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Entries from 1835 Robson's Directory

Sherborne, a market town, and parish in the hundred and division of its name, 18 miles from Dorchester, and 118 from London, contained in 1831, 4075 inhabitants, and was assessed in 1815 to £13,501. It is situated on the borders of Somersetshire and banks of the river Ivel, which divides it into two parts ; partly on the acclivity of a hill and partly in the valley of Blackmore. The principal streets lie east and west, and are intersected by others in such a manner as to make it resemble a square. It is a place of high antiquity, and derives its name from two Saxon words, seire, 'clear', and burn, 'a spring.' Before the Reformation it was a place of note for the woollen manufacture ; on the decay of which it carried on the button and lace making ; to which have succeeded the establishment of silk mills. These are now in a flourishing state, are conducted with an improved machinery, and employ about 400 hands. A sewer has lately been made through the main street ; and a new bank and post office have been erected in Long street. The steward of the liberty is the only local officer. The market days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday ; Thursday chiefly for corn, and every second Thursday for cattle. The fairs are held on May 8, July 18, and July 26, chiefly for cattle ; and a large fair on the first Monday after Michaelmas day. The town is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates.
The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the crown, value £20.4s.7d. K.B., and £269 in 1835. The present incumbent is the Rev. John Parsons, vicar. The church is built on the site of the cathedral which belonged to the ancient diocese of Sherborne, now merged in Salisbury. In the year 1075 this cathedral was converted into an Abbey, on the incorporation of this see as stated. The greater part was burnt down, and rebuilt, in the reign of Henry VI. It contains specimans of different styles od architecture, and is considered one of the finest churches in the west of England. The interior is light, lofty, and spacious. It is dedicated to St. Mary. Many Saxon nobles, with the kings Ethelbald and Ethelbert, are said to have been interred here. The tower, rising from the centre of the church, 154 feet high, and has six large bells, one of which weighs 6,000 pounds, and was a present from Cardinal Wolsey.
There is a chapel for the Wesleyans, one for the Independents, and one termed the Providence.
There is a free grammer school, endowed by Edward VI., and is called the "Kings School," which holds four exhibitions. There were four of £60 each ; but in consequence of the enlargement of the schools, the whole has been stopped for the present. There are six masters ; four clergymen of the church of England. The head master is Dr. Lyon, who is allowed to take eighty boarders ; the second master is the Rev. Thomas James, A.M. who is allowed to take fifteen boarders, and has at present about twenty-five. The other masters are the Rev. F. H. Scrivener, A.M. and the Rev. J. J. Day, A.B.; and the two remaining ones are the sub-masters, engaged by the Rev. Dr. Lyon.
Sherborne castle, the seat of the Earl of Digby, who is lord lieutanant and custos rotulorum of this county, was orginally built by the celebrated Sir Walter Raleigh, when in the zenith of his prosperity. Various changes and additions have since been made. Its figure at present resembles that of the letter H. The apartments are decorated with some fine paintings, by the ancient masters and others ; among which may be particularized, a picture on canvas, representing the famous procession of Queen Elizabeth to St Paul's, after the destruction of the Spanish armada. Adjacent to the eastern part of the town is the suburb and parish of castleton, which takes its name from an ancient castellated residence of the bishops of Sherborne, now in ruins. It was a well chosen position for defence, being protected by a large moor on the north, now a meadow,and commanding the ridge of hills on the south, and the valleys in its proximity on the north and west. It was destroyed in the civil wars of Charles I.
The principal seats in the neighbourhood are Sir William Coles Middlecot's, Venn house, Milbourne Port ; John Gooddin's, Esq. ; and Robert Gardner's Esq. M.P. The surrounding scenery is very fertile, and abounding with woods and mountains.

Name Residence Profession
AISH, John Westbury Beer Retailer
ALFORD, William Long St Solicitor
ALLEN, Richard Cheap St Painter
ARNOLD and Son Half-moon St Tailors & Drapers
ARNOLD, Elizabeth Half-moon St Ladies School
AXTENCE, Thomas Newland Livery Stable Keeper
BAKER, George Frederick Cheap St Carrier
BAKER, Richard Parade Victualler, Cross Keys
BALSTER, John Cheap St Wine & Spirit Merchant
BAMPFIELD, Joshua Parade Tailor and Draper
BATSON, Peter Cheap St Attorney
BEALE, Thomas W Cheap St Music Master
BENNETT, Aaron Half-moon St Victualler, Plume of Feathers
BICKNELL, John Cheap St Miniature Painter
BINGHAM, William Westbury Victualler, Bell
BISHOP, John Cheap St Watch & Clock Maker, Silversmith & Jeweller
BISHOP, Mary Cheap St Victualler, White Hart
BISHOP, Thomas Newland Baker
BLAKE, Charles Cheap St Painter, Plumber and Glazier
BLAKE, James Cheap St Confectioner
BLAKE, Samuel Black marsh Registrar for Marriages
BLAKE, Thomas & Sam. Half-moon St Hatters & Hosiers
BLAMFIELD, Joshua Half-moon St Tailor & Draper
BOWDAGE, Robert Cheap St Wax & Tallow Chandler
BOWN, James Long St Shopkeeper
BOZWELL, James Abbey Lane Master of the National School
BOZWELL, Mary Ann Newland Mistress of the Infants School
BROOK, Charles Parade Grocer
BRUTTON, Misses Greenwell St Boarding & Day School
BULSTER, John Newland Currier
BURROWS, Joseph Green Hill Boot & Shoemaker
BYE, Elizabeth Cheap St Milliner & Straw Hat Maker
CAINES, Charles Cheap St Boot & Shoemaker
CAINES, David Westbury Boot & Shoemaker
CAINES, William Long St Glover
CARTLEDGE, L. S. Cheap St Staymaker
CHAFFEN, Richard Newland Baker
CHAFFEY, Mary Cheap St Tea Dealer
CHARLTON, Mrs Newland Ladies School
CLARKE, Peter Parade Glover & Breeches maker
COATE, I. & H. (See notes below) Half-moon St Linen & Woollen Drapers
COCKMAN, Mary New well water Currier & Tanner
COLE, John Half-moon St Watch & Clock Maker
CONDON, Robert Cheap St Victualler, Greyhound
COOPER, Thomas Acreman St Baker
CROCKER, Harriett Cheap St Milliner & Dressmaker
DAY, William Cheap St Grocer
DINGLEY, William & Samuel Half-moon St Linen & Woollen Drapers
DODD, Thomas Newland Baker
DODGE, William Cheap St Boot & Shoemaker
DOWN, Charles Cheap St Builder
DOWN, George Westbury Wheelwright
DOWN, James Long St Confectioners
DOWN, James Westbury Wheelwright
DOWN, Job Market St Tailor
DOWN, Jonas Long St Victualler, Wellington
DOWN, Jonas Westbury Wheelwright
EDGAR, Robert Half-moon St Tailor & Draper and agent for the Standard Life Office
EDWARDS, Samuel Market St Pawnbroker, Clothes dealer, and furniture broker
ELLAWAY, J. Acreman St Blue Coat School
FOOKES & GOODDEN Cheap St Solicitors, and agents for the Globe
FOOKS, Thomas   Coroner for the Liberty of Sherborne
FOOKS, William Green Hill Clerk of the Peace
FOOT, John Westbury Blacksmith and Wheelwright
FOWLER, Daniel Cheap St Hairdresser & Perfumer
FROST, Joseph New-well Hill Veterinary Surgeon
FUSSELL, Ernest Long St Surgeon
GARRETT, Isaac Westbury Blacksmith
GEAKE, Thomas Cheap St Cabinetmaker & Upholsterer
GENT, George Cheap St Surveyor, Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer, and builder
GENT, James Cheap St Boot & Shoemaker
GIFFORD, Susannah Cheap St Victualler, Swan
GLOYNE, John jun. Newland Grocer
GOODRIDGE, Anthony G. Newland Builder
GOSNEY, George Half-moon St Grocer
GOUGER, John Abbey Lane Silk Throwster
GOULD, Samuel Half-moon St Tallow Chandler & Soap-boiler
GRAY, John Green Hill Surgeon
GREEN, Elizabeth Cheap St Milliner & Dressmaker
GREEN, James Cheap St Silk mercer
GREEN, John Castletown Builder
GREEN, Thomas Cheap St Butcher
GREEN, Thomas Cheap St Victualler, Sun
GREEN, William Westbury Cooper
GUPPY, John Market St Carpenter & Joiner
GUY, Mary Ann Cheap St Milliner & Dressmaker
HALL, Richard (See notes below) Green Hill Coach Builder
HALLETT, Jane Cheap St Straw Hat Maker
HAMMOND, William Cheap St Baker & Confectioner
HARDING, Robert Half-moon St Grocer & Tea Dealer, Spirit Merchant and Tallow-chandler
HAWKES, William Long St Master of the British School
HAWKINS, Richard (See notes below) Cheap St Glass & China Dealer, and Carver and Gilder
HAYES, Samuel Cheap St Boot & Shoemaker
HAYWARD, James (See notes below) Westbury Beer Retailer
HEWLETT, James Westbury Tailor
HIGHMORE, Nathaniel & Wm. Newland Surgeons
HILLARY, Richard Cheap St Confectioner
HILLIAR, Sophia & Martha Half-moon St Victuallers, King's Arms Commercial Inn
HILLIAR, Thomas Green Hill Antelope Hotel, commercial & posting
HILLIARY, Lodowick Long St Shopkeeper
HODGES, Thomas Church Yard Agent for the Royal Exchange Fire & Life Office
HOOKE, Thomas   Master, King's Free Grammar School
HOXLEY, John (Rev.) Long St Minister, Independent Chapel
JAMES, Thomas   Under Master, King's Free Grammar School
JOHNSTON, Thomas Cheap St Linen & Woollendraper
KEMPTHORNE, T. H. Long St Solicitor, and agent for the Alliance Fire & Life Assurance Office
KING & Co. Green Hill Curriers
KING, Lawrence Cold Harbour Baker
KING, Thomas New-well Hill Saddler
KNOTT, James (See notes below) Long St Victualler, Black Horse
LANGDON, Robert Sampson Long St Registrar of Births & Deaths for the Bradford Abbas District
LAZENBURY, Samuel Long St Dyer
LIGHT, Mark Cheap St Saddler
LODWICK, William Long St Shopkeeper
LONGMAN & Sons Cheap St Chemists & Druggists, and mustard manufacturers
LYON, Ralph (Rev.)   Head Master, King's Free Grammar School
MANSFIELD, Joel Westbury Blacksmith & Carpenter
MATHEWS, Eliza Westbury Mistress of the Infants School
MATTHEWS, John Long St Victualler, Rose & Crown
MEECH, Henry Half-moon St Furnishing Ironmonger & Cutler
MELMOTH & Son Church Yard Solicitors, Clerks to the Magistrates, Turn pike roads, Taxes, and to the Board of Guardians
MILES, William Long St Fishmonger
MILLER, John Half-moon St Saddler
MINIFIE, George & James Cheap St Hairdressers & Perfumers
MURRAY, Sarah Newland Beer Retailer
NELBERN, Mary Cheap St Stay & Corset Maker
NEW, Martha Cheap St Shopkeeper
NEWMAN, Hannah Westbury Beer Retailer
NEWPORT, Long St Boot & Shoemaker
NOAK, Thomas Cheap St Grocer
NOAKE, Thomas New-well Hill Builder
NORMAN, Edward Cheap St Watch & Clock Maker
NORMAN, Frederick Cheap St Saddler
OSMENT, David Market St Butcher
PARSONS, John (Rev.) Castletown Vicar, Established Church, Sherborne
PEARCE, Gideon Half-moon St Hair Cutter
PEARCE, Mary Half-moon St Straw Hat Maker
PENNY, Daniel Long St Postmaster
PENNY, John Market St Proprietor, Sherborne, Dorchester & Taunton Journal
PENNY, William Webb Long St Proprietor, Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury, Agent for the West of England Fire & Life Office
PENNY, Wm (Sen.) Half-moon St Bookseller, Stationer, Circulating Library & Reading Room, and agent for the British Fire Office and Stamp Office
PERCY, Joseph Abbey Lane Carpenter
PERCY, Edward Thomas Green Hill Auctioneer & Surveyor
PERCY, Edward, Thomas & John Cheap St Auctioneers & Surveyors
PITTMAN & ARNOLD Cheap St Tailors & Drapers
PLOWMAN, Walter Cheap St Saddler
POLDEN, Thomas Long St Shopkeeper
POOLE,James Green Hill Auctioneer & Surveyor
PORTER, Mrs. Long St Ladies School
RAWLINGS, George Long St Builder & Cabinet Maker
RAWLINGS, Joseph B. Cheap St Chemist & Druggist, and agent for the Protestant Dissenters Assurance Company
RENDLE, John Cheap St Plumber & Brazier
RIDOUT, James Cheap St Linen & Woollendraper, and dealer in British Wines
ROBERTS, Henry Parade Brazier & Tin Plate Worker
ROBERTS, William Cheap St Bookseller & Stationer
RYALL, Rebecca & Susan Cheap St Straw Hat Makers
SAMPSON, Thomas Newland Baker
SANDFORD, Abraham Green Hill Angel Inn, posting & commercial
SANSOM, A Newland Beer Retailer
SCOTT, Alexander Cheap St Grocer
SCRIVENER, Frederick   King's Free Grammar School
SHERREN, Thomas & Harriett Westbury Butchers
SHERRING, Charles Long St Whitesmith
SHERWOOD, William Half-moon St Victualler, Half-moon
SIMMONDS, Benjamin Cheap St Surgeon
SMITH, Charles (See notes below) Cheap St Victualler, George Inn
SNOOK, Hound St Cooper
STEVENS & Co. Long St Brewers, and Wine & Spirits Merchants
STOKES F. & G. Half-moon St Grocers, and agents for the County Fire & Provident Life Office
STOKES, John Half-moon St Agent for the Farmers General Fire & Life Insurance Office
THORNE & PARSONS Market St Ironmongers, Bar Iron, Nail, and Steel Merchants
TOLBERT, Edward Cheap St Glazier & Ironmonger
TOLBORTH, John Cheap St Glas & China Dealer, and Plumber & Glazier
TOLL, Thomas Henry Cheap St Bookseller, Stationer & Printer
TOMPKINS, Long St Shopkeeper
TOMPKINS, William Long St Victualler, Castle
TROWBRIDGE, Henry Westbury Millwright & Gunsmith
TUCKER, Robert Cheap St Watch & Clock Maker
TUCKER, Samuel Long St Day School
TUFFIN, Richard Church Lane Confectioner
TUFFIN, Richard Market St Victualler, Mermaid
TULK, Thomas Church Lane Glass & China Dealer
TURNER, Edward Long St Surgeon
TURNER, Henry   Master, King's Free Grammar School
UPSALL, Newland Plumber & Glazier
VINCENT, John Long St Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
VINCENT, Thomas Newland Blacksmith
WARRY, George Cheap St Attorney
WATTS & Co. Cheap St Ironmongers, Bar Iron and Steel Merchants
WATTS, Sarah Newland Shopkeeper
WEST, Charles (Mrs) Newland Day School
WEST, Charles Newland Registrar of Births & Deaths for Sherborne District
WHITE, William Cheap St Actuary of the Savings Bank
WHITTLE, Abel Trendle St Brewer & Maltster
WILLMOTT, J. & R. W. Middle Mill Silk Throwsters
WILLS, John Green Hill Victualler, Crown
WILLS, John Westbury Shopkeeper
WITHEY, John (jun.) Cheap St Brewer
WITHYE, John Cheap St Maltster, Cooper & Timber Dealer
WOODBORNE, Robert New-well Hill Grocer
YEATMAN, Charles New-well Hill Beer Retailer

1.) COATE, I. & H. - Under "Classification of Trades", listed as A. & H. COATE.
2.) HALL, Richard - Under "Classification of Trades", name listed as Richard HILL.
3.) HAWKINS, Richard - Under "Classification of Trades", name listed as R. HAWKING.
4.) HAYWARD, James - Under "Classification of Trades", name listed as John HAYWARD.
5.) KNOTT, James - Under "Classification of Trades", name listed as Wm. KNOTT.
6.) SMITH, Charles - Under Classification of Trades", name listed as George SMITH.

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