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Transcription of the 1841 Census
Born in
Brick House Anthony MAGER 44   Farmer Yes
  Ezitt MAGER   52   Yes
  William NIGHT 15   Male Servant Yes
  Ann WHITE   15   Yes
  Esau NIGHT 12     Yes
Thorney Copse Phillip TOMPSON 30   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Elizabeth TOMPSON   30   Yes
  George TOMPSON 13     Yes
  Charles TOMPSON 11     Yes
  Charlote TOMPSON   8   Yes
  Elizabeth TOMPSON   5   Yes
  James TOMPSON 3     Yes
Hewordell Joseph GRAY 50   Farmer Yes
  Ruth GRAY   39   No
  James GRAY 7     Yes
  George GRAY 4     Yes
  Elizabeth GRAY   13mths   Yes
  Susanna HILLER   80 Ind. Yes
  George OBERN 57   Ind. Yes
  Jane OBERN   50 Ind. Yes
  Dinna BUTT   17 Female Servant Yes
  Charles GRAY 16   Male Servant Yes
Sunny Hill Catherine CREED   60 Farmer Yes
  Ann CREED   30   Yes
  Sarah CREED   25   Yes
  Charlotte CREED   20   Yes
  Martha CREED   15   Yes
Ball Common John CREED 30   Yeoman Yes
  Martha CREED   30   Yes
  Henrietta CREED   7   Yes
Ball Common Henry MATTHEWS 45   Ind. Yes
  Henry MATTHEWS 20     Yes
  Mary MATTHEWS   45   Yes
  Eliza MATTHEWS   15   Yes
  Charles DAVIDGE 25   Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth EVANS   75   Yes
Ball Common Jonas DAVIDGE 75   Labourer Yes
  George DAVIDGE 35   Ag. Lab. Yes
  John DAVIDGE 20   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Gran DAVIDGE   65   Yes
  Elizabeth DAVIDGE   12   Yes
Ball Common Philip JUKES 50   Labourer Yes
  Sarah JUKES   50   Yes
  Mary BROADRIB   55   Yes
Ball Common Richard STACEY 35   Labourer Yes
  William STACEY 13   Labourer Yes
  John STACEY 9     Yes
  Henry STACEY 6     Yes
  Richd. STACEY 4     Yes
  Mary Ann STACEY   30   Yes
  Ann STACEY   11   Yes
  Emma STACEY   5   Yes
  Mary STACEY   2   Yes
Ball Common Robt. THORN 35   Carpenter Yes
  Elizabeth THORN   35   Yes
  John THORN 11     Yes
  Thos. THORN 9     Yes
  Chas. THORN 7     Yes
  Susan THORN   7mths   Yes
Roundhill George WINDHAM 65   Ind. No
  Elizth. WINDHAM   65 Ind. No
  George WINDHAM 30   Ind. No
  Henry WINDHAM 30   Ind. No
  Mary COOLEN   30 Female Servant Yes
  Ann BUTLER   30 Female Servant No
  Maria HOLE   20 Female Servant Yes
Bitwood Daniel CROSS 60   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Ann CROSS   60   Yes
  Charles CROSS 20   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Jane CROSS   20   Yes
  John CROSS 5mths     Yes
  Joseph CROSS 15   Ag. Lab. No
Shawford George WHITE 55   Farmer Yes
  Ezitt WHITE   55   Yes
  John WHITE 25   Farmer Yes
  Stephen WHITE 25   Farmer Yes
  Eliza WHITE   15   Yes
  Amelia WHITE   14   Yes
  George WHITE 11   Farmer Yes
  Frederick CROSS   15 Male Servant Yes
Shadwell Nicholas SWEETMAN 50     Yes
  Margarett SWEETMAN   50   Yes
  Thomas SWEETMAN 14     Yes
  William SWEETMAN 10     Yes
Shadwell Petter DOVE 35   Weaver Yes
  Eliza DOVE   25   Yes
  Mary DOVE   7   Yes
  Ann DOVE   6   Yes
  Eliza DOVE   2   Yes
  Robert DOVE 3mths     Yes
Shadwell William BOURTON 45   Ag. Lab No
  Daniel BOURTON 10   Ag. Lab Yes
  Henry SANDY 15   Ag. Lab Yes
Shadwell Elizabeth TULK   60 Ind. Yes
  William TULK 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  George TULK 30   Ag. Lab Yes
Shadwell Peter HUTCHINGS 40   Basket Maker Yes
  Hannah HUTCHINGS   40   Yes
  William HUTCHINGS 15     Yes
  John HUTCHINGS 11     Yes
  Hannah HUTCHINGS   10   Yes
  Henry HUTCHINGS 7     Yes
  Ann HUTCHINGS   5   Yes
  Mary HUTCHINGS   2   Yes
Shadwell Mary HORSEY   65 Ind. Yes
Shadwell James WHITE 70   Ag. Lab Yes
Bodher House Charlotte THOMAS   45 Female Servant No
Butts Cottage Silas MARTIN 40   Gardener No
  Dinah MARTIN   35   Yes
  Henry MARTIN 15     Yes
  John MARTIN 9     Yes
  Ellen MARTIN   7   Yes
  George MARTIN 5     Yes
  Charlotte EVERED   45 Ind. No
Batch Mary WADMAN   55 Female Servant Yes
  Ann WADMAN   20 Shoe M. Yes
  Thomas HINTON 20   Female Servant No
  Elizabeth HANN   20 Male Servant No
Batch Charles BISHOP 40   Male Servant No
  Elizabeth BISHOP   40   Yes
  Ann BISHOP   10   Yes
  Harriet BISHOP   7   No
  Charles BISHOP 4     Yes
Batch William STURGESS 30   Male Servant No
  Grace STURGESS   20   No
  Thomas STURGESS 4     No
  Ann STURGESS   9mths   Yes
  Mary CROSS   20 Female Servant Yes
Batch William BRACHER 50   Male Servant Yes
  Louisa BRACHER   45   Yes
  William BRACHER 13   Ag. Lab Yes
  Silas BRACHER 10     Yes
  Harriet BRACHER   5   Yes
Batch Jesse MITCHELL 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth MITCHELL   25   Yes
  Susan MITCHELL   5   Yes
  Ann MITCHELL   3   Yes
  Jesse MITCHELL 7mths     Yes
Batch Samuel COOMBS 60   Weaver Yes
Batch Robert COOMBS 50   Weaver Yes
Batch Matilda BROWN   55 Ind. Yes
  Ann LYDFORD   45 Female Servant No
Batch Sarah WILLIAMS   70 Ind. Yes
  John BROWN 65   Ind. Yes
  Ann DOVE   50 Female Servant Yes
  Sarah DAW   20 Female Servant No
  Sarah GEASE   60 Female Servant Yes
Batch Charles PERRY 55   Ag. Lab Yes
  Louisa PERRY   16   Yes
  John PERRY 13   Ag. Lab Yes
  Orlandow WEST 30   Blacksmith Yes
  Ann WEST   22   Yes
  Caroline WEST   2   Yes
  Emily WEST   1   Yes
Batch Prudence PITMAN   55   Yes
  James PITMAN 15   Ag. Lab Yes
West Hill Henry PARFITT 30   [unreadable] Yes
  Letita PARFITT   20   Yes
  Louisa PARFITT   5   Yes
  Fred PARFITT 2     Yes
  Nate PARFITT 5mths     Yes
  Louisa COOMBS   15 Female Servant Yes
  Emma ACOURT   10   Yes
West Hill John GATEHOUSE 45   Farmer Yes
  Caroline GATEHOUSE   40   Yes
  Charlotte BEALE   50 Ind. Yes
  Jane HANHAM   20 Female Servant Yes
  Dinah PARSONS   25 Female Servant Yes
  William LONGMAN 30   Male Servant Yes
Suddon Farm John RICHARDS 50   Farmer Yes
  Charlotte RICHARDS   40   Yes
  John RICHARDS Junior 20   Farmer Yes
  Charlotte WHITE   15 Ind. Yes
  Elizabeth MORTEN   20 Ind. Yes
  Henry HOCKEY 15   Male Servant Yes
  Maria HANHAM   20 Female Servant Yes
Lower Suddon William DYKES 60   Farmer Yes
  Charlotte DYKES   55   Yes
  George DYKES 25   Farmer Yes
  Charlotte DYKES   15    
Lower Suddon Ann RABBITS   20 Female Servant Yes
West Lease Joseph OSMOND 70   Ag. Lab Yes
  Rose OSMOND   70   Yes
  William VINING 8   Ag. Lab Yes
  George VINING 7     Yes
  William VINING 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Maria VINING   25   Yes
  Ann VINING   9   Yes
  Thomas VINING 3     Yes
  Mary VINING   2   Yes
  Not Known   1 day   Yes
Narne James BUTT 65   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary BUTT   50   No
  James BUTT 12     Yes
  Thomas BUTT 10     Yes
  Maria BUTT   7   Yes
  Eliza BUTT   6   Yes
Higher Cuddelione Joanna DYKE   65 Ind. No
  Hermin DYKE 30   Farmer Yes
  John DYKE 25   Farmer Yes
  Mary DYKE   25   Yes
  Jullia DYKE   20   Yes
Lower Cudelione George REAKES 30   Farmer Yes
  Eliza REAKES   30   No
  Ruth REAKES   12   Yes
  George REAKES 7     No
  Enos REAKES 5     Yes
  Ellen REAKES   3   Yes
  Emma REAKES   1   Yes
Cottage Near William PARSONS 25   Ag. Lab Yes
Abergavenny Gate Jane PARSONS   30   Yes
  Jone PARSONS   6   Yes
  William PARSONS 4     Yes
  George PARSONS 2     Yes
  Thomas PARSONS 3wks     Yes
Verrington Isaac MEADE 50   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane MEADE   30   Yes
  Jane MEADE   6   Yes
  John MEADE 4     Yes
  James MEADE 2     Yes
Verrington Thomas OBORNE 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth OBORNE   35   Yes
  Cornealious OBORNE 15     Yes
  Elizabeth OBORNE 4     Yes
  Elizabeth MOGER   15 Female Servant Yes
Verrington Robert HODGES 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth HODGES   30   Yes
  Robert HODGES 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth HODGES   12   Yes
  Sarah HODGES   7   Yes
  Jane HODGES   6   Yes
  Charles HODGES 1     Yes
Whitehall John CHALMERS 65   J. Carpenter Yes
  Eliza CHALMERS   30   Yes
Whitehall John BRAINE 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann BRAINE   30   Yes
  Henry BRAINE 6     Yes
  Emily BRAINE   4   Yes
  Mary BRAINE   1   Yes
Whitehall Martin CROSS 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth CROSS   55   Yes
  James CROSS 13   Ag. Lab Yes
  Robert STAINER 60   Ag. Lab Yes
Whitehall Stephen LANNING 75   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary LANNING   75   Yes
Whitehall George PARSONS 40   Wheel Wright Yes
  Maria PARSONS   30   No
  William PARSONS 12     No
  Mary PARSONS   7   Yes
  Francis PARSONS   4   Yes
  Samuel PARSONS 1     Yes
Coylton Terrace William LINTON 45   Ind.
  Mary LINTON   35   No
  William LINTON 10     Yes
  Robbert LINTON 8     Yes
  Sarah LINTON   4   Yes
  Selina LINTON   2   Yes
  Arthur WOOD 25   Ind. Yes
  Mathew CARSON 25   Tea Dealer
  Alexander HAMILTON 20   Tea Dealer
  Henry WINTER 14   Male Servant Yes
  Mary EDWARDS   20 Female Servant Yes
Coylton Terrace William LORIMER 45   Surveyor of Excise No
  Elizabeth LORIMER   45   No
  Maria LORIMER   14   No
  Russell LORIMER 9     No
  Caroline LORIMER   6   No
  Mary LORIMER   2   No
Coylton Terrace William HAMILTON 30   Draper
  James HAMILTON 25   Draper
Coylton Terrace Susan GARETT   35 Ind. No
  Susan GARETT   10   Yes
Coylton Terrace Henrey WOOD 70   Clergyman No
  Ann WOOD   65   No
  Sophia WOOD   25   No
  Mary THOMAS   25 Female Servant Yes
Coylton Terrace James COOPER 45   Independant Minister No
  Elizabeth COOPER   45   No
  Frances COOPER   14   No
  James COOPER 12     No
  William COOPER 10     No
  Elizabeth COOPER   6   No
  Caroline CLARK   14 Female Servant Yes
Bayford Hill Georg MESSITER 40   Solicitor Banker Yes
  Georg MESSITER 2     Yes
  Sarah BAKER   35 Female Servant Yes
  Shirly SMITH   25 Female Servant No
  Matilda PADFIELD   15 Female Servant Yes
Bayford Hill William JEANES 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann JEANES   20   Yes
  William JEANES 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Thomas JEANES 2     Yes
  Nriah JEANES   2mths   Yes
  Elizabeth JEANES   80 Pauper Yes
Bayford Hill Samuel HUMPHREY 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary HUMPHREY   50   Yes
  Henry HUMPHREY 15   Ag. Lab Yes
Bayford Hill Georg GREEN 15   Carpenter Yes
  Susan GREEN   11   Yes
  Mary GREEN   9   Yes
  William GREEN 8     Yes
  Josiah GREEN 7     Yes
  Amelia GREEN   5   Yes
Bayford Hill Maria BUTTWELL   60 Ind. Yes
  Mary HILL   25 Silk Throwster Yes
  Charles HILL 7     Yes
Bayford Hill Charles COLLINS 25   Servant Yes
  Jane COLLINS   25   No
Bayford Hill James EDWARDS 20   Painter Yes
  Mary EDWARDS   25   Yes
Bayford Hill Elizabeth BAILEY   70 Ind. No
Bayford Hill Georg PERFECT 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Emma PERFECT   50   Yes
  Caroline BONIN   8mths   Yes
Bayford Hill Richard KING 65   Navy P. Yes
  Martha KING   60   Yes
  Mary KING   15 Tayloress Yes
Bayford Hill James PENNY 40   Mason Yes
  Elizabeth PENNY   45   Yes
  John PENNY 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Harry PENNY 13     Yes
  James PENNY 9     Yes
  Jane PENNY   8   Yes
Bayford Hill William CROSS 50   Army P. Yes
  Kezia CROSS   35   Yes
  William CROSS 15     Yes
  James CROSS 12   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah CROSS   8   Yes
  Charles CROSS 1     Yes
Bayford Hill John FELTHAM 60   Yeoman Yes
  Georg FELTHAM 35   Carpenter Yes
  Elizabeth COWARD   60 Female Servant No
Bayford Hill Samuel KINSTON 55   [unreadable] Yes
  Ann KINSTON   50   Yes
  Charles KINSTON 15   Painter Yes
  Elizabeth KINSTON   15   Yes
Balsom House Robbert CLARKE 35   Clearks??? Superintendant Yes
  Mary CLARKE   25   Yes
  Robbert CLARKE 2     Yes
  Clara CLARKE   1   Yes
  Edith WHITE   25 Female Servant Yes
  Caroline WHITE   20 Ind. Yes
  Martha WHITE   15 Female Servant Yes
Balsom House Edward MEADON 35   Coach Builder Yes
  Jane MEADON   35   Yes
  Catharine MEADON   2mths   Yes
  Rowland SANDFORD 15   Coach Build. Ap. No
  Eliza BAKER   15 Female Servant No
Wincanton Common Isaac TOPP 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane TOPP   35   Yes
  Jane TOPP   14   Yes
  William TOPP 12   Ag.. Lab Yes
  John TOPP 9     Yes
  Charles TOPP 3     Yes
  Henry TOPP 8mths     Yes
Wincanton Common Izack JORDON 20   Sweep No
  Caroline JORDON   20   No
  Isaac JORDON 1     No
  James HARCOT 12   Sweeps Apr. No
  Robbert E???LEY [Unreadable] 11   Sweeps Apr. No
Wincanton Common George OBORN 20   Sweep J. Yes
  George WHITE 80   Pauper Yes
  Ann WHITE   85   Yes
Wincanton Common James MITCHELL 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Martha MITCHELL   25   Yes
  Georg MITCHELL 5     Yes
  William MITCHELL 2     Yes
Wincanton Common Thomas WILLIS 50   Weaver Yes
  Rachele WILLIS   40   Yes
  Jane WILLIS   20 Tayloress Yes
  John WILLIS 15   ??????? Ap. Yes
  Elizabeth WILLIS   13   Yes
  Charles WILLIS 11     Yes
  Mary WILLIS   7   Yes
  Amelia WILLIS   5   Yes
Wincanton Common David KIDDLE 55   Carpenter & Joiner Yes
  Mary KIDDLE   50   Yes
  Francis KIDDLE 20   Carpenter & Joiner No
  Eliza KIDDLE   20   Yes
  Thomas KIDDLE 15   Carpenter & Joiner No
  Elizabeth KIDDLE   13   No
Wincanton Common Jane PARIONS   70 Pauper Yes
  Georg CROSS 15   Ag. Lab Yes
Wincanton Common Thomas EDWARDS 30   Joiner Yes
  Jane EDWARDS   30   Yes
  John EDWARDS 11     Yes
  Ellen EDWARDS   7   Yes
  Eliza EDWARDS   5   Yes
  Thomas EDWARDS 3     Yes
  Georg EDWARDS 1     Yes
Wincanton Common William CROSS 20   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth CROSS   20   Yes
  Charles CROSS 5     Yes
  Fredrick CROSS 2mths     Yes
  Mary MEAD??   60   Yes
Wincanton Common Thos PARSONS 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary PARSONS   45   Yes
  Georg PARSONS 15   Ag. Lab Yes
Wincanton Common Edmond MAIDMENT 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary MAIDMENT   60   Yes
  John MAIDMENT 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Charles MAIDMENT 10   Ag. Lab Yes
  Eliza MAIDMENT   9   Yes
Wincanton Gome Nicholas LEWIS 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Susan LEWIS   35   Yes
  Henry LEWIS 14   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann LEWIS   10   Yes
  Elizabeth LEWIS   8   Yes
  Mary LEWIS   5   Yes
  Susan LEWIS   3   Yes
  Thomas LEWIS 6mths     Yes
Wincanton Gome Edward VINING 60   Lab Yes
  Mary VINING   15 Silk Spinner Yes
Wincanton Gome Ann DAY   60 Pauper Yes
Wincanton Gome Mary RUSSALL   30 Pauper No
  Sarah RUSSALL   10   Yes
  Isack RUSSALL 8     Yes
  Henry RUSSALL 2     Yes
Wincanton Gome Charles WILLIS 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary WILLIS   30   Yes
  Charles WILLIS 8     Yes
  Jane WILLIS 6     Yes
  William WILLIS 4     Yes
  Edwin WILLIS 8     Yes
Wincanton Gome Jane CROSS   60 Pauper Yes
  Edward CROSS 20   G. Lab Yes
Wincanton Gome Ann MITCHELL   60 Pauper Yes
  John MITCHELL 15   G. Lab Yes
Wincanton Gome Charles LUGG 40   G. Lab Yes
  Sarah LUGG   40   Yes
  George LUGG 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  William LUGG 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  James LUGG 10   Ag. Lab Yes
  Joseph LUGG 5     Yes
  Ann LUGG   1   Yes
Wincanton Gome EdwY 60   Mason Yes
  Elizabeth DAY   50   I
  Elizabeth DAY   60 Pauper Yes
Wincanton Gome John BAILEY 55   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann BAILEY   60   Yes
Wincanton Gome Robert BAILEY 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Eliza BAILEY   25   Yes
  Emma BAILEY   3   Yes
  Ann BAILEY   1   Yes
Wincanton Gome William CLUETT 40   Mason Yes
  Jane CLUETT   40   Yes
Wincanton Gome William MITCHELL 20   G. Mason Yes
  Elizabeth MITCHELL   20   Yes
  James MITCHELL 2mths     Yes
Wincanton Gome Ellen DAY   25 Char. Woman I
  Jane DAY   6   I
  James DAY 2     Yes
Wincanton Gome James CROSS 25   Lab. Yes
  Ann CROSS   20   Yes
  James CROSS 5     Yes
  Henry CROSS 3     Yes
Wincanton Gome John JEANS 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Henry JEANS 15   Coach Painter A/c ?? Yes
  Elizabeth JEANS   10   Yes
Wincanton Gome Robbert DYKE 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah DYKE   30   Yes
Wincanton Gome John HUMPHRES 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Eliza HUMPHRES   25   Yes
  Mary HUMPHRES   8   Yes
  William HUMPHRES 6     Yes
  Robbert HUMPHRES 3     Yes
  Elizabeth HUMPHRES   1   Yes
Wincanton Gome Samuel CLUETT 70   Mason Yes
  Sarah CLUETT   70   Yes
  Joseph CLUETT 25   Mason Yes
  Charles CLUETT 10     Yes
Wincanton Gome Thos. BACON 50   Farmer Yes
  Mariah BACON   45   Yes
  Anna BACON   15   Yes
  James BACON 13   Wheel Wright Apr. Yes
  John BACON 11     Yes
  Hannah BACON   8   Yes
Wincanton Gome Charles JENNES 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Susan JENNES   55   Yes
  Jonathan JENNES 80   Pauper Yes
Wincanton Gome John POND 65   Brewer J. Yes
  Christian POND   65   Yes
  Christian POND   20   Yes
Wincanton Gome Uriah POND 30   ????????? Yes
  Elizabeth POND   35   Yes
  Henry POND 4     Yes
  Mary BROOKS   13   Yes
  Abel BROOKS 11     No
Harwood Farm Elizabeth DYKE   85 Ind. Yes
  Georg DYKE 55   Yeoman Yes
  Harriott DYKE   55   Yes
  William DYKE 50   Yeoman Yes
  Ann DYKE   30   Yes
  Ann WHITE   20 Female Servant No
Marsh Court Down John MEAD 40   Farmer Yes
  Thomas MEAD 35   Farmer Yes
  Mary MEAD   45   Yes
  Sarah MEAD   40   Yes
  Mary MEAD   14   Yes
  Thomas MEAD 12     Yes
Marsh Court Charlotte ABBOTT   25 Ind. No
  Elizabeth GREATBATCH   25 Ind. No
  Elizabeth   2   No
  Ellen   10mths   No
  Mary READ   18 Female Servant Yes
  Harriett DAVIS   16 Female Servant Yes
Marsh Court Ann DAUNEY   60 Farmer Yes
  John DAUNEY 20     Yes
  Henry MEAD 15   C. Joiner Yes
  Thos PITTMAN 50   Male Servant Yes
  Rosella PITTMAN   20 Female Servant Yes
  Sarah BEULL   14 Female Servant Yes
Marsh Court Wm. HERIDGE 35   Farmer No
  Mary HERIDGE   40   No
  Wm. WHITE 20   Male Servant No
  Elizabeth FRANCES   15 Female Servant No
  Jane HANN   14 Female Servant No
Marsh Court John DYKE 35   Farmer Yes
  Mary DYKE   30   Yes
  John DYKE 6     Yes
  Henry DYKE 4     Yes
  Georg DYKE 2     Yes
  Ann DYKE   8   Yes
  Albert DYKE 8mths     Yes
  Phebe GRAY   15 Female Servant Yes
  Betsey LONGMAN   13 Female Servant Yes
Redgrove House Charles FELTHAM 25   Farmer Yes
  Harriett FELTHAM   30   Yes
  Henery FELTHAM 5     Yes
  William FELTHAM 4     Yes
  Georg. FELTHAM 1     Yes
  Alfred LANNEY 15     Yes
  Eliza PARSONS   20 Female Servant No
Redgrove House John HAYTER 30   Farmer Yes
  Eliza HEDIGETR   35   Yes
Ladmore House John PARRETT 30   Farmer No
  Ann PARRETT   30   Yes
  Eyset PARRETT   5   Yes
  John PARRETT 2     Yes
  James PARRETT 3mths     Yes
  Charles WHITE 10   Male Servant No
Brains Farm Charles DYKE 40   Fa Yes
  Jane DYKE   25   Yes
  Charles DYKE 12     Yes
  Elizabeth DYKE   10   Yes
  Ivonery DYKE   9   Yes
  Mary DARKSIDE   20 Female Servant No
Moor Lane Elizabeth DAY   50 Pauper Yes
  Charles DAY 20   Shoe Maker J. Yes
Moor Lane Charles ATKINS 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Eliza ATKINS   25   Yes
  Susan ATKINS   2   Yes
  Eliza ATKINS   2mths   Yes
  Dorothy ATKINS   90 Pauper Yes
  Mary ATKINS   20 Silk Spinner Yes
Moor Lane Isaac DAVIDGE 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth DAVIDGE   35   Yes
  Charlotte DAVIDGE   5   Yes
Windmill Farm Maria DOWDING   55 Farmer Yes
  Thomas DOWDING 25     Yes
  Maria DOWDING   15   Yes
  Louisa DOWDING   3   Yes
Iresons Hill James GEORGE 70   Independant Yes
  Jane GEORGE   30   Yes
  Charlotte CLOTHIER   20 Female Servant Yes
Iresons Hill Leonard DOWDING 30   Ag. Lab No
  Edith DOWDING   25   Yes
  Charlotte DOWDING   8   Yes
  Alfred DOWDING 6     No
  George DOWDING 4     No
Grants Lane George HUTCHINGS 40   Basket Maker Yes
  Mary HUTCHINGS   15   Yes
  Ann HUTCHINGS   13   Yes
  Edith HUTCHINGS   9   Yes
  George HUTCHINGS 7     Yes
  Charles HUTCHINGS 3     Yes
Grants Lane William WADMAN 55   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary WADMAN   50   Yes
  Ann STAINER   4   Yes
Grants Lane Robert WAY 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth WAY   35   Yes
  Frederick WAY 11     Yes
  George WAY 6     Yes
  John WAY 3     Yes
  Emma WAY   1   Yes
Grants Lane Charlotte DAVAGE   75 Pauper Yes
Grants Lane George COOMBS 60   Weaver Yes
Grants Lane James WHITE 30   Farmer Yes
  Elizabeth WHITE   30   Yes
Grants Lane Thomas EDWARDS 70   ????????? Yes
  Caroline HELWAY   14 Female Servant No
Grants Lane James LUSH 25   Coach Maker J. Yes
  Susanna HISCOCK   25 Female Servant No
Grants Lane Henry WADMAN 20   Shoem. J. Yes
  Mary Ann WADMAN   25   Yes
  Alfred WADMAN 8wks     Yes
Grants Lane Sarah HANSFORD   45 Female Servant Yes
  George HANSFORD 15   Smith J. Yes
  Edwin HANSFORD 13   Shoem. Ap. Yes
  Thomas HANSFORD 5     Yes
  John WHITE 20   Tinman Ap. Yes
  Thomas CHAMBERLAIN 15   Shoem. J. Yes
  Jonathan STOKES 20   Shoem. J. Yes
Grants Lane Thomas HUSS 85   Ag. Lab Yes
  Fanny CROSS   45 Silk Winder Yes
Grants Lane Elizabeth FORD   50 Female Servant Yes
  Sarah FORD   12   Yes
  Eliza FORD   6   Yes
Grants Lane Ann CHANT   55 Washerwoman Yes
  Henry CHANT 20   Barber Yes
  Ann CHANT   15   Yes
Grants Lane George EDWARDS 25   Mason Yes
  Elizabeth EDWARDS   25   Yes
  Emma EDWARDS   4   Yes
  Elizabeth EDWARDS   2   Yes
  George CLEWETT 2     Yes
Grants Lane James EDWARDS 55   Mason J. Yes
  Martha EDWARDS   55   Yes
  Mary EDWARDS   15 Seamstress Yes
  Jane EDWARDS   10   Yes
Grants Lane Edwin HUTCHINGS 30   Tailor J. Yes
  Ann HUTCHINGS   30   Yes
  Susan HUTCHINGS   6   Yes
  William HUTCHINGS 4     Yes
Grants Lane George DOWDING 55   Tailor Yes
  Ann DOWDING   50   Yes
  Peter DOWDING 15     Yes
  Judith DOWDING   13   Yes
Grants Lane Elizabeth TEMLETT   25 Dressmaker No
  Elizabeth TEMLETT   50 Ind. No
  Ann TEMLETT   20 Dress Maker No
  Mary TEMLETT   15 Dress Maker No
  William LEAR 8     Yes
East Gate James PORTNELL 30   Gate Keeper Yes
  Martha PORTNELL   30   Yes
  Henry PORTNELL 9     Yes
  Charles PORTNELL 6     Yes
  James PORTNELL 3     Yes
  Tabitha PORTNELL   1   Yes
High Street James CROUCH 50   Schoolmaster No
  Elizabeth CROUCH   50   No
  Emmaline CROUCH   20   Yes
  Susan CROUCH   15   Yes
  Alfred HEDDITCH 13     Yes
  Samuel HEDDITCH 12     Yes
  John HEDDITCH 9     No
High Street Thomas WHITE 40   Gardener Yes
  Ann WHITE   35   No
  Mary WHITE   13   Yes
  Jane WHITE   11   Yes
  Eliza WHITE   9   Yes
  Elizabeth WHITE   7   Yes
  Thomas WHITE 5     Yes
  James WHITE 3     Yes
  William WHITE 11mths     Yes
High Street George SWEATMAN 45   Mason Yes
  Sarah SWEATMAN   40   Yes
  James SWEATMAN 20     Yes
  Elizabeth SWEATMAN   15   Yes
  George SWEATMAN 6     Yes
  William SWEATMAN 1     Yes
High Street William MATTHEWS 45   Independant Yes
  Sarah MATTHEWS   40   No
  Charles MATTHEWS 16   Painter & Glazier Yes
  Thomas FRANCIS 24   Tailor J. Yes
High Street Francis WOOD 45   Schoolmaster No
  Eliza WOOD   30 Milliner No
  John WOOD 3     Yes
  John TATE 60   P. Army Yes
  Anna Maria TATE   35 Schoolmistress No
  John TATE 4     Yes
High Street Mary FORWARD   50 Ind. No
  Elizabeth SNOOK   50 Ind. No
High Street Alfred DAY 25   Schoolmaster Yes
  Lucy DAY   30   Yes
  Edwin EWEN 20   Schoolmaster's Assistant No
  Peggy CLEWETT   15 Female Servant Yes
High Street Robert GREEN 25   Builder Yes
  Frances GREEN   20   Yes
  Ann GREEN   2   Yes
  Susan GREEN   3mths   Yes
  Benjamin BENGEFIELD 15   Builder's Ap. Yes
High Street Mary POND   45 Ind. No
  Eliza POND   20   Yes
  Ann POND   15   Yes
  Matilda POND   15   Yes
  Richard POND 11     Yes
High Street William BIGING 40   Solicitor Yes
  Mary AUSTEN   25 Female Servant Yes
High Street William LOXTON 55   Publican Yes
  Sophia LOXTON   55   Yes
  Harriett NORMAN   14 Female Servant Yes
High Street George BLANDFORD 45   Plasterer Yes
  Mary Ann BLANDFORD   40   Yes
  Elizabeth BLANDFORD   13   Yes
  Emily BLANDFORD   11   Yes
  Harriet BLANDFORD   6   Yes
  Sarah BLANDFORD   5   Yes
  George BLANDFORD 1     Yes
High Street Thomas PITMAN 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ellen PITMAN   45   Yes
  Thomas PITMAN 13     Yes
  Jesson PITMAN 8     Yes
  Elizabeth BOTTLE   25 [Unreadable] Yes
  George BOTTLE 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  William BOTTLE 6     Yes
High Street David WAY 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary WAY   45   No
  James WAY 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth WAY   14   Yes
  William WAY 10     Yes
  Mary WAY   7   Yes
  Robert WAY 1     Yes
High Street Benjamin READ 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary READ   65   Yes
  Elizabeth READ   20 Char. Woman Yes
  Maria READ   15   Yes
  Mary READ   4mths   Yes
High Street William READ 65   Tailor Yes
  Mary READ   65   No
  Harriet READ   25   No
  Emma READ   3   Yes
High Street John PARSONS 65   Shoem. Yes
  Susanna PARSONS   65   Yes
  John PERRY 50   Ag. Lab Yes
  Charlotte PERRY   50   Yes
  John PERRY 20   Ag. Lab Yes
  Thomas PERRY 15     Yes
  Caroline PERRY   13   Yes
  Ann PERRY   11   Yes
  Eliza PERRY   9   Yes
  James PERRY 7     Yes
  Alfred PERRY 5     Yes
  Harriett PERRY   5   Yes
High Street David VINING 40   Shoem. Yes
  Ann VINING   40   No
  William VINING 12     Yes
  Alfred VINING 10     Yes
  Sarah VINING   8   Yes
  John BISCOME 15   Tailor J. No
  Martha VINING   80 Ind. Yes
  Mary KING   55 Female Servant Yes
  William GREEN 10     No
High Street Stephen PERFECTT 35   Plasterer & Tiler Yes
  Harriett PERFECTT   45   Yes
High Street Ann CHURCHOUSE   55 Dress Maker Yes
  Mary GOODFELLOW   25 School Nistress Yes
  Jane CURTIS   11 Pupil Yes
  Ellen BOYCE   10 Pupil Yes
  Susan THORN   8 Pupil Yes
High Street Elizabeth TEMLETT   25 Straw Bonnet Maker Yes
  Sarah TEMLETT   3   Yes
  Harriett SLADE   20 Straw Bonnet Maker Yes
High Street Mary GREEN   35 Dress Maker Yes
  James GREEN 15     Yes
  Jane GREEN   12   Yes
  Thomas GREEN 10     Yes
  Sarah GREEN   7   Yes
  John GREEN 4     Yes
  Lucy GREEN   1   Yes
Flingers Lane John CHAMBERLAIN 70   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah CHAMBERLAIN   65   Yes
  Mary CHAMBERLAIN   20   Yes
  Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN   6   Yes
Flingers Lane Charlotte CLEWETT   70 School Mistress No
Flingers Lane Susan GAWLER   35 Pauper Yes
  William CLEWETT 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann CLEWETT   15   Yes
  Elizabeth CLEWETT   12   Yes
  Richard GAWLER 8     Yes
  Mary Ann GAWLER   6   Yes
  Ann GAWLER   5   Yes
  Isaac GAWLER 1     Yes
Flingers Lane Thomas SMART 40   Malster J. Yes
  Mary SMART   40   No
  Mary Ann SMART   20 Dress Maker Yes
  William SMART 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  John SMART 12   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah SMART   10   Yes
  Ann SMART   2   Yes
  George LYDFORD 4     Yes
Flingers Lane Mary COOMBS   55   No
  Thomas COOMBS 15   Ag. Lab No
Flingers Lane Robert WAY 55   Hostler Yes
  Ruth WAY   55   Yes
  Ruth WAY   20   Yes
  Sarah WAY   15   Yes
  Ann WAY   8   Yes
Flingers Lane Sarah STAINER   25 Silk Winder Yes
  Ann STAINER   1   yes
Flingers Lane Jane THOMPSON 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Susan THOMPSON   35   Yes
  Jane THOMPSON   13   Yes
  John THOMPSON 11     Yes
  Martha THOMPSON   7   Yes
  Sarah THOMPSON   5   Yes
  James THOMPSON 2     Yes
Flingers Lane Jerome READ 70   Brewer J. Yes
  Mary READ   55   Yes
  John CROSS 75   Pauper Yes
  John BENGYFIELD 20   Shoem. Yes
  George BENGYFIELD 25   Butcher J. Yes
Flingers Lane Soloman BOTTLE 35   Male Servant Yes
  Mary BOTTLE   13   Yes
Flingers Lane John BENGAFIELD 40     Yes
  Mary BENGAFIELD   35   Yes
  Ann BENGAFIELD   15   Yes
  Tabitha BENGAFIELD   13   Yes
Flingers Lane Thomas BENGAFIELD 11     Yes
  John BENGAFIELD 6     Yes
  James BENGAFIELD 3     Yes
Flingers Lane William WRIGHT 55   Currier J. Yes
  Elizabeth WRIGHT   60 Female Servant No
Flingers Lane James KIDDLE 60   Ind. Yes
  Elizabeth KIDDLE   50 Ind. Yes
Flingers Lane Henry JOY 25   Shoem. J. No
  Martha JOY   25   No
Flingers Lane James VINCENT 30   Shoem. J. Yes
  Fanny VINCENT   25   Yes
  Alfred VINCENT 1     Yes
Flingers Lane Sarah GILBERT   40 Washerwoman Yes
  Augustus GILBERT 20     Yes
  John GILBERT 16     Yes
  Barbary GUNNING   75 Pauper Yes
High Street Edward GILBERT 20   Male Servant No
  Jane GILBERT   25   Yes
  Ann HUTCHINGS   45 Dress maker Yes
  Henry HUTCHINGS 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth HUTCHINGS   15   Yes
  Mary Ann HUTCHINGS   14   Yes
  Richard HUTCHINGS 12     Yes
High Street Willliam GEORGE 25   Currier Yes
  Ann GEORGE   25   No
  Emma NEALE   20 Female Servant Yes
High Street Richard RING 25   Ind. Yes
  Ellen RING   25   No
  Ellen RING   5   Yes
  Mary RING   4   Yes
  Elizabeth RING   2   Yes
  Elizabeth WHITE   20 Female Servant Yes
High Street Henry COLLINS 35   Minster No
  Dorah COLLINS   30   Ireland
  Eliza COLLINS   4   Yes
  Henry COLLINS 3     Yes
  Edward COLLINS 2     Yes
  Kate COLLINS   1   Yes
  Anne DAVIS   20 Female Servant Yes
  Jane WHITE   20 Female Servant Yes
High Street John DAVIS 25   Stationer No
  Maria STONE   55 Female Servant No
  George DYKE 25   Cooper Yes
High Street Albert BISLETTE 60   Jeweller France
  Martha BIELETTE   30   No
  Lewis BISLETTE 4     Yes
  Edwin BISLETTE 10mths     Yes
  Geo. STURRING ???? 50   Navy Ireland
  Anjela Ant. De LOPETYIA   20   France
High Street Charles SYMES 25   Vetinary Surgeon Yes
  Elizabeth SYMES   25   Yes
  Charles SYMES 17mths     Yes
  Isaac BUCKNELL 25   Ind. Yes
High Street Elizabeth BOND   55 Ind. Yes
  Francis BOND 25   Shoem. J Yes
  Elizabeth BOND   20 Dressmaker Yes
  Keziah BOND   20 Dressmaker Yes
  Alfred BOND 12     Yes
  Reuben BOND 10     Yes
High Street William GREEN 70   Ind. Yes
  Ann GREEN   70   Yes
  Matilda GREEN   30   Yes
High Street Ann BUSSELL   70 Ind. Ireland
High Street James HODGES 45   Mason Yes
  Jane HODGES   40   Yes
High Street Charles BALL 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane BALL   30   Yes
High Street Ann DEW   60 Female Servant Yes
High Street Thomas COURTENAY 30   Carpenter J Yes
  Jane COURTENAY   30   No
  Walter COURTENAY 6     Yes
  Sarah COURTENAY   5   Yes
  Ellen COURTENAY   3   Yes
  Elizabeth COURTENAY   5mths   Yes
High Street John SANDY 40   Blacksmith Yes
  Unity SANDY   40   Yes
  Grace PEACOCK   70 Pauper Yes
  Eliza HERRIDGE   10 Female Servant Yes
High Street Richard READ 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Amelia READ   55   Yes
High Street David DAY 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary DAY   25   Yes
  James DAY 5     Yes
  Uriah DAY 3mths     Yes
High Street Benjamin OBORN 35   Butcher Yes
  Dinah OBORN   30   No
  Emma OBORN   10   Yes
  Henry OBORN 9     Yes
  Georgiana OBORN   8   Yes
  Mary OBORN   6   Yes
  Arthur OBORN 5     Yes
  Benjamin OBORN 2     Yes
  Eliza COOMBS   20 Female Servant No
  Samuel FROST 20   Butcher Ap. Yes
High Street Mary ???PANT   35 Washerwoman Yes
  Elizabeth ???PANT   20   Yes
  Charlotte ???PANT   10   Yes
  Joseph ???PANT 5     Yes
  Emily ???PANT   7mths   Yes
High Street James HOLLY 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth HOLLY   25   Yes
  Hannah HOLLY   6   Yes
  William HOLLY 3     Yes
  Robert HOLLY 1     Yes
  Ann ROUSELL   80 Pauper Yes
High Street Mary GAWLER   40 Ind. No
  Martha MILLER   65 Pauper No
  Elizabeth WADMAN   11   Yes
  Ann WADMAN   10   Yes
High Street John POND 30   Shoem. J Yes
  Charlotte POND   30   Yes
  Emily POND   2   Yes
High Street Henry DYKE 65   Ag. Lab Yes
  Matilda DYKE   15   Yes
High Street Ann JEANES   35 Shoe Binder No
  Thomas BALL 8     Yes
High Street George FORD 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary FORD   35   Yes
  Ann FORD   13   Yes
  James FORD 8     Yes
  George FORD 6     Yes
  Mary Ann FORD   3   Yes
High Street Elizabeth TOWERS   40 Ind. No
  Thomas TOWERS 20   Coach Painter Yes
  William TOWERS 15   Carpenter Ap. Yes
High Street John SWEATMAN 60   Mason Yes
  Ann SWEATMAN   60   Yes
  Elias SWEATMAN 20   Mason Yes
  Benjamin SWEATMAN 15   Mason Yes
  Keziah GOVER   15 Female Servant Yes
High Street George BOND 30   Shoe M. Yes
  Jemina BOND   30   Yes
  Edwin BOND 2     Yes
  Emily BOND   1   Yes
  Elisha WALKER 20   [unreadable] Yes
  Hannah FORD   14 Female Servant Yes
High Street William MATTHEWS 35   Cabinet Maker No
  Martha MATTHEWS   30   Yes
  Emma MATTHEWS   7   Yes
  Thomas MATTHEWS 6     Yes
  Ann MATTHEWS   4   Yes
  Susanna MATTHEWS   1   Yes
  Mary DAY   20 Female Servant Yes
High Street William HORTON 30   Tin Plate Worker Yes
  Jane HORTON   30   Yes
  John HORTON 7     Yes
  Ellen HORTON   3   Yes
High Street Edward CURTIS 60   Saddler Yes
  Susanna CURTIS   55   No
  Silas CURTIS 35   Saddler Yes
  Emma CURTIS   20   Yes
  Edward CURTIS 15     Yes
  Mary Ann CURTIS   5   No
High Street Hannah YOE   70 Washerwoman Yes
  Harry LYDFORD 15   Tailor J. Yes
High Street John TUCKER 20   Hostler Yes
  Hannah TUCKER   20   Yes
  James TUCKER 4     Yes
  John TUCKER 2     Yes
  William APPILBY 20   Plasterer Yes
  James FRANKLIN 20   Hostler No
High Street John LYDFORD 45   Wheelwright No
  Hannah LYDFORD   40   No
  Charles LYDFORD 15     Yes
  Elizabeth LYDFORD   10   Yes
  William LYDFORD 2     Yes
High Street James CHURCHEY 25   Labourer Yes
  Mary CHURCHEY   30   Yes
  Mary CHURCHEY   21mths   Yes
  James CHURCHEY 6mths     Yes
High Street William RUSSELL 45   Druggist No
  Frances RUSSELL 45   Druggist No
  Mary SHORT   40 Female Servant Yes
High Street John EASTMENT 40   Surgeon Yes
  Elizabeth EASTMENT   9   Yes
  Mary EASTMENT   7   Yes
  Jane EASTMENT   2   Yes
  Elizabeth MARSH   30 Ind. Yes
  James SURRAGE 30   Surgeon Yes
  Mary THORNE   20 Female Servant Yes
  Ann BARTLEY   25 Female Servant Yes
  Amelia MEAD   35 Female Servant Yes
  Richard HOASEL 20   Male Servant Yes
High Street Henry MESSITER 35   Attorney & Banker Yes
  Susan MESSITER   25   No
  Arthur MESSITER 2     Yes
  Susan EVANS   25 Female Servant No
  Sarah JACOBS   20 Female Servant Yes
  Kepzibah HEARDSON ???   25 Female Servant No
  William STACEY 20   Male Servant Yes
High Street George DAY 50   Linen Draper Yes
  Elizabeth DAY   55 Milliner Yes
  Ira DAY 20     Yes
  Lavinia DAY   25   Yes
  Jane MOGG   25 Ind. Yes
  Ann CLEWETT   15 Milliner's Ap. Yes
  Jane HYDE   15 Milliner's Ap. Yes
  Louisa CLEWETT   13 Female Servant Yes
High Street Uriah JACOBS 45   Tailor & Shopkeeper Yes
  Mary Ann JACOBS   45   Yes
  William JACOBS 15     Yes
  Elizabeth JACOBS   13   Yes
  Ann DOWDING   80 Ind. Yes
High Street Thomas GAIST 45   Publican No
  Elizabeth GAIST   40   Yes
  Thomas GAIST 8     No
  Mary HILLIER   20   No
  John FENWICK 45   Clerk No
  William MILBURN 20   Traveller No
  James WAITE 35   Navy No
  Charles DUNN 20   Male servant No
  John HURST 15   Male Servant Yes
  Phebe GRIFFIN   20 Female Servant Yes
  Elizabeth HOBBS   30 Female Servant No
High Street John BAILEY 40   Publican Yes
  Mary BAILEY   30   No
  Susanna HULL   70 Ind. No
  Thomas READ 30   Male Servant No
  Rachel ELLIOT   25 Female Servant No
  Fanny TROLLOP   45 Female Servant No
  George ANSFORD 20   Male Servant No
  Stephen RIXTON 50   Male Servant Yes
  James DIBBLE 20   Male Servant Yes
High Street James LONGMAN 45   Linen draper Yes
  Mary LONGMAN   40   Yes
  Mary LONGMAN   14   Yes
  Eliza LONGMAN   10   Yes
  Amelia LONGMAN   3   Yes
  William MAY 20   Shopman No
  Henry HOPKINS 15   ???? Ap. No
  Matilda HINE   20 Ind. No
  Louisa PAYNE   20 Assistant No
  Martha KING   20 Female Servant No
Market Place Elias GREEN 35   Cabinet Maker No
  Harriet GREEN   30   Yes
  Mary CHIPP   20 Milliner No
  Mary PARSONS   60 Ind. Yes
  Caroline S???BRIDGE   15   Yes
South Street James HANNAM 30   Grocer Yes
  Anna HANNAM   30   No
  Richard HANNAM 10     Yes
  [unreadable] HANNAM 8     Yes
  Frederick HANNAM 6     Yes
  John HANNAM 4     Yes
  William HANNAM 1     Yes
  Sarah HANNAM   11   Yes
  Amelia HANNAM   2   Yes
  Jane HILL   15 Female Servant Yes
South Street William WINTER 35   Baker Yes
  Mary Ann WINTER   30   No
  Hugh WINTER 25   Baker J. Yes
  Nathaniel PENNY 15   Baker J. Yes
South Street William CURTIS 35   Collar Harness M. Yes
  Mary CURTIS   35   Yes
  George CURTIS 9     Yes
  William CURTIS 7     Yes
  Susan CURTIS   4   Yes
  Sarah CURTIS   1   Yes
  Henry MARTIN 20   Harness M. Ap. Yes
South Street John DAVIS 55   Saddler Yes
  Thomas DAVIS 45   Saddler Yes
  Sarah DAVIS   40 Ind. Yes
  Anna HUTCHINGS   15 Female Servant Yes
South Street Samuel STACEY 50   Publican Yes
  Mary Ann STACEY   15   Yes
  Eliza STACEY   15   Yes
  Robert STACEY 11     Yes
  Ellen STACEY   6   Yes
  David KING 20   Male Servant Yes
  John SILVERSTON 30   Jeweller France
South Street Edward COOPER 30   Solicitor No
  Catherine COOPER   25   No
  William COOPER 2     Yes
  Ann WHEADON   25 Female Servant No
  Jane KELLY   25 Female Servant No
  Richard PARK 15   Male Servant Yes
  Maria SERRELL   45 Female Servant Yes
South Street Samuel PARSONS 40   Surgeon Yes
  George GUNTHORPE 20   Surgeon No
  Mary BURGESS   35 Female Servant Yes
  George HATCHER 15   Male Servant Yes
South Street John PITMAN 60   Weaver Yes
  Elizabeth PITMAN   25   Yes
  Jane PITMAN   20   Yes
  William WILTON 10   Pauper Yes
South Street John SANDY 70   Blacksmith Yes
  Betty SANDY   70   Yes
  Caroline SANDY   30 Weaver Yes
South Street Sarah POND   55 Weaver Yes
  Hannah POND   50 Weaver Yes
  Ann SWEATMAN   60 Weaver Yes
  John WAY 70   Lock Smith Yes
  John GREGORY 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  William READ 25   Ag. Lab Yes
South Street John GOODFELLOW 25   Cash Builder Yes
South Street Richard KING 30   Tailor Yes
  Fanny KING   30   Yes
  Louisa KING   12   Yes
  Mary Ann KING   6   Yes
  Sarah KING   4   Yes
  Anna KING   7mths   Yes

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