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Milborne Port

At one time a parliamentary borough, but now only ranking as a village, is in the parish of its name, and hundred of Horethorne, 115 miles s.w. from London, 12 n.w from Shaftesbury, 8 south from Wincanton, and four half n.w. from Stalbridge, situated at the foot of a steep hill, on the river Ive, and chiefly built on the sides of the high road from Yeovil to Shaftesbury. The only buildings to attract notice are the church and the market house. The inhabitants formerly found employment in the weaving of dowlas, tickings, linsey-wolsey, and sail cloth. These trades have disappeared, and have been succeeded by glove making, but not extensively. This town returned members to parliament so early as the 26th year of Edward I, and continued so to do until the Reform Bill deprived it of that privilege.
The parish church of Saint John is a neat edifice, but presents nothing requiring particular description. the benefice is a vicarage, in the gift of the Marquis of Anglesey, who is lord of the manor. The Rev. Edward Walter WEST is the present vicar. There is a chapel for Independents. Fairs are held on the 5th June, and the 28th October, for cattle, pedlery, and pleasure. The parish contained, in 1851, 1745 inhabitants.

Post Office, Maria KING, Post Mistress - Letters from all parts arrive (from Sherborne) every morning at half past eight, and are despatched every evening at five.

Gentry and Clergy HINE James, Blacksmith
AYERS Mrs Ann HOBBS Samuel, Tailor
BREWSTER Rev. HOBBS William, Tailor
LONGMAN, Mrs Ann HYDE George, Plasterer and Tiler
MEDIYCOTT Sir William Coles, Bart. HYDE Gideon, Plasterer and Tiler
PARSONS Samuel Newton, Surgeon HYDE John, Shopkeeper
WEST Rev. Edward Walter HYDE Joseph, Plasterer and Painter
Public Houses LONGMAN Sylvanu-, Maltster
JENNINGS Sarah, Kings Head MAIDMENT James, Boot Maker
CHARLTON Joseph, Queens Head MARCH Charlotte, Shopkeeper
Shopkeepers & Traders National School - Henry SAVAGE, master - Ann EVERALL, mistress
ABBOTT James, Shopkeeper NORTHOVER William, Butcher
ARNOLD James, Boot & Shoemaker PITMAN John, Glove Manufacturer
BAKER Joseph, Plumber & Shopkeeper PITMAN Joseph, Agent General insurance company
BAUNTON John, Butcher PITMAN Thomas, Shopkeeper
BREWSTER Rev., British School, Master PITMAN William, Carpenter
COOMBS George, Corn Miller SHEPHARD James, Brush Maker
DOVER James, Tailor TANNER Charles, Shopkeeper
DOVER William James, Hair Dresser THRING James, Grocer and Draper
DYKE George, Tailor WINTER John, Blacksmith
DYKE Silas, Glove Manufacturer Places of Worship and their Ministers
ENSOR Thomas, Glove Manufacturer St John's Church - Rev. Edward Walter WEST, vicar and
FRENCH Ann, Shopkeeper Rev. William LLOU, curate.
FUDGE William, Beer Retailer Indenpendent Chapel.
GANE Samuel, Draper & Watchmaker  

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