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PCC Wills, Horsington

The following is a list of Names of PCC Wills held by the National Archives at Kew.




Catalogue Ref

Edward ABBOTT Husbandman of Horsington 01Dec1656 PROB 11/255
Elizabeth ANSELL alias DEANE Widow of Horsington 31May1606 PROB 11/107
Thomas Shewell BAILWARD of Horsington 23Jan1843 PROB 11/1973
Lazarus BEWSEY Linen Weaver of Horsington 20Aug1778 PROB 11/1044
Joshua BRABEN Yeoman of Horsington 06Oct1649 PROB 11/209
Mary BRADREPP Spinster of Horsington 29Apr1665 PROB 11/316
Ann or Anne CHAMBERLAIN Widow of Horsington 23Jun1856 PROB 11/2234
John COX of Horsington 30Jun1827 PROB 11/1727
John CROSS Yeoman of Horsington 09Feb1844 PROB 11/1992
George DODINGTON of Horsington 05May1757 PROB 11/830
Samuel DODINGTON of Horsington 10Jul1813 PROB 11/1546
William Manning DODINGTON of Horsington 29Mar1853 PROB 11/2168
John FEAVER Yeoman of Horsington 25Apr1832 PROB 11/1798
Bennett FLOYER Gentleman of Horsington 11Jul1766 PROB 11/920
Mary GALPIN Widow of Horsington 03Jun1848 PROB 11/2076
Thomas GEARE Husbandman of Horsington 31Aug1650 PROB 11/213
William GIFFORD Sentence of 19Jun1694 PROB 11/423
William GIFFORD Gentleman of Horsington 25Jun1694 PROB 11/420
William HANHAM Yeoman of Horsington 07Feb1600 PROB 11/95
James HANNAM of Horsington 31Mar1668 PROB 11/326
Thomas HANNAM Husbandman of Horsington 22Jun1650 PROB 11/212
George HELLYER Yeoman of Horsington 16Jul1803 PROB 11/1396
George HOOPER Shoemaker of Horsington 25Apr1853 PROB 11/2170
William HOOPER Mariner of Horsington 21May1832 PROB 11/1800
Edmund HUSSEY Gentleman of Horsington 02Jun1760 PROB 11/856
Thomas HUSSEY of Horsington 09Jan1724 PROB 11/595
Thomas HUSSEY of Horsington 21Jan1730 PROB 11/635
John LAMBERT Yeoman of Horsington 13May1648 PROB 11/204
John LAMBERT Gentleman of Horsington 17Sep1724 PROB 11/599
Maria LAMBERT Widow of Horsington 12Dec1704 PROB 11/478
Mary LAMBART or LAMBERT Widow of Horsington 05Dec1650 PROB 11/214
Mary LAMBERT Widow of Horsington 19Dec1704 PROB 11/479
Edward LEAT Husbandman of Horsington 13May1657 PROB 11/264
Margrett LONGE or LONG Widow of Horsington 14Feb1639 PROB 11/179
John LONY Husbandman of Horsington 07May1608 PROB 11/111
Mary NEWMAN Widow of Horsington 09Sep1773 PROB 11/991
James PARSONS Yeoman of Horsington 02May1856 PROB 11/2233
Jeremiah PARSONS Linen Weaver of Horsington 18Feb1829 PROB 11/1752
Thomas PEARSE of Horsington 12Jun1656 PROB 11/256
Richard PERRAM Yeoman of Horsington 28Nov1728 PROB 11/626
Thomas PITTMAN Schoolmaster of Horsington 12Mar1838 PROB 11/1892
Nicholas RAWLINS Yeoman of Horsington 20Jun1659 PROB 11/292
Joane RIDOUT Spinster of Horsington 06May1671 PROB 11/336
William RIDOUT Yeoman of Horsington Marsh 18Mar1670 PROB 11/332
Sarah ROGERS Widow of Horsington 07Dec1852 PROB 11/2164
Martha ROOKES Spinster of Horsington 10Mar1749 PROB 11/768
Benjamine RUNDALL or RANDALL Gentleman of Horsington 10Jun1641 PROB 11/186
Elizabeth SAMPSON Gentlewoman of Horsington 29Oct1792 PROB 11/1224
Nicholas SERIANT Carpenter of Horsington 23Jun1633 PROB 11/163
John SHEPPARD Yeoman of Horsington Marsh 21Oct1648 PROB 11/205
John SPARK Clerk of Horsington 01Jun1429 PROB 11/3
Matthew or Mathew SPENCER of Horsington 18Jun1774 PROB 11/999
Henrie STACY Yeoman of Horsington 04Apr1651 PROB 11/216
John WADHAM Gentleman of Horsington 27Jul1754 PROB 11/810
Andrew WADMAN Yeoman of Horsington 24Mar1669 PROB 11/329
Christopher WADMAN Gentleman of Horsington 29Feb1748 PROB 11/760
Christopher WADMAN Gentleman of Horsington 02Mar1786 PROB 11/1140
John WADMAN Yeoman of Horsington 30Nov1648 PROB 11/206
John WADMAN Gentleman of Horsington 22Aug1759 PROB 11/848
Martha WADMAN Widow of Horsington 18Dec1769 PROB 11/953
Mary WADMAN Widow of Horsington 15Jul1803 PROB 11/1397
Mary WADMAN Widow of Horsington 08Jun1818 PROB 11/1605
Robert WADMAN Gentleman of Horsington 15Mar1848 PROB 11/2072
John WARRY Gentleman of Horsington 29Jan1757 PROB 11/827
Thomas WEARE Blacksmith of Horsington 29Nov1851 PROB 11/2143
Reverend Anthony WICKHAM Rector, Clerk of Horsington 11Jul1767 PROB 11/931
James WICKHAM Gentleman of Horsington 28May1576 PROB 11/216
Reverend John WICKHAM Clerk of Horsington 06Oct1783 PROB 11/1109
Reverend Thomas Whalley WICKHAM Clerk of Horsington 15Jan1856 PROB 11/2226
Anne WILLIAMS Widow of Horsington 14May1656 PROB 11/255
David WILLIAMS Clerk of Horsington 09Feb1688 PROB 11/390

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