Stowell Marriages 1580 to 1836

Please Note - That every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible in transcribing these records. As these transcriptions have been copied from old records, there will be mistakes for various reasons, therefore it is strongly recommended that anything you find always be checked against the orginal records.

Groom Bride Place Date
PLYMTON, Lence MYLES, Agnes Stowell 16Jun1580
ARNOLD, John HUDDY, Luce Stowell 22Aug1580
HAULE, John HUDDY, Susan Stowell 21Dec1584
READE, Thomas MYLES, Alyce Stowell 19Feb1585/6
RYDOUTE, Humfrey CRANE, Johan Stowell 01Jan1595/6
ARNEY, Robert JERAD, Sara Stowell 08Jun1596
HOOPER, Laurence (the younger) HODGES, Elizabeth Stowell 26Dec1597
PRANKETT, William CHANNTE, Stowell 02Aug1600
LUDWELL, Lewes HOOPER, Elizabeth Stowell 27Jun1603
HANNAM, Thomas HOOPER, Elizabeth Stowell 16Dec1616
DURNFORDE, William MILBORNE, Elisabeth Stowell 17Nov1619
FYSHER, John COLLENS, Marie Stowell 12Jul1622
SNOOKE, Walter HOOPER, Johan Stowell 10Jun1624
KENDALL, John WEESTLEY, Marie Stowell 17Jun1624
HALE, James BALLICOTT, Eleonore Stowell 15May1654
DURNEFORDE, James CLARKE, Elizabeth Stowell 10Jul1654
HELLYER, Christopher COLLERS, Patience Stowell 06Nov1654
KENNISTON, William CHAPLEYNE, Dorothy Stowell 19Feb1654
BURGES, William COLLERS, Mary Stowell 04Apr1655
RYDOUT, Nathaniell KING, Mary Stowell 16Jun1656
HANNAM, L?????????? (male) CHANTE, ?????????? Stowell 28Dec1656
LOADEN, Henry BURGES, Mary Stowell 20Aug1663
MI??AGE, F HARVY, Jonne Stowell 10Feb1672
MARTIN, Philip ENERED, Jonne Stowell 25Dec1673
INCKER, John CHANTE, Mary Stowell 28Feb1675
KOOT, John HILLIOR, Elizabeth Stowell 03Jul1733
HAWKINS, Thomas PHILL???, Katharine Stowell 30Jul1733
LATCHMORE, John LATCHMORE, E Stowell ?6Mar1735
KING, Lawrence PITMAN, Mary Stowell 28May1746
BERNARD, Richard CURTIS, Betty Stowell 17Oct1746
VIGOR, Thomas KING, Dorothy Stowell 16Nov1746
CHAPLAIN, Richard BROOK, Susana Stowell 22Sep1747
BANNSALL, Joseph * TAYLOR, Mary Stowell 05Feb1748
KENNELS, John KING, Margarott Stowell 23Aug1749
HOOPER, Laurence ELLEN, Martha Stowell 19Feb1751
HALLETT, Samuel INGOR, Elizabeth * Stowell 09Mar1751
MOGG, William WHITE, Martha Stowell 14Mar1754
CALPEN, Stephen WARAM, Sarah Stowell 28Sep1754
GARRETT, James LOA??R, Abigall Stowell 29Oct1762
AGISTON, Tho LUCAS, Martha Stowell 22Nov1762
DAY, Emmanuel KITTLE, (widow) Stowell 21Apr1763
PITMAN, James L??N?Y, V Stowell 20Oct1768
MOORSE, Daniel Day, Joanna Stowell 04Feb1806
MOORSE, George WADMAN, Amelia Stowell 29Jan1810
BEWSEY, William Mogg BOLSTER, Selina Stowell 08Jun1815
CROSS, John CHISLETT, Maria Stowell 27Sep1815
ABBOTT, Jesse HUNT, Love Stowell 26Oct1817
CHISLETT, George MOORSE, Joanna Stowell 03May1818
BELL, Robert STONE, Anne Stowell 31May1819
MITCHELL, William PARSONS, Mary Stowell 06Apr1820
HATCHER, James PARSONS, Susannah Stowell 14Aug1820
SHEPHERD, John FRANCIS, Mary Stowell 25Dec1820
LONGMAN, Moses PARSONS, Anne Stowell ??Apr1822
MARTIN, Uriah PARSONS, Elizabeth Stowell 19Jan1824
HINKS, John PARSONS, Jane Stowell 05Apr1827
MOORSE, Daniel COLLINS, Anna Stowell 18Dec1827
A'COURT, James DOWDING, Ann Stowell 19Feb1828
RAYMOND, John KIMBER, Maria Stowell 27Oct1828
HAZZARD, Henry Cox DAY, Joanna Stowell 27Nov1828
HOOPER, Robert HILL, Charlotte Stowell 06Apr1829
TAYLOR, Richard MOORSE, Jemima Stowell 01Nov1830
SMITH, George HANSFORD, Elizabeth Stowell 06Dec1832
MOORSE, John PITTMAN, Eliza Stowell 02May1833
HANN, Roger ASHFORD, Mary Stowell 02Oct1834
STICKLAND, William RAYMOND, Amy Stowell 08Jul1836
HANNAM, William MOORSE, Elizabeth Stowell 22Dec1836

William DULAND, widower to Martha GREEN, spinster, by banns - 30Dec1802
John WEARE to Sarah HANNAM - 25Jan?1803
Hannibal HALLET to Mary HINKS - 21Mar?1803
Job DAY to Rhoda HELLIAR, botp, by banns - 25Feb1805 - Witnesses were Richard UPWARD and Martha HOOPER
John HANSFORD to Sarah PICKFORD, botp, by banns - 19May1807 - Witnesses were Harriah HANSFORD and Sarah GOUGH
Thomas DEWLAND, otp to Elizabeth GREEN of Milborne Port, by banns - 19Apr1808 - witnesses were Joanna MOORSE, Wm. HOOPER, See note 1
John DAY, widower, otp to Alice PARSONS, spinster of Stalbridge in Dorset, by Licence - 19Oct1812 - Witnesses were George DYKE, George CHISLET, See note 1

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