Stowell Burials 1574 to 1676

Please Note - That every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible in transcribing these records. As these transcriptions have been copied from old records, there will be mistakes for various reasons, therefore it is strongly recommended that anything you find always be checked against the orginal records.

Date Name Other comments
19Feb1574/5 HUDDY,
27Aug1577 HUDDY, Katheryn
14Oct1582 MYLES, John
22Mar1588/9 HUDDY, Samuell
29Dec1589 HOOPER, Avys
06Nov1594 JERRARD, Edmond
31Oct1597 MYLES, Margery
06Nov1597 MYLES, Wyllyam
03Mar1597/8 CLARCKE, Nycolas Myles Parson of Stowell, died 17Feb1597/8
08Jul1599 HOODYE, Richarde Esq.
06May1603 HOOPER, Laurence
12May1605 Galatia the black nigra
20Oct1607 John son of Andrewe MYLES
20Feb1617/8 WESTWOOD, Mr John minister, deceased
17Jun1621 HOOPER, Isabell
20Jun1631 CLARKE, John Collens Parson of Stowell, died 13Jun1631
16Sep1631 Alice wife of John COLLENS [David WILLIAMS, curate signs at this date]
19Jan1633/4 MILBORNE, John
01Aug1637 COLLENS, Joane widow
19Feb1640/1 Hannah dau of John HOOPER
06Apr1643 HOOPER, Patience
04Jun1643 HOOPER, Laurence
10Jun1643 Grace dau of John HOOPER
04Jul1643 Anne wife of John HOOPER
27Apr1644 MILBORNE, Edith widow
30Jul1651 ARNOLDE, John
11Mar1651/2 Robert son of Mr Nich. CLARKE Rector of Stowell
22Oct1654 HOOPER, Anne
16Jun1669 William son of Laurence HOOPER
18Jul1671 Nicolas CLARKE ye younger
08Jan1675/6 COLLENS, John

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