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A market town and parish, in the hundred of Ferris Norton, 34 miles from Taunton, and 108 miles from London, contained in 1831, 2,123 inhabitants, and was assessed to 9,105l. in 1815. It is pleasantly sistuated on the slop of an eminence on the banks of the river Cale, and consists chiefly of four regular and well built streets. The town has been of late lighted with gas, and pipes for the supply of water laid in the principal street. Linene and Bedtick manufactures are carried on here, but not to any great extent. The market day, for corn, butcher's meat, cheese, butter etc: is Wednesday, the fairs are held on Easter Tuesday and September 29th, for cattle etc: Two constables and a tythingman are annually chosen by a court-leet.

The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of U. and G. Messiter, Esqrs. value 130l. in 1835. The present incumbent is Rev. Henry Collins. The church, dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, has a neat square tower and six bells and is capable of accommodating 600 persons. It is at the west end of the town. Many improvements have lately been made in its interior. There are chapels for the Wesleyans, Baptists, and Independents. There are no charities of any note, except a large national school in North Street.

This town existed at a very early period, and was frequently the scene of contest between the Britons, Danes, and Saxons. The Britons, having collected a large army, engaged with the West Saxons near this town, but were totally defeated, and in the reign of Edmund Ironside, the English, under his command, defeated the Danes at this place, and obilged them to abandon the island. It is famous for being the point where the Prince of Orange gained his first advantage over King James II. In 1688. It is also noted for having been a depot for French Officers, prisoners on parade, during the last war; there were between three or four hundred here.

A great part of the town was destroyed by fire in the year 1747, but since rebuilt in a more elegant manner.

The principal seats in the vicinity are, Roundhill House, the residence of George Wyndham, Esq.; and Holbrook House, the mansion of Henry Hall, Esq. There is a beautiful and extensive view southward, over the vale of Blackmoor, uninterupted for upwards of twenty miles. Near the town exist some springs, which upon analysis, are found to approach very nearly to the chemical composition of the Cheltenham waters. They are frequented by the inhabitants for similar disorders, but have not yet been generally known and appreciated by the public. At Stour Head, the seat of Hugh Hoare, Esq. there is an excellent collection of paintings, which attract many amateurs, and are politely shown to all visitors.

Name, Residence, Profession Name, Residence, Profession
ANDREWS Wm., High St, Hair Dresser HUTCHINGS & Sons, High St, Drapers & Tailors
ARNOLD Ann, High St, Confectioner JACOBS Uriah, High St, China & Glass Dealer
ARNOLD Rich., Church St, Corn Factor & Baker JEANES John, Church St, Auctioneer & Appraiser
ARNOLD Richard M., Market Pl, Grocer JILLARD J. W., High St, Solicitor
ARTHUR A., High St, Milliner & Dress Maker KENT Wm. B., Market Pl, Ironmonger
BAILY John, Market Pl, Greyhound Family Hotel KING Francis, High St, Auctioneer & Appraiser
. . . . . . . . . . . Commercial Inn and Posting House KING John, Mill St, Tailor
BATEMAN John, Bayford, Blacksmith KING Rich., South St, Tailor
BATEMAN Stephen, Bayford, Wheelwright LACEY Alfred, Market Pl, Boot & Shoe Maker
BIGING W. K., High St, Solicitor LARCOMBE D. C., High St, Tailor
BIOLETTI Albert, High St, Hair Dresser LEGG Hen., Church St, Register of Births & Deaths
BOND Geo., High St, Boot & Shoe Maker LINDSEY Wm., Mill St, Beer Retailer
BOTTLE John, South St, Tailor LONG John, Church St, Auctioneer & Appraiser
BOTTLE Thomas, jun., North St, Tailor LONGMAN Jas., Market Pl, Agent to the West of
BRACHER Jas., High St, Grocer & Tallow Chandler . . . . . . . . . . .England Fire & Life Assurance Company
BRACHER Jas., High St, Agent to the Sun Fire & Life LONGMAN Jas., Market Pl, Linen & Woollen Draper
. . . . . . . . . . . .Office, & Agent to the Atlas Fire & Life LOXTON Wm., High St, Beer Retailer
BRACHER Wm., Church St, Cheese Factor MACMILLAN John, High St, Draper & Grocer
BROURTON Wm., High St, Surgeon MAJOR George, High St, White Horse Comm. Inn
CHICK Rich,, Market Pl, Toy Dealer & hair Dresser MATTHEWS Wm., High St, Cabinet Mkr Upholstrer
CHIPP Mary, Market Pl, Milliner & Dress Maker MEADEN Edw., High St, Coach Maker
CHURCHOUSE & BOND, High St, Milliners & D.M. MESSITER Uriah, Geo John & Hen, High St, Solicitor.
CLEWETT Harcourt, Tything, Stone Mason MESSITER Uriah, Geo. & Hen., High St, Bankers
COLLINS Rev. H., Perpetual Curate NEWMAN Wm., Market Pl, Tin Plate Wker & Brazr
COOPER Edw. Yalden, South St, Solicitor OBORN Benj., High St, Butcher
COOPER E. Y., South St, Agent to the Clerical and PARSONS Geo., Church St, Boot & Shoemaker
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Medical Life Assurance Company PARSONS Geo., North St, Wheelwright
COUZENS Jas., High St, Shopkeeper PARSONS N., South St, Surgeon
CURTIS Edw., High St, Saddler & Harness Maker PARSONS Rob., Church St, Wheelwright
CURTIS Wm., South St, Saddler & Harness Maker PARSONS Wm., Church St, Plasterer & Tiler
DAY Alfred, High St, Gents Boarding School PHILLIPS Tho., Market Pl, Chemist and Druggist
DAY Geo., High St, Linen Draper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bookseller, Stationer & Printer
DAVIS Jno. & Tho., South St, Saddler & Harn. Mkrs PHILLIPS Tho., Market Pl, Agent to the Standard of
DEANE Edwin, South St, Linen & Woollen Draper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . England Life Assurance Company
DICKINSON T. F., High St, Land Surveyor PITMAN Elijah, Church St, Boot & Shoe Maker
DOVE Benj., Church St, Shopkeeper RANDALL John, High St, Agent to the Norwich
DOWDING Chas., High St, Saddler & Harness Mkr . . . . . . . . . . . . Union Fire & Life Assurance Company
DOWDING Geo., High St, Tailor RANDALL John, High St, Sub Stamp Distributor
DOWDING James, Church St, Tailor READ N., Mill St, Butcher
EARLSTONE John, Bayford, Wheelwright RICKARDS Edw., Market Pl, Fishmonger
EASTMENT J. W., High St, Surgeon RIDDLESTONE John, Bayford, Wheelwright
EDNEY Wm., High St, Farrier RICHARDS Thomas, Market Pl, Grocer & Ironmongr
EDWARDS John, High St, Painter & Glazier RIDDLE Thomas, Bayford, Shopkeeper
FELTHAM Geo., Bayford Hill, Carpenter RUSSELL G. & Co., High St, Linen & Woollen Drprs
FORWARD Geo., High St, Dolphin RUSSELL W., High St, Druggist, Booksellr & Stationr
FRANCIS Tho., High St, Plumber & Glazier SLADE Abraham, North St, Shopkeeper
FRY Wm., Church St, Fishmonger SLY Sam., North St, Wine & Spirit Mercht & Mlstr
GALE Alice, Market Pl, Lion SLY Wm., North St, Brewer & Maltster
GARRATT Rob., Mill St, Blder, Auctioneer & Appras SMITH John, High St, Corn Factor & Seedsman
GEORGE & Brother, Bruton, Bourton, Buckhorn SOLDINI G., High St, Barometer Maker
. . . . . . . Weston & High St............Carriers & Tanners STACEY Charles, Bayford, Cooper
GOODFELLOW E., South St, Straw Hat Maker STACEY Sam., South St, New Inn
GOODFELLOW John, South St, Coach Maker STAGG Geo., Church St, Shopkeeper
GOODFELLOW John, Market Pl, Painter & Glazier SYMES Charles, High St, Veterinary Surgeon
GOODFELLOW Harry, Church St, Tin Plate Worker TITFORD M., Mill St, Milliner & Dress Maker
GOODFELLOW Mrs., Market Pl, Seminary VINING U., Wincanton Mill, Mill St, Miller & Baker
GREEN Elias, market Pl, Cabinet Maker VINING Harry, Church St, Blacksmith
GREEN Geo., Bayford Hill, Carpenter WAY John, Church St, Locksmith
GREEN Tho., High St, Gardener, Sdsmn & Parish Clk WAY Thos., High St, Watch & Clock Maker
GRIST Tho., High St, Bear Commerical Inn & WEARE Joseph, Church St, Watch & Clock Maker
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Licensed to Let Horses WHITE Thos., Market Pl, Trooper Inn, Maltster, and
GUTCH Rob., North St, Beer Retailer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Retail Brewer
HANNAM Jas., South St, Agent to the Protestant Dis- WHITE Thomas, High St, Gardener & Seedsman
. . . . . .senters & General Fire & Life Assurancs Comp. WHITMARSH, Alex. & Co., near the church, Waggon
HANNAM Jas., Bayford, White Horse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and Van Proprietors
HANNAM Jas. jun., South St, Tallow Chandler, WILLIAMS John, Bayford, Unicorn
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grocer & Cheesemonger WINTER T., Mill St, Baker
HANSFORD G., Mill St, Gardener & Seedsman WINTER Wm., South St, Baker
HORTON Wm., High St, Tin Plate Worker  
Classification of Trades
Auctioneers & Appraisers: Linen & Woollen Drapers: (cont:)
GARRAT Robt., Mill St DEANE Edwin, South St
JEANS John, Church St LONGMAN James, Market Pl
KING Francis, High St RUSSELL G. & Co., High St
LONG John, Church St Locksmith: - WAY John, Church St
Bakers: Maltsters:
VINING Uriah, Mill St SLY Samuel, North St
WINTER T., Mill St SLY William, North St
Barometer Maker: - SOLDINI G., High St WHITE Thos., Market Pl
Beer Retailers: Millers: - VINING Uriah, Wincanton Mill, Mill St
GUTCH Robt., North St Milliners & Dress Makers:
LINDSEY Wm., Mill St ARTHUR A., High St
Booksellers & Stationers: CHIPP Mary, Market Pl
PHILLIPS Thos., Market Pl TITFORD M., Mill St
RUSSELL Wm., High St Painters & Glaziers:
Boot & Shoe Makers: EDWARDS John, High St
BOND Geo., High St GOODFELLOW John, Market Pl
LACEY Alfred, Market Pl Plasterer & Tiler: - PARSONS Wm., Church St
PARSONS Geo., Church St Plumber & Glazier: - FRANCIS Thos., High St
PITMAN Elijah, Church St Printer: - PHILLIPS Thos., Market Pl
VINING D., High St Saddlers & Harness Makers:
Brewer: - SLY Wm., North St CURTIS Edw., High St
Builder: - GARRATT Robt., Mill St CURTIS Wm., South St
Butchers: DAVIS John & Thos., South St
OBORN Benj., High St DOWDING Charles, High St
READ N., Mill St School, Gents: - DAY Alfred, High St
Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers: School, Ladies: - GOODFELLOW Mrs., market Pl
GREEN Elias, Market Pl Seedsman:
MATTHEWS Wm., High St ARNOLD Richard, Church St
Carpenters: SMITH John, High St
FELTHAM Geo., Bayford Hill Shopkeepers:
GREEN Geo., Bayford Hill CURZONS John, High St
Cheese Factors: - BRACHER Wm., Church St DOVE Benj., Church St
Cheesemongers: - HANNAM Jas. jun., South St RIDDLE Thos., Bayford
Chemists & Druggists: SLADE Abraham, North St
PHILLIPS Thos., Market Pl STAGG Geo., Church St
RUSSELL Wm., High St Smiths:
China & Glass Dealer: - JACOBS Uriah, High St BATEMAN John, Bayford
Coach Makers: VINING Henry, Church St
GOODFELLOW John, South St Solicitors:
MEADEN Edwd., High St BIGING W K., High St
Confectioner: - ARNOLD Ann, High St COOPER Edward Yalden, South St
Cooper: - STACEY Chas., Bayford JILLARD J W., High St
Corn Factors: MESSITER Uriah, Geo., John & H., High St
ARNOLD Richd., Church St Stone Masons: - CLEWETT Harcourt, Tything
SMITH John, High St Straw Hat Maker: - GOODFELLOW E., South St
Carriers: - GEORGE & BROTHER, High St Surgeons:
Farrier: - EDNEY Wm., High St BROURTON Wm., High St
Fishmongers: EASTMENT J W., High St
FRY Wm., Church St PARSONS N., South St
RICKARD Edwd., Market Pl Tailors:
Gardeners & Seedsman: BOTTLE John, South St
GREEN Thomas, High St BOTTLE Thomas jun, North St
HANSFORD G., Mill St DOWDING Jas., Church St
WHITE Thomas, High St HUTCHINGS & Sons, High St
Grocers: KING John, Mill St
ARNOLD Rich., Market Pl KING Richard, South St
BRACHER Jas., High St LARCOMBE D. C., High St
HANNAM Jas. jun, South St Tallow Chandlers:
MACMILLON John, High St BRACHER James, High St
RICHARDS Tho., Market Pl HANNAM Jas. jun., South St
Hair Dressers: Tanners: - GEORGE & Brothers, High St
ANDREWS Wm., High St Tin Plate Workers:
BIOLETTI Albert, High St GOODFELLOW H., Church St
CHICK Richard, Market Pl HORTON Wm., High St
Inns, Hotels & Public Houses: Tin Plate Worker & Brazier:
Bear Inn - GRIST Thos., High St NEWMAN Wm, Market Pl
Dolphin - FORWARD Geo., High St Toy Dealer: - CHICK Richard, Market Pl
Greyhound Inn - BAILEY John, Market Pl Veterinary Surgeon: - SYMES Chas., High St
Lion - GALE Alice, Market Pl Watch & Clock Makers:
New Inn - STACEY Sam., South St WEARE Jos., Church St
Trooper - WHITE Thos., Market Pl WAY Thomas, High St
Unicorn - WILLIAMS John, Bayford Wheelwrights:
White horse Inn - MAJOR George, High St BATEMAN Stephen, Bayford
White Horse - HANNAM James, Bayford EARLSTONE John, Bayford
Ironmongers: PARSONS George, North St
KENT W. B., Market Pl PARSONS Robert, Church St
RICHARDS Thomas, Market Pl RIDLESTONE John, Bayford
Land Surveyors: - DICKINSON T F., High St Wine & Spirit Merchant:
Linen & Woollen Drapers: SLY Sam., North St
DAY Geo., High St

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