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Robsons Directory for 1835 - Gillingham, Bourton and Penscellwood

Name Residence Profession
ALFRED, William Bourton Baker
ARNOLD, Charles Bourton Shoemaker
BARTER, Robert Gillingham Maltster
BEALING, George Gillingham Shoemaker
BELL, James Gillingham Manager of Wilts. & Dorset Bank Branch
BELL, W. R. Gillingham Solicitor
BLACKMORE, William Gillingham Stonemason
BOWLES, William Gillingham Butcher
BROWN, James Gillingham Shoemaker
BROWN, Mrs Gillingham Mistress, National School
BULLEN, Charles Milton Shopkeeper
BUTLER, William Gillingham Carrier
CALPIN, Thomas Gillingham Boot and Shoemaker
CALPIN, William Gillingham Boot and Shoemaker
CANDY, Robert Gillingham Saddler and Harness maker
CARD, Thomas Gillingham Maltster
CAVE, Daniel Gillingham Gents' Boarding School
CHARLTON, James Bourton Stonemason
CHILD, James Bourton Carpenter
CLARKE, William Gillingham Blacksmith
COBORN, Edward Silton Tick and Dowlas Manufacturer and Bleacher
COLLINS, James Gillingham Carpenter & C.
COOMBES, Joseph Gillingham Tallow Chandler
COWARD, Thomas Gillingham Boot and Shoemaker
COX, George Burton Miller and Baker
COX, John Silton Blacksmith
COX, John Gillingham Stonemason
CROSS, John Gillingham Tinman and Brazier
DOWN, M. Gillingham Milliner
DOWNING, E. Milton Shopkeeper
DUNN, John Gillingham Carrier
DUNN, Shadrach Gillingham Corn Dealer
EASTMENT, John Gillingham Beer Retailer
EDWARDS, George Gillingham Boot and Shoemaker
EDWARDS, John Gillingham Saddler and Harness maker
EDWARDS, Thomas Gillingham Cooper
EDWARDS, Thomas. jun. Gillingham Blacksmith
EDWARDS, William Gillingham Wheelwright
ENGLISH, James Bourton Brickmaker
FLOWER, J. & A. Gillingham Stonemason
FORWARD, John Bourton Common Carrier
GEORGE, H. Milton Shoemaker
GEORGE, J. Bourton Tanner
GEORGE, William Gillingham Tailor
GIFFORD, Robert Silton Miller and Baker
GILES, T. P. Gillingham Grocer, Cheesemonger & C.
GODFREY, William Bourton Grocer and Draper
Phoenix Commercial Inn, Maltster, ale, beer, and
Porter Brewer
GOUGH, John Bourton Baker
GOUGH, Silas Bourton Butcher
GRAY, Margaretta Gillingham Milliner
GRAY, R. Gillingham Tailor and Draper
GREEN, John Gillingham Blacksmith
GREEN, Stephen Gillingham Butcher
GREEN, Thomas Gillingham Boot and Shoemaker
HAND, William Gillingham Butcher
HANNAM, Josiah Gillingham Baker and Miller
HANNAM, Josiah Gillingham Silk Throwster
HARRIS, Samuel Gillingham Shopkeeper and Watchmaker
HAYTER, Henry Milton Wheelwright
HAYTER, Thomas Gillingham Cooper
HAYWARD, E. Gillingham Milliner
HAYWARD, John Gillingham Tailor and Draper
HAYWARD, John Gillingham Grocer, Draper & C.
HINE, Thomas Bourton Blacksmith
HONEYFIELD, James Gillingham Butcher
JESSE, William Bourton Tick and Dowlas Manufacturer and Bleacher
KING, George Gillingham Tailor
LAWRENCE, Ann Gillingham Shopkeeper
LIGHT, Charles Gillingham Wheelwright
LIGHT, James Gillingham Carpenter & C.
LIGHT, John Gillingham Tailor
LIGHT, Joseph Gillingham Boot and Shoemaker and Shopkeeper
LIGHT, Richard Gillingham Red Lion
LIGHT, Thomas Gillingham Painter and Glazier
LIGHT, William Gillingham Timber Merchant
LODDEN, William Gillingham Coachmaker
LUSH, J. Bourton Shoemaker
LUSH, Samuel Bourton Shoemaker
MADLAM, John Bourton Shopkeeper
MAGGS, Daniel Bourton Brass and Iron Founder
MAGGS, Michael Gillingham Miller and Hemp and Flax Spinner
MAGGS, Uriah Perns Mills Miller
MARTIN, John Gillingham Currier
MARTIN, Thomas Gillingham Shopkeeper
MATTHEWS, H. & J. Wyke Brewers and Maltsters
MATTHEWS, James Bourton Tailor
MATTHEWS, T Gillingham Maltster
MEADEN, John Bourton Relieving Officer for Bourton Union
MEADEN, Robert Bourton Maltster
MILES, Henry Gillingham Surgeon
MILES, J Gillingham Saddler and Harness Maker
MILES, Joseph Gillingham Tinman and Brazier
MITCHELL, Isaiah Gillingham Tick and Dowlas Manufacturer
MITCHELL, James Bourton Plumber and Glazier
NEAVE, Edward


Linen & Woollen Draper, Grocer, Chemist and Druggist, China Glass and Earthernware Warehouse, and agent to the Sun Fire and Life Office.
PAINE, Emma Bourton Shopkeeper and Post Office
PARRETT, Charles Gillingham Wheelwright
PARSONS, George Gillingham Stonemason
PARSONS, John Gillingham Stonemason
PAYNE, R. & J. Gillingham Carpenters & Cabinetmakers
PAYNES, Miss Gillingham Ladies Boarding School
PERMAN, L. Silton Carpenter
PETER, George Gillingham Grocer, Draper & C.
PETERSEN, John Gillingham Rope, Line and Twine maker
PHRIPP, William Gillingham Shopkeeper
PITMAN, James Bourton Shoemaker
RABBITTS, M. A. Gillingham Milliner
READ, Bethia Gillingham Milliner
READ, George Gillingham Blacksmith
READ, James Gillingham Post Master. Master of Free School
READ, Jonathan Gillingham Tailor
READ, Mrs Gillingham Ladies Boarding School
READ, Nathaniel Gillingham Blacksmith
READ, Thomas Gillingham Blacksmith
READ, William Gillingham Blacksmith
ROSE, John Gillingham Stonemason
RYALL, S. D. Gillingham Auctioneer
SHEPHERD, William Gillingham Miller
SILVERTHORN, Eliza Gillingham Brickmaker and Shopkeeper
SMITH, Charles Gillingham Shopkeeper
SMITH, Thomas Milton Shoemaker
SMITH, William Gillingham Corn Dealer
SPARROW, John Bourton Tin-plate Worker
SPICER, Walter Bourton Red Lion
STENT, William Gillingham Carpenter, & C.
STONE, William Gillingham Baker
SYDFORD, Thomas Gillingham Wheelwright
TOOGOOD, Thomas Gillingham Tailor
TUCKER, Richard Bourton Gents Boarding School
WATTS, William Gillingham Baker
WELCH, Reuben Bourton Shopkeeper
WILES, John Gillingham Shopkeeper and Stonemason
WILLIAMS, Charles Gillingham Grocer, Draper and Shoemaker
WILLIAMS, John Gillingham Rope and Twine Maker

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