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1889 Kelly's Directory
Milborne Port

Parish Clerk BROWN Edwin, Saddler, South Street
HYDE Joseph BUGG Walter, Farmer, Newtown
  BUGLER Joshua, Blacksmith, Gunville
Post Mistress BURGESS Augustus, Shopkeeper, Newtown
BLANDFORD Ann Sarah Gilbert BUSBY Frank Rumsey, Linen Drpr., High St
  COLLARD William, Cattle Dealer
Insurance Agents COOK Sml., Deputy Registrar of Marriages
LEMON E. W. - Northern Assurance & West of Eng. COOMBES George, Dairyman, Gainsborough
  COOMBES George, jun. baker, High St
Public Establishments COOMBES William, Baker, High St
Guildhall, Commonalty Stewards, proprietors CORRY John, Horse Trainer, Gainsborough
Museum - Joseph HYDE CURME Rosa (Miss), Ladies School, East St
Police Station - John WILLIAMS DAVIS Frederick, Thatcher, Newtown
Victoria Hall, North St - S. DYKE, proprietor DYKE Silas & Sons, Leather Glove Man., High St
  EMPSON John, Surgeon & Physician
Public Officers ENSOR Thomas & Sons, Glove Man., High St
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator - Jn. EMPSON ENSOR Edward John, Chronological Chart Author
Deputy Registrar, Births & Deaths - Joseph HYDE FORD Thomas, Ironmonger, High St
Registrar of Marriages - Rueben John RAYMOND FUDGE James, Shopkeeper, Cold Harbour
Deputy, Samuel COOK GUILDHALL (Commonalty stewards, proprietors)
  GUPPY Edward, Shoemaker, Gunville
Schools GUPPY James, Cattle Dealer, Gunville
National - John CARTER, Master HARRIS Ann (Mrs), Beer Retailer, North St
National - Harriet CARTER, Mistress HINE William, Blacksmith, Sansom's Hill
British - Frank RAYMOND, Master HISCOCK R. Y. & Son, Farmers, Milborne Wick
British - Lucy DYKE, infants Mistress JACKSON John, Butcher, Gainsborough
  LEMON Edward Wallis, Solicitor, High St
Railway Station LUFFMAN Bros., Millers (water), Kingsbury
Station Master - Arthur Wellington Edwards MILLER Harry, Farmer, Milborne Wick
  MOORE William, Beer Retailer, West Hill
Private Resident's NEWPORT Samuel, Plasterer
ARTHUR, Rev. Eli Atkin (Congregational) PARSONS & TROTT, Painters, Sansom's Hill
BIRKBECK Rev. Wm. John (Vicar) PARSONS Jn., Boot & Shoemaker, High St
CARTER John, East Street PITMAN Edwin, Paper Box Maker, South St
COSTELLO Joseph John, High Street PITMAN George, Carpenter, North St
DYKE George, Sunnyside REYNOLDS Alfred, Auctioneer & Surveyor, Gain.
DYKE Henry Silas, Limerick House SCALLON & WHITE, Surgeons, High St
DYKE Silas, Northton House SHINGLETON David, Farmer, Lower Kingsbury
EMPSON John, Sansom's Hill SMITH Tom, Wheelwright, Kingsbury
ENSOR Edward John, Kingsbury SMITH Wm. Harper, Ironmonger, High St
ENSOR Francis Avory, Cross ho. North St STONE Henry, Tailor, Gunville Cottage
ENSOR Robert H., Knapp House STONE Thomas, Farmer, Kingsbury
GRIFFIN Misses, East Street Villa STUCKEY'S Banking Co, High St
MARTIN John Eavan Hamilton, Brook Cottage SWEET, Jas., Branch Manager, Somerset Trading Co.
MEADEN Walter Frederick, South Street TAYLOR John Charles, Butcher, High St
MEDLYCOTT Sir Edward Bradford, Ven House THORNE John, Shopkeeper, Newtown
MILNER Rev'd Edward (Wesleyan) The Manse THRING Joseph Green, Draper, High St
MONRO Hector Edmond JP, Bazzleways THRING Robert Hatcher, Draper & Grocer, London St
WEARE James, Northmoor Cottages TIZZARD George, Queen's Head P.H., East St
WHITE Cresswell Fitzherbert TROTT Levi, Painter (See Parsons & Trott)
  TROTT Wm., Shopkeeper, Gainsborough
Commercial Victoria Hall (S. DYKE propriertor)
ABBOTT Charles, Gainsborough Arms P.H. WADMAN Hy. Jn., Farmer, Canon Court Farm
ABBOTT Lavinia (Mrs), Shopkeeper, Rosemary St WEARE Charles, Watchmaker, Sherborne St
ANDREWS Fredk., Kings Head P.H., High St WHITE Creswell Fitzherbert, Surgeon, High St
ANDREWS Wm., Road Contractor, Gainborough WILLIAMS & EMPSON, Physicians & Surgeons
ASH William, Dairyman, Kingsbury  

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