmund MOORE Sarah ROSE  
11Mar1789 William CLUETT, wid. Mary SWEET, wid.  
04May1789 Joseph HAWKINS Ann HARRIS  
17Aug1789 John RIDOUT Mary FRANCIS  
15Sep1789 Thomas COWARD Mary TUCK  
22Sep1789 John STAMP Jane SWAINE  
22Sep1789 Robert STODDARD Charity FINDER  
30Sep1789 William RIDOUT Sarah PITT  
30Nov1789 Thomas ROWLAND Sarah AMBROSE  
07Dec1789 James FUDGE Jane ??ULL  
22Dec1789 Joseph STOODLY Sarah TOPP  
23Jan1790 Samuel KNOTT Mary GOSS  
01Feb1790 James HONIFIELD Mary WHITE  
07Mar1790 Stephen MARCH Rebecca NEWTON  
20Jun1790 Silvester FUDGE Miriam ROSE  
08Jul1790 Robert WILLS Ann RIDOUT  
03Oct1790 Thomas WOODHOUSE Ann WALTERS?  
24Oct1790 Job DRAKE Grace KNOTT  
31Oct1790 Robert POPE Eleanor DUFFET  
24Dec1790 John PLOWMAN Rosanna ADAMS  
09Dec1790 Robert JAMES Mary DASHWOOD  
30Dec1790 John PARKER Jane WHITE  
05Jan1791 Samuel FUDGE Mary HILLIER  
10Apr1791 Simon ASH Elizabeth BARNES  
25Apr1791 Joseph NEWMAN Elizabeth HANNAM  
27Apr1791 Benjamin TOPP Phillis ROSE  
31May1791 John FRANCES Mary AMBROSE  
18Jun1791 Thomas CLUITT Eli STODDARD  
20Nov1791 Job ROSE Jane KEARLEY  
31Jan1792 Martin Charles TUCK Dinah FOOTT botp
19Feb1792 John CHURCHOUSE Elizabeth WADMAN botp
19Mar1792 William CREW Rosanna KING botp
25Mar1792 James BARTLETT Sarah FUDGE botp
12Apr1792 John INKPEN Ann WEST botp
25Apr1792 Henry HARVEY Letitia HARVEY? botp
11Jun1792 John TUCK Elizabeth SPENCER botp
16Jul1792 John SHEPPERD Ann BAILEY botp
23Jul1792 Hezekiah ROSE Mary ROWLAND botp
03Sep1795 John TUCK Mary NEWTON  
11Oct1795 Cornelius MATHERS? Anne SMITH  
23Oct1795 James FRANCIS Anne PORTER  
05Nov1795 Joseph INKPEN Elizabeth NEWMAN  
27Nov1795 John HAMES Sarah DUFFETT  
18Feb1796 Joseph NEWMAN Sarah TOPP  
09Apr1796 Benjamin WEST Martha LEE  
07Jun1796 James JOYCE Elizabeth PELLY  
13Jun1796? Edward BIRD Mary WILLS  
03Sep1796? John RIDOUT Betty NOTHOVER  
26Sep1796? James FOOT Mary SPENCER  
07Jan1799? John COOMBS Mary COLBOURNE  
11Mar1799? James YOUNG Mary COLLINS  
26Mar1799? William ROSE Susanna COLLINS  
30Apr1799? Thomas GOULD Sarah COLLINS  
30Apr1799? James NEWMAN Ann MULLETT  
12May1799? John FORWARD Mary SPENCER  
14May1799? William CARTER Lucy INKPEN  
20May1799? George READ Dianna FRANCIS  
25Nov1799? Samuel CLARK Jane ROSE botp, banns
15Dec1799? Alexander HUCHINGS Barbara SWAINE botp, banns
05May1800 John Major BUTT Sarah KING botp, banns
24Sep1800 Thomas MULLETT Grace ROSE banns
21Oct1800 Thomas BRINE Elizabeth BRINE Lic.
24Nov1800 Moses DUFFETT Phillis HAINE banns
05Dec1800 William STICKLEY Eliza CLARK banns
21May1801 John SATCHELL Elizabeth PLOWMAN  
29Jun1801 Joseph ROSE Elizabeth TOOGOOD  
13Jul1801 Morgan SEYMOUR Elizabeth SWEET  
13Jul1801 Edward PLOWMAN Mary CLUETT  
03Aug1801 Richard MICHELL Ann BARTLETT  
20Aug1801 John DUNFORD Betty STODARD  
11Oct1801 George TROUBRIDGE Mary BIGGES  
22Nov1801 Joseph INKPEN Jane ADAMS  
31Dec1801 Thomas HOMES Elizabeth WILLIAMS  
31Jan1802 James RAKE Elizabeth SWEET  
14Feb1802 William NEWMAN Ann NEWMAN  
19Apr1802 Ambrose KNOTT Sarah ROSE  
05May1802 William RAPSON Dinah FOOT  
10May1802 John RABBETTS Susannah KING  
29May1803 Thomas HILLIER Edith THORN botp
04Jul1803 John SPENCER Sarah BLEATHMAN botp
09Aug1803 Joseph PORTER Sarah FORWARD botp
17Aug1803 George UPSHALL Elizabeth WHELLER botp
30Aug1803 Phillip HARDY of Shaston Mary BAKER of Shaston  
26Sep1803 John ROSE Grace KEARLY botp
29Sep1803 William MIDLANE of Alverstoke Henrietta Maria BIRD (otp)  
10Oct1803 Henry ROSE Susanna KENDAL botp
15Nov1803 Daniel CLUETT Mary HILLIER botp
20Dec1803 William ELLIOTT of St Lukes, Middlesex, Lon. Ann APPLIN (otp)  
20Dec1803 Thomas FUDGE Betty WILLIAMS botp
01Jan1804 John ROSE Sarah INKPEN botp
25Jan1804 Samuel ROSE Elizabeth ROSE botp
07Feb1804 Samuel ROSE Jenny MULLETT botp
14Feb1804 William HYDE Susanna ROSE botp
03Apr1804 James JENKINS [_______] STANDLEY botp
09Apr1804 Thomas Spencer PHELPS of Pennard, SOM Catherine BIRD, (otp)  
09Apr1804 Thomas Major CLUETT Ann NEWMAN botp
16Apr1804 David BROWN of Stalbridge Jane CURTIS (otp)  
15Jul1804 Thomas RIDOUT Elizabeth CLARK botp
12Nov1804 William WEST Jane FORWARD botp
14Nov1804 Joshua FISH Mary PELLY botp
26Nov1804 John INKPEN Mary CREW botp
27Nov1804 James PORTER Susanna RIDOUT botp
04Dec1804 George SPICER, wid. Ann HILLIER botp
25Feb1805 John STRANGE Mary BLEATHMAN botp
25Feb1805 John NEWMAN of Marnhull Bethia ROSE (otp)  
22Apr1805 James WILLIS Persis TUFFIN botp

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