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1852 Slater's Directory

Is A small but pleasant village, in the hundred of Horethorn, 111wsw from London, 10 west from Shaftsbury, seven south from Wincanton, and one mile from Stalbridge (Dorset), situated at a short distance from the London road, and on the direct line from Bath to Poole. The church of St. Nicholas is a very ancient building, with a small tower, which is clothed with ivy, the living is in the gift of the Marquess of Angelsey, who is lord of the manor. In the church are several handsome monuments. There is no particular business carried on here, nor does it possess either fair or market, the inhabitants going to Stalbridge for what necessaries they require.
Henstridge Ash consists only of the inn called the 'Old Ash' or 'Virginia Inn' - remarkable as being the first inn in which tobacco was smoked in England, and it was here that the story originated of the waiter entering the room when Sir Walter Raleigh was smoking, and believing him to be on fire discharged a pailfull of water over him. The parish of Henstridge contained in 1841, 1,146 inhabitants, and at the last census (1851), 1,136.

Post Office, Lucy BURGE, Post Mistress - Letters from all parts arrive (from Sherborne) every morning at nine, and are despatched every afternoon at four.

Gentry and Clergy HAZZARD Charles, Butcher, Temple Combe
BRIDGES Rev. Nathaniel, Henstridge HINE James, Blacksmith
BILSE John, Esq, Temple Combe HOOPER George, Carpenter & Builder
BESTED Rev. John, Henstridge HORDER Joseph, Tailor, Yenston
COOMBS Mr James, Henstridge LEMAN Thomas, Baker & Shopkeeper
COOMBS Miss Mary B, Temple Combe MARTIN Harry, Grocer & Draper
FOX Rev. Thomas, Temple Combe National School - Henstridge
HEWSON the Misses, Henstridge BALSTER James, Master - BALSTER Elizabeth, Mistress
PECK Philip R., Esq, Temple Combe National School - Temple Combe
WOOD John, Esq., Inwood Lodge HEWSON John , Master - HEWSON Elizabeth, Mistress
WORTHY Mr Samuel, Temple Combe PITMAN John, Blacksmith, Temple Combe
Inns READ Charles, Wheelwright
JUKES George, Blue Boar Temple Combe READ James, Saddler
GREGORY John, Fountain Henstridge ROGERS Robert, Stationer & Carpenter
HOW John, Old Ash Henstridge Ash SHERRING Thomas, Cooper
Shopkeepers & Traders THOMAS Edward, Boot maker
ABARROW Anthony, Tailor , Temple Combe THOMAS James , Boot maker
BURGE James, Stone Mason TITE John, Boot & Shoemaker
BURGE Samuel, Stone Mason TURNER George, Beer Retailer, Temple Combe
BURGE William, Miller TURNER Robert, Butcher, Temple Combe
CASE Chas., Wheelwright, Yenston WHITTLE James, Baker
COX Joseph, Reg. births & deaths, Henstridge WILKEY William, Boot maker, Temple Combe
CROCKER Geo., Grocer & Shoemaker Places of Worship and their Ministers
FISH Thomas, Beer Retailer, Yenston St Nicholas Church, Henstridge - Rev. Nathaniel BRIDGES, vicar
FORD William, Butcher St Bartholomew's Church, Temple Combe - Rev. Thomas FOX, vicar
FORD William, Blacksmith Independant Chapels
FOYLE William, Tailor, Yenston Henstridge and Temple Combe
GAY John, Grocer & Draper, Temple Combe Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Henstridge
GREEN Charles, Baker  
GRESSEY Elias, Wheelwright, Temple Combe  

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