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Transcription of Baptisms 1559 to 1649

Richard son of Walter ANDREW - 17Nov
Alse dau of John HAWKINS - 15Dec
Alse dau of John BRINE - 31Dec
Robert son of Robert MILBORNE - 03Mar

Johan dau of William LANE - 02May
Dorothie dau of Walter RANDELL - 16May
Robert son of Robert CLARK - 10Jun
John son of Richard BASKET - 20Nov
Joan dau of John WINTER - 10Feb

Christabell dau of Thomas HARRIS - 10Apr
Christopher son of Richard BROOKE - 10May
Edward son of William HOBBES - 10May
Cicily dau of Walter RENDALL - 27May
Joane dau of William BOWNE - 28May
Alse dau of Richard STACY - 23Jul
William son of Walter ABBOT - 28Aug
Ambrose son of William PLUCKNET - 30Aug
Edeth dau of James HELLYER - 03Sep
Anthony son of William SHEPHERD - 30Sep
Robert son of John LANNEY - 27Jan

Thomas son of James GEARE - 26Mar
Elioner dau of William LANE - 04Apr
Richard son of John WINTER - 14Apr
John son of John HILBORNE - 15Oct
Margerett dau of William HILBORNE - 20Oct
Isabell dau of Thomas BROOKE - 29Oct

Alice COOPER, alais OLIVER dau of Richard OLIVER - 24Apr
Stephan son of Robert SNOOKE - 30Apr
Beniamin son of Walter RENDALL - 05May
Walter son of William PLUCKNET - 02Jun
Joane dau of Richard BROOKE - 01Jul
George son of Walter ABBOT - 01Aug

Richard son of Richard STACYE - 03May
Julyan dau of William HOLKES - 30Jul
Bartholomew son of Richard BASKET - 24Aug
Jasperd son of William WINTER - 01Sep
Virgill son of William WADMAN - 03Sep
Richard son of John LANNEY - 16Sep
Ambrose son of Richard STACY - 06Jan
Edeth dau of Thomas MINTERNE - 07Jan
Richard son of Robert PENNY - 07Jan
Richard son of William FOSSE - 05Feb
Edeth dau of James GEARE - 15Feb
Robert & Jonn son & dau of John ANDREW - 03Mar

Joan dau of Robert MINTERNE - 09May
Margeret dau of Richard CORP - 09May
James son of Walter RENDALL - 29Aug
James son of James WICKHAM - 01Nov
Thomas son of John MARTIN - 25Nov
Henry son of Henry ABBOT - 20Jan
Dorothe dau of Richard BASKET - 25Jan

James son of James GEARE - 11Aug
Elizabeth dau of Richard CORPE - 10Sep
Agnes dau of Augustine MINTERNE - 14Sep
John son of John HELLYER - 06Nov
Agnes dau of William PLUCKNET - 17Nov
Richard son of Richard SCOSER - 22Nov
Elizabeth dau of William RIDOUT - 01Dec
Edward son of Richard TINES - 29Dec
Ambrose son of Richard BROOKE - 20Feb
Margery dau of John WINTER - 20Feb

Elizabeth dau of Walter RENDALL - 01Apr
John son of John LANNEY - 28Apr
Dorothe dau of Henry CLARKE - 31Jun (date as recorded in register)
John son of John WATTES - 26Aug
Dorothe dau of Thomas MINTERNE - 01Sep
John son of John MITCHELL - 01Oct
William son of James GEARE - 02Dec
Joane dau of John BROOKE - 06Dec
Dorothe dau of Robert PENNY - 04Jan
Margaret dau of George MARTIN - 28Feb
Allen son of John WILLOWES - 09Mar

Dorothie dau of Richard BROOKE - 26Mar
Robert son of Richard STACY - 14Apr
John son of John WADMAN - 18May
Richard son of Richard CORPE - 24Jul
John son of John WATTES - 20Oct
Thomas son of Henry JACOBB - 02Nov
Ambrose son of William RIDDOWT - 04Nov
Margaret dau of Thomas MINTERNE - 04Dec
John son of John ILLERY - 10Dec
Richard son of Richard BASKET - 26Feb
George son of Richard BROOKE - 18Mar

Thomas son of Walter RENDALL - 20Apr
George son of John LANNEY - 23Apr
Joane dau of Richard TINES - 05May
Alice dau of William HARVEY - 14May
Joan dau of John WILLOWES - 20Jun
Agnes dau of Robert PENNY - 14Jul
Elizabeth dau of William PLUCKNET - 30Aug
Margaret dau of John HELLYER - 18Oct

Joan dau of John LANNY - 01Jun
Dorothie dau of William STACY - 10Jun
Dorothie dau of James GEARE - 28Jun
John son of Robert MINTERNE - 26Jul
Johanna dau of Thomas MINTERNE - 12Aug
Joane dau of Richard TINES - 17Aug
Thomas and Robert sons of Richard BROOKE - 21Aug
John son of John WILLOWES - 02Dec
John son of William PLUCKNET - 15Dec
Walter son of Richard STACY - 01Jan

Joane dau of John KINGE - 25Mar
Thomas son of Richard CORPE - 25Mar
Elizabeth dau of George THOMS - 26Mar
Dorothie dau of William GILDON - 26Mar
Joane dau of Richard BROOKE - 27Mar
Dorothie dau of John AMBROSE - 01Apr
John son of William WADMAN - 05Jun
John son of John LANE - 01Aug
Dorothie dau of James WICKHAM. gent - 08Oct
Dorothie dau of Richard TINES - 10Oct
James son of Richard BASKET - 09Jan
Joane dau of John WAYTE - 10Jan
Thomas son of Johannes WILLOWES - 28Feb
John son of Thomas BROOKE - 22Mar

Margaret dau of John CORNICKE - 01Jun
Robert son of John SHEPHERD - 02Jun
Dorothie dau of William STACIE - 10Aug
Elionor dau of James Games GEARE - 20Nov

Dorothie dau of John HELLYER - 11May
Joane dau of Robert PENNY - 31May
John son of John WAYTE - 23Jun
James son of Thomas MINTERNE - 23Jun
Robert son of Richard BROOKE - 01Aug
Agnes dau of Christopher SHEAVE - 20Aug
Robert son of William PLUCKNET - 03Sep
Mawd dau of George THOMS - 16Sep
William son of James WICKHAM. gent - 24Oct
Margaret dau of Richard TINES. rector - 13Feb
Mawd dau of William MARTIN - 16Mar
Agnes dau of John SHEPHERD - 20Mar

Mary dau of John LANNY - 26Mar
John son of William HARVEY - 28Apr
John son of Richard CORPE - 29May
Dorothie dau of Robert MINTERNE - 29May
John son of Christopher SHEAVE - 29Aug
Mawd dau of William PLUCKNET - 01Oct
Margerie dau of John WILLOWES - 03Feb
James son of William HELLYER - 07Feb
Henry son of Katherin MINTERNE - 24Feb
Dorothie dau of William WADMAN - 02Mar
John son of John DAY - 11Mar

William son of John HOTKINS - 10Apr
Henry son of James GEARE - 26Aug
Agnes dau of Richard TINES. rector - 30Aug
Alice dau of Richard BROOKE - 09Sep
Joan dau of George THOMS - 18Sep
Joane dau of Roberte REASON - 26Sep
Elizabeth dau of William HARVEY - 13Oct
Elizabeth dau of John HELLYER - 01Dec
John son of John LINE - 06Feb
John son of Thomas MINTERNE - 11Feb
Margaret dau of John SHEPHERD - 1 Mar (check date)
John son of John WILLOWES - 18Mar

Margaret dau of William PLUCKNET - 25May
Elizabeth dau of James WICKHAM, gent.- 01Jul
Richard son of Nicholas SEYMOR - 09Jul
Richard son of John HANNAM - 15Jul
Margaret dau of William MARTIN - 02Aug
Richard son of Roberte MINTERNE - 20Aug
Robertus son of Georgii ROCHE, gent. - 20Sep
Luce dau of William GILSON - 01Nov
John son of Roberte PLUCKNET - 10Mar

George son of Thomas MINTERNE - 01Apr
Edward son of John LONNEY - 12May
James son of Christopher SHEAVE - 25May
Elizabeth dau of James GEARE - 05Jun
Susan dau of William HELLYER - 06Jun
Margaret dau of John HANNAM - 18Aug
Robert son of William DARBYE - 20Aug
Richard son of Richard TINES, rector. - 12Oct
William son of William HANNAM the younger - 18Oct
George son of William GILSON - 10Feb
Edithe dau of William PLUCKNET - 12Feb
Christian dau of John DAY - 03Mar
George son of George THOMS - 16Mar
Robert son of Richard CORPE - 19Mar

Joane dau of William WADMAN - 10May
Richard son of John WILLOWES - 11May
John son of Robert PENNY - 01Jun
Christian dau of Tristram HANNAM - 07Jun
John son of Richard BROOKE - 28Sep
Peter son of Thomas COOKE - 31Dec

Edethe dau of William MARTIN - 28Mar
Nicholas son of John LINE - 28Apr
John son of John HANNAM - 26Jun
Joane dau of Richard HOBBES - 01Aug
Alice OLIVER alias SCOCER dau of Christopher OLIVER
Joane dau of Roberte PLUCKNET - 03Nov
Troylus son of Richard TINES, rector. - 06Dec
Joane dau of Christopher SHEAVE - 20Jan
Mary dau of William GILSON - 07Feb
Josua son of George ROCHE, gent. - 16Mar

Dorothie dau of Nicholas MINTERNE - 05Jun
Alse dau of Alice BURLEY - 31Jul
Thomas son of John DAY - 12Oct
Margaret dau of Tristram HANNAM - 12Oct
Peter son of Richard BROOKE - 04Nov
Christian dau of Thomas COOKE - 11Nov
Margery dau of James GEARE - 18Feb

Robert son of John MITCHELL - 31Mar (check surname spelling)
William son of Richard LIDFORD - 31Mar
Dorothie dau of John WILLOWES - 07Apr
Mellier dau of George THOMS - 02Jun
Mary dau of William HANNAM, the younger - 01Jul
Thomasin dau of William HELLYER - 06Jul
Susan dau of Robert KINGE - 03Sep
John son of Nicholas STACY - 16Sep
Mary dau of William MARTIN - 24Sep
Nicholas son of Nicholas MINTERNE - 16Nov
Joane dau of Richard SCOSER alias OLIVER - 24Feb

Agnes dau of Richard WARREN - 25Mar
Ambrose son of William HARVEY - 23Apr
William son of William PLUCKNET - 06May
Thomas son of John PEERCE - 03Jul
Honor dau of George ROCHE, gent. - 14Oct
Agnes dau of Roberte PLUCKNET - 19Jan
Margaret dau of Tristram HANNAM - 02Mar
Margery dau of John DAY - 08Mar
Foelix son of Walter HILL - 09Mar

Mary dau of William BROWNE - 10May
Dorothie dau of John SHEPHERD - 18Jul
Joane dau of John WADMAN - 31Jul
John son of Richard TINES, rector - 17Aug
Josephe son of William MEADE - 24Sep
Isaac son of James DOLLE - 25Nov
Robert son of Nicholas MINTERNE - 15Dec
Christopher son of William WADMAN - 25Dec
William son of William MARTIN - 17Feb

Edethe dau of James GEARE - 06Apr
John son of Elizabeth LYDFORD - 06Apr
Agnes dau of Thomas SOMMER - 02Aug
Richard son of John WAYTE - 07Aug
Elizabeth dau of Christopher GULLOPHER - 26Aug
Arnold son of Richard TINES, rector - 01Sep
William son of George THOMS - 20Sep
Dorothie Pierce and Agnes dau's of John PIERCE - 04Oct
Dorothie dau of Christopher SHEAVE - 01Feb
Martin son of George ROCHE, gent. - 13Feb
Elizabeth dau of Richard SCOSER alias OLIVER - 20Feb
Alixe dau of John DAY - 17Mar

Elizabeth dau of James DOLE - 14May
Nicholas son of William HARVEY - 15Jun
Ambrose son of John WILLOWES - 21Jun
Joane dau of John HANNAM - 01Jul
Richard son of Nicholas STACY - 05Jul
Agnes dau of Nicholas SWETMAN - 02Oct
Robert son of John WADMAN - 06Oct
John son of John SHEPHERD - 08Oct
Margery dau of Walter HILL - 11Oct
John son of Richard TINES, rector - 25Oct
Christopher son of Nicholas MINTERNE - 06Dec
Margaret dau of William BROWNE - 01Feb
Edeth dau of Thomas HANNAM - 19Feb
Elizabeth dau of Tristram HANNAM - 07Mar
Nicholas son of William WADMAN - 13Mar

John son of Christopher GOLYFER - 09Apr
Elizabeth dau of Roger BROOKE - 10May
Nicholas son of Thomas SOMMER - 31May
John son of Roberte PENNEY - 25Jul
Alan son of Anseline BROCKE - 20Aug
Marie dau of Edward WICKHAM - 10Jan
Joane dau of John WAYTE - 14Feb
Trisram and Alice son & dau of Robert SCOSER alias OLIVER - 18Mar

Robert son of William Eioles - 01May
Joane dau of Margaret LITCHEN - 20Jun
Frances dau of George ROCHE, gent. - 20Jun
John son of James DOLE - 31Aug
Agnes dau of William JEANES - 05Sep
John son of John WADMAN - 30Oct
Repentance dau of Thomas HANNAM - 11Feb
Dorothie dau of Richard WAITE - 01Mar
Christian dau of Stephan SNOOKE - 09Mar

Thomas son of Robert WILLOUGHBY - 01Apr
D???? son of John DAY - 03Apr (check first name)
Joane dau of William JEANES - 01May
Christian dau of Nicholas STACIE - 30Jun
Elizabeth dau of Christopher HELLYER - 28Aug
Elizabeth dau of Nicholas MINTERNE - 01Sep
Joane dau of Luce BLAKE - 20Oct
Virgill son of Walter HILL - 27Oct
Alice dau of James DOLE - 27Oct
Robert son of Robert SCOSER alias OLIVER - 10Nov
Margerie dau of Thomas SOMMER - 22Nov
Joane dau of Nicholas SWETMAN - 18Dec
James son of William EILES - 05Jan
Henrie son of John PIERCE - 02Feb
Constance dau of Elionor LANE - 23Feb
Robert son of Roberte PENNIE - 27Feb
Dorothie dau of Virgill WADMAN - 14Mar
Joane dau of Richard SCOSAR alias OLIVER - 16Mar

Agnes dau of Nicholas PICKE - 05May
Richard son of John LEMMAN - 01Jun
Repentencius son of Margaret HILBORNE - 15Jun
Ambrose son of William WADMAN - 17Sep
Beniamen son of Ambrose RENDALL - 26Oct
Alice dau of Richard WAYTE - 31Dec
Margaret dau of Richard TINES - 06Jan
Thomas son of John JEANES - 18Feb
Margaret dau of Christopher HELLIOR - 20Feb

Bushops son of John DAY - 20Apr
Margaret dau of John WADMAN - 02May
Anne dau of Anselme BROCKE - 03May
William son of Tristram GENTLE - 31May
Jane dau of [blank] SCOSER alias OLIVER - 21Jun
Anne dau of Walter SOMER - 17May
Roger son of Nicholas SWETMAN - 08Jun
Nicholas son of [blank] - 06Sep
Alice dau of Christopher GOLYPHER - 16Oct
Margaret dau of John MARTIN - 16Oct
Jane dau of Nicholas MINTERNE - 20Oct
Dorothie dau of Roberte LONY - 31Oct
John son of John WADMAN - 31Oct
Alice dau of Richard WAITE - 14Mar

Ambrose son of Thomas SOMER - 01Nov
Alexander son of John BEWSIE10Sep
Margaret dau of John PIERCE - 12Jan
Christian dau of Thomas LONIE - 06Feb
Dorothie dau of John MARTIN - 10Feb
George son of William MARTIN - 28Feb
John son of William WADMAN - 28Feb
Tristram son of Luce BLAKE - 01Mar
Thomas son of Tristram HANNHAM - 20Mar

John son of Richard OLIVER alias SCOSER - 26Apr
George son of John WADMAN - 28Apr
Margaret dau of Christopher DOWDINGE - 29Apr
Elizabeth dau of Thomas HANNAM - 06May
John son of Christopher HELLYER - 20Jun
Edeth dau of Thomas KINGE of Horwood - 12Jul
Luce dau of Thomas HUTCHINS - 01Nov
Ralfe and Edeth son and dau of James HELLYOR - 26Dec
Dorothie dau of William WADMAN - 07Feb

Thomas son of John MARTIN - 01May
John son of John LONEY - 16Jun
Foelix son of Nicholas MINTERNE - 22Jul
Thomas son of Thomas SLOE alias ADAMS - 23Aug
Magdalen dau of Thomas KINGE - 06Sep
Jane dau of John FELTOM - 01Oct
Thomas son of Nicholas SWETMAN - 24Oct
John son of Robert LONIE - 16Nov
Anselme son of Anselme BROCKE - 18Nov
Richard son of Richard WAITE - 23Nov
William son of Virgill WADMAN - 26Jan
Dorothie dau of Robert HILBORNE - 26Jan
Thomas son of Thomas LONIE - 06Feb

Agnes dau of John WOOD - 28Apr
Sara dau of Thomas HANNAM - 17May
John son of William JEANES - 25May
Christopher son of Christopher HELLYER - 16Jun
John son of Edward WHITE - 30Jun
Agnes dau of John MARTIN - 31Dec
Elizabeth dau of Christopher GOLIPHER - 06Jan

Thomas son of Thomas GILLET - 22Apr
Ambrose son of Wlater SEMER - 20Jun
Edeth dau of Nicholas SWETMAN - 12Sep
Christian dau of Walter CLARKE - 07Sep
William son of William HASKET - 14Sep
Elizabeth SCOSER alias OLIVER dau of Richard OLIVER - 28Sep
Honor dau of Anthonie WICKHAM, gent. - 16Jan
John son of John LONEY - 16Jan
Anne dau of Thomas LONEY - 30Jan
Joane dau of Virgill MARTIN - 22Mar

Joane dau of John FELTAM - 15May
Elizabeth dau of Thomas KINGE - 29May
Thomas son of Christopher HELLYOR - 21Jun
Alice dau of Roger PURPORT - 19Jul
William son of Thomas HANNAM - 17Oct
Walter son of Richard OLIVER alias SCOSER - 17Oct
Elizabeth dau of Roberte SHEPHERD - 16Jan
James son of Anthonie WICKHAM, gent. - 20Jan

Joane dau of Edward BAKER - 01Apr
Joane dau of Robert WATERS - 30Dec
Katherin dau of William MARTIN - 01Jan

Giles son of Richard WAYTE - 07Apr
Agnes SCOSAR alias OLIVER dau of James OLIVER - 23May
Anthonie son of John MARTIN - 03Jun
Walter son of Thomas LONEY - 02Jul
Christopher son of John WADMAN - 09Jul
Dorothie dau of Christopher HELLYOR - 12Jul
John son of John LONEY - 20Aug
Christopher son of John WADMAN - 16Sep
Anthonie son of William COLE - 01Oct
Joane dau of John MYNTERNE - 15Oct
James son of Roberte LONEY - 29Oct
John son of John WOOD - 30Nov
Richarde son of Roberte SHEPHERDE - 17Dec
William son of Anthonie WICKHAM - 18Dec
George son of Gabriell WOLMINGTON - 17Jan
Elizabeth dau of John FELTAM - 28Jan
Fraunces dau of Fraunces HINDIE - 18Feb
Thomas son of Rafe HUSON - 23Mar

Anthonie son of Anthonie SHEPHERDE - 29Mar
Elizabeth dau of Ambrose BROOKE - 01Apr
Marie son of Thomas HANNAM - 07Apr (check sex of child)
Josias son of Stephan WHITE - 15Apr
Elizabethe dau of Philipe TABOTE - 15Apr
Thomas son of Richarde HICKS - 01Jul
Agnes dau of Virgill WADMAN - 06Jul
Elizabethe dau of John PITMAN - 09Sep
Walter son of Thomas MASTERS - 28Nov
Agnes dau of Richarde TYNES, the younger - 01Dec
Nycholas son of Nicholas SWETMAN - 12Dec
Mellior dau of John LONEY - 17Dec
Thomas son of Anthonie WICKHAM - 24Mar

Joane dau of John ANDROWE - 18May
Dorothie dau of Walter SEMER - 02Jul
Thomas son of Christopher HELLIOR - 13Jul
Dorothie dau of John HINGSTON - 18Jul
Ambrose son of John LYMINGE - 18Jul
Elizabethe dau of John MARTEN - 01Sep
John son of James OLIVER - 15Nov
Henrie base son of Elinor LANE - 15Nov
John son of Richarde OLIVER - 22Nov
William son of Nycholas BRINE - 07Dec
Edwarde son of Roberts SHEPHERDE - 04Jan
Nicholas son of Thomas KINGE - 04Jan
John base son of Elizabethe BOWLES - 26Jan
Margarete dau of John MINTERNE - 18Feb
Elizabethe dau of Richarde WAITE - 20Feb

Dorothie dau of Thomas HANNAM - 26Apr
James son of Nycholas WILCOXE - 08Aug
Jane dau of Christopher GOLYFER - 08Aug
Edythe dau of George ORAM - 26Oct
John son of Thomas MASTERS - 04Nov
Ambrose son of Ambrose BROOKE - 06Jan
Robert son of Virgill WADMAN - 06Jan
John son of John FELTAM - 14Jan
John son of John MARTEN - 27Jan
Dorothie dau of Hughe BALDWIN - 16Feb

Rafe son of Rafe HUSON - 27Mar
Walter son of Richarde HICKS - 15Apr
Thomas son of Edwarde BAKER - 28May
Alice dau of Nicholas SWETMAN - 04Jul
Thomas son of Nicholas BRINE - 14Oct
Constantine son of James OLIVER - 27Oct
Repentaunce dau of Christian TRAFE - 10Nov
Thomas son of Thomas MARKES - 20Dec
Edithe dau of John ANDREW - 26Jan
Elizabethe dau of Roberte LONEY - 18Mar

Joan dau of Christofer HELLIOR - 25Mar
[?] dau of John LONEY - 09Apr
Christofer son of John GOLDE - 01 May
Margaret dau of Thomas LONEY - 01May
Edithe dau of Edythe GILLET - 06 Jul
Agnes & Maudelyne dau's of Thomas HANNAM - 29Jul
Joane dau of Thomas ELLIS - 01Sep
Honor dau of Thomas THORNE - 21Sep
Marye dau of William WHITE - 30Aug
Walter son of Arthure DAVIES - 09Nov
Repentance base s. of Joane PENNY - 19Nov
Elizabethe dau of Thomas LANGDON - 07Dec
John CLARKE alias KELWAY son of John KELWAI - 11Jan
John son of William HANNAM - 27Jan
Josua son of Hugh BALDWIN - 22Feb
Marye dau of Thomas HOBBES - 02Mar

John son of John MARTEN - 20Aug
John son of Ambrose BROOKE - 21Aug
Sedwell son of John DAY - 22Aug
Richarde son of Virgill WADMAN - 26Aug
Roberte son of Richarde OLIVER - 01Sep
John son of Thomas MASTERS - 06Sep
Joane dau of Richarde WAITE - 28Sep
Margaret dau of James PITMAN - 30Sep
William son of John FELTHAM - 19Jan
Margaret dau of John ANDREW - 14Feb
Mary dau of William HANNAM - 17Feb
John son of Roberte PERAM - 11Mar
William son of Edward BAKER - 11Mar

Edythe dau of John WILLOWES - 17May
Elizabethe dau of Walter STACIE - 17May
John son of Thomas MARKES - 31Jul
Roberte son of Rafe HUSON - 03Sep
William son of William WHITE - 06Oct
Edwarde son of Edwarde LEETE - 24Nov
Luce dau of George ORAM - 01Jan

Richard son of Allen WILLIS - 28Mar
Virgin son of Arthure DAVIS - 04Apr
Dorothe dau of Thomas THORNE - 11Apr
Roberte son of Roberte SHEPPARDE - 27Apr
Nicholas son of John KELWAY alias CLARCK - 29Jun
John son of Gilberte STACEY - 11Jul
William son of William THORNE - 21Sep
Mary dau of William MARTIN - 28Sep
William son of William HARVY - 26Oct
John son of Thomas GEARE - 02Nov
Joane dau of John GOALDE - 05Nov
Edeth dau of John MARTIN - 09Nov
Thomas base child of Christian DEY, Nicholas GOBB reputed father - 31Dec
Agnes dau of William HANNAM (thunger) - 08Jan
Elizabeth dau of Nicholas BRYNE - 01Feb
John DAYE son of John DEY (thunger) - 08Feb
Joanne dau of John LONIE - 08Mar
John base child of Darothe WILLOWES - 15Mar

Thomas son of Virgin WADMAN - 06Apr
Anthonye & Thomas son's of Thomas MASTERS - 06Apr
Nicholas son of Edwarde BAKER - 12May
Joane base dau of Alice WILLS - 05May
Edwarde son of Richard OLIVER - 26May
Robert son of Robert PARHAM - 07Jul
Margaret dau of Ambrose BROOK - 02Sep
Joane dau of Roger BARBER - 11Oct
John son of Edwarde LEETT - 22Oct
Bassell dau of William WHITE - 25Oct
Margery dau of William PLUCKNETT - 17Feb
Katherine dau of Thomas THORNE - 09Mar

Roberte son of John FELTOME - 17Apr
Agnes dau of RobertSHEPPARDE - 10Jul
Anne dau of Richard DOWNETON - 28Aug
Margarett dau of William MARTIN - 31Aug
Richard son of Walter STACEY - 02Oct
Elizabeth dau of Ralfe HUSON - 09Oct
James son of William HANNAM - 04Nov
Dorothe dau of Benianine RENDALL - 10Nov
Thomas son of Thomas PEARS - 06Mar
Joanne dau of John MARTIN - 19Mar

John son of John LONGMAN - 09Apr
John son of John WILLIS - 08Jul
Thomas son of Thomas GEARE - 09Jul
Roberte base child of Margery WINTER - 09Jul
James son of Thomas MARKES - 08Oct
Gilbert son of Gilbert STACEY - 08Oct
William son of John EATMAN - 03Jan
Henry son of John GOALDE - 21Feb
William son of John LONEY - 25Feb

Benjamin son of Ambrose BROOK - 20May
Roberte son of Edwarde LEATE - 24Jun
Marie dau of William PLUCKNET - 05Aug
Dorothee dau of Arthur DAVIES - 19Aug
William son of Thomas MASTERS - 19Dec
James son of John MARTEN - 21Dec
Elizabethe dau of William HANNAM - 07Jan
Elizabethe dau of John DEYE - 19Jan
Frauncise son of John VELTOME - 16Feb
Susanna dau of William MARTEN - 10Mar
Nicholas son of Nicholas PAWLETT - 23Mar

Stephane son of William WHITE - 14Apr
Sedwell dau of Thomas THORNE - 29May
Walter son of Walter STACEY - 07Aug
Margaret dau of John BAKER - 05Sep
John son of Roberte SHEPPARD - 15Dec

John son of Ralfe HUSON - 27Mar
Elizabeth dau of John ETMAN - 03Apr
Josia son of Roberte PARREN - 03Jun
Cisely dau of Nicholas PAWLETT - 12Jul
Jeane dau of Edwardus LEATE - 01Aug
Elizabeth dau of Laur CREED - 21Sep
Susan dau of William OBORNE - 11Oct
Edeth dau of John MYCHELL - 06Nov
Roberte son of John MARTEN - 25Nov
Richard son of Gilles TYNES - 21Feb
Roberta dau of John LONGMAN - 28Feb
Dorothe dau of Ambrose BROOK - 13Mar

Elizabeth dau of Richarde WAYTE - 25Mar
William son of William HANNAM - 11Apr
Thomas son of Gilbert STACEY - 28Jul
Judeth dau of Beniamin RENDALL - 24Oct
Janne dau of Thomas DAIE - 12Dec
John son of Thomas PEARS - 13Feb

Thomas son of William PLUCKNET - 25Mar
Alice dau of Roberte SHEPPARD - 30Mar
Dorothee dau of William MARTEN - 25Apr
Elizabethe dau of Roberte PERAM - 05Jun
John son of John BAKER - 02Jul
Susan dau of Walter STACIE - 03Jul
Maude dau of Thomas THORNE - 31Jul
Alice dau of Nicholas PAWLET - 10Aug
Agnes dau of William FURNELL - 04Sep
John son of Richard WAITE - 30Dec
Christopher son of Rafe HUSON - 12Jan
Edithe dau of John DAY - 20Feb

Thomas son of William HANNAM - 26Apr
William son of Thomas HANNAM - 04Jun
Anna dau of William MARTEN - 23Aug
Roberte son of John MICHELL - 24Aug
Elizabeth dau of Thomas FEILDE - 21Jan
Joanne dau of Josia BRABEN - 29Jan
Margaret dau of Thomas DEY - 13Mar
John son of Nicholas GARDINER - 15Mar

Ellen dau of Thomas LONEY - 01 May
Roberte son of Nicholas BRINE - 13Jun
Margaret dau of Ralfe HUSON - 11Jul
John son of John WAITE the elder - 01Aug
James son of James BALSTER - 06Oct
John son of Bishoop DEY - 14Nov
Androwe son of William FURNELL - 04Dec
John son of Thomas PEARCE - 11Jan
James son of Thomas MILLER - 18Jan
Cristopher son of Henry TUTCHER - 24Feb
Leonerad son of William HANNAM - 16Mar
Thomas son of Thomas THORNE - 23Mar

Sedwell dau of Thomas HANNAM - 18May
William son of Edwarde LEATE - 08Jun
Joanne dau of William ALFORDE - 15Jun
Henry so of John BAKER - 15Jun
Dorothe dau of Davye DEY - 08Jul
Jeane dau of Alexander BEWESEY - 10Aug
Madlen dau of Ambrose WILLIES - 18Sep
Richard HAYWARD, base child - 26Oct
Richard son of John WAITE - 10Dec
William son of William PLUCKNETT - 14Dec
Thomas son of Thomas FEILDE - 01Jan
John son of Thomas DEY - 11Feb
Mary dau of Josia BRABANT - 13Feb
Anthoney son of Richarde WAITE - 14Mar

Margaret dau of William MARTEN - 04Apr
Joane dau of Walter STACEY - 10May
Agnes dau of John MICHELL - 06Jun
Agnes dau of John CROSE - 29Jun
William son of William FURNELL - 24Mar
Joane dau of Thomas MILLER - 06Feb

Androue son of Nicholas GARDENER - 29Mar
John son of Thomam [sic] HANNAM - 13Apr
John son of William HANNAM - 06Jun
John son of George WADMAN - 06Jun
Richard son of Humfry WALL - 04Jul
Ambrose son of John PICKOLL - 04Aug
Edeth dau of John BURTON - 08Aug
Edward son of Edward ANTILL - 12Sep
John son of Thomas LONEY - 22Sep
Luce dau of Nicholas POLLETT - 24Sep
Richard son of John BAKER - 26Sep
John son of John BRINE - 13Oct
Buyshopp son of Buyshopp DEY - 13Oct
Abell son of Alexander BEWSEY - 18Oct
William son of William PLUCKNETT - 27Dec
Margarett dau of Christian LEWES - 19Jan
Nicolas son of Daved DEY - 23Jan
William son of William MARTEN - 30Jan
Richard son of Richard OLIVER - 12Feb
Edmond son of Richard WAITE - 18Mar

Elizabeth dau of Richard LIMMINGE - 12May
Richarde son of Richard WAYTE junior - 17Jan
Allice dau of Gilbert STACYE - 21Jan
Ursula dau of James BULSTER - 21Jan
Anne dau of John GANE - 31Jan

Robert son of William HANNAM - 28Mar
Elizabeth dau of Thomas DEY - 02Apr
Henrie son of Walter STACEY - 15Apr
Anne dau of John PECKOLLD - 18Apr
Benjamin son of Ralph HUSON - 15Jun
William son of William PARATT - 17Jun
Luce dau of Thomas LONNYE - 24Jun
Honour dau of Thomas HANNAM - 24Jun
Nicholas GARDNER - 15Jul
Ambrose son of Ambrose WILLIS - 26Aug
Richarde son of William FURNELL - 03Oct
Elizabethe dau of Thomas WHITE - 14Oct
Richarde son of Edwarde ANTELL - 15Oct
Elizabeth dau of Joseph BRABIN - 17Oct
George son of George WALLE - 24Mar

George son of Edward WADMAN - 31Mar
Mary dau of Edward LEAT - 10May
Joane dau of John BENNET - 03Jun
Edward son of William MARTINE - 18Aug
William son of John BRINE - 22Sep
Constance dau of Thomas DEY - 10Nov
Ambrose son of William PLUCKNET - 01Dec
Elyzabeth dau of Richard SHEPPARD - 27Dec
John reputed son of John LINTON of Ditchet Parish - 02Feb
Christiane dau of Richard WAITE - 08Feb
John son of John PICOLL - 09Feb
Robert son of Nicholas PAULET - 15Feb
Elyzabeth dau of Bishopp DEY - 21Feb
John son of Davie DEY - 10Mar

Agnes dau of Richard OLIVER - 29Mar
Agnes dau of William ALFORD - 29Mar
Eede dau of John MARCH - 26Apr
Roger son of William HANNAM - 30Apr
Agnes dau of Richard WAYT - 02Jun
Rebeccha dau of Thomas LOMBARD - 30Jul
Edmund son of Edmund HANNAM - 07Sep
Christopher son of Anthonie MARTIN - 12Sep
Marie dau of Thomas WHITE - 05Oct
John son of John MICHELL - 01Nov
Richard son of Richard OLIVER - 24Nov
Robert son of Thomas LONEY - 26Dec
Elyzabeth dau of Alice STACIE and Walter MORGAN in fornication - 01Jan
Christofer son of Gilbard STACIE - 06Mar
John son of Edward ANKETILL - 14Mar

Ales dau of John WAYTE - 25Mar
Elyzabeth dau of William FURNELL - 07Apr
Stephen son of Tristram MORE - 07Apr
Margaret dau of Margers HILL and Rich. MORGAN spuria
John son of James BALTHASAR - 18Apr
Marie dau of Edward ABBOTT - 08Aug
John son of John LONEY - 08Sep
William son of Richard SHEPPARD - 30Sep
Jane dau of Alexander BEWSEY - 28Nov
Jane dau of William MARTIN - 19Mar
John son of Walter STACY - 20Mar
Jane dau of John BRINE - 20Mar

Dorithy dau of Thomas HANNAM - 27Mar
Thomas son of Ambrose WILLIS - 03May
Alice dau of Edward LONY - 05May
Nicholas son of Nicholas SWETMAN - 16Jun
William son of Anthony MARTIN - 01Jul
Elyzabeth dau of William PLUCNET - 03Jul
Elyzabeth dau of Edward ABBOT - 05Jul
Marie dau of Edmund HANNAM - 07Jul
Annes dau of Edward LET - 18Aug
Mary dau of Richard WAYT - 21Aug
Dorithy dau of Thomas WHITE - 02Oct
Rebeccha dau of Richard OLIVER - 15Jan
Jane dau of Bishop DAY - 26Feb
John [sic] dau of Richarde LEMMEN - 05Mar
Dorithi dau of Nickles FOLLET - 13Mar

Marie dau of John PICKOLL - 18Apr
Elyzabeth dau of Jhon - 30Apr
Ambrose son of Edward SHEPPERD - 08May
Thomas son of Jhon MARCH - 04Jun
Frances dau of Nicholas GARDENER - 05Jul
Thomas son of Repentance CLARK - 30Jul
Elyzabeth dau of Richard SCOURSER - 30Jul
Dorithi dau of .......... ANCTELL - 10Aug
Alice dau of Henri STACIE - 11Sep
Elyzabeth dau of Richard OLIVER - 11Sep
Dorithi dau of William PARRET - 12Sep
Richard son of James BOWLSTER - 24Sep
Robert son of Davi DEY - 28Oct
Thomas son of William MARTIN - 03Nov
Jhon son of Robert WADMAN - 03Nov
Dorithie dau of Richard SHEPPERD - 08Nov
Ann dau of Mr James WICHAM - 10Dec
Margerie dau of Tristram MOORE - 21Dec
Edward son of Edward ABBOTT - 22Jan
Matthias son of Jhon LONEY - 11Mar
Margaret dau of Thomas LONEY - 20Mar

Rebecha dau of William BROWING - 08Apr
An dau of Nicholas SWEATMAN - 15Apr
Marie dau of John BRINE - 15Jun
Joane dau of Edmund HANNAM - 25Jul
Barbara dau of Thomas WHITE - 21Dec

Ann dau of Water STACIE - 31Mar
Thomas son of Thomas HANNAM - 17Apr
Thomas son of Anthony MARTINE - 28Apr
John son of William PERRIT - 30Jun
Ann dau of Richard SHEPPERD - 13Jul
James son of Bishopp DEYE - 01Aug
Thomas son of Edward SHEPPARD - 24Aug
Annes dau of Nicholas PAULET - 07Sep
Ellnor dau of Edward ABBOTT - 09Oct
John son of John SHEPPERD - 20Oct
Thomas son of Thomas WILLOBIE - 20Oct
Joane dau of Richard OLIVER - 16Oct
Joane dau of William FURNELL - 23Nov
Samuell son of Richard OLIVER - 07Dec
Henry son of Henry STACIE - 18Dec
John son of William MARTINE - 02Feb
Thomas son of Mr James WICKHAM - 08Feb
William son of John BENNET - 15Feb
Thomas son John BRINE - 28Mar

John son of Christopher HELLIER - 01Jun
Ann dau of Pentac CLARK - 02Jun
Catherine dau of William PLUCKNET - 04Jul
David son of David DEY - 18Sep
Dorathie dau of Alexander BEWSEY - 19Sep
Elysabeth dau of John PICKOLLD - 23Sep
Thomas son of Edmund HANNAM - 20Dec
William son of Edward ANCTILL - 21Dec
Mari dau of Anthonie MARTIN - 05Jan
Luce dau of Chr. WADMAN - 07Feb
Thomas son of Thomas WHITE - 21Feb
Juliane dau of John MARCH - 28Feb

William son of John STACIE - 31Mar
Joane dau of Richard SHEPPEARD - 10Apr
Marian dau of Nicholas SWEATMAN - 10Apr
William son of Richard WEYT - 16Apr
Joane dau of John SHEPPEARD - 25May
Elyzabeth dau of Thomas WILLOBY - 10Jun
John son of Robert SCOWRSER - 04Jul
Ann dau of William PERRIT - 05Sep
Mathewe son of John PAYNTER - 24Sep
Nicholas son of Nicholas GARDNER - 08Oct
John son of John PERHAM - 07Nov
Marie dau of Henry STACIE - 27Nov
Jane dau of Edward SHEPPARD - 11Dec
Richard son of Ralph SERGEANT - 24Feb
Anna dau of Ambrose BROOK - 20Feb
Margaret dau of Christopher HELLIER - 09Mar

An dau of Ambrose WILLIS - 03Apr
Elyzabeth dau of Richard BROOKE - 26Jun
Thomas son of Thomas LONY - 06Jul
Frances son of John STACIE - 13Jul
Elyzabeth dau of Richard BROOKE - 13Sep
Thomas son of Thomas HANNAM - 27Oct
An dau of Robert OLIVER - 30Oct
Elizabeth dau of Nicholas SWETMAN - 27Jan
Absalon son of Edward ABBOT - 26Feb
John son of John GOSENY - 04Mar
William son of Anthony SHEPPARD, the younger - 04Mar

Jane dau of Edward ANCTILL - 21Mar
William son of William HANNAM - 04Apr
Marie dau of Thomas WILLOWBY - 07Apr
Margaret dau of William FURNELL - 21Apr
Richard son of Richard SHEPPEARD - 25Apr
William son of Bishop DEY - 28Apr
Robert son of Thomas WHITE - 11Nov
Joane dau of Edward OLIVER - 21Nov
Thomas son of Thomas BUTT - 22Sep
Nicholas son of John BAKER - 17Dec
Edward son of Edward SHEPPEARD - 30Jan
John son of John MEARCH - 17Feb
Susanna dau of Robert OLIVER - 17Feb
Ambrose son of Ambrose BROOKES - 18Mar

Christopher son of Christopher HELLIER - 01May
Margery dau of Ralf SERGEANT - 01May
Elizabeth dau of John PERHAM - 18Apr
Alice dau of Tobie HANNAM - 23Jun
Susanna dau of John SHEPPEARD - 21Jul
Marie dau of Richard PERHAM - 04Aug
John son of John PERHAM - 19Jan
Elizabeth dau of Christopher WADMAN - 09Feb
Elizabeth dau of John BAKER - 13Feb
Marie dau of William HANNAM - 16Feb
Jane dau of John SCORSER alias OLIVER - 06Mar

Robert and Francis son's of Robert VELTHAM - 17Apr
Ambrose son of Edward ANCTILL - 31May
Thomas son of Thomas & Elizabeth WILLOWBY - 01Aug
William son of David & An DEY - 24Aug
Grace dau of Robert & Susanna SCORSER - 23Nov
Edward son of Edward and Jone SCORSER - 23Nov
William son of William SCOTT - 02Jan
Thomas son of Richard OLIVER - 21Feb

Joane dau of Edward & Dorathie SHEPPEARD - 11Apr
William son of John MARCH - 12Apr
Richard base son of Rebecca BRUER - 26Jun
William son of John STACYE - 17Jul
Marian dau of Joseph PERHAM - 04Oct
Dorathie dau of John VELTHAM - 06Jan
Richard son of Robert VELTHAM - 19Jan
Elizabeth dau of Richard STACEYE - 21Feb
Elizabeth dau of Thomas WADDMAN - 06Mar
Marie dau of John SHEPPEARD - 22Mar
Marie dau of Tobias HANNAM - 22Mar
(at Cucklington) Ellis son of Richard PERHAM - 30Dec

Margaret dau of Anthony SHEPPARD, jr. - 27Mar
Edward son of Byshopp DEYE - 03Apr
Judeth dau of David WILLIAMS, Rector - 11Oct
Mathue son of David DAY - 07May
John son of Nicholas WILLOWES - 08May
Matthewe son of Richard HUNT - 10Jul
Elizabeth dau of Thomas WADMAN -
Gregorie son of Christopher HELLIER - 11Dec
Jane dau of Edward SCOSER alias OLIVER
Hugh son of William HARVEYE - 07Feb
Abigail dau of Ambrose BROOKE - 24Feb
Alice dau of Edward SHEPPEARD - 10Mar
John son of John LONGMAN - 12Mar

Joane dau of Ralph SERGEANT - 26Mar
Robert son of Robert OLIVER - 23Apr
Richard son of Richard STACYE - 25Apr
William son of Thomas WILLOWBIE - 13May
Marie dau of John MARCH - 07Jun
Benjamine son of Nicholas SWETEMAN - 05Sep
Joane dau of John MEARKES - 21Sep
John son of John SCOSER alias OLIVER - 19Nov
Thomas base son of Thomas GEARE and Joane HANNAM - 09Dec
Ann dau of Richard PERHAM - 07Jan
Madelin dau of Francis VELTHAM - 01Feb
John son of John ODBURR - 15Feb
Stephen son of John PERRIN - 11Mar

Elizabeth dau of Richard WILLIS - 27Mar
John base s. of Christian BAKER - 30Mar
Benjamin son of David WILLIAMS - 18Apr
Luce dau of John VELTHAM - 15Jul
John son of James HANNAM - 15Jul
Marie dau of Richard STACYE - 19Aug
Ann dau of Richard SHEPPEARD - 15Sep
Margaret dau of Christofer WADMAN - 28Oct
George son of Nicholas SWETEMAN - 11Nov
Richard & Margaret son & dau of Richard HUNT - 21Nov
Repentance dau of William HANNAM - 22Nov
Edward son of Edward ANCKETILL - 09Dec
Thomas son of David DEYE - 23Dec
John son of Roger CURTISE - 05Jan
Jane dau of Thomas UPPHILL - 03Mar

Thomas son of Christofer HELLIER - 03Apr
Jane dau of John SHEPPARD - 17Apr
Richard son of Robert SCOSER - 21Apr
Alice dau of Richard OLIVER - 04Jun
Marie dau of John GIER - 07Sep
William son of William HARVEYE - 01Nov
Elizabeth dau of Edward OLIVER - 03Nov
Thomas son of Thomas PEACE - 17Nov
Elizabeth dau of Tobyas HANNAM - 26Jan
John son of Ambrose BROOKE - 16Feb

Elizabeth dau of Edward SHEPPARD - 19Apr
Susanna dau of Thomas WILLOWBYE - 26Apr
Allen son of Richard WILLIS - 14May
Margarett dau of John MEARKES - 07Jun
Richard son of Richard HUNT - 27Jun
Joane dau of James HANNAM - 26Jul
Elizabeth dau of John LONGMAN - 11Oct
Barbara dau of Richard PERIN - 01Nov
Judeth dau of Richard PENY - 15Nov
Roger son of Cristopher HELEER - 15Nov
Elizabeth dau of Humphrye BARNES - 06Jan
Ann dau of Richard STACYE - 28Jan
John son of John VELTHAM - 02Feb
Edyth dau of John PERHAM - 07Feb
John son of John GEARE - 20Mar

Thomas son of Ralf SERGEANT - 08Apr
Neckolas son of Neckolas SWETMAN - 13May
Christopher GOLD [erased]
Richard son of Richard WADMAN - 30May
Judeth dau of Christopher WADMAN - 14Jun
Grace dau of Robert OLIVER - 08Aug
John son of Robert WHITE - 15Aug
Stephen son John MARCH - 05Sep
Marye dau of William BRINE - 12Sep
Julian base child of Elnor MARTIN vid. John MARTIN reputed father - 10Oct
John son of Robert FELTHAM - 12Oct
Richard son of William HANNAM - 17Dec
Agnes dau of Joseph alias Joshua PERHAM - 01Jan
Thomas son of Thomas WADMAN - 21Jan
Katharyne dau of James WICKHAM - 23Jan
Susanna dau of Edward OLIVER - 28Jan
Thomas son of Thomas HANNAM - 02Feb
David son of David DEYE - 05Feb
Richard son of Richard STACEYE - 13Feb

Ann dau of Thomas THORNE - 03Apr
Marian dau of John STACYE - 10Apr
Ann dau of John SHEPPARD - 08May
Marie dau of William HARVYE - 24Jul
Joane dau of Leonard HANNAM - 31Jul
Ann dau of John GEARE - 05Aug
Richard son of John SHEPPARD - 28Aug
Thomas son of Thomas ABBOTT - 21Sep
Robert son of Thomas PERSE - 13Nov
Joane dau of Richard WILLIS - 20Nov
John son of Richard HUNT - 28Nov
John son of James HANAM - 26Feb
Marie dau of John ODBURR - 28Feb
Joane dau of Robert WHITE - 03Mar

Marie dau of William HANNAM - 04Apr
Alice dau of Robert OLIVER - 10Aug [this entry made afterwards]
David son of Humfrye BARNES - 08Oct [thia entry made afterwards]
Marie dau of Nicholas SWETEMAN - 19Nov
Joane dau of Thomas PEARCE - 20Nov [this entry made afterwards]
Robert son of Edward SHEPPARD - 22Nov
Roberte son of John GEARE - 02Feb
Anthony son of Anthonye SHEPPARD - 12Feb
Thomas son of Thomas THORNE - 12Feb
Elizabeth dau of John FELTHAM - 20Jan
** Christopher son of Sball TARGET - 20Jan
Edward son of Roberte FELTHAM - 20Feb
William son of William HANNAM - 27Feb
Elizabeth dau of John PERHAM - 10Mar

William son of Leonard HANNAM - 29Mar
John son of William HANNAM - 30Apr
Marie dau of John MORREN - 25Aug
Edward son of John FELTHAM - 03Feb
Tobyte son of Tobyte HANNAM - 26Jul

Thomas son of William HARBRYE - 25Mar
Edward son of Richard STACYE - 23Jan [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Richard son of Richard PENNIE - 08Feb [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Beniamyne son of Nicholas SWETEMAN - 05Mar [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Marie dau of Thomas ABBOTT - 08Mar [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Thomas son of Thomas THORNE (erased)
Elizabeth dau of Leonard HANNAM - 13Jun
Marie dau of James HANNAM - 03Jul
Marie dau of Thomas THORNE - 24Jul [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Ann dau of John SHEPPARD - 24Jul
** Thomas son of Sibball TARGET - 13Oct
John son of John PERHAM - 03Nov [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Robert son of Richard PERHAM - 21Feb [corrected to 1645 from 1647]
Ambrose son of Ambrose WILLIS - 08Oct [corrected to 1645 from 1646]
Thomas son of Ambrose WILLIS - 08Oct [corrected to 1645 from 1646]

John son of John WILLIS - 27May
[Marginal note In Register for next five entries - "Note there be some errors"]
Rose dau of Nicholas DAYE - 19Apr
Marye dau of Robert WHITE - 23Apr
Virgill son of Thomas WADMAN - 26Apr
Nicholas son of John GIER - 31May
Elizabeth dau of Leonard HANNAM - 31May

Elizabeth dau of Thomas WILLIS - 11Apr
Roberte son of Anthony WAITE - 18Jun
** Mary dau of Sibball TARGET - 29Sep

Thomas son of William HANHAM - 22Nov
William son of John SHEPPARD - 22May
John son of John MORREN - 13Oct
Edward son of William HANNAM - 05Aug
Thomas son of Richard CORPE - 14Oct

Edmund son of Edmund HANNAM - 21Sep
Robert son of James HANNAM - 25Feb
Marie dau of Laurence HOBBS - 21Jan
Henrie son of Leonard HANNAM - 11Jan
** Edward son of Sibball TARGET - 14Feb

** [baptisms of all 4 Target children between 1643 & 1649, are found in the register under the year 1650]

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