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Wincanton is a market town and parish, in the hundres of Norton Ferris, 108miles west by south from London, 29 south from Bath, 5 south south east from Bruton, and 14 south from Frome. Its ancient name was Wyndcaleton , derived from its situation - a town on the 'winding Cale', a river that runs at the lower or west end of town. It subsequently was called Wincalton and Wincaunton, but for many years past has been spelt as it is in this work. It is a town of great antiquity, and was the scene of many actions between the Britons, Saxons and Danes. A great part of the town was destroyed by fire in 1747, but since rebuilt in an uniform and handsome style. Formerly there was a great trade cariied on here in the manufacture of linen and bed-ticks, but it was entirely migrated to the north of England. The principal inn here is the 'Greyhound,' a comfortable commercial house, as well as a posting establishment. The parish of Wincanton comprises the market town, the inbounds of which are designated 'the borough' and the circumjacent parts are called 'the tything.' Two constables for the former and a tything-man for the latter are appointed at the manorial court, and a court leet is held annually for the hundred, of which the Marquess of Anglesey is lord, but the court for the manor is not held regularly.
The parish church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (situated at the western extremity of the town), is a very neat edifice, and much improved of late years within and without. There are two chapels for dissenters. The charities are some trifling donations to the poor on Saint Thomas' day and on Good Friday. The only gentlemans seats in the immediate vicinity worthy of notice are 'Roundhill house', 'Bayford Lodge', one mile east, and 'Holebrook House', one mile and a half west. The country about here is very pleasant, and the land very productive. Towards the south an extremely fine view is obtained, the eye being carried over the fertile vale of Blackmore to the extent of 20 miles or more. About a mile south east of the town rises a mineral spring, resembling the waters of Cheltenham. The market is held on Wednesday, for corn (by sample), cattle, butter, cheese etc: The fairs are Tuesday in Easter week and Michaelmas day. The parish contained in 1841, 2296 inhabitants, and at the last census (1851), 2488.

Post Office, High street, John Chilton MUSGROVE, Post Master. - Letters from London, Bath etc: arrive every morning at half past six, and are despatched every evening at twenty minutes past six. Letters from Weymouth, Dorchester, Sherborne, Frome, Bath, etc: arrive and are despatched daily, at half past twelve.

Gentry and Clergy SMITH Samuel, (and Draper), Charlton Horethorn
ABARROW Miss, High St TRASK Charles, (and Draper), Charlton Horethorn
BAILWARD John, Esq, Horsington Hair Dressers
BAKER Mr James, South St ANDREWS William, (and Umbrella maker), High St
BARTON Charles, Esq, Holbrook House BIOLETTI Albert, High St
BASTARD Thomas Charles, Esq, Charlton Musgrove CHICK Richard, South St
BEWSEY William Mogg, Esq, South Cheriton Inns (see also Taverns & Public Houses)
BROWN Mr Joseph, Batch Bear (Commercial) - Thomas GRIST, Market Place
BROWN Mrs Nicholas, Batch Greyhound (Commercial & Posting House & Inland Revenue Office) -
COLLINS Rev. Henry, North St John BAILEY, Market Place
COOMBS Mr, Horsington Ironmongers
DAVIS Mr John, South St DENT Jane, High St
DAY Rev. George, High St DOWN Jonas, Market Place
DEANE Mr Edwin, South St NEWMAN William, Market Place
DODINGTON, William Manning, Esq, Horsington RICHARDS Thomas, High St
DROVER Rev. John W., South St Linen Drapers
FENWICKS Miss, Market Place DAY Ira, High St
FEATING Captain, R.N., High St HAMILTON James & William, High St
FITZGERALD H.T.G., Esq, Maperton Hse LONGMAN Samuel Hine, Market Place
GATEHOUSE Mr John, West Hill RUSSELL George & Co., High St
GATEHOUSE Rev. Tho., North Cheriton SNOOK Henry, South St
GEORGE Miss Jane, Colyton Terrace Maltsters
HANSFORD Mr Benjamin, Mill St SLY Samuel (and Wine & Spirits Merchant), High St
KING Mr William, Rodborse House SLY William (and Brewer), North St
LEIR Rev. C.M., Charlton Musgrove Milliners and Dress and Straw Bonnet Makers
MARINDIN Rev. S., Shanks House COX A.L. & A., High St
MESSITER George, Esq, Bayford Hill CROACH Emmeline, High St
MESSITER Henry, Esq, High St CURTIS Ellen, North St
MESSITER John, Esq, Church St FROST Elizabeth, Mill St
PHABAYNE Rev. John F., Charlton Horethorn HUNT Susan & Louisa, High St
PHELIPS Rev. Richard C., Cucklington JACOBS Elizabeth, North St
RAWLINGS Mr Stephen, Mill St MAIDMENT Corinna, High St
RING Mr Richard, High St PARSONS Mary, Mill St
STANLEY Mrs., Littiford House RAWLINGS Mary Ann, High St
WICKHAM Rev. Thomas Whalley, Horsington Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers
WYNDHAM George D., Esq, Roundhill House EDWARDS John, High St
WYNDHAM Henry, Esq, Roundhill House FRANCIS Thomas, High St
Academies and Schools GOODFELLOW John, Market Place
DAY Alfred, High St MATTHEWS Charles, High St
GOODFELLOW Jane, Market Place Saddlers
GOODFELLOW Mary, High St CURTIS William, South St
JEANES Susan, Church St DOWDING Charles, High St
National School, North St - FOWLER James, Silver St
Edwin CROUCH - master, Susan CROUCH - mistress WILLIAMS John, Bayford
PHILLIPS Mary, Coylton Terrace Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries
Attorneys DOVE Benjamin, Mill St
BIGING William R., High St GILBERT Edward, High St
COOPER Edward Yalden, High St HANNAM Robert, Charlton Horethorn
JILLARD John Welman, High St LEACH Henry, High St
MESSITER George & Henry & John (and clerks to the magistrates), High St LONG John, Cucklington
Auctioneers MOGER William, Horsington
HANNEN William, Coylton Terrace NICHOLAS Walter, North Cheriton
MOODY Thomas, Ireson House ROGERS William, Silver St
Bakers Surgeons
DARE Philip, Church st BRUORTON William, High St
HUNT Charles, High St EASTMENT & SURRAGE, High St
HUNT Henry, Silver St Tailors
VINING Charles M., High St BOTTLE Henry, North St
VINING Uriah, North St HALL WILLIAM, (and Draper), High St
WILLIS William, High St HANSFORD John, Mill St
WINTER William, South St HUTCHING Richard, (and Draper), High St
Bankers JACOBS Uriah, Market Place
Stuckey's Banking Co., South St - (draw on Robarts, Curtis & Co., London) KING John, Church St
- Richard CAINES, agent KING Richard, Mill St
Savings Bank, High St - Thomas PHILLIPS, actuary MASTERS James, Charlton Horethorn
Blacksmiths RUSSELL George & Co., High St
BATEMAN John, Bayford Taverns & Public Houses
RICHARD Thomas, High St Dolphin - Thomas WHITE, High St
VINING Harry, Church St Half Moon - Jos. DAVIDGE, Horsington
Booksellers & Stationers Kings Arms - John DAVIES, Charlton Horethorn
CORBEN Henry William, High St New Inn - Samuel STACEY, South St
DAVIS John, High St Red Lion - Gideon GALE, Market Place
PHILLIPS Thomas, High St Red Lion - Richard TAYLOR, Charlton Horethorn
Boot and Shoe Makers Red Lion - Silas WHITE, North Cheriton
AXTIES John, Charlton Horethorn Trooper - James STAY, Market Place
BOND Elizabeth, High St Unicorn - Samuel KNAPTON, Bayford
BOND George, Market Place White Horse - William KEEPING, Bayford
CAYFORD Thomas, South St Retailers of Beer
KENISTON Joseph, Bayford Hill GREEN George, Bayford Hill
KING Francis, High St GUTCH Robert, North St
PARSONS John, High St HANNAM William, Horsington
PARSONS William, High St LINDSEY Rachael, Mill St
PITMAN Elijah, Church St WILLIAMS John, Bayford
PUOD George, North St Veterinary Surgeon
VINCENT James, High St SYMES Charles, Church St
Butchers Watch & Clock Maker
BENJAFIELD George, High St WEARE Joseph, Church St
OBORN Benjamin, High St Wheelwrights
Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers GOODFELLOW John, South St
GREEN Elias, Market Place HIGDON Jonas, South St
GREEN Robert, High St Miscellaneous
JAMES John, South St ANDREWS William, Wood Turner, High St
MATTHEWS William, High St BLAKE John, Confectioner, High St
Carpenters & Builders BRACHER William, Cheese Factor, South St
AMES Silas, Market Place CREWE James, Cattle Dealer, Tything
GARRATT Robert, Batch FRY William & Sampson, Millers & Marine Store Dealers, South St
GOODFELLOW John, (& Coach Maker), South St HANNAM James, Basket Maker, South St
GREEN George, Bayford Hill JACOBS Uriah, China & Glass dealer, Market place
GREEN Robert, High St LONG John Marsh, Inspector of Weights etc:, Church St
Chemists & Druggists TIZARD Edwin, Brazier and Tinman, Mill St
CORBEN Henry William, High St VINING Henry, Licensed to let post horses, South St
PHILLIPS Thomas, High St Places of Worship and their Ministers
Coopers St. Peter & St. Paul's Church - Church St, Rev. Henry COLLINS
BATEMAN John, Bayford St Lawrence's Church - Cucklington, Rev. C. PHELIPS, rector
HORSEY James, North St Stoke Church - Stoke, Rev. R. C. PHELIPS, rector
Curriers and Leather Sellers St. Stephens Church - Charlton Musgrove, Rev. C. M. LEIR, rector
GEORGE James, (& Tanner), High St St John's Church - Horsington, Rev. Thomas W. WICKHAM, rector
ROYCE George, Church St St John's Church - North Cheriton, Rev. Thomas GATEHOUSE, rector
Fire & Office Agents St. Peter's Church - Charlton Horethorn, Rev. John F. PHABAYNE, rector
Albert (Life) - Richard CAINES, South St Baptist Chapel - Mill St
Alliance - Richard CAINES, South St Independent Chapel - Mill St
Atlas - James BRACHER, High St Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Charlton Horethorn
Church of England - Robert CLARKE, Market Place Poor Law Union - Workhouse, West Hill
Crown (life) - William K. BIGING, High St Governor - James SEALEY
Farmers & General - Edward Y. COOPER, South St Matron - Sarah W. SEALEY
General - James HANNAM, South St Schoolmaster - George PRICE
Law (life) - George & Henry & John MESSITER, High St Schoolmistress - Emma CURTIS
Legal & Commercial - Richard CAINES, South St Clerk to th Board of Guardians - Robert CLARKE
Liverpool & London - Richard CAINES, South St Chaplain - Rev. Henry COLLINS
Medical, Invalid & General (life) - Henry Wm. CORBEN, High St Surgeon - William BRUORTON
Metropolitan (life) - Thomas PHILLIPS, High St Relieving Officers - Richard BORD, Joseph COX, Edmund READ
Norwich Union - Robert CLARKE, Market Place Registrars of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Royal Exchange - John DAVIS, Market Place Superintendent Registrar - Robert CLARKE, Market Place
Sun - James BRACHER, Market Place Registrar of Marriages - James HANNAM, South St
West of England - George & Henry & John MESSITER, High St Registrar of Births & Deaths - Edmund READ, Bayford Hill
Gardeners and Seedsmen County Court - Held at the Town Hall
GREEN Thomas, High St Judge - John Monson CARROW, Esq.
MARTIN Silas, Mill St High Bailiff - Edward Charles COLON
WHITE Thomas, High St Clerk - Edward LOVELL
Grocers & Tea Dealers (see also Shopkeepers) Assistant Clerk - John MESSITER
ARNOLD Richard Mogg, Church St Bailiff - William HANNEN
BRACHER James, High St  
HANNAM James, South St Stamp Office - Market Place, Robert CLARKE, Distributor
KEDDLE Thomas, Bayford Town Hall - Market Place
RICHARDS Thomas, High St Wincanton Reading Society - Market Place, Edwin CROUCH, Librarian

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