So far, like in Somerset, the name SHARLEY or SHIRLEY is rare before 1840. The name does pop up occassionally with the odd baptism, then disappears again just as quick, as the families move on or back to there home parish. Three sons, John, William and James from the Horsington family of William and Anna SHARLEY settled in Bristol, with one son eventually emigrating to New Zealand with his family. (The following comments will be updated as more information becomes available):

1.) James SHARLEY married Ellen COOK of Bratton, Wiltshire in Bristol in 1841. 6 of there children are born here, Wiltshire or Somerset. There youngest child was born in New Zealand in 1854 and the family do not appear in the 1851 census of Bristol, so I assume they left for New Zealand before this.

2.) By 1841 John SHARLEY born, Horsington, Somerset is living in Bristol with his family and is a Policeman and is still there in 1851. By 1861 John and his wife are living in Surrey and they then later move to London. Both children married in Bristol, John in 1854 and Mary Anne in 1859 and that is all I know so far.

3.) William SHARLEY of Horsington married Mary Ann AVERY in 1844. From the census records of 1851 and 1861 there does not appear to be any children from this marriage.

Date Place child's name, father's name, mother's name Notes
13Apr1800 Bristol Mary dau of Stephen and Sarah SHIRLEY  
24Aug1818 Bristol Ann Tyler dau of William Harris and Frances SHIRLEY  
10Dec1845 Kingsdown Benjamin son of James and Ellen SHERLEY emigrated to New Zealand with parents early 1850's
26May1847 Westbury Sarah Jane dau of James and Ellen SHERLEY emigrated to New Zealand with parents early 1850's
18Mar1883 Phillip & Jacob Kate Elizabeth dau of William Henry & Eliza SHARLEY  
18Jan1894 St George-Brandon Hill Ethel Victoria dau of Catharine Emily SHARLEY born 28Nov1890

Place Groom Bride  
26Jul1777 St Augustine The Less Henry SHIRLEY Sarah RUDHALL  
21Sep1792 St Stephen Ann SHIRLEY Thomas FAIRBURN  
17Jun1841 Bristol James SHERLEY COOK, Ellen  
09Jun1844 Horfield William SHARLEY AVERY, Mary Ann  
14Nov1896 Bristol Walter SHIRLEY Hilda NELSON Walter is the son of Thomas and Emma SHIRLEY

Date Place Name Age  

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