I personally have not researched the Devon Shirley's to date, therefore the following entries have come from various sources as I come across them and from other Shirley Family researchers.

Date Place child's name, father's name, mother's name Notes
09Aug1606 Topsham John son of Richard and Elizabeth SHIRLIE  
28Nov1608 Topsham Peter son of Richard and Elizabeth SHERLIE  
26Dec1610 Topsham Elizabeth dau of Richard and Elizabeth SHERLEY  
05Oct1612 Topsham Richard son of Richard and Elizabeth SHERLEY  
23Aug1614 Topsham Robert son of Richard and Elizabeth SHERLEY  
20Oct1616 Topsham Julian dau of Richard and Elizabeth SHERLAYE or SHARLEY
04May1618 Topsham Grace dau of Richard and Elizabeth SHARLAYE  
21Oct1632 Topsham Elizabeth dau of Peter and Amy SHIRLY  
23Oct1636 Topsham Richard son of Peter SHERLY  
29May1656 St Sidwell, Exeter Mary dau of John SHORLEY  
18Jul1659 Totnes Tho. son of Jno. SHORLEY  
17Sep1660 Barnstaple Sarah dau of John SHORLEY  
09Oct1768 Church Stanton Betty dau of Job and Sarah SHIRLEY  
11Nov1804 Stoke Damerel John Riley son of John and Mary SHIRLEY (not verified)
24Sep1815 Stoke Damerel George Benjamin son of George and Mary SHIRLEY  
29May1814 Thorncombe Eliza dau. of Thomas and Mary SHURLEY  
05Nov1820 Thorncombe Hannah dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth SHURLE  
Place Groom Bride  
16Jun1544 Berrynarbor Edwarde FAIRCHILDE Phillis SHIRLEY  
24Oct1605 Topsham Richard SHERLEY Elizabeth LANGFORDE  
15Jun1632 Topsham Peter SHIRLEY Amy WAYE  
23Mar1654 St Peter Cathedral, Exeter SHERLY, John MORGANNE, Joan  
16Aug1655 Ide ALSTON, Tho. SHERLEY, Christian  
24Jul1712 Stoke Damerel SHERLY, Thomas MEADER, Mary  
20Oct1734 St Andrew, Plymouth WILLIAMSON, Robert SHERLY, Mary  
17Jun1746 Barnstaple CHAMBERLAIN, Roger SHORLEY, Elizth.  
01Dec1747 East Stonehouse Washington SHIRLEY Ann ELLIOT  
22Sep1759 Ideford SHARLEY, John TUCKER, Jane  
11Feb1765 St Edmunds, Exeter Charles VENNING Rachel SHIRLEY  
09Nov1796 St David, Exeter DODD, Thomas SHIRLEY, Elizabeth  
06Nov1809 West Teignmouth SHIRLEY, Thomas HOLE, Ann  
08Apr1828 Illfracombe SLEE, Thomas SHARLEY, Mary  
04Oct1834 St Thomas, Exeter PARISH, Thomas SHIRLEY, Emma  
12Oct1856 St Andrew, Plymouth SHIRLEY, Walter TRENCHARD, Mary Ann Elizabeth son of Charles & Sarah SHIRLEY of Chart Sutton, Kent
27Feb1890 St James, Devonport SHIRLEY, John IRONS, Mary Ann  
18Mar1899 Reg. Office, Devonport George Henry KEITH Ethel Mary SHIRLEY  
03Aug1902 Charles, Plymouth SHIRLEY, Robert Albert Wills GOARD, Jessie Jane  
29Aug1911 St Paul, East Stonehouse WAITE, Albert William SHIRLEY, Frances Ellen  
22Jun1913 St Michael, Stoke SHIRLEY, Charles William WHITFORD, Anderina Lilian  
29Jan1917 Stoke Damerol SHIRLEY, John Robert WILLCOCKS, Margaret Louisa  
05Jul1917 St Michael, BENNETT, Charles SHIRLEY, Sylvia Evelyn Mary  
05Aug1919 St Augustine, Plymouth SHIRLEY, Frederick WEARING, Emily Brayley  
Date Place Name Age  

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