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West Country Genealogy
West Country Genealogy

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Marriages - 1694 to 1799

The following marriages are a combination of both the Parish registers and Bishops transcript's from 1694 up to 1812 and are complete. Entries from 1813 onwards are from the Bishops transcripts only, which generally do not have as much information as are contained in the Parish Registers Also from 1813 it is very likely this is not a complete list of marriages for Stalbridge as there may be entries missing that would be in the Parish Records themselves.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date
George POOL Susanna GOFFE 01May1694
Nathaniel JANES Elizabeth COLE 05Nov1694
Thomas ROWCLIFFE Catherine HAYNE 09Dec1694
Richard SHARPE Faith MILES 11May1695
William ROGERS Mary PARSONS 15Jul1695
Edward MILLARD Ruth WILLIAMS 25Feb1695
William ROE Cicely PINNE 16Aug1696
John TULK Catherine GREEN 17Oct1696
Edward DOBER Elizabeth DREW 12Jan1696
Nicholas WATTS Mary TYTE 13Apr1697
William CHAMPION Agnes COTTON 06May1697
William PENNY Mary CHAFFIE 23Feb1697
James HOPE Mary STRONG 25Apr1698
George GRIMS Joan RANDOL 27Apr1698
Edward GODDARD, clerk Mrs. Jane EDWARDS 11Oct1698
John HASKEL Bathsheba BARTLET 08Mar1698
Henry TOWNSEND, hellier Margaret ATWELL 26Jun1699
Hugh BROWN, labourer Elizabeth PATTEN 12Sep1699
John ARNEY, labourer Katharine ROGERS 26Dec1699
George ROGERS, smith Mary AVOAK 02Feb1699
James BROWN Elizabeth TOWNSEND 15Apr1700
James TYTE Elizabeth ROWCLIFF 22Oct1700
Robert BRIDPORT, comber Mary STOUNT 16Sep1701
James PIN, labourer Elizabeth TURNER 08Oct1701
Andrew ABINGTON, gent Katherine MARTIN 02Nov1701
Jonathan RYAL, yeoman Joan YOUNG 27Jan1701
John DIBBLE Mary YOUNG 28Sep1702
Robert DOWDEN Melior BARSTABLE [-----]1702
Thomas BROWN Rachel MERCHANT [-----]1702
Anthony GREEN Joan ANDREWS [-----]1702
Edward HELLIER Susanna SNOOK 04Apr1703
Roger PERK Anne HUNT 02Jan1703
Richard BURGE Rebecca DUFFET 22Feb1703
John OLIVER Sarah SYMS 23Feb1703
Edward HELLIER Mary [------------] 28May1704
Richard KING Mary WHELLS 18Sep1704
Thomas WICKHAM Elizabeth BURLETON 27Sep1704
Hugh DRAKE Jane STOUNT 29Apr1705
William RIDOUT Joan SNOOK 01Jul1705
Stephen FEZARD Susanna KING 31Oct1705
Robert LIMYN Deborah DIKE 29Dec1705
Thomas PARSONS Elizabeth HOBBS 03Feb1705
Robert SHORY Mary SHERING 26Mar1705
Charles DUFFET Martha SNOOK 21Jul1706
James SEIGNIOR Elizabeth COLE 22Jul1706
William POOL Mary BEACH 29Jul1706
John RYAL Hannah TYTE 26Aug1706
John DIER Joan CARTER 07Jul1707
Joseph EVERET Anne FOLLET 08Jul1707
Samuel CHANT Martha LOCK 11Nov1707
John HUNT Elizabeth BARSTABLE 19Nov1707
Thomas BANGER Martha STOUNT 26Feb1707
Matthew WATTS Mary MORY 04Apr1708
Abraham TOWNSEND Elizabeth TYTE 24Apr1708
Leonard HELLIER Mary FORD 21Nov1708
John TYTE Anne HELLIER 27Jan1708
James HARRIS Melior RANDAL 20Feb1708
Aaron SEIGNIOR Mary RABERTS 25Jun1709
John POOL Hannah HUNT 16Nov1709
John CALPEN Mary DIBBLE 16Nov1709
George JELLOF Mary MULLINS 05Jan1709
John FORD Emme TOTTERDALL 02Apr1710
John HARRY Deborah GULLY 12May1710
Gabriel BEESLY Ruth STACY 05Jun1710
William PERROT Elizabeth SMITH 22Aug1710
John POOL Melior YOUNG 15Sep1710
John BERNARD Jane SCORE [--]Feb1711
Richard HILL Mary CHAFY 03Feb1711
William LIMYN Mary HARDING 03Mar1711
Richard OLIVER Mary COMB 13May1712
John FEZARD Mary TAYLOR 17Aug1712
Henry JEANS Anne CLERK 02Dec1712
George YOUNG Jane BARSTABLE 05Apr1712
William MILLS of Beminster, Dorset Jane WARRE of Corton, Somerset by Lic. 20Apr1713
John CHAFFY of Holwall, Somerset Betty KIMBER 01Jun1713
Thomas COXHEAD Edith BARSTABLE [-----]1713
John COLE Melior TOWNSEND [-----]1713
Matthew BURGE Mary BURT 01Apr1714
Thomas SEIGNIOR Anne PENNY 01May1714
Edmund MOORS Hannah BOARD 13Jun1714
Benjamin PRANKARD Hephzibah WATTS 06Jan1714
Christopher SEIGNIOR Mary THRING 17Apr1715
Robert HODDER of Sturton Candle Dorothy CHA[FY?] of Sherborn 14Jun1715
Thomas BROWN Dorothy SEIGNIOR 24Aug1715
Laurence POOK Elizabeth JOYLIFFE 24Sep1715
James WEST Edith DREW 27Nov1715
Joseph LANGFORD Mary RANDAL 27Dec1715
William LANGFORD Melior BASTABLE 28Dec1715
Edward BEESLY Mary ELLIS [--]Feb1715
John YOUNG Mary KINNISON 10May1716
John DOWLAND Phoebe STOUNT 18Aug1716
William BAINTON Margery SNOOK 30Dec1716
Christopher TRIGGS Mary ROGERS 31Dec1716
Richard COOPER Elizabeth BROWN 27Apr1717
John BARSTABLE Elizabeth PLOWMAN 20Jun1717
William HELYAR, Esq. Mrs. Mary GODDARD 10Oct1717
Thomas WHEELER Sarah TYTE 06Nov1717
John POOL Mary STRONG 11Dec1717
Thomas SEYMER Susanna HARRIS 29Dec1717
John SHERWIN Betty ALARD 29Dec1717
George DUFFET Mary RABBETTS 06Feb1717
David WALTER Mary Anne BROWN 24Feb1717
Nicholas SIMMS Sarah BROWN 25Feb1717
William TURK Mary HAYWARD 13Apr1718
Edward COURTNEY Mary LIMYN 30Jun1718
Roderick RODGERS Susanna PHILIPS, by Lic. 01Aug1718
Edward LANGDON Jane PLOWMAN, by Lic. 21Aug1718
James PIN Mary KIMBER 30Nov1718
William PARSONS Mary COXHEAD 10Dec1718
Henry MULLENS Eleanor READ 17Dec1718
William LIMON Anne HEYDON 27Dec1718
William BROWN Margaret HARRIS 30Dec1718
Matthew RIDGELY Elizabeth HEDDEGE, by Lic. 06Jan1718
John SEIGNIOR Elizabeth RIAL 24Aug1719
William COLLINS Elizabeth SANGAR, by Lic. 24Sep1719
John RUSSEL Susanna DUFFET 19Oct1719
Woolston FORWARD Elizabeth PARSONS 04Apr1720
John ROLL Mary DAVIS 20Nov1720
Thomas GAPE Mary BURGE, by Lic. 27Nov1720
John MONDAY Mary LUSH, by Lic. 27Mar1721
John HARRY Hannah WATTS 13Apr1721
William DOBER Mary BUSSY 14Apr1721
John TANSWELL Dorothy WHITE 22Oct1721
George BROWN Mary HOPE, by Lic. 22Nov1721
Edward DOWDING Elizabeth MILLER 21May1722
Samuel PARKER Elizabeth BRET 04Dec1722
James CARTER Cecily BESANT, by Lic. 16Apr1723
John GERARD Mary JEAMS, by Lic. 23Aug1723
Richard GILLINGHAM Dorcas BRIGHT, by Lic. 04Feb1723
[---------] BROWN [-----------] [-------------] 05Apr1724
John DOWDING Susan LIMYN 12Apr1724
John YATMAN Susanna WADMAN 24Apr1724
Henry ARNEY Jane PARSONS 02Aug1724
Edward COX Grace GREEN 22Oct1724
William ROOKCLIFF Elizabeth TYTE 04Jan1724
Samuel CHANT Mary MULLENS 18Feb1724
Joseph AMES Hannah TITE, by Lic. 20Apr1725
William SUGG Sarah ARNOLD 21Apr1725
Richard ROGERS Mary BOLLS 26Jul1725
George WILLIAMS Sarah CLERK 23Jan1725
George ELSEWORTH Elizabeth PIN, by Lic. 16Feb1725
Thomas TASWEL Elizabeth CURRAY 03Apr1726
John MILLER Elizabeth GRANGER 25Apr1726
Richard PARSONS Susanna MULLET 05Apr1727
James SNOOK Mary HUNT 10Sep1727
John BROWN Rebecca CHAMPION 12Sep1727
Nicholas BROOK Susanna RABBETS 13Oct1727
John BURT Sarah HONYCOT 20Oct1727
John BOLLS Susanna SNOOK 28Jan1727
John HILBREN Rebecca BLAKE 24Jun1728
John TAPPER Mary CLEVE 19Jul1728
John COLLIER Mary TYTE 28Oct1728
Richard HARDING Elizabeth MARCH 16Nov1728
John ADAMS Mary WARREN 21Dec1728
William HELIER Mary [------------] 26Jan1728
Edward WARE Mary HASKET [-----]1729
Robert PAIN Mary WATTS 30May1730
William BANGER Melior TYTE 17Oct1730
George PHELPS Mary MOORS 20Nov1730
William HARRIS Elizabeth BARSTABLE 24Aug1731
Edward DOBER Anne POOL 25Aug1731
Richard DEVENISH Abigail DACCOMB, by Lic. 07Sep1731
John CLERK Elizabeth HAYTER 14Sep1731
William THOMAS Elizabeth HOLMS, by Lic. 15Sep1731
John HELIER Katharine TOTTERDAL 28Oct1731
Charles KING Mary HOBBS 02Feb1731
Thomas SERJEANT [------------------------] 16Feb1731
Joseph EVERET Judith WILTSHIRE 22Feb1731
George PARSONS Mary ALLEN 23Apr1732
John JOHNSON Elizabeth CLUET 24Apr1732
George STICKLY Jane ARNEY 01May1732
Joseph PAVET Susanna ELLIS 31May1732
John GUY Elizabeth TOOGOOD 28Aug1732
Robert WILLIAMS Edith HELIER 03Sep1732
William HUNT Betty HARRIS 26Sep1732
John KING Abigail LOADER 07Dec1732
James EVERET Charity HUTCHINS 14Jan1732
Robert LIMYN Katharine CAVE 27Mar1733
George BROWN Mary PAVET 30Oct1733
John BROWN of Sturminster Mary GASS of Sturminster 01Nov1733
Henry MONK of Margret's Marsh [sic] Martha HUNT 25Dec1733
Samuel BAYLY of Holwell Eliz. MULLET of Holwell 26Feb1733
John IIKINS Elizabeth BAMFIELD, by Lic. 08Apr1734
Robert HAWKINS Dinah YATMAN 09Apr1734
Richard GUIRE Elizabeth EDWARDS, by Lic. 23Apr1734
William BROWN Susanna HAMLIN 14May1734
Thomas LIMYN Anne RIDOUT 16Feb1734
Wm. CHUBB of Shaston Cat. WAY of Sherborn 26Mar1736
Wm. LANGHORN of Holwell Eliz. SPICER of Bishops Caundle 16Apr1736
John GREEN of Kilmington Edith DOWDING 20Jul1736
Thomas CHANT Martha BULLEN 30Aug1736
Joseph SIGNIOR Betty BEESLY 15Sep1736
Samuel FEZARD Eliz. PLOWMAN 15Oct1736
John ALWOOD Jane JEANES 30Nov1736
Thomas ROGERS Susanna, SNOOK 22Aug1738
James BUCK Mary BEESLY 12Oct1738
Thomas BEESLY Mary TROUBRIDGE 28Oct1738
Joshua TULK Hanna LODER 02May1739
William HAYN Catherine BOND 13Jun1739
Thomas BEESLEY Sarah HELYAR 18Jul1739
Robert SYDSARF Mary EARLE 30Sep1739
Joseph TYTE Mary PARSONS 09Oct1739
George HARRIS Mary BEESLY 25Dec1739
Thomas KNOTT Alice PENNY 01Jan1739
William PARSONS Jane YOUNG 17Feb1739
Michael SNOOK Hannah DOBER (entered in PR only) 05May1740
Simon MITCHELL of Okeford Fitzpain Margaret SNOOK (entered in PR only) 29Jun1740
Robert CARTER of Shilling-Okeford Elizabeth STAYNER (entered in PR only) 30Jun1740
William TYTE Ann LEMAN, dau of William (entered in PR only) 07Jul1740
John OLIVER Sarah DYKE (entered in PR only) 23Sep1740
Mr. Thomas STODDART of Sarum Elizabeth LOVEL of of Marnhill (entered in PR only) 27Sep1740
William ASH Elizabeth CURRAY (entered in PR only) 05Nov1740
John DYKE Hanna BROWN (entered in PR only) 15Dec1740
John BUTT of Sturminster Newton Ann GRAY (entered in PR only) 17Aug1741
Robert HELYAR Frances BROWN (entered in PR only) 18Aug1741
Robert SIGNIOR Ann SNOOK (entered in PR only) 24Aug1741
William TRIGGS Ann GRANGE (entered in PR only) 03Oct1741
James PARSONS Ann COLE (entered in PR only) 06Oct1741
John GALE of Up-Cerne Sus. DODGE of Cern Abbas (entered in PR only) 12Oct1741
Solomon DOWN of Sherborn Sarah KNOTT of Shaston (entered in PR only) 04Jan1741
George POOLL Susan HARRIS (entered in PR only) 25Jan1741
Thomas SIGNIOR Jenny JOLLIFF (entered in PR only) 01Mar1741
David SIMS Elizabeth RANDLE (entered in PR only) 08Jun1742
Joseph SEIGNIOR Mary SEIGNIOR (entered in PR only) 08Jun1742
Thomas COLE Mary YOUNG (entered in PR only) 22Sep1742
Peter EVERED Jane WILLS (entered in BT only) 29Mar1743
John AMBROSE Elizabeth HOLMES (entered in PR only) 04Apr1743
James PRANKERD Mary BULLEN (entered in PR only) 05Apr1743
Wm. CRITCHELL of Glanvills Wooton Eleanor WATTS (entered in PR only) 10Jul1743
Thomas BURGES Hannah HILLARY (entered in PR only) 22Aug1743
Robert HOMER of S. Fiford [Fifehead] Bertiza LEMON (entered in PR only) 20Sep1743
Thomas PARSONS Susannah LEMON (entered in PR only) 27Nov1743
Matt.BURGE Elizabeth GAWLER (entered in PR only) 30Jan1743
Matthew ABBOT Mary COOK 30Apr1744
John GRIMS Hannah SIGNIOR 15Jun1744
Samuel TYTE Betty SIGNIOR 18Jun1744
John AIMES Mary PLOWMAN 02Jul1744
John THORNHILL Elizabeth ALLEN 22Oct1744
Wm. ROGERS Anne PARSONS 14Jan1744
Anthony TYTE Martha SIGNIOR 10Feb1744
Joshua TYTE Katherine ROZEN 11Feb1744
John RANSON Eliz. DUFFET 09Mar1744
John CUSTARD Martha PIN 27Jul1745
John ELFORD Diana SNOOK 21?Sep1745
Leonard HELLYAR Susannah TRIBUTE 07Oct1745
Thomas FORD Martha TULK 18May1746
George TULK Betty BROWN 19May1746
Henry WILTSHIRE Ann CLENCH 30?Jun1746
William BROWN Mary COOK 15Jan1746
Stephen FEZARD Mary HILLIARY 22Jan1746
John AISHWOOD Sarah PARSONS 23Feb1746
William ROBINSON of Oxford Mary BOYCE of Wells 14Mar1746
Henry ARNEY Elizabeth BROWN 23Jul1747
Joseph HARRIS Ann WEST 24Aug1747
Thomas TULK Betty DAY 12Oct1747
William WEST Mary TULK 22Dec1747
John BEAZLEY Susannah PIN 27Jan1747
Thomas SENIOR Betty RAKE 02Feb1747
David SIMS Edith LEMON 07Feb1747
William BUGG Katherin BROWN 22Feb1747
William LEMON Martha LEMON 10Apr1748
Thomas FORD Mary SHERWIN 12Apr1748
James KING Elizabeth CAREY 09May1748
Andrew ALLEN Deborah WILLIAMS 25Jul1748
Lazarus COLE Sarah BROWN 26Jul1748
Thomas SNOOK Susannah SIGNIOR 25Aug1748
William OLIVER Betty SHERWIN 25Aug1748
Bernard DAVAGE Susannah FEZARD 12Oct1748
John THORNHILL Mary SHORT 06Nov1748
Joseph TRIGGS Ann HANNAM 14Nov1748
Richard POOL Edith ROGERS 27Dec1748
Thomas CURTIS Mary LOCK 28Dec1748
James SEYMOUR Elizabeth SNOOK 08Jan1748
William TOOGOOD Hannah FEZARD 29Mar1749
Abednego HOBBS Mary TITE 10Apr1749
Charles LODER Faith FEZARD 24Apr1749
Joseph JEANS Mary FOLLETT 30May1749
James OSMAND Susannah HARDY 13Nov1749
John WEST Mary Turner BARSTABLE 04Jan1749
Thomas CALPEN Elizabeth SNOOK 28Jan1749
James HALLETT Elizabeth MOORS 06Feb1749
Tobias HANNAM Hannah LEMON 20Feb1749
James SNOOK Elizabeth SIGNOIR 20???1749
William JEANS Mary EVERARD 26Apr1750
John JEANS Mary CLENCH 26Apr1750
Charles PARSONS Mary WEST 09May1750
Anthony SNOOK Mary BUGG 14May1750
James SIGNOIR Damoris GOODGEARS 06Jun1750
James HOBBS Hannah RANDALL 13Jan1750
John FEZARD Ruth POPE 14Feb1750
Thomas BROWN Susannah SNOOK 18Feb1750
Mesech HOBBS Mary MELYARD 02Sep1751
Leonard TRIM Susannah DUFFETT 26Sep1751
Robert BEAZLEY Jenny MULLENS 18Nov1751
James CASTLEMAN Rachel FITZ 22Jan1751
James BIGGS Susannah STRONG 10Feb1751
Benjamin RANDLE Ann PAIN 06Apr1752
John JEANS Honour DAVIS 25May1752
Moses PARSONS Susannah COOMBS 24Jun1752
James LODER Alice LONGMAN 01Sep1752
Thomas BROWN Katherin WILTSHIRE 29Nov1752
John LEMON Ann COTTON 23Apr1753
Andrew ROGERS Mary STICKLEY 09Jul1753
Robert SNOOK Mary RIDEOUT 19Aug1753
John JEANS Mary GOSENAY 26Nov1753
Thomas RICE of Wellington Ruth WILLIAMS 02Feb1753
William BROWN Ann WATTS 13Feb1753
Thomas HOBBS Hillary CLARK of Caundle Purse 04Apr1754
Thomas NORTHOVER Susannah JOHNSON 16Apr1754
Joseph TYTE Ann HILLARY 08Jul1754
Samuel PARSONS Elizabeth KEANDLE 05Aug1754
William HAINS Sarah PARSONS 21Oct1754
William HANNAM Mary LEMON 28Oct1754
Robert JEANS Deborah MOORS 16Apr1755
John ARNEY Mary TYTE 26Apr1755
Peter BARTLETT of Yeovil Ann RIDGEWAY of Henstridge 08May1755
Henry MORGAN Sarah POOL 12May1755
John PARSONS Rebecca BULLEN of Funt mill 18May1755
Joseph FORD Melior OLIVER 19May1755
Robert SNOOK Rebecca CLEMENTS 06Jul1755
John BARTLETT of Pool Martha CHANT, by Lic. 21Aug1755
William OLIVER Susannah HAYDON of Marnhull 29Sep1755
Joseph RANDLE Jane SHERRING 22Mar1756?
Robert SYDSERF Mary RAWLINS of Templcombe 28Mar1756
Joseph ROGERS Joyce PARSONS 08apr1756
John MITCHELL of Sherborn Elizabeth WATTS 20Apr1756
William WEST Susannah DUFFET 10Sep1756
William RICHARDS of Holwell Eliza CUFF, by Lic. 20Oct1756
John BROWN Elenor HAYS 02Nov1756
John HINGSTON Elizabeth TYTE 21Feb1757
Thomas TURNER Elizabeth BURGE 28Feb1757
John THRISTLE of Wrington, Somerset Mary PRANKARD 04Apr1757
Harry LEMON Priscilla JEANS 18Apr1757
Samuel HARRIS Ann LODER of Caundle Stourton 02May1757
James SIGNIOR Susannah DOBER 14Jun1757
John PARSONS Elizabeth ROGERS 24Jul1757
Thomas GOUGH of Buckhorn Weston Susannah HELLYAR of Buckhorn Weston 20Aug1757
Ambrose BOOLE of Upton Noble Susannah TYTE 24Mar1758
Robert GRIMSTEED Hannah TYTE, by Lic. 24Mar1758
Benjamin YOUNG Ann LEMON 28Mar1758
William COOMBE of Weymouth Elizabeth HELLYAR of Norton Underham, Som. 11Apr1758
Thomas WEBBER of Bishops Caundle Jane JEANS 25Apr1758
William JONES (JEANS in BT) of Westminster Margery THOMAS 30May1758
Joseph COLE Ann GUYER 18Jun1758
Robert BROWN Hannah ALLEN 27Jun1758
William WILLIAMS Ann RENDLE 04Jul1758
Richard BAKER Theodora JOHNSON 02Sep1758
John GALPIN Ann TYTE, by Lic. 09Oct1758
William JEANS Jane BROWN 04Dec1758
Andrew ROGERS Martha COLEMAN 11Dec1758
James JEANS Martha DUNFORD 12Dec1758
Ian OBOURN of Henstridge, Somerset Hannah ELLIS 13May1759
James HELLYAR Dinah GAWLER of Henstridge, Somerset 06Jun1759
John DOVE of Queen Camel, Somerset Mary RYALL 18Sep1759
Christopher MOORE of Thorncomb Susanna WHITE 19Sep1759
Samuel SHEPHERD Frances CARTER 05Nov1759
John GARRETT of Templecombe, Somerset Susanna COLE, by Lic. 15Nov1759
Samuel JEANS Edith PARSONS 15Nov1759
John LEMON Elizabeth JEANS 03Dec1759
Thomas BARTLET Martha HUNT 13Dec1759
Edward PARSONS Margaret SARGENT 01Jan1760
William MOORE of Stour, Sturminster Mary HOWE 03Jan1760
Thomas CREW Elizabeth BROWN 18Jan1760
Thomas DURRANT of Ivelchester (DUNNET in PR) Ann BISHOP 12Feb1760
Robert WILLIAMS Susannah HELLYAR 21Apr1760
Richard RABBETS Mary HODGES 22Jun1760
Joseph NEWMAN of Tarrant Lawnston Mary PARSONS 07Jul1760
Henry CROCKER of Chiselbourn Sarah LODER 27Dec1760
Thomas PARSONS of Kington Magna Susannah CHEESMAN 28Dec1760
John JEANS Hannah SARGENT 04Jan1761
John DURRANT of Stourton Caundle Mary BATSON 13Jan1761
Robert THRING of Milborne Port, Somerset Elizabeth ARNEY 19Mar1761
James ROBINS, widower Mary LEMON, widow 07Jun1761
Cleophas SEIGNIOR Ruth BEAZLEY 16Jun1761
Moses PARSONS Jenny DOWDING, by Lic. 20Oct1761
George DOVER (signs Dover, DOBER in BT) Dinah BURGE 26Oct1761
Edward BROWN Elizabeth ROBINS, by lic. 27Dec1761
Joseph BURGE Ann ADAMS 11Jan1762
Joshua TULK Susannah LEMON 28Mar1762
John HARDING Hannah POPLE, by lic. 03Apr1762
Robert BURGE Betty WILLIS, by lic. 25Nov1762
Thomas WILLIAMS of Wincanton, Somerset Melior TYTE 27Dec1762
Thomas DREW Mary SYDSARFF 18Jan1763
Thomas WILLIAMS Hephzibah PRANKERD, by Lic. 24Jan1763
John COGGAN of Haslebury Ann TURNER, otp 05Feb1763
Robert HOMER residing in Stalbridge Partheria JEANS, otp 05Apr1763
William WOODROW residing in Stalbridge Jean GAWLER, otp 06Apr1763
John DREW Mary BEAZLEY 22May1763
Aquila BROWN Hannah BISHOP 23May1763
Edmund WARE, otp Susannah KIMBER of Odcomb 24May1763
Edward CLARK Sarah LODER, by Lic. 08Aug1763
William CASTLEMAN of Hinton St. Mary Ann VINING, otp, by Lic. 21Nov1763
John BIGGIN Sarah COLE 13Dec1763
Thomas NORRIS of Hilton, Dorset Mary TASWELL, residing in Stalbridge 28Jan1764
James PERRY of Castle Cary Diana RUGG 11Jun1764
William GAWLER Mary SEYMOR 25Jun1764
Joseph WILLIAMS Margaret SEYMOR of Bellchalvill 14Aug1764
Samuel BANGER Elizabeth JOYLIFFE 25Sep1764
Richard TYTE Hannah TYTE 30Sep1764
Philip SENIOR Sarah ELLIS of Stourton Caundle 31Dec1764
George HARRIS Mary DUFFETT 15Jul1765
Laurence POOL Hannah BOWVILL 04Aug1765
James PARSONS Sarah SIMS 05Aug1765
John BASTIN (Mr Walters Cook) Elizabeth FEZARD, by Lic. 30Sep1765
Joseph TULK Mary COXHEAD 30Sep1765
Etheldred DEWEY Hannah TALBOT 07Oct1765
William JENNINGS of Ringwood , Hampshire Mary BURGE, by Lic. 16Dec1765
James MARTIN of Laid Antrim, Ireland Mary ROBINS, of otp, by Lic. 24Dec1765
Thomas HUNT Frances PARKER (Fanny in PR) 24Dec1765
Joseph BROWN Mary BELBEN 10Mar1766
Robert CURTIS residing in Stalbridge Elizabeth WATTS of Lydlinch 11May1766
John ALLWOOD Mary WILLIAMS [01Jun in BT] 17Jun1766
Lawrence TULK Mary SNOOK 13Sep1766
William LEMON of Ibberton Mary CLARK, otp, by Lic. 24Sep1766
George BROWN of Pasill Mary HAYTON of Marnhull 20Oct1766
George DAVIDGE of Stourminster Ann BROOKS, by Lic. 27Dec1766
Thomas POOL Sarah LOVELL 12Jan1767
Hercules JEANS Sarah GOASNEY of Bishops Caundle 25Jan1767
William CREW Phebe DOWDING 17Feb1767
George ANTHILL of Marnhill Elizabeth BOND (BOUND in PR - 14Feb in PR) 21Feb1767
William BARSTABLE of Marnhill Prudence BROWN, by Lic. 02Mar1767
William POOLE Sarah BEAZLEY 21Apr1767
Thomas DAVIDGE of Stourminster Betty BANGER 07May1767
William HILLIAR Lucy LODER 26May1767
William DREW Mary OLIVER 03Aug1767
William LOVELL of Stourminster Sally OLIVER 08Aug1767
Thomas PARSONS Betty POOL 06Sep1767
Richard COOPER of Okeford Fitzpaine Sarah MOORE, by Lic. 21Sep1767
Ezekial POOL Rebecca BIGGIN 28Sep1767
William GATHERALL Christian BISS 03Nov1767
Joseph ASHWOOD Rebecca SENIOR 14Nov1767
John HULL of Obourn Sarah PARKER 04Jan1768
Thomas JEANS Mary LOVELL 28Jan1768
George HOW Ann PARSONS 01Feb1768
Thomas JEANS Jenny ALLEN of Brianston 12Feb1768
William AISHE Elizabeth LEMON 27Mar1768
William PINN Elizabeth GOASNEY of Holwell 10Oct1768
Aaron BARNARD of Milborne Port Betty TRIGGS 09Nov1768
George MOREY Mary LEMON 03Apr1769
George HALLET of Milborne Port, Somerset Phebe HARRIS 19Apr1769
Thomas BURGE Jenny HOWE, by Lic. 15Jun1769
Thomas BROWN Ann PARSONS 28Jun1769
Aquila JEANS Susannah NOTTLEY 10Sep1769
Thomas DYKE Mary PARSONS 04Nov1769
John OLIVER Ann JEANS 17Jan1770
William JEANS Katharine PIN 21Jan1770
William GRADINCH (GOADINCH in PR) Hannah GRIMS 05Feb1770
Henry ARNEY Martha MASTERS 20Feb1770
James VINING Jane SLADE (signed Jeney SLEAD in PR) 04Mar1770
John COLE Melior ALLEN 09Apr1770
John CUMMINS (of Stourton Caundle in BT) Jenny STOKE (of Stourton Caundle in PR) 03May1770
William HANNAM Susannah BEAZLEY 19May1770
John HILLIAR (signed HILLER & spelt HELLYAR in PR) Martha BATSON 05Sep1770
Harry MORGAN Mary GATHERALL, by Lic. 09Nov1770
William KIMBER of Keynton Betty BIGGIN (09Nov in PR) 29Nov1770
Edward WARE (signed WEAR in PR) Katharine LEMON 24Dec1770
John TOOP of Stourton Caundle Betty LEMON (only signatures recorded in PR) 27Dec1770
William DUFFETT Elizabeth GULLIFER 15Apr1771
Thomas TUFFEN of Berwick St. John, Wilts. Grace JEANS (12May in PR) 12Jun1771
Edward PARSONS Ann PARSONS 30Sep1771
John CASTLEMAN of Hinton St. Mary Betty HOBBS 22Oct1771
Thomas WEST Edith SIMS 05Nov1771
Robert BROWN Margaret WILLIAMS 04Dec1771
James BROWN Mary BROWN (entered in PR only) 19Apr1772
Anthony TYTE Ruth FEZARD (entered in PR only) 09Jun1772
John PARSONS Edith POOLE (entered in PR only) 11Sep1772
James PARSONS Mary HARRIS (entered in PR only) 11Sep1772
George SNOOK of Charlton Musgrove Rebecca BROWN (entered in PR only) 28Sep1772
Robert Lush WHEELER of Stourminster Nuton Hannah JEANS (entered in PR only) 28Sep1772
John FRANCIS Joice BROWN (entered in PR only) 12Oct1772
Joseph EVERET Love SNOOK (entered in PR only) 27Dec1772
James BROWN Sally DUFFETT 14Mar1773
William CLIFT Mary HOBBS 08May1773
James BROWN Hannah GATHERALL 12Oct1773
William HAINE Betty PAIN 18Oct1773
Thomas KEEVE of St Cuthbert's, Wells Ann BROWN 13Dec1773
Daniel SHERREY of p. of Weymouth & Melcomb Regis Sarah DRAKE, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 18Dec1773
George TITE Elizabeth BURGE by Lic. 23Jan1774
Paul LELLO of Dorchester Betty CASTLEMAN, widow, by Lic. 25Jan1774
Thomas BAESLEY Betty BASLEY, by Lic. 27Mar1774
William HELLIAR, widower Mary DAVIDGE, widow 03May1774
Thomas BROWN Faith BASLEY (BAZLY in PR) 28May1774
John LEMON Betty LEMON 18Jun1774
Richard MILLER Edith PARSONS 20Jun1774
Joseph COLE, widower Melior COLE, widow 06Sep1774
Joseph PARSONS Rebecca BROWN 26Oct1774
John BRENSON (Grimson in BT???) of Melcomb Regis Susannah DOBER 23Apr1775
John BROWN, widower Mary Ann LOVELL 16May1775
Samuel HARRIS Jenny DUFFETT 01Jun1775
William PIKE of Stower Provost Mary PARSONS 05Jun1775
Joseph BROWN Mary BARTLETT 02Oct1775
Robert SENIOR Susannah SIMS 07Oct1775
Matthew BURGE Elizabeth SHIRLEY 10Oct1775
George YOUNG of Evershot Susannah LEWIS, by Lic. 17Oct1775
James SNOOK Susannah HAYN 17Oct1775
William BROWN Ann GALPIN 12Nov1775
George LEMON Christian BUGG 13Feb1776
Samuel PARSONS Ann TYTE 16Feb1776
James DOBER Edith TYTE, by Lic. 12Mar1776
Jacob GRAY Ann TITE, by Lic. 23Apr1776
James HELLIAR, widower Betty SNOOK 10Jun1776
James DYKE Mary DAY 30Jun1776
Stephen LAMBERT Ann SARGENT 01Oct1776
Richard COLE, widower, of Milborne Port Martha COLE 13Oct1776
Lawrence POOL, widower Betty JANES 19Oct1776
Richard HANES (HAMES in PR Ann SALKELD, by Lic. 21Oct1776
Richard STRONG Susannah FEZARD 18Nov1776
John LEMON Jane PARSONS 16Dec1776
James DOVER of Milbourn Port Hester HAINE 25Jan1777
Joseph TULK, widower Betty EVERET 14Apr1777
Giles MATTHEWS of Silton Mary ALLWOOD 23Apr1777
Edward HELLIAR Sarah MILLER 28Jun1777
Cleopas SENIOR, widower Mary GARRINCH 21Aug1777
William BROWN Pretiza PARSONS 03Dec1777
Richard TITE Susannah CREW 02Jan1778
Thomas DEACON Elizabeth HAYN 12Feb1778
Thomas SHIRLEY Pretiza LEMON 16Feb1778
John COFFEN Susannah TWOGOOD 27Jul1778
John BANGER Mary ALLEN 04Aug1778
Andrew ROGERS, widower Elizabeth ARNEY, widow 09Aug1778
John HAWKE Mary DREW, widow 15Aug1778
William SNOOK Jenny SYMMS 01Sep1778
James BEAZLEY Anne ROBERTSON, widow, by Lic. 10Jan1779
William PARSONS Hannah ARNEY 25May1779
John BUGG, Farmer Sarah NOTTLEY of Bishops Caundle, by lic. 15Jul1779
Samuel BISSE Mary SENIOR 17Aug1779
James HELLIAR Mary TRIGGS 03Oct1779
William ALDERTON of Shalford, Surrey Alice YOUNG, by Lic. 08Feb1780
Lear JEANS Christian WILLIAMS 14Mar1780
Henry JENKINS of Ebbesbourne, Wilts. Elizabeth GAWLER 09May1780
William WEST, widower Joanna TASSWELL 31May1780


Mary RICHARDS, widow 11Jul1780
Robert HARRIS Elizabeth RANDALL 06Aug1780
Edward BAZLEY Letitia LEMON 12Dec1780
William TURNER Phyllis LEMON (entered in PR only) 28Jan1781
Jonathan SWEETAPPLE of Martin, Wilts. Mary BANGER, otp, by Lic. 23Apr1781
David DAVIES Anne LOCKYER, by Lic. 21Jun1781
Samuel BURGE, widower Mary HARDING, by Lic. 15Aug1781
John POOL Sarah BATSON 25Sep1781
John SEYNIOR??, widower (SEGRIM in PR) Jane ALLFORD 17Dec1781
Robert WILLS of Stourton Caundle Jane WILLIAMS 24Dec1781
Thomas ROGERS Elizabeth GALPIN 12Jan1782
William JEANS Edith PARSONS 05Feb1782
John GREENSTOCK Priscilla JEANS 16Feb1782
Giles JEANS Mary FRANCIS (entered in PR only) 29Apr1782
Robert GAWLER Sarah MATTHEWS of Shaftesbury, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 06May1782
George ROGERS Christian WHITE of Bishops Caundle (entered in PR only) 15May1782
Philip PARSONS of Kington Magna Ann PARSONS (entered in PR only) 05Jun1782
Elisha JEANS Ann GUY (entered in PR only) 19Aug1782
James ROSE Mary BURGE, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 25Feb1783
Joseph ASHFORD Hannah PARSONS (entered in PR only) 16Jun1783
John WEBBER Mary BURGES (entered in PR only) 29Oct1783
Thomas DUFFET Priscilla PARSONS (entered in PR only) 09Dec1783
Gabriel RYDE, p. of St. Mathars, Surr. Elizabeth YOUNG, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 27Jan1784
Benjamin DYKE Ruth SENIOR 24Jun1784
Timothy HEWLETT of Yetminster Ann NUNNEY, by Lic. 22Jul1784
Daniel BISSE of Henstridge Roseanne DUFFETT 05Sep1784
James DUFFETT Ann JEANS 06Oct1784
Joseph HAIN Jane SENIOR 11Jan1785
George FARTHING of Cerne Abbas Ann RICE 31Jan1785
Elias DUFFETT Alice PARSONS 21Jun1785
James TITE Mary PRANKARD 25Aug1785
Samuel BURGE Mary STREET, by Lic. 03Dec1785
Samuel SHEPHERD Ann HODDINOTT of Sturminster, by Lic. 27Feb1786
William MOORE Sarah HALLETT of Henstridge 27Feb1786
John CLARK Ann FEZARD 06Mar1786
Robert BARTLETT Anne DURRANT 11Mar1786
Henry BUGG of Bagbere, p.of Sturminster Susannah SHEPHERD 20Mar1786
William WEST Elizabeth FEZARD 11Apr1786
Robert DREW Mary TITE 14Apr1786
James TULK Hannah HATCHER 30May1786
John PARSONS (BROWN in BT?) Elizabeth JEANS 08Oct1786
Benjamin SIMS Elizabeth DOBER 17Oct1786
Job PARSONS Deborah LEMON 11Dec1786
William BURNETT Ann RUSSELL 19Dec1786
Richard BROOKS Susannah PHEASARD, by Lic. 09Jan1787
Robert WILLS Sarah JAMES 08Apr1787
Richard COX of Bristol Hester HARRIS, by Lic. 12Sep1787
Jesse DOVEY of Old Cleeve, Som. Melior HARRIS 19Sep1787
John NEWMAN Harriot BROWN, by Lic. 24Sep1787
James PHILLIS of Shepton Mallett, Som. Susannah TITE, by Lic. 11Oct1787
William TYTE Mary FEZARD 14Jan1788
Samuel FEZARD Susannah DUFFET 14Apr1788
William CREW Jenevera PARSONS 05May1788
James JEANS of Childe Okeford Leah SEYMOUR 19May1788
John DEACON Jane HARRIS 13Jul1788
William WHITE of Milborne Port Sarah BROWN 03Jan1789
William JEANS Jane BARNES 21Jan1789
William GRIMS of Milborne Port Jane BROWN (entered in PR only) 20May1789
Daniel LEMON Mary BROWN (entered in PR only) 01Jun1789
John DOBER Ann MATHER (entered in PR only) 16Jun1789
John LEMON Elizabeth BROWN, widow (entered in PR only) 13Jul1789
George CLARK Ann HELLIAR (entered in PR only) 02Sep1789
George JEANS Ann SIMS (entered in PR only) 13Oct1789
Samuel SEYMOUR Elizabeth ANTELL of Kington Magna (entered in PR only) 17Nov1789
Robert COOK Susannah TULK (entered in PR only) 23Nov1789
John LEWIS Ann DEWEY (entered in PR only) 02Dec1789
Richard SHEPHARD Susannah GALPINE (entered in PR only) 22Dec1789
George DIKE, p. of St. John, Westminster Lydia BROWNE, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 28Dec1789
William GAWLER Mary COOK (entered in PR only) 04Jan1790
John GREEN of Henstridge Melior HARRIS (entered in PR only) 28Jan1790
George HOWE, widower Margery BROWN, widow 17Jun1790
Joseph PARSONS, widower Ann BROWN 20Jul1790
Daniel DOBER Jane HOWE 29Jul1790
Samuel WILLIAMS Ann CROCKER 11Oct1790
Samuel TITE Hester COTTON 17Oct190
Thomas HARRIS Mary PINE 19Oct1790
Evan HAVARD Susannah GALPINE, by Lic. 13Jul1791
John PADDICK Martha COOK 30Oct1791
John DOWDING Hannah LEMON 07Nov1791
James LEWIS of Marnhull Elizabeth PARSONS, by Lic. 01Dec1791
Robert HOMER Sarah JEANS 13Dec1791
William GALPINE Mary MULLETT 29Dec1791
Robert SHEPHERD Elizabeth BURGE 19Apr1792
Charles PARSONS Ruth WILLIAMS 29May1792
John DYKE Ann PHILLIPS 07Jun1792
Uriah HOMER Susannah BAKER 25Jun1792
William DREW Jane BROWN 09Sep1792
George HOWE Mary WEST 27Dec1792
Charles PARSONS Sarah DREW 28Jan1793
Thomas ALLEN Dorothy DUFFETT 07May1793
John WILLIAMS Esther DOVER (DOBER in BT) 13May1793
Phillip BULGIN of Henstridge Hannah SIMES 20May1793
William GAWLER Elizabeth COLE 11Jun1793
John KIMBER of Kington Magna Mary TITE 13Jun1793
John SYDSERFF Elizabeth CURTIS 23Jun1793
Richard CUMMINS Ann TITE 24Jun1793
Robert WILLIAMS Charlotte RIDOUT 25Sep1793
William PARSONS Caroline GALPIN 03Oct1793
Stephen POOLE Susannah TULK 10Dec1793
George GAWLER Martha GREENFIELD 12Dec1793
William LEMON Mary COOMBS (Parsons in BT?) 03Mar1794
John PIKE, widower, of Poole Ann GRAY, widow, by Lic. 01Apr1794
Thomas PRYOR of Glanvilles Wootton Dorothy PRANKARD, by Lic. 05May1794
Thomas PIDDING Sarah JEANS 08Jun1794
John POOLE Elizabeth DENHAM 02Jul1794
John BROWN Mary SCOTT 15Oct1794
John DREW, widower Elizabeth TITE, widow, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 18Oct1794
Thomas GALPINE Elizabeth GALPINE, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 18Dec1794
Benjamin WEST Susannah SENIOR (entered in PR only) 29Dec1794
Robert TWILLEY Elizabeth ASH (entered in PR only) 13Jan1795
John Stones CLAY of Sturminster Ann STAMP, by Lic. (entered in PR only) 23Jan1795
Robert HARRIS Ann ELLIOT 13May1795
William APSEY Sarah DUFFETT 25May1795
David JEANS Sarah JEANS 11Jun1795
George HARRIS Elizabeth PINE 16Jun1795
Francis MEAD Ann WILLIAMS 28Jun1795
James JEANS Betty DREW 28Jun1795
George WARREN Susannah PINE, by Lic. 25Jul1795
John SEYMOUR Edith JEANS 20Sep1795
Philip HARRIS Mary PARSONS 26Dec1795
Charles CULLIFORD of Henstridge Jane TITE (entered in PR only) 19Jun1796
William PARSONS Sarah PARSONS 11Sep1796
Joseph WEST Elizabeth WEST 17Oct1796
John BROOKS Ann DOBER 30Oct1796
Richard JEANS Bethia MILLER 28Nov1796
Thomas TITE of Wimbourne Susannah WILLIAMS 15Apr1797
William WATTS Edith MILLER 19Apr1797
Thomas DYKE Jane BROWN 20Apr1797
William COX Peggy GREEN of Henstridge, Som. by Lic. 30Apr1797
Aquila JEANS Ann BROOKS 03May1797
Stephen CREW Mary MOREY 06Jun1797
James FRANCIS Mary WILLIAMS 20Jun1797

Groom Bride Comments Date
Stephen MOGG Jane BIGGEN botp, by banns 20Aug1797
Thomas WEBBER Ann ARNOLD botp, by banns 11Dec1797
Joseph SENIOR Tamsey LANNING botp, by banns 26Dec1797
Elisha JEANS, widower Sophia BROWN banns 20Feb1798
William RALPH, jun. Elizabeth TITE by Lic. 24Feb1798
George POOLE Jane WATTS banns 02Apr1798
Robert LOVELL of Templecombe, Somerset Ann BURGE by Lic. 26Apr1798
John POPE of Toller Porcorum Elizabeth NEAL by Lic. (entered in PR only) 01Jul1798
John BRINSTON (signs Brinson) Ann GRAY (entered in PR only) 18Sep1798
Moses BRYANT Mary VINING (entered in PR only) 24Dec1798
Aquila LEMON Alice Bennet RALPH (entered in PR only) 24Dec1798
John TITE Hannah WEST (entered in PR only) 11Mar1799
Charles JEANS Kezia WILLIAMS (entered in PR only) 01May1799
Daniel HARRIS Charlotte WILLIAMS (entered in PR only) 10Jul1799
Thomas WILLIAMS, widower Sarah THORPE by Lic. (entered in PR only) 16Sep1799
Nathan[ael] BELBEN of Child Okeford Ann STRANGE (entered in PR only) 28Nov1799
William WATTS of Ringwood, Hants. Mary JENNINGS by Lic. (entered in PR only) 05Dec1799
William JEANS Sarah BROWNE (entered in PR only) 10Dec1799

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