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Transcripts of the Henstridge Marriage Registers from 1750 to 1849

These transcriptions have been copied from very old records, some of which are extremely faded, so a mistake is still possible for various reasons, therefore I would always recommend that you check the original records for yourself.

Philip BULGEN & Sarah CHANT, by Banns - 23Sep

Samuel PENNY & Marian BURTON - 20Mar
Elisha LEGG & Betty OBURN, botp, by Banns - 18Apr
James LANNING of Kington Magna, Dorset & Abigail MORES, otp, by Banns - 25Aug
Robert PITMAN of Sturminster Newton, Dorset & Rachel HOBBS, otp, by Banns - 03Sep
John MULLENS & Mary CROCKER, botp, by Banns - 28Oct

William DUFFET of Stalbridge, Dorset & Betty RYAL, otp, by Banns - 29Jun
Benjamin RABBETS & Jane DOWDING, botp, by Banns - 31Jul
George NEWPORT of Corton Denham & Frances BULLEN, otp, by Banns - 07Sep
John VOWEL & Elizabeth SANSOM, botp, by Banns 07Sep
George ROSE & Betty HUNT, botp, by Banns - 02Dec
John WEBB & Elizabeth HALLETT, botp, by Banns - 24Dec

John CULLIFOR & Priscilla BLANDFORD, botp, by Banns - 25Mar [surname spelt CULLIVER]
Thomas AVIS & Ann ANSTY, botp, by Banns - 31Oct
James OLIVER & Mary HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 06Nov
William SANSOM & Barbara LASS, botp, by Banns - 06Dec
Robert CANES & Betty FOOT, botp, by Banns - 13Dec

John CULLIFOR & Mary OBURN, botp, by Banns - 07Aug
John CROCKER of Castle Cary & Ann GREEN, otp, by Lic. - 07Sep
John SEGRAM & Sarah CLARK, botp, by Banns - 17Nov

James CANES & Judith SPARROW, botp, by Banns - 15Jan
William BISS & Elizabeth READ, botp, by Banns - 05Oct

John COURTNEY Susannah DOWDING, botp, by Banns - 19Feb
George GARRET & Betty HELLIOR [?], botp, by Banns - 28Jul
Joseph BEATON of Sandford Orcas & Mary VINCENT, otp, by Banns - [-----] [no date entered]
Rev'd Bapist ISAAC, Vicar & Miss Jenny WRIGHT, otp, by Lic. - 22Dec
Thomas WADMAN & Ann HAWARD, botp, by Banns - 26Dec

William RYALL & Susannah SANSOM, botp, by Banns - 05Apr
William HUNT of Stalbridge Elizabeth HOBBS, otp, by Banns - 30Apr
Richard PIDDING & Dinah WEAR, botp, by Banns - 28Jun
Robert RABBERTS of Stouer Provost, Dorset & Grace GATEHOUSE, otp, by Lic. - 03Aug
John LUCAS of Castle Cary & Susannah AISHFORD, otp, by Banns - 25Dec

William LUFMAN & Martha HAYWARD, botp, by Banns - 20Jan
William COX & Ann GREEN, botp, by Banns - 29Jan
James BARBER of Purse Caundle & Grace STACY, otp, by Banns - 23Mar
William GODDARD, bachelor, of Marnhull in Dorset & Ann LOVEL, spinster, otp, by Lic. - 10May
Hercules LANNEN of Kington Magna in Dorset & Mary CANDLE, otp, by Banns - 11May
William WEAR & Mary MITCHEL, botp, by Banns - 29May
John PENNY of Horsington & Katherine TOGOOD, otp, by Banns - 22Jun
William ROBERTS & Prudence TROBRIDGE, botp, by Banns - 28Dec

Jonathan BISS & Mary LOVELL, botp, by Lic. - 16Sep

Jonathan ABBOTT & Mary PENNY, botp, by Banns - 05Sep
William KITTLE & Margarett DOWDING, botp, by Banns - 31Oct
William OBOURN & Mary BRICKLES, botp, by Banns - 20Nov

Benjamin HOOPER of Carne in Dorset & Elizabeth GRAY, otp, by Lic. - 12Jan
Joseph PORTER & Mary HUNT, botp, by Banns - 12Feb
Joseph LOVELL & Mary TOOGOOD, botp, by Lic. - 29Feb
George CULLIFORD & Angel CROUCH, botp, by Banns - 04Mar
James TAYLOR & Sarah COX, botp, by Banns - 05Mar
Joseph CHANT & Ann READ, botp, by Banns - 30Apr
John GREGORY & Elizabeth GREEN, botp, by Banns - 21Jun
Thomas WILLIAMS of Stalbridge & Elizabeth ROSE, otp, by Banns - 09Aug
James DOWDING & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, botp, by Lic. - 25Aug

Thomas LOVELL of Kington Magna & Betty ABARROW, otp, by Lic. - 04Jan
William GILLINGHAM & Mary JOHNSON, botp, by Lic. - 18Apr
Samuel HOBBS & Martha SMITH, botp, by Lic. - 24Apr
Samuel CLARK & Mary WARE, botp, by Banns - 25Apr
Jonathan LOVELL & Patience TOOGOOD, botp, by Lic. - 27May
Joseph GREEN & Betty COX, botp, by Lic. - 28May
Samuel CHANT & Grace TOOGOOD, botp, by Banns - 04Jul
John COX & Hester GREEN, botp, by Lic. - 24Jul
John SANSOM & Martha CHANT, botp, by Banns - 12Aug

Charles MOORS & Susanna HUNT, botp, by Banns - 10Mar
John HOBBS & Mary HUSON, widow, botp, by Lic. - 15Oct

William LANGLEY & Mary LEWIS, widow, botp, by Banns - 02Jan
Robert COX & Sarah LOVEL, botp, by Banns - 02Mar
Benjamin TAYLOR & Phyllis HODGE, botp, by Lic. - 31Mar
William GRAY, otp & Sarah HAZARD of Stalbridge, by Lic. - 20Apr
Samuel PENNY & Mary BULGEN, botp, by Banns - 09May
Thomas READ & Jenny HODDINOT, botp, by Banns - 25May
William DOWDING & Mary LAPPIN, botp, by Banns - 28Dec

Edward BARRET of Milborne Port & Betty CHANNING, otp, by Banns - 16Feb
John HOW of Stalbridge & Elizabeth GALPIN, otp, By Banns - 06Jun
Nathaniel HUSON & Sarah HANNAM, botp, by Lic. - 28Jun
James TAYLOR & Betty PENNY, botp, by Banns - 12Jul
George HOBBS & Sarah CLARKE, botp, by Banns - 19Sep
Robert CLARK & Marian LOVELL, botp, by Banns - 22Sep
John ANSTY & Mary ROSE, botp, by Banns - 05Dec

Henry CHANT & Elizabeth SIMES, botp, by Banns - 14Mar
Josiah BARRETT of Farmham, Dorset & Sarah WYATT, otp, by Lic. - 24Apr
Joseph CHANT & Sarah METCHARD, botp, by Lic. - 25Jun [entered as CHAUNT, groom signed CHANT]
Joseph HALLET & Ann WHITE, botp, by Lic. - 03Aug
William BULLEN of East Stour, Dorset & Elizabeth ESON, otp, by Lic. - 19Nov

Thomas JEANS of Stalbridge & Grace CHANT, otp, by Banns - 12Feb
William GRAY & Mary GARRETT, botp, by Lic. - 03Mar
John MULLENS of Milborne Port & Judith MEATYARD, otp, by Banns - 09Apr
John ANSTEY & Rebeccah STACEY, botp, by Banns - 14Apr
Israel James HUDSON of Bradford, Wiltshire & Ann MILES, otp, by Lic. - 16Jun
Thomas BENNETT & Elizabeth OBOURN, botp, by Lic. - 25Jun
James KENISTON & Betty CAINS, botp, by Banns - 05Aug
John LANNEN & Hannah DIKE, botp, by Banns - 19Aug
Robert HUNT & Mary COFFEN, botp, by Banns - 27Aug
Abraham CLARK of Christchurch, Hampshire & Hester HELYAR, otp, by Banns - 22Sep
John COX, otp & Martha DUNNAM of Thornford, Dorset, by Lic. - 14Oct
Jonathan CROCKER of Castle Cary, Somerset & Jenny COX, otp, by Lic. - 12Nov
John WHITE & Mary LANNEN, botp, by Banns 25Dec

John KENESTON & Martha PERRY, botp, by Banns - 01Jan
Benjamin HOBBS & Ann MATTHEWS, botp, by Banns - 03Feb
Thomas HIDE of Stowell & Ann PARSONS, otp, by Banns - 07Apr
Thomas SMART & Elizabeth HOCKEY, botp, by Banns - 09Apr
Charles CASS & Leah SANSOM, botp, by Banns - 20May
Richard BURGE & Betty HUNT, botp, by Banns - 23Jun
Philip LANNEN & Rachel WILLS, botp, by Banns - 24Jun
Uriah JEANES & Ann HALLETT, botp, by Banns - 09Sep
Robert BARNES, widower & Mary LOVELL, botp, by Lic. - 25Sep
James CASS & Ann HUNT, botp, by Banns - 02Nov
John HOBBS & Elizabeth WEBB, botp, by Banns - 25Dec

James TITE of Milborne Port & Christian GARTRIL, otp, by Banns - 08Jun
John BURGE & Sarah HUNT, botp, by Banns - 15Jun
Benjamin GRAY & Hannah GARRETT, botp, by Banns - 18Jun
Joseph BRICKELL & Mary MICHELL, botp, by Banns - 12Jul
Thomas OLIVER & Betty HARRACEN, botp, by Banns - 03Aug
Elisha AXTENCE & Betty EVERET, botp, by Banns - 05Oct [bride signed EVERED]
James OBORN & Rebecca OBORN, botp, by Lic. - 19Nov

John BUGBY & Rebecca OBORN, botp, by Lic. - 24Mar
Robert BARNES & Sarah HARRIS, botp, by Banns - 26May
Joseph GREEN & Rachel OBORN, botp, by Lic. - 26Oct
Jonathan HOBBS & Honor KEMBER, botp, Lic. - 02Nov

Henry TITE & Grace READ, botp, by Banns - 18Jan
Thomas MITCHELL, widower & Margaret HISCOCK, spinster, botp, by Lic. - 15Feb
James DUNN [?] of Gillingham in Dorset & Ann OBORN, otp, by Lic. - 02May
John ANSTEY & Betty CHANT, botp, by Banns - 27Aug
George BILLEN & Ann MOOSE, botp, by Banns - 18Sep

William DYKE, Baker, of Stalbridge & Ann HOLDEN otherwise OWDEN, spinster, otp, by Banns - 10Apr
Thomas BURGE, Tiler & Hannah CLARK, spinster, botp, by Banns - 07May
William WEAR, single man & Lydia HOOPER, spinster, botp, by Banns - 24Aug
James RYALL & Sarah HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 31Oct

George BLANDFORD of Fontmell Magna in Dorset & Betty BENNETT, otp, by Lic. - 07May
Stephen LANGDON & Miliar PENNY, botp, by Banns 30Jun
John HUNT & Sarah WOOLFORD, botp, by Banns - 17Aug
Thomas MITCHELL & Rebecca ANSTY, botp, by Banns - 25Sep
William CLUETT of Sturminster Newton in Dorset & Ann COX, otp, by Lic. - 16Oct
Matthew LUFFMAN, bachelor & Elizabeth PARSONS, botp, by Banns - 13Dec

John ADAM, bachelor, of Horsington & Rachel DAVIDGE, spinster, otp, by Banns - 02Apr

William HALLETT of Horsington & Love JAMES, otp, by Banns - 05Jan
William DAW & Susannah SARGENT, otp by Banns - 18Feb
Andrew PENNY & Mary TURNER, botp, by Banns - 30Dec

John TAYLOUR of Horsington & Martha HUNT, otp, by Lic. - 31Mar
Nathaniel HUSON, Gent & Mary HANNAM, botp, by Lic. - 17May
John HOLLOWAY of Sedlescomb in Sussex & Mary LONGHORNE, otp, by Lic. - 27May
Thomas DOWDING Rebecca HOBBS, botp by Lic. - 22Dec
James SNOOK of Stower Provost & Mary Mehelabel SMITH, otp, by Banns - 24Dec

George GULLIFER & Mary HAZARD, botp, by Banns - 19Apr
Nathaniel HOBBS & Hannah OWDEN, botp, by Banns - 25Apr
Elisha LEGGE & Rebecca HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 09May
Thomas COFFIN & Mary LASS, botp, by Banns - 14May
Thomas JEANS & Elizabeth LUFFMAN, botp, by Banns - 15May
David WINSAR of City of New Sarum in Wiltshire [Salisbury] & Mary CROCKER, otp, by Lic. - 01Jun
John AXTENCE & Martha EVERED, botp, by Banns - 11Jun
John BRINE & Anne HATCHER, botp, by Banns - 07Jul
John CURTIS of Purse Caundle in Dorset & Hannah MANSEL, otp, by Banns - 16Aug
John LOVEL & Ann TROWBRIDGE, botp, by Banns - 07Oct

James HICKS & Ann KENISTON, botp, by Banns - 21Jan
James BALSTER of North Wootton [?] in Dorset & Betty FOOT, otp, by Lic. - 14Apr
William AVIS & Mary HARDY, botp, by Banns - 17Apr
Nicholas PHIPPIN & Ann VALLENCE, botp, by Banns - 26Aug
John BROWN & Mary STEAR, botp, by Banns - 15Sep
George BULGEN & Sarah DAVIDGE, botp, by Banns - 15Oct
Thomas ANDREWS of Baverstock in Wiltshire & Elizabeth LUCAS, otp, by Lic. - 17Oct
William CULLIFORD, otp & Elizabeth TUEXBURY of Sherborne in Dorset, by Banns - 30Dec

Thomas CASS & Dinah HUNT, botp, by Banns - 07Jan
William GRAY of Glanvilles Wootton in Dorset & Sarah CROCKER, otp, by Banns - 12Feb
William BURGE & Sarah WEAR, botp, by Banns 16Apr
Edward TAYLOR & Ann ROSE, botp, by Banns - 22May
John GULLICK of Surrey Milita, a sojouner & Priscilla TOOGOOD, otp, by Banns - 22May
John CURTIS, bachelor, of Charlton Horethorne & Jane FOOT, spinster, otp, by Banns - 07Oct
Thomas HALLETT & Betty CHAMPION, botp, by Banns - 27Oct
George AXTENCE & Sarah WEBB, botp, by Banns - 25Dec

Thomas CLEWETT of Sturminster Newton in Dorset & Agnes COX, otp, by Lic. - 22Jan
John HOOPER & Ann HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 23Feb
Robert HUNT & Grace TITE, widow, botp, by Banns - 03Mar
Edward COURTNEY & Mary PARSONS, botp, by Banns - 30Mar
William CHIPPETT Elizabeth BURGE, botp, by Banns - 22Apr [Groom signed CHIPPETT, written in register as CHEEPIT]
George LEMON, a sojourner & Mary TOOGOOD, botp, by Banns - 26Jun
Edward HOBBS & Ann KNIGHT, botp, by Banns - 04Sep

James HICKS, a sojourner & Sarah BISS, botp, by Banns 19Feb
Benjamin OBORN & Mary Ann FATHERS, botp, by Banns - 29Apr
Peter CASE & Elizabeth COX, botp, by Banns - 29Jul [Groom signed "CASE", surname spelt as CASS at children's baptisms]
George OBORN & Susanna DAW, botp, by Banns 29Sep
Peverell BURGESS of Caundle Purse in Dorset & Jane HOBBS, otp, by Banns - 11Oct
Thomas POPE of Caundle Purse in Dorset & Sarah BISS, otp, by Banns - 11Oct
Robert COURTNAY & Ann WEAR, botp, by Banns - 27Dec

Joseph OBORN & Sarah BISS, botp, by Banns - 15Jan
William ROBERTS & Prudence TROWBRIDGE, botp, by Banns - 29Mar
George GUY & Mary ARNEY, botp, by Banns - 29Mar

James BISS & Mary HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 15Jan
Samuel AVIS of Thornford in Dorset & Sarah TOOGOOD, otp, by Banns - 14Feb
John AVIS & Lydia SENIOR, botp, by Banns - 17Apr
Joseph CAINES & Grace BURGE, botp, by Banns - 08May
William COURTNEY & Ann MITCHELL, botp, by Banns - 05Jun
Nurton BOBBITT & Philippa HAWKE, botp, by Banns - 10Sep [groom signed BOBBET]
Joshua DEAL & Mary SAUNDERS, botp, by Banns - 25Dec
James AVIS & Dinah ABBOTT, botp, by Banns - 25Dec

John CHEEPET & Susannah MOOR, botp, by Banns - 29Jan
John RIDOUT & Christian HUTCHINGS, botp, by Lic. - 14Feb
Robert BRINE & Ann LOVELL, widow, botp, by Banns - 08May
Daniel COFFIN & Ann HIX, botp, by Banns - 30May
Robert MATCHEM & Elizabeth DAY, botp, by Banns - 18Jun
Henry AILES & Martha EWENS, botp, by Banns - 15Nov

Mark HICKS & Martha TOOP, botp, by Banns - 20Jan
John CLARE of Netherbury in Dorset & Hannah HOOPER, otp, by Lic. - 20Mar
Elisha ACOURT of Fifehead Magdalen & Sarah FORD, otp, by Banns - 13May
Charles BISS & Jane JEANS, botp, by Banns - 15May

George BUCKLAND & Mary HOBBS, botp by Banns - 24Feb
James LOVELL & Ann LOVELL, botp, by Banns - 30Apr
Samuel BISS & Elizabeth HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 11May
John HODDER & Sarah GREGORY, botp, by Banns - 02Jun
Edward EMBERY & Ann CALPIN, botp, by Banns - 18Jun
Joseph WALTERS of Sturminster Newton & Susannah OBORN, otp, by Lic. - 04Aug
William SANSOM & Sarah RYALL, widow, botp, by Banns - 20Sep

William OBORN & Mary GALPINE, botp, by Banns - 09Feb
Edward HOBBS & Ann BISS, botp, by Banns - 16Feb
George BOLES, widower & Margaret BAKER, widow, botp, by Lic. - 21Jun [groom signed BOLLS]
Thomas BEAMONT & Molly KENISTON, botp, by Banns - 29Sep
Richard ROBERTS & Priscilla GULLICK, widow, botp, by Banns - 11Oct
Robert HUNT & Love CHEEPET, botp, by Banns - 12Dec
James CROCKER & Fanny HOOPER, botp, by Banns - 25Dec

Jonathan RYALL & Mary FISHER, botp, by Banns - 06Mar
John HOCKEY of Horsington & Elizabeth CLARK, otp, by Banns - 07Mar
John COTTLE & Mary GUY, botp, by Banns - 16Oct
John STUCKEY of Kingsdon & Jane CABELL, otp by Lic. - 18Oct
John HOBBS & Elizabeth SENIOR, botp, Banns - 18Oct
Elias GREEN & Hannah KIMBER, botp, by Banns - 19Dec

John MULLETT & Sarah PORTER, botp, by Banns - 09Jan
Robert KNIGHT & Edith SYMES, botp, by Banns - 12Jan
Edward TAYLOR & Elizabeth HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 12Feb
Noah FORD & Sarah OBORNE, botp, by Lic. - 08May
Jospeh GIBBS of Sarum & Catherine GAPPER, otp, by Lic. - 09Jun
James HATCHER of St James in the City of Bath & Martha BRINE, otp, by Banns - 09Jul
Thomas OWDEN & Ann PITMAN, botp, by Banns - 22Jul [surname spelt OLDEN & OWDEN for children's baptisms]
Stephen COOL & Mary CLARK, botp, by Banns - 20Aug

Samuel MOORS & Hannah WADMAN, botp, by Banns - 28Jan
Benjamin CHANT & Christian GUY, botp, by Banns - 01Dec

Richard THORN & Elizabeth GILLETT, botp, by Lic. - 01Apr
William MOORE & Betty ANSTY, widow, botp, by Banns - 07Jul [could be MOORS as per grooms signature]
Thomas CREW of Stalbridge & Susannah COFFIN, otp, by Banns - 03Nov

Stephen BURGES, sojourner, & Elizabeth BILLEN, botp, by Banns - 05Jan
Robert COX & Hannah LOVEL, botp, by Banns - 06Apr
Isaac Punter THOMPSON & Sarah HAMA [??], botp, by Lic. - 08Aug
James TROWBRIDGE & Mary TITE, botp, by Banns - 17Aug
William WEAR & Hester GARRETT, botp, by Banns - 06Sep
Thomas AKERMAN HAZARD & Maria GODFREY, botp, by Banns - 25Oct [First child baptised as HAZARD in 1795, second child as AKERMAN in 1798, needs more research to confirm]
Joseph HALLETT & Mary HALLETT, botp, by Banns - 15Nov
George BROWN & Susannah HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 13Dec [entered at front of Marriage Banns Register, after 1796 entries]

William CASE & Sarah OBORN, botp, by Banns - 09Feb [entered at front of Marriage Banns Register]
Edward HOBBS & Ann HUNT, botp, by Banns - 22May [entered at front of Marriage Banns Register]
William GERRIS & Martha RALPH, botp, by Banns - 06Oct
Thomas AVIS & Ann BRINE, botp, by Banns - 30Nov

Samuel HOCKEY of Horsington & Betsey COFFIN, otp, by Banns - 30Jan
Stephen HAZARD of Abbas Combe & Betty WEAR, otp, by Banns - 30Apr
John FORD & Elizabeth KIMBER, botp, by Banns - 13Aug
James CROCKER & Mary AXTENCE, botp, by Banns - 16Oct

Richard CHISLETT of Milborne Port & Mary AVIS, otp, by Banns - 15Jan
Thomas CASTLEMAN & Mary DREW, botp, by Lic. - 04Jun

William Clark HOBBS & Molly Blackmore LOVELL, botp, by Banns - 14May
George HOBBS & Elizabeth LAMPARD, botp, by Banns - 11Jun
Nicholas BROWN of Wincanton & Matilda GRAY, otp, by Lic. - 08Aug

Samuel AVIS & Elizabeth CARTER, botp, by Banns - 24Mar
Richard TAYLOR & Mary CHISLETT, botp, by Banns - 13Jul
Samuel ARNEY & Susannah CROSS, botp, by Banns - 28Sep

John COOK & Ann LANGDON, botp, by Banns - 13Apr

Samuel READ & Sarah DUNN, botp, by Banns - 13Apr
George GREGORY, bachelor & Martha AXTENCE, spinster, botp, by Lic. - 24Jun
Algorman [?] WELLINGTON of London, bachelor & Hannah GRAY, spinster, otp, by Lic. - 09Dec [lengthy address for groom, cannot read]

William DISKETT & Mary ROSE, botp, by Banns - 07Apr
Thomas BURGE & Betty CHANT, botp, by Banns - 10May
David CHANT & Sarah KNIGHT, botp, by Banns - 10May
James MITCHELL & Hannah TAYLOR, botp, by Banns - 14Jun
Robert BURGE & Jane BUGBY, botp, by banns - 16Oct
George BISS & Elizabeth AXTENCE, botp, by Banns - 28Nov
Benjamin COOMBS & Mary BOLLS [?], botp, by Banns - 28Dec

Thomas LUCAS of St Edward, Salisbury & Rosanna FRANCIS, otp, by Lic. - 08Feb
John HALLETT, bachelor & Ann COFFIN, spinster, botp, by Banns - 10Apr
John LEWIS & Elizabeth SANSOM, botp, by Banns - 26Dec

John CHANT & Betsy PITMAN, botp, by Banns - 01Jan
Thomas HALLETT & Martha CHANT, botp, by Banns - 08Jan
Robert CORRY of Mudford, Somerset & Mary HOW, otp, by Lic. - 05Feb
Thomas BULGEN & Anne HANNAN [??], botp, by Banns - 13Oct
Jonas LOVELL & Hester HOW, botp, by Banns - 14Oct
Isaac GOZNEY, widower, of Wimborne Minster & Ann COCKRAM, widow, otp, by Lic. - 16Oct

John RYALL & Mary CHANT, botp, by Banns - 28Apr
Charles TASKER [?] of Abbas & Temple Coombe & Maria COURTNEY, otp, by Banns - 19May [groom signed using different surname, looks like VINNEY??]
John BULGEN, bachelor & Hannah CASS, botp, by Banns - 13Oct

George DOWDING & Martha BISS, botp, by Banns - 23Mar
James DAY of Kington Magna & Jane TAYLOR, otp, by Banns - 02Apr
James BISS & Anne WATTS, botp, by Banns - 07Apr
John KINSTON & Elizabeth FRANCIS, botp, by Banns - 09Apr [grooms surname also spelt KYNASTON in Register index]
Robert AVIS & Anne TULK, botp, by Banns - 13Apr
George HOOPER & Mary AXTENCE, botp, by Banns - 02Jul
William COURTNEY & Sarah SENIOR, botp, by Banns - 22Jul
John BILLEN & Mary LANNEN, botp, by Banns - 30Jul
Charles CASS & Mary LOCKYER, botp, by Banns - 12Oct
William WHITE & Jane GULLIFORD, botp, by Banns - 10Nov

Thomas HATCHER & Anne COFFIN, botp, by Banns - 26Jun
Thomas MOORE & Martha BROWN, botp, by Banns - 11Jul
John BURGE & Mary GIBBS, botp, by Banns - 21Jul
Charles HOOPER & Mary OBORN, botp, by Banns - 05Oct
John BUGBY & Elizabeth LANNEN, botp, by Banns - 28Nov
George BUGBY of [????ford] & Hannah KASS [?], otp, by Banns - 26Dec
John COFFIN & Hannah MULLENS, botp, by Banns - 27Dec
Jonah MEAD of Temple Combe & Dinah COURTNEY, otp, by Banns - 28Dec

William BOLLS & Maria ANTELL, botp, by Lic. - 30Jan
James GOFF & Betty ABBOTT, botp, by Banns - 05Mar
James MITCHELL of Wincanton & Anne PITMAN, otp, by Banns - 21May
Joseph METYARD & Elizabeth HACKER, botp, by Banns - 21May
Robert METYARD & Elizabeth STACEY, botp, by Banns - 28May
Thomas POPE & Hannah BEAMONT, botp, by Banns - 08Jun
Reuben CLARK & Sophia JEANS, botp, by Banns - 10Oct
George WHITE & Mary COOMBS, botp, by Banns - 16Oct
Robert HUNT & Judith JEANS, botp, by Banns - 23Oct
James HUNT & Winifred CLARK, botp, by Banns - 31Oct

John AVIS & Martha PARSONS, botp, by Banns - 12Apr
George CROCKER of Syourton Caundle & Priscilla DUFALL, otp, by Banns - 18Apr
Thomas TUFFAN & Anne WILMOT, botp, by Banns 27Jun
George BRINE & Maria CHANT, botp, by Banns - 01Oct
George AVIS & Hannah SENIOR, botp, by Banns - 18Nov

John GULLIFORD & Sarah LANNEN, botp, by Banns - 04Feb
William DOWDING, widower & Susanna BROWN, widow, botp, by Banns - 22Sep

John WARREN, bachelor & Sarah HYDE, spinster, botp, by Banns - 15Mar
George BOLLS, bachelor, & Mary Anne Dearling GUY, spinster, a minor, botp, by Lic. with cert: -21Apr
Robert SANSOM, bachelor & Maria BISS, spinster, botp, by Banns - 02Aug
George BYE, bachelor, & Elizabeth FORD, spinster, botp, by Banns - 17Aug
Thomas COFFIN, bachelor & Charlotte JERVIS, botp, by Banns - 14Sep
Robert CASS, bachelor & Elizabeth BURGE, spinster, botp, by Banns - 12Oct
William BARNES, bachelor & Mary LOVELL, botp, by Banns - 26Oct
William CROCKRAL, bachelor & Mary SMART, spinster, botp, by Banns - 21Dec

1. James HOOPER, bachelor, of Abbas Combe & Maria BARNES, otp, by Banns - 24Jun
2. Jesse DUFFETT & Mary LANNEN, botp, by Banns - 11Jul
3. George STYLE of Weymouth in Dorset & Martha FATHERS, otp. by Lic. - 21Aug
4. Charles EAVES, bachelor & Hannah PITMAN, spinster, botp, by Banns - 23Aug
5. John GREGORY of Wincanton & Maria GULLIFER, otp, by Banns - 20Dec

6. George ROBERTS & Eleanor DEWFALL, botp, by Banns - 25Jan
7. John CAINES, bachelor & Elizabeth PENNY, botp, by Banns - 01Aug
8. William TAYLOR, bachelor & Elizabeth STOCKWELL, spinster, botp, by Banns - 22Sep
9. Thomas HUNT , bachelor, otp & Ann TAYLOR of Horsington, by Banns - 12Nov
10. John HANNAM, bachelor & Sarah SANSOM, botp, by Banns - 15Nov

11. Robert ACOURT, widower & Hannah COFFIN, spinster, botp, by Banns - 20Mar
12. Robert SENIOR, bachelor, of Stalbridge & Tabitha JEANS, spinster, otp - 15May
13. Richard BROWN, bachelor, of Milborne Port & Elizabeth BURGE, widow, otp, by Banns - 10Oct
14. William TROWBRIDGE, bachelor & Catherine HESKER, spinster, botp, by Banns - 25Oct

15. Samuel BURGE, bachelor, otp & Mary HOPKINS of Lydlinch, by Banns - 13Feb
16. William DOWDING, bachelor & Mary SENIOR, spinster, botp, by Banns - 10Apr
17. George GULLIFER, widower & Mary COFFIN, widow, botp, by Banns - 26May
18. William HISCOCK, bachelor, of Abbas Combe & Ann RYALL, spinster, otp, by Banns - 01Jul
19. James HUNT, bachelor & Sarah BARNES, botp, by Banns - 03Oct
20. James SANSOM, bachelor & Elizabeth BRICKALL, botp, by Banns - 01Dec

21. John SEYMOUR, bachelor & Ann BENJAFIELD, botp, by Banns - 16Mar
22. Henry BENJAFIELD,bachelor & Elizabeth EDWARDS, botp, by Banns - 07Apr
23. William RYALL, bachelor & Mary HAINES, botp, by Banns - 05May
24. James DAY, bachelor & Fanny BILLING, botp, by Banns - 12May

25. James BURGE, bachelor & Dinah LOVELL, botp, by Banns - 12Jan
26. Thomas LOVELL & Susannah HOWE, botp, by Banns - 17Jan
27. John REED & Ann SEYMOUR, botp, by Banns - 20Sep

28. John MULLETT, bachelor & Susannah LASS, spinster, botp, by Banns - 13Jan
29. Joseph LACEY & Mary MATCHAM, botp, by Banns - 19Jan
30. Elisha LEGG & Cecily WADMAN, botp, by Banns - 03Feb
31. James HILLIAR of Stalbridge & Susannah RYALL, otp, by Banns - 22Feb
32. James COWLEY & Sarah HOBBS, botp, by Banns - 05May
33. William CASS, bachelor & Ann TAYLOR, botp, by Banns - 06May
34. Jonathan HOBBS, bachelor & Jane FATHERS, botp, by Banns - 27May
35. John BURRELL, bachelor & Sarah CHANT, botp, by Banns - 09Jun
36. William COFFIN, bachelor & Priscilla LEMMON, botp, by Banns - 11Oct
37. John ABARROW of Temple Combe & Amy HOBBS, otp, by Banns - 18Nov
38. Uriah JEANS, bachelor & Lydia CREW, botp, by Banns - 30Nov

39. Jacob LEMON & Mary GUY, botp, by Banns - 26Jan [brides surname could also be GAY]
40. Robert WILLS & Mary KNIGHT, botp, by Banns - 19Jun

41. John LANGDON, bachelor & Mary Ann ASH, spinster, botp, by Banns - 12Apr [bride signed and spelt surname as AISH]
42. John CHANT & Martha ADLAM, botp, by Banns - 14Jun
43. Robert AXTENCE & Edith KIMBER, botp, by Banns - 25Jun
44. Thomas HUNT, widower & Mary JEANES, spinster, botp, by Banns - 11Jul
45. Joseph LONGMAN, bachelor, of Temple Combe & Sarah Lovell HOBBS, spinster, otp, by Lic. - 12Jul
46. Arthur RODGERS, bachelor & Mary BURFFETT, widow, botp, by Banns - 23Jul
47. James WARREN, wid. & Maria FRANCIS, botp, by Banns - 16Sep
48. George LEMON, bachelor & Lucy SANSOM, botp, by Banns - 24Sep
49. George COX, bachelor & Zaberah KIMBER,, botp, by Banns - 15Oct
50. Silas PENNY, widower & Ann WADMAN, botp, by Banns - 08Nov

51. Samuel HAMLIN of Purse Caundle & Elizabeth WARE, spinster, otp, by Banns - 20Jan
52. John RYALL, widower & Harriet BULGEN, widow, botp, by Banns - 14Feb
53. William CASE & Fanny BURGE, botp, by Banns - 10Apr
54. Joseph EAVIS, bachelor & Grace RIGLER, botp, by Banns - 13Apr [groom signed as Joseph EVES]
55. Charles WHITE & Elizabeth BULGEN, botp, by Banns - 06May
56. Henry HOOPER & Harriet LOVELL, botp, by Banns - 02Jun
57. John LOVELL, bachelor & Elizabeth LAMBERT, spinster, botp, by Banns - 31Oct
58. William BENJAFIELD, otp & Mary HOLE of Abbas Combe - [no day or month shown]
59. George BENJAFIELD of Wincanton & Elizabeth BENJAFIELD, otp - [no day or month shown]

60. John BILLEN, widower & Mary SANSWELL [??], botp, by Banns - 27Jan
61. George GRIMES, bachelor, of Stalbridge & Elizabeth BISS, otp, by Banns - 09Mar
62. Matthew BRACHER of Horsington & Hannah KIMBER, otp, by Banns - 29Sep
63. Richard TAYLOR, widower, otp & Mary Ann KEMP of Blandford, by Banns - 05Oct
64. William CREW, bachelor & Theodore KIMBER, botp, by Banns - 13Oct
65. George KNIGHT & Rhoda BEAMONT, botp, by Banns - 18Nov
66. George MITCHELL & Hannah BILLEN, botp, by Banns - 24Dec
67. William COFFIN & Maria MOORE, botp, by Banns - 24Dec

68. Thomas GILLINGHAM & Louise SHORT, botp, by Banns - 14Feb
69. William MOORE & Elizabeth TYTE, by Banns - 20Apr
70. William DOWDING, widower & Elizabeth FATHERS, botp, by Banns - 20May
71. James SEYMOUR, bachelor & Sarah THORNE, spinster, botp, by Banns - 20Jun
72. Robert COURTNEY & Nancy PERRY, botp, by Banns - 03Aug [could be PERRY or PENNY]
73. John MOORE & Susanna CREW, botp, by Banns - 03Aug
74. John COFFIN, bachelor & Elizabeth LEGG, botp, by Banns - 05Aug
75. George HOOPER, bachelor, of Abbas Combe & Charlotte LOVELL, otp, by Lic. - 18Oct

76. William CHANT & Susanna MULLETT, by Banns - 28Mar
77. Edward HOBBS, widower & Prudence TULK, spinster, botp, by Banns - 04Aug
78. Thomas DEWFALL & Jane WEARE, botp, by Banns - 03Oct
79. Thomas HAINE, bachelor, of Blandford & Loke WARREN, spinster, otp, by Banns - 05Nov

80. James MITCHELL, bachelor of Pulham in Dorset & Jane DUNFORD, spinster, otp, by Banns - 06Feb
81. Robert BRINE, bachelor & Mary TAYLOR, spinster, botp, by Banns - 27Feb
82. Harry SANSOM & Harriett ASHWARD, by Banns - 28Mar
83. William DAVIS, widower & Catherine GILLARD, spinster, botp, by Banns - 02Nov
84. James CROCKER, widower & Winifred CHAMBERLAIN, botp, by Banns - 23Nov
85. Charles PARSONS, bachelor & Jane LANGDON, spinster, botp, by Banns - 05Dec
86. Evan GRIFFITHS of Sherborne in Dorset & Matilda LANGDON, otp, by Banns - 28Dec

87. John Noble COLEMAN, bachelor, Clerk, of Holwell in Dorset & Margaretta Eleanora Marella EVANS, spinster, otp, by Lic. - 01Mar
88. James COFFIN & Mary MULLET, spinster, botp, by Banns - 15Mar
89. William PITTMAN & Ann CHANT, botp, by Banns - 20May
90. James CREW, bachelor & Mary DAVIS, botp, by Lic. - 14Jul
91. Thomas GILLINGHAM & Elizabeth MITCHELL, by Banns - 27Aug
92. John HARRIS, widower, of Wilton & Ann CASE, otp, by Banns - 20Dec

93. Joseph BALLEN, bachelor of Kingston in Dorset & Elizabeth DEWFALL, otp, by Banns - 02Jan [Groom signed BALLOM]
94. William WEST, widower, of Stalbridge & Jane WHITE, widow, otp, by Banns - 08Jan
95. Robert DAVIS, bachelor & Hannah LOVELL, spinster, botp, by Lic. - 18Feb
96. James COURTENAY & Mary MOORS, botp, by Banns - 19Feb [bride signed MOORE]
97. Joseph COFFIN & Jane WEAR, botp, by Banns - 23Mar [ bride signed WARE]
98. George BURGE & Mary BURGE, botp, by Banns - 10Aug
99. William THORNE, bachelor, of Sherborne & Ann GAPPER, spinster, otp, by Lic. - 21Aug
100. Henry DEWFALL, bachelor & Ann KENDELL, spinster, botp, by Banns - 27Aug [amended to KENDELL from CAUNDLE]
101. Soloman RYALL, bachelor & Sarah DENSLEY, spinster, botp, by Banns - 22Dec

102. Frederick LANNING & Charlotte SMALLCOMBE. botp, by Banns - 12Feb
103. James ANDREWS, bachelor, of Stour Provost & Christian LIDFORD, spinster, otp, by Banns - 16Feb
104. Abraham CLERK, bachelor & Charlotte PARSONS, spinster, botp, by Banns - 20Apr
105. Thomas EXTANCE of Motcombe in Dorset & Elizabeth HICKS, otp, by Banns - 16Aug
106. Abel BOWRING of Oborne & Mary MULLENS, botp, by Banns - 12Oct

107. James ACOURT, widower, of Templecombe & Ann SANSOM, otp, by Banns - 14Jan
108. James BISS, widower & Elizabeth JEANS, botp, by Banns - 24Jan
109. Charles READ, bachelor, otp & Virtue THICK, spinster of North Cheriton, by Banns - 23Feb
110. William EAVES, bachelor & Martha CHANT,, spinster, botp, by Banns - 12Apr
111. William HAYTER, otp & Charlotte BULGEN, by Banns - 15Apr
112. John COMBS, bachelor, of Gillingham in Dorset & Hannah COMBS, spinster, otp, by Lic. - 22Apr
113. John GOFF & Elizabeth NEWMAN, botp, by Banns - 31May

114. Frederick HATCHER, bachelor & Ann HARRIS, botp, by Banns - 01Jan
115. William LUSH, widower & Elizabeth KNIGHT, spinster, botp, by Banns - 03Jan
116. Thomas STAY, bachelor, of Abbas Combe & Kitty DAVIS, spinster, otp, by Banns - 05May
117. James KENYESTON & Letita ACOURT, botp, by Banns - 24May
118. Charles HOBBS, bachelor & Elizabeth MILES, botp, by Banns - 27Jun
119. James BULGIN & Mary BACON, botp, by Banns - 05Sep
120. Robert PARSONS, bachelor & Maria SENIOR, botp, by Banns - 27Dec

121. George CROCKER, bachelor, otp & Elizabeth YEATMAN of Marnhull, by Banns - 02Jan
122. John DOWDING, bachelor & Elizabeth PITMAN, spinster, botp, by Banns - 27Feb [bride signed PITMAN, entry is different]
123. William LANNING, bachelor & Mary Ann KYNASTON, spinster, botp, by Banns - 03May
124. William HORTON of Wincanton & Jane CROSS, otp, by Banns - 12May
125. Joseph SNELGROVE of Sherborne & Jane BEAMONT, otp, by Lic. - 21Aug
126. Henry MULLET, bachelor & Elizabeth RANDALL, spinster, botp, by Banns - 15Oct

127. Charles RYALL, bachelor & Bethia BISS, botp, by Banns - 24Jan
128. William ANDREWS, bachelor & Sarah LEE, spinster, botp, by Banns - 21Mar
129. Thomas HUNT, bachelor & Ann MULLET, botp, by Banns - 31Mar
130. John PARSONS, bachelor, of Kington Magna, Dorset & Elizabeth PENNY, spinster, otp, by Banns - 25Apr
131. Henry CHANT & Mary THORNE, botp, by Banns - 21May
132. John COFFIN, bachelor & Mary GULLIFOR, spinster, botp, by Banns - 07Oct
133. John BISS & Elizabeth TROWBRIDGE, botp, by Banns - 08Nov
134. Stephen BURGESS, otp & Elizabeth MITCHELL, by Banns - 29Dec

135. James BURGE, widower & Lucy LEMON, widow, botp, by Banns - 10Apr
136. George GULLIFOR, bachelor & Ann KYNASTON, botp, by Banns - 28Apr
137. James MITCHELL & Ann HASKETT, botp, by Banns - 15May
138. Henry HONEY & Fanny HATCHER, botp, by Banns - 30Jul
139. Charles GOULD & Hannah TITE, botp, by Banns - 18Sep
140. John KNIGHT, bachelor & Elizabeth MEATYARD, spinster, botp, by Banns - 12Oct
141. William FORD, bachelor & Eliza ACOURT, botp, by Banns - 13Oct
142. Thomas BISS, bachelor & Mary Ann RAYMOND, spinster, botp, by Banns - 20Oct

Joseph THORN Stoke Wake, Dorset & Lucy BISS, otp, by Banns - 06Jan
144. William FORD, bachelor & Elizabeth BISS, botp, by Banns - 21Jan
145. James TAYLOR & Mary LANGDON, botp, by Banns - 01Mar
146. James FOYLE & Jane EAVIS, botp, by Banns - 03Mar
147. Robert ROGERS & Susan BURGE, botp, by Banns - [day & month, not entered]
148. George BEATON & Eliza PARSONS, botp, by Banns - 07Apr
John BUGBY & Elizabeth VINCENT, botp, by Banns - 20Apr
Thomas GREEN & Love LANNING, botp, by Banns - 10May
151. Uriah BRINE, bachelor & Elizabeth AVIS, botp, by Banns - 28Jul
152. Joseph MITCHELL of Sutton Veny, Wiltshire & Harriot BUTT, otp, by Banns - 16Sep
153. James ROCK of Charlton Horethorne & Anna THORNE, otp, by Banns - 04Oct
154. William BULGEN, bachelor & Matilda EAVIS, botp, by Banns - 04Oct
155. Robert BOND & Jane COOK, botp, by Banns - 17Dec
156. Thomas BEADON & Ann ARNEY, botp, by Banns - 31Dec
157. James BISS & Sarah CLUET, botp, by Banns - 12Oct

158. Edmund READ & Elizabeth BURGE, botp, by Banns - 15Feb
159. George AVES & Elizabeth BISS, botp, by Banns - [day & month, not entered]
160. William WILKINSON, bachelor, Clerk & Frances Anne GAPPER, botp, by Lic: - 18May
161. Ronald George M. MACDONALD, bachelor, of City of Edinburgh & Alicia Jane BRIDGES, otp, by Lic: - 24May
162. Charles MEATYARD, batchelor & Mary HANN, spinster, botp, by Banns - 03Aug
163. George CAINES & Ann COFFIN, botp, by Banns - 11Aug
164. William DAY, bachelor & Mary FOYLE, spinster, botp, by Banns - 05Oct
165. [blank]
166. Charles BARNES & Ann MOOR, botp, by Banns - 17Nov
167. Robert PRESSLEY & Edith Tite BURGE, botp, by Banns - 24Nov

168. Eli DOWDING & Sarah LANGDON, botp, by Banns - 26Feb
169. William BISS, bachelor & Maria MOGG, spinster, botp, by Banns - 11Apr
170. James LUFMAN, bachelor & Susanna LANNING, spinster, botp, by Banns - 13Apr
171. The Rev'd Thomas TYEWHITT, bachelor, of Winterborne Wjitechurch, Dorset & Margaretta Anne BRIDGES, spinster, otp, by Lic: - 20Jun
[Start of New Register]

When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
16Jul1837 James HAYWARD
Henstridge John HARDING Carpenter
Henstridge Ellen HAYWARD -
19Aug1837 Thomas LANGDON
Henstridge John LANGDON Labourer
  Sarah PEART
02Nov1837 Charles CREED
Charlton Musgrave William CREED Farmer
  Priscilla COOMBS
Henstridge - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
01Jan1838 John GULLIFER
Henstridge John GULLIFER Labourer
  Elizabeth LUFFMAN
Henstridge - -
14Jan1838 Levi HANNAM Above B Labourer Henstridge John HANNAM Labourer
  Mary PENNY Age S   Henstridge - -
05Jul1838 William REEKS Above B Farmer Henstridge William REEKS Farmer
  Mary OBORNE Age S   Henstridge - -
23Sep1838 Thomas BURGESS Above B Labourer Henstridge Ralph BURGESS Farmer
  Caroline TANSWELL 21 S   Henstridge - -
24Oct1838 Mervin WEST 46 B Clergyman Castleton Edward Matthew WEST Clergyman
  Rhoda Charleton YEATMAN 47 S   Henstrdige Harry Farr YEATMAN Clergyman
02Dec1838 William CROCKERDIL 21 B Labourer Henstridge William CROCKERDIL Sexton
  Eliza PARSONS 20 S   - - -
02Dec1838 Thomas CAINES 21 B Labourer Henstrdige James CAINES Labourer
  Lucy BULGEN 20 S   - - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
24Jan1839 James HATCHER Above B Labourer Henstridge Richard HATCHER Farmer
  Mary GRAY Age S   Henstrdige - -
26Mar1839 William HUNT Both B Labourer Bowden Henstridge James HUNT Labourer
  Elizabeth PITMAN Above S   - - -
11Apr1839 Soloman DOWDING Both B Labourer Henstridge - -
  Martha BISS Above S   Henstridge William BISS Labourer
21May1839 John KENNISON Both B Labourer Henstrdige John KENNISON Labourer
  Jane Bower HAYSOM Above S   Henstridge - -
19Sep1839 William YOLE Both B Gardner Henstridge John YOLE Gardner
  Rachel DAVIS Above S   Henstridge - -
15Oct1839 John GOULDEN Both B Shoemake Henstridge John GOULDEN Mason
  Emma COFFIN Above S   Henstridge - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
17Feb1840 Samuel Belben GARRETT Above B Labourer Henstridge William Belben GARRETT Labourer
  Sarah PENNY 21 S     - -
06Aug1840 Robert LONGMAN Above B Labourer Ibberton, Dorset Jacob LONGMAN Labourer
  Sarah BURGESS 21 S   Henstridge - -
23Aug1840 John CHANT 21 B Sawyer Henstridge David CHANT Sawyer
  Sapphira TROWBRIDGE 21  S     - -
12Oct1840 Francis HANNAM 21 B Labourer Henstridge John HANNAM Labourer
  Ann LUSH   S     - -
19Oct1840 William CAINES Above B Labourer Henstridge Christopher CAINES Labourer
  Mary MEAD 21 S     - -
25Oct1840 Charles HANNAM Above B Labourer Henstridge W?? HANNAM Labourer
  Lucy BISS 21 S     - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
24Jan1841 Charles COFFIN 19 B Labourer Henstridge Silas COFFIN Labourer
  Lucy KIMBER   S   - - -
27Jan1841 James FOOT Above B Farmer Yenston Robert FOOT Dairyman
  Eliza COURTNAY 21     Henstridge - -
30May1841 Robert WARREN Above B Blacksmith Henstridge John WARREN Labourer
  Maria BULGEN 21 S   Henstridge - -
08Jun1841 Henry HOLE A 20 B Yeoman Bruton William HOLE Yeoman
  Mary BISS 20 S   - - -
20Jun1841 George GAWLER Above B Labourer Henstridge George GAWLER Yeoman
  Mary Ann MULLET Age S   Henstridge - -
16Aug1841 William CHANT Above W Labourer Henstridge David CHANT Sawyer
  Hannah EAVES 21 S   - - -
24Dec1841 Stephen WEBBER Above B Labourer Henstridge James WEBBER Labourer
  Hannah PENNY Age S   Henstridge - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
17Apr1842 Edward MITCHEL Above B Labourer Henstridge Bowden James MITCHEL Labourer
  Mary Ann THOMAS 21 S   Henstridge Bowden - -
01May1842 Charles FORD Above B Labourer Henstridge William FORD Labourer
  Ann LOVELL 21 S   Henstridge Thomas LOVELL Cheese Factor
23May1842 Thomas ABBOT Above W Labourer Henstridge Bowden Charles ABOTT Labourer
  Lavinia ACOURT 21 S   Henstridge Robert ACOURT Batcher
14Jun1842 Thomas H?????? ROBERTS Both W Baronet Henstridge Walter ROBERTS Baronet
  Anne Elliott LANGDON Ab. 21 S   Henstridge William LANGDON ???????
  [above entry very faded]            
03Jul1842 George DAY 21 B Labourer Henstridge James DAY Labourer
  Fanny JENKINS Ab. 21 S   Henstridge Robert JENKINS Labourer
27Dec1843 Josiah FOYLE Above B Tailor Henstridge William FOYLE Tailor
  Mary Ann BULGEN 21 S   Henstridge - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
26Jan1843 George CHANT Above B Labourer Henstridge Benjamin CHANT Labourer
  Elizabeth SCOTT Age S   - - -
23Feb1843 James NORRIS Above B Carpenter Henstridge James NORRIS Carpenter
  Mary LOVELL [signed Ann] 21 S   - - -
01Jun1843 William SANSOM Above B Labourer Henstridge Robert SANSOM Labourer
  Phoebe HAZARD 21 S   - - -
11Jun1843 John SANSOM Above B Labourer Henstridge Robert SANSOM Labourer
  Mary BASSETT Age S   - - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
18Feb1844 John BELBEN Above - Labourer Henstridge John BELBEN Labourer
  Letitia MEATYARD 21 -   - - -
20Feb1844 William MITCHEL Above B Dairyman Henstridge ???? MITCHEL Labourer
  Martha HAYTER 21 S   - - -
21Mar1844 James CASE Above B Yeoman Henstridge Robert CASE Yeoman
  Elizabeth Ann BURGE Age S   - -  
24Mar1844 Jesse MOGG Above B Baker Henstridge William MOGG Baker
  Elizabeth CROCKER Age S   - -  
25Mar1844 William FOYLE 22 B Tailor Henstridge Yenston William FOYLE Tailor
  Mary Ann HODDER 18 S   - - -
22May1844 John STACEY Ab. 21 B Weaver Henstridge William STACEY Weaver
  Lydia BILLEN Ab. 21 S   - - -
20Jun1844 William GALPIN F.A. B Pensioner Henstridge - -
  Mary Ann DYKE F.A. S - Henstridge - -
26Aug1844 William HALE Above B Labourer Henstridge Thomas HALE Blacksmith
  Sarah THOMAS 21 S   Henstrdige - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
18Feb1845 William KEYNISTON F.A. B Dairyman Stowell John KEYNISTON Yeoman
  Betsy BELBEN F.A. S - Henstridge William BELBEN Dairyman
  [signed KENNISTON]            
03Mar1845 Charles Buglar CHUBB Ab. 21 B Hair Draper Langport Joseph CHUBB Nurseryman
  Elizabeth HODDINOTT Ab. 21 S   Henstridge Ash - -
11Mar1845 Edward HOBBS Above B Labourer Henstridge Jonathan HOBBS Cooper
  Caroline HANNAM 21 S   Henstridge John HANNAM Labourer
08Apr1845 Samuel EAVIS Above - Butcher? Henstridge John EAVIS Cordwainer
  Elizabeth TURNER 21 -   Henstridge - -
20Apr1845 Silas BARTLETT Above B Labourer Henstridge Robert BARTLETT Labourer
  Martha DAY 21 S   - - -
04May1845 David BULGIN Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge Thomas BULGIN Labourer
  Mary HEDDITCH   S   Henstridge - -
08Aug1845 Thomas BULGIN Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge Thomas BULGIN Labourer
  Mary HAYTER   S   Kington Magna - -
28Aug1845 John BEATON Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge ????????? -
  Lucy DOWDING   S   - - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
01Jan1846 Eli BUGBY F.A. B Labourer Henstridge John BUGBY Labourer?
  Hannah BUGBY F.A. S   Henstridge George BUGBY Labourer
01Jan1846 William BURT Ab. 21 B Groom Henstridge Charles BURT Gardiner
  Hannah GULLIFER Ab. 21 S   Henstridge John GULLIFER Labourer
17Mar1846 John CHANT Above W Labourer Henstridge Benjamin CHANT Labourer
  Elizabeth BUGBY 21 W   Henstridge -  
01Jun1846 Eli MULLETT Ab. 21 B Thatcher Henstridge John MULLET Thatcher
  Susan ANDREWS   S   Henstridge James ANDREWS -
20Aug1846 George CLARK F.A. B Labourer Henstridge - -
  Mary Ann KIMBER F.A. S   Henstridge John KIMBER Labourer
27Sep1846 James PENNY Un Age B Labourer Henstridge William PENNY Labourer
  Emily GATCOMB   S   Henstridge - -
12Oct1846 William RYALL 20 B Labourer Henstridge James RYALL Labourer
  Jane HANNAM 21 S   Henstridge - -
01Nov1846 Josiah BROOKS Above B Grocer & Tea Henstridge Daniel BROOKS Tailor
  Elizabeth LOVELL 21 W Dealer Henstridge - -
05Nov1846 Thomas ROBERTS Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge George ROBERTS Labourer
  Eliza HYDE Ab. 21 S   Henstridge - -
31Dec1846 John DAY 20 B Labourer Henstridge James DAY Labourer
  Amelia BURN 21 S   Henstridge - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
20Jan1847 Joseph WHITE Above B Farmer Henstridge John WHITE Farmer
  Jane LIDFORD Age S   - - -
04Feb1847 Frederick HANNAM Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge Morgan HANNAM Labourer
  Ann AVES Ab. 21 - Single woman Henstridge John AVES Soldier
22Feb1847 Charles HOOPER Ab. 21 B Farmer Henstridge George HOOPER Farmer
  Mary BARNES   S   Yenston - -
30May1847 George FORD Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge William FORD Labourer
  Eliza HAWKINS   S   Henstridge John HAWKINS Labourer
15Jun1847 John WHITE Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge Charles WHITE Labourer
  Fanny CROCKERELL Ab. 21 S   Henstridge William CROCKERELL Labourer
15Aug1847 George MICHELL Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge George MICHELL Labourer
  Elizabeth BUTTON   S   Henstridge - -
21Sep1847 John STUCKEY F.A. B Stone Mason Henstridge George STUCKEY Farmer
  Jane SHERRING F.A. S   Henstridge - -
24Sep1847 George CHANT Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge William CHANT Labourer
  Fanny MITCHELL 19 S   Henstridge - -
31Oct1847 John LEMON Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge Henry LEMON Labourer
  Sarah HEDDITCH   S   Henstridge - -
07Nov1847 Abraham CLARKE Above W Labourer Henstridge Stephen CLARKE Labourer
  Tamar JARVES 21 S   Henstridge - -
18Nov1847 Thomas BISS Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge James BISS Labourer
  Eliza THOMAS   S   Henstridge - -
02Dec1847 Eli BISS Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge Ash James BISS Hostler
  Elizabeth SMITH   S   - - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
18Apr1848 Robert WOODSFORD Above W Beer Hall Keeper Henstridge William WOODSFORD Labourer
  Ann BULGIN Age S   - - -
23Apr1848 Henry William TITE Ab. 21 B Cordwainer Henstridge John TITE Cordwainer
  Maria CROCKER   S   Henstridge - -
14May1848 Joseph MEATYARD Above W Labourer Henstridge Joseph MEATYARD Labourer
  Hannah MOGG Age W   - - -
05Jun1848 Arthur CRADDOCK Ab. 21 B Yeoman Horsington Thomas CRADDOCK Yeoman
  Mary Ann GALPINE   W   Henstridge - -
19Jun1848 William CHANT Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge John CHANT Labourer
  Mary CAINES   S   Henstridge - -
08Oct1848 Jesse DUFFETT Ab. 21 W Labourer Henstridge William DUFFETT Labourer
  Susan BECKEY   S   - - -
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession
15Feb1849 William GOULD Ab. 21 B Labourer Henstridge - -
  Elizabeth LUSH Ab. 21 S   Henstridge William LUSH Labourer
30Aug1849 James Young HORDER F.A. B Tailor Henstridge John HORDER Tailor
  Elizabeth Case FRITH 20 S   Henstridge John FRITH Yeoman
25Sep1849 Samuel GRAY F.A. B Labourer Henstridge James GRAY Butcher
  Kezia BURGE F.A. S   Henstridge Robert BURGE Mason
When Married Name & Surname
Residence Father's Name Father's Profession

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