Penselwood, Somerset
Transcription of the 1841 Census

Born in
Pen Pitts Thomas GOUGH
  Harriott GOUGH   45   No
  John GOUGH 7     Yes
Pen Pitts George GREEN 30   Carpenter No
  Elizabeth GREEN   30   Yes
  John GREEN 10     Yes
  Hugh GREEN 8     Yes
  Catharine GREEN   6   Yes
  Frances GREEN   4   No
  Mary GREEN   2   Yes
  Mark GREEN 3mths     Yes
Pen Pitts Charles MATTHEWS 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann MATTHEWS   55   No
  Sarah MATTHEWS   25   Yes
  Maria MATTHEWS   15   Yes
  Charles MATTHEWS 15     Yes
Pen Pitts George ARNOLD 60   Mason Yes
  Martha ARNOLD   60   Yes
  Thomas ARNOLD 20   Apr. Yes
  Ann FORD   8   Yes
Pen Pitts Charles SPARROW 70   Carpenter Yes
  Walter SPARROW 30     Yes
Pen Pitts John LAWES 80     Yes
  Ann LAWES   75   No
  Sophia LAWES   45   Yes
Pen Pitts Edmund HENDON 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Rachel HENDON   50   Yes
Pen Pitts William CHARLTON 75   Ag. Lab Yes
Lye Common George KIMBER 30   Ag. Lab Yes
Pen Pitts Charles BELL 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Charlote BELL   40   Yes
Pen Pitts George WELCH 45   Ag. Lab No
  Delisha WELCH   45   Yes
  Thomas WELCH 25     Yes
  Mary WELCH   20   Yes
  Ann WELCH   15   Yes
  Jane WELCH   13   Yes
  George WELCH 10     Yes
  Dinah WELCH   7   Yes
Pen Pitts David CROSS 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary CROSS   40   No
  James CROSS 2     No
Pen Pitts Samuel KNAPTON 55   Ag. Lab Yes
  Martha KNAPTON   40   Yes
  Hannah KNAPTON   15   Yes
  Oliver KNAPTON 12     Yes
  Charles KNAPTON 10     Yes
  William KNAPTON 8     Yes
  Meshach KNAPTON 6     Yes
  Mary KNAPTON   2   Yes
  Lot KNAPTON 3mths     Yes
  John HURDING 60   Shoemaker No
  Catherine HURDING   50   No
  William HURDING 25     Yes
  Joseph HURDING 20     Yes
  Jane HURDING   15   Yes
  George HURDING 14     Yes
  Mark HURDING 10     Yes
Pen Pitts James MATTHEWS 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth MATTHEWS   35   Yes
  Matilda MATTHEWS   11   Yes
  Elizabeth MATTHEWS   9   Yes
  Levenia MATTHEWS   5   Yes
  Beriah MATTHEWS 4     Yes
  James MATTHEWS 2     Yes
  Mary MATTHEWS   4mths   Yes
Pen Pitts Thomas KNAPTON 75   Ag. Lab Yes
  George COLLINS 10     Yes
Pen Pitts Isaiah LONGMAN 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Grace LONGMAN   70   Yes
  Emma LONGMAN   25   Yes
  Charles WHITE 35     Yes
Pen Pitts Ann KNAPTON   80   Yes
  Jane COLLINS   7   Yes
Pen Pitts Mary GARATT   55   Yes
  Joseph GARATT 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  John GARATT 25     Yes
  Emma GARATT   20   Yes
  Henry GARATT 20     Yes
  Mary GARATT   15   Yes
  Charles GARATT 14     Yes
Pen Pitts William COLLINGS 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ketura COLLINGS   35   Yes
  Ann COLLINGS   12   Yes
  Eliza COLLINGS   11   Yes
  George COLLINGS 10     Yes
  Samuel COLLINGS 3     Yes
  Francis COLLINGS 1     Yes
Pen Pitts William KNAPTON 75   Farmer Yes
  Christian KNAPTON   55   No
  Samuel KNAPTON 25     Yes
Pen Pitts James MAULDRAM [See Note: 1 Below] 30   Hosier Yes
  Elizabeth MAULDRAM   30   Yes
Pen Pitts Mary BRINE   20 Beer House Keeper No
  Fredich BRINE 1     Yes
  Sarah INGS   20   No
  Charles INGS 25     No
Pear Ash William ARNOLD 25   Mason Yes
  Ellen ARNOLD   25   No
  Francis ARNOLD 3     Yes
Pear Ash William TRIMBY 40   Blacksmith No
  Elizabeth TRIMBY   35   Yes
  Charles TRIMBY 15     Yes
  John TRIMBY 11     Yes
  Josiah TRIMBY 9     Yes
  Henry TRIMBY 7     Yes
  Oliver TRIMBY 5     Yes
  Mary TRIMBY   2   Yes
  Elizabeth INGS   65   No
Pear Ash John ARNOLD 35   Mason Yes
  Mary ARNOLD   35   No
  John ARNOLD 15     No
  George ARNOLD 12     Yes
  Henry ARNOLD 5     Yes
  Elizabeth ARNOLD   2   Yes
Pear Ash William KNIGHTS 35   Farmer No
  Mary KNIGHTS   40   Yes
  Hejihah FORD 7     Yes
Pear Ash Sarah MATTHEWS   55 Ind. No
  Eliza GRAY   13   Yes
  Jacob GRAY 40   I. Yes
  Hester GRAY   30   Yes
  Esau GRAY 3mths     Yes
Pear Ash John ROSE 30   Farmer Yes
  Sophia ROSE   23   No
Pear Ash George COX 25   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Jane COX   30   Yes
  Jane WHITE   25   Yes
  Lucy HUNT   15   Yes
Pear Ash Charles ARNOLD 30   Mason Yes
  Amelia ARNOLD   25   Yes
  Albert ARNOLD 8     Yes
  Alfred ARNOLD 5     Yes
  Edwin ARNOLD 3     Yes
  Eliza ARNOLD   8mths   Yes
  Bar. CHARLTON 20     Yes
Pear Ash William DOGNELL 30   Weaver Yes
  Charlote DOGNELL   30   No
  Charles DOGNELL 8     Yes
  Thomas DOGNELL 1     Yes
Pear Ash John BELL 30   Flax dresser Yes
  Hannah BELL   30   No
  George BELL 7     Yes
  James BELL 5     Yes
  Susanna BELL   3   Yes
  Martha BELL   2   Yes
Pear Ash Christopher ROSE 70   Ind. Yes
  Nancy ROSE   35   Yes
  Elizabeth ROSE   30   Yes
Pear Ash Charles INGS 25   Carpenter Yes
Pen Farm John MATTHEWS 40   Farmer Yes
  Elizabeth MATTHEWS   30   Yes
  John MATTHEWS 5     Yes
  George MATTHEWS 3mths     Yes
  Henry BRINE 20   Inmate Yes
  George HUNT 15   Male Servant Yes
  Phebe MATTHEWS   10 Female Servant Yes
Pear Ash Rosella INGS   30 Widow Yes
  Elizabeth INGS   6   Yes
  Heneritta INGS   8   Yes
Great House James INGS 70   Farmer Yes
  James INGS 45     Yes
  Henry INGS 30     Yes
  Anna INGS   9   Yes
  Mary INGS   3   Yes
Pen Hill Charles HURDING 50   Ag. Lab. No
  Mary HURDING   45   Yes
  Elizabeth HURDING   20   Yes
  Stephen HURDING 17     Yes
  Thomas HURDING 14     Yes
  Phillip HURDING 8     Yes
Pen Hill Nancy MATTHEWS   50   Yes
  Ann MATTHEWS   15   Yes
  Jane MATTHEWS   13   Yes
Pen Hill Richard BOWE 75   Ag. Lab. Yes
Pen Hill John PRIDE 35   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Jane PRIDE   45   Yes
  Ann PRIDE   11   Yes
  Henry PRIDE   5   Yes
  Jane WILLIS   20 Inmate [crossed out] Yes
  George WILLIS 15   Inmate Yes
Pen Hill James MATTHEWS 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sindeniah MATTHEWS   60   Yes
  Alfred MATTHEWS 25     Yes
  John MATTHEWS 20     Yes
Parsonage Farm Charles SHEPHERD 45   Farmer Yes
  Sarah SHEPHERD   49   No
  Francis SHEPHERD 6     Yes
  Agnes SHEPHERD   4   Yes
  Mary HURLSTONE   12 Female Servant Yes
  Henry HUNT 25   Male Servant Yes
Pon House John WILLIS 35   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Susanna WILLIS   30   Yes
  John WILLIS 12     Yes
  Henry WILLIS 10     Yes
  Susanna WILLIS   7   Yes
  Nehemiah WILLIS 4     Yes
  Jeremiah WILLIS 2     Yes
Pon Lane Thomas EXLENCE [See Note: 2] 45   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Ann EXLENCE   40   Yes
Pon House William WHITMARSH[See Note: 3] 65   Ag. Lab. No
  Betty WHITMARSH   70   Yes
  Fanny WHITMARSH   20   Yes
  William WHITMARSH 15     Yes
Pon House Harriott HUNT   50 Widow Yes
  James HUNT 17     Yes
  Ann HUNT   13   Yes
Pon House Benjamin WILLIS 50   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Machah WILLIS   55   Yes
  John WILLIS 18     Yes
  Fanny WILLIS   14   Yes
  Aaron WILLIS 17     Yes
Pon House William TOP 67   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Ann TOP   65   Yes
  John TOP 8     Yes
  Maria TOP   4   Yes
Pen Lane Rich. MOLDRAM 60   Hosier No
  Charlote MOLDRAM   60   Yes
  Elizabeth MOLDRAM   20   Yes
  John MOLDRAM 20     Yes
  Daniel MOLDRAM 19   Ap. Yes
Pen Lane Hariott WILLIS   55 Spinners Yes
  Mary WILLIS   50   Yes
  Sarah WILLIS   20   Yes
  Sarah MATTHEWS   75 Ind. Yes
Pen Lane William WILLIS 45   Ag. Lab. No
  Hannah WILLIS   40   No
  Mary WILLIS   15   Yes
  William WILLIS 13   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Jane WILLIS   6   Yes
  Elizabeth WILLIS   4   Yes
  George WILLIS 1     Yes
Pen Lane George KIDDLE 45   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Martha KIDDLE   40   Yes
  George KIDDLE 15   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Eliza KIDDLE   13   Yes
  James KIDDLE 10     Yes
  Mary KIDDLE   6   Yes
  Grace KIDDLE   3   Yes
Ben Lane William EXLENCE [See Note: 2] 55   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Sarah EXLENCE   45   Yes
  John EXLENCE 25   Ag. Lab. Yes
  William EXLENCE 20   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Hannah EXLENCE   20 Ag. Lab. Yes
  Jane EXLENCE   15   Yes
  Kezia EXLENCE 11     Yes
  Mary EXLENCE   9   Yes
  Thomas EXLENCE 3     Yes
Lye Farm Esq. INGS 70   Farmer Yes
  Laetitia INGS   40   Yes
Pen Lane Daniel MAIDMENT 20   Ag. Lab. No
  Mary MAIDMENT   20   Yes
  Rob't MAIDMENT 1     Yes
  Jacob MAIDMENT 25   Inmate Yes
  Sarah MAIDMENT   25 Inmate Yes
  Jane MAIDMENT mth   Inmate Yes
Pen Lane Ronaldor BELL 60   Ag. Lab. No
  Mary BELL   60   No
  Edith BELL   20   Yes
  Isaiah BELL 20     Yes
  Eliza BELL   15   Yes
  Robert BELL 8     Yes
Pen House William MITCHELL 45   Farmer Yes
  Mary MITCHELL   40   Yes
  William MITCHELL 15     Yes
  James MITCHELL 14     Yes
  Eliza MITCHELL   13   Yes
  Elizabeth MITCHELL   12   Yes
  John MITCHELL 8     Yes
  Martha MITCHELL   6   Yes
  Sophia MITCHELL   4   Yes
  Selina MITCHELL   1   Yes
Pen Marsh William MOLDRAM 25   Hosier Yes
  Ann MOLDRAM   20   Yes
Lye Common John STACEY 55   P. Yes
  Elizabeth STACEY   50   Yes
  Charles STACEY 16     Yes
  George STACEY 13     Yes
  Alfred STACEY 10     Yes
  Jacob STACEY 6     Yes
Lye Common Elizabeth STACEY   45 Publican Yes
  Mary STACEY   15   Yes
  Hannah STACEY   14   Yes
  Sarah STACEY   13   Yes
  Martha STACEY   12   Yes
  Charlote STACEY   11   Yes
  Maria STACEY   9   Yes
  Eliza STACEY   2   Yes
  William SUTER 20   Male Servant Yes
  John BEATMAN 10   Male Servant Yes
  N. K. 40      
Lye Common James BUTT 25   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Elizabeth BUTT   25   Yes
  George BUTT 4     Yes
  Ann BUTT   2   Yes
  Mary CROSS   20 Inmate Yes
Riding Gate John BEATMAN 71   Carpenter Yes
  William BEATMAN 20     Yes
  James BEATMAN 15     Yes
Lye Common Henry FELTHAM 70   Carpenter Yes
  Clarissa FELTHAM   37   Yes
  Thirsa FELTHAM   19   Yes
Lye Common John HANSFORD 64   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Ann HANSFORD   62   Yes
  John HANSFORD 24     Yes
  Mary HANSFORD   26   Yes
  William HANSFORD 3     Yes
Pear Forest William GOVOURD 45   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Susanna GOVOURD   40   Yes
  Soloman GOVOURD 8     Yes
  George GOVOURD 5     Yes
Forrest Lodge John BIGING 47   Rector Yes
  Mary BIGING   49   No
  William DAVIS 54   Ind. No
  Jane DAVIS   45   No
Forrest Lodge Elizabeth STANDERWICK   43 Ind. Yes
  Elizabeth BROWN   47 Female Servant Yes
  Louisa BOND   22 Female Servant Yes
Brown House Samuel BROWN 45   Ag. Lab. Yes
  James BROWN 20     Yes
  Elizabeth BROWN   14   Yes
  Mary BROWN   12   Yes
  John BROWN 8     Yes
  Henry EXTENCE 15   Inmate Yes
Bourton House Richard MOLDRAM 35   Wool Comber Yes
  Elizabeth MOLDRAM   36   Yes
  Jane MOLDRAM   5   Yes
  Mary MOLDRAM   4   Yes
  Elizabeth MOLDRAM   1   Yes
Bourton House George EXTENCE [See Note: 2] 53   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Hannah EXTENCE   24   Yes
Pen Hill Kezia MATTHEWS 25   Carpenter Yes
  Dinah MATTHEWS   25   Yes
  Thomas ADAMS 11   Inmate No
Pen Hill James BUTT 55   Farmer No
  Hannah BUTT   40   Yes
  Richard BUTT 75   Ag. Lab. No
Long Lane Henry MILES 65   Farmer No
  Mary MILES   60   No
  George MILES 15     Yes
  Henry COLLINS 9     No
Pen Pitts Eman'l MATTHEWS 75   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Martha MATTHEWS   65   No
  John MATTHEWS 3     Yes
Pen Pitts Robert CARTER 40     No
  Fanny CARTER   45 Ag. Lab. No
  Louisa CARTER   20   No
  Charles CARTER 14     No
  Cisley CARTER   10   No
Pen Mills Michael MAGGS 55   Linen Manufacturer No
  Ann MAGGS   45   Yes
  Maria MAGGS   20   Yes
  Ann MAGGS   15   Yes
  Francis MAGGS 15     Yes
  Albert MAGGS 5     Yes
  Jane HUNT   20 Female Servant Yes
Pen Pitts Hugh HURDING 30   Ag. Lab. No
  Ann HURDING   25   Yes
  Andrew HURDING 5     Yes
  William HURDING 2     Yes
  Frances MAIDMENT   12 Inmate Yes
Pen Pitts Thomas MOLDRAM 29   Shoe Maker Yes
  Mary MOLDRAM   35   Yes
  Selina MOLDRAM   6   Yes
  George MOLDRAM 5     Yes
  Charlote MOLDRAM   3   Yes
  Charles MOLDRAM 6mths     Yes
Pen Pitts Jane CURTIS   45 Beer House Keeper Yes
  Caterine HURDING   12   Yes
  Charles WHITMARSH 25   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Hariott WHITMARSH   25   Yes
  Ambrose WHITMARSH 5     Yes
  Elizabeth WHITMARSH 3     Yes
  Fredrich WHITMARSH 18mths     Yes
Pen Pitts Charles SHEPHARD 35   Carpenter Yes
  Eliza SHEPHARD   20   Yes
Pen Pitts Hugh COOK 74     No
  Anna COOK   36   No
  Thomas COOK 26   Shoe Maker No
  Emanuel COOK 5     Yes
  Eliza COOK   1   Yes
Pen Marsh Thomas MOYER 55   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Ann MOYER   55   Yes
  Elizabeth MOYER   1   Yes
Pen Forest William CLOTHER 65   Farmer Yes
  Mary CLOTHER   63   Yes
  James CLOTHER 25     Yes
  William CLOTHER 15     Yes
  Ann CLOTHER   45   Yes
Pen Pitts Job HANSFORD 50   Shopkeeper Yes
  Jane HANSFORD   50   Yes
  Kezia HANSFORD 15     Yes
  William HANSFORD 13   Apr. Yes
  Job HANSFORD 10     Yes
  George HANSFORD 1     Yes
Pen Marsh William MOLDRAM 25   Hosier Yes
  Ann MOLDRAM   20   Yes

Note: 1 - James & Elizabeth MAULDRAM. In later census records and BMD records the surname is spelt MOLDRAM
Note: 2 - Surname spelling is often transcibed as EXLENCE or EXTENCE
Note: 3 - The most likely correct spelling of this surname is WHITMARSH (supported by other records) as age is written over top of end of surname in census.

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