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Transcription of the 1841 Census
Born in
Church Road Edward LAMB 40   Grocer Yes
  Sarah LAMB   40   No
  Caroline DAYNE   20   No
Sharwell George LAMB 45   Shoe M. Yes
  Jane LAMB   45   Yes
  David LAMB 15   Ag. lab Yes
  George LAMB 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Job LAMB 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  Edward LAMB 13   Ag. Lab Yes
  Henery LAMB 11     Yes
  Absolem LAMB 6     Yes
  Jane LAMB   2   Yes
Sharwell Samuel ROY 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jemima ROY   40   Yes
Wheatsheaf Hill Benjamin LAMB 30   Ag. Lab. Yes
  Ann LAMB   25   Yes
  Elen LAMB   6   Yes
  Henry LAMB 4     Yes
  Adam LAMB 1     Yes
  Mary LAMB   65   No
  Ottomiel LAMB 20   Ag. Lab Yes
Wheatsheaf Hill Joseph ANDREWS 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane ANDREWS   25   Yes
  Ann ANDREWS   8   Yes
  James ANDREWS 6     Yes
  Charlotte ANDREWS   4   Yes
  Mariah ANDREWS   1   Yes
Wheatsheaf Hill William ANDREWS 40   Shoe M. Yes
  Maryann ANDREWS   30   Yes
  Jemima ANDREWS   9   Yes
  Simon ANDREWS 6     Yes
Wheatsheaf Hill Elizabeth ANDREWS   65 Ind. Yes
  Mary ANDREWS   25   Yes
  Elizabeth ANDREWS   20   Yes
Wheatsheaf Hill Edward SMITH 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Rhoda SMITH   45   Yes
  George SMITH 20     Yes
  Richard SMITH 13     Yes
  William SMITH 11     Yes
  Flora SMITH   9   Yes
  James SMITH 6     Yes
  Mary SMITH   1   Yes
  Edward SMITH 50     Yes
Green Land George DENY 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann DENY   30   Yes
  Jane DENY   4   Yes
  Martha DENY   2   Yes
  Elizabeth DENY   1   Yes
  John NORMAN 8     Yes
Green Land George CHIDGEY 55     Yes
  Susana CHIDGEY   55   Yes
Green Land George LAMB 45   Carrier Yes
  Elizabeth LAMB   30   Yes
  N.K. LAMB   6 days   Yes
  Susana DAVIS   40 Female Servant Yes
  George LAMB 15   Male Servant Yes
  Hanom LAMB 70   Ag. Lab Yes
  Geortge LAMB 14     Yes
Halway Farm Edmund MOODY 50   Farmer Yes
  Mary MOODY   45   No
  Grace MOODY   25   Yes
  Elizabeth MOODY   20   No
  George MOODY 20     Yes
  Charles MOODY 20     Yes
  William MOODY 15     Yes
  Sarah MOODY   15   Yes
  William MOODY 9   Sojourner Yes
Steven Green Uriah LAMB 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Maryann LAMB   25   Yes
  Edwin LAMB 5     Yes
  Alfred LAMB 3     Yes
  Enos LAMB 6mths     Yes
Steven Green Daniel SHEAN 65   Carpenter Yes
  Daniel SHEAN 20   Ag. Lab Yes
Steven Green Job LAMB 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann LAMB   40   Yes
  Nehemia LAMB 12     Yes
  Elizabeth LAMB   9   Yes
  Ann LAMB   8   Yes
  Charlote LAMB   7   Yes
  Sarah LAMB   3   Yes
Steven Green Charles JESTY 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane JESTY   40   Yes
  Eliza WHITTLE   7   Yes
Steven Green Thomas DAVIS 35   Ag. Lab No
  Maryann DAVIS   13   Yes
  Charlote DAVIS   9   Yes
  William HIX 15     Yes
Steven Green James FOX 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane FOX   60   Yes
  Job FOX 15     Yes
  Henry FOX 15     Yes
  John FOX 11     Yes
Steven Green James DARK 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane DARK   40   Yes
  Alfred DARK 15     Yes
Halway Hill Jesse DODIMEAD 30   Carpenter Yes
  Elizabeth DODIMEAD   30   Yes
  Edwin EDWARDS 13   Ap. Yes
Halway Hill Levi CHIDGEY 35   Labourer Yes
  Jane CHIDGEY   35   Yes
  Levi CHIDGEY 13     Yes
  Samuel CHIDGEY 8     Yes
  Charles CHIDGEY 6     Yes
  Elizabeth CHIDGEY   5   Yes
  Mary CHIDGEY   3   Yes
  George CHIDGEY 2     Yes
  Ann CHIDGEY   1mth   Yes
Halway Hill Eli LAMB 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Martha LAMB   30   Yes
  Charlote LAMB   12   Yes
  Hannah LAMB   9   Yes
  Martha LAMB   4   Yes
  Agness LAMB   1   Yes
Halway Hill Sarah DARK   80 Pauper Yes
  Mary DARK   40   Yes
Halway Hill Mark CHIDGEY 80   Ind. Yes
  Samuel CHIDGEY 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Susana CHIDGEY   30   Yes
  John CHIDGEY 5     Yes
  Elizabeth CHIDGEY   2   Yes
Halway Hill Hanham LAMB 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann LAMB   50   Yes
  Eliza LAMB   25   Yes
  Elizabeth LAMB   14    
  Harry LAMB 12     Yes
Halway Hill William LAMB 30   Flax Dresser Yes
  Rhoda LAMB   25   Yes
  Emma LAMB   20 Weaver Yes
Halway Hill Henry WHITEHEAD 30   Servant No
  Ann WHITEHEAD   30   No
  Henry WHITEHEAD 4     Yes
  Maryann WHITEHEAD   2   Yes
  Emma KING   2   Yes
Pearsons Farm John FRENCH 35   Farmer No
  Elizabeth FRENCH   35   Yes
  Sarah FRENCH   9   Yes
  William FRENCH 6     Yes
  Elizabeth FRENCH   5   Yes
  Maria FRENCH   1   Yes
  Mary FRENCH   3mths   Yes
  Caroline THOMAS   15 Female Servant Yes
Pearsons Farm John ANDREWS 30   Dairyman No
  Ann ANDREWS   20   No
  Sarah ANDREWS   2   Yes
  John ANDREWS 1     Yes
Pearsons Farm William BEACH 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann BEACH   35   Yes
  Maryann BEACH   12   Yes
  Elizabeth BEACH   10   Yes
  Frederick BEACH 8     Yes
  Jane BEACH   6   Yes
  Caroline BEACH   5   Yes
  Hariyet BEACH   3   Yes
  Learania BEACH   6mths   Yes
Borough Street Charles LAMB 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah LAMB   40   Yes
  Eliza LAMB   6   Yes
Borough Street Richard CHIDGEY 55   Ag. Lab Yes
  Jane CHIDGEY   50   Yes
  George CHIDGEY 30     Yes
  Mark CHIDGEY 15     Yes
  Jane CHIDGEY   10   Yes
  Sophia CHIDGEY   10   Yes
  Martha CHIDGEY   20   Yes
Borough Street Richard RYALL 45   Labourer Yes
  Neri RYALL   45   Yes
  Elizabeth RYALL   15   Yes
  Mary RYALL   15   Yes
  Ann RYALL   11   Yes
  Thomas RYALL 6     Yes
  Maria RYALL   4   Yes
Borough Street John ANDREWS 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah ANDREWS   40   Yes
  John ANDREWS 13     Yes
  Samuel ANDREWS 10     Yes
  George ANDREWS 8     Yes
  Stephen ANDREWS 2     Yes
  William ANDREWS 1mth     Yes
  William BEACH   75 Ag. Lab Yes
Borough Street Richard WOODROW 60   Labourer Yes
  Frances WOODROW   60   Yes
  Richard WOODROW 20     Yes
Borough Street Henry DARK 50   Labourer Yes
  Henry DARK 20     Yes
  Mary DARK   55   Yes
  Ann DARK   25   Yes
  Elizabeth DARK   25   Yes
  Mary DARK   20   Yes
  Jane DARK   15   Yes
  Sarah DARK   2   Yes
Borough Street James BROWN 55   Weaver Yes
  Jane BROWN   55   Yes
  Maryann BROWN   20   Yes
  James BROWN 20     Yes
Borough Street Thomas VINING 30   Servant Yes
  Charlote VINING   30   Yes
  Elizabeth WOOLS   55 Ind. Yes
  Mariah VINING   10 Sojourner Yes
Borough Street William LAMB 80   Pauper Yes
  Jane LAMB   60   Yes
Borough Street John RAYMOND 25   Servant Yes
  Mary RAYMOND   30   Yes
  Ann RAYMOND   4   Yes
Borough Street Elizabeth HARVEY   75 Ind. Yes
  Elizabeth HARVEY   30   Yes
  Jane HARVEY   25   Yes
Borough Street Robert SMITH 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Maryanne SMITH   25   Yes
  Caroline SMITH   2   Yes
Borough Street George WOODROW 25   Labourer Yes
  Ann WOODROW   20   Yes
  Jane WOODROW   2mths   Yes
Borough Street Richard BOWDEN 50   Army P. Yes
  Jane BOWDEN   40   No
  Margaret BOWDEN   15   Yes
  John BOWDEN 10     Yes
  Sarah BOWDEN   5   Yes
  Jane BOWDEN   2   Yes
  John CHIDGEY 20   Labourer Yes
Borough Street George OSMOND 30   Postman Yes
  Sarah OSMOND   30   Yes
  Ann OSMOND   10   Yes
  Elizabeth OSMOND   8   Yes
  Charles OSMOND 6     Yes
  Emily OSMOND   4   Yes
  Henry OSMOND 1     Yes
Borough Street Robert RAYMOND 50   Bleacher Yes
  Ann RAYMOND   50   Yes
  Eliza RAYMOND   20   Yes
  Maria RAYMOND   15   Yes
  Emma RAYMOND   15   Yes
Borough Street Caleb BARRETT 65   M Yes
  Mary BARRATT   55   No
  Thomas BARRATT 30     Yes
  Edward BARRATT 14     Yes
  Mary KING   25 Female Servant No
  Ann ANDREWS   15 Female Servant Yes
  Sarah FIELD   25 Sojourner No
Borough Street George GANDER 50   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth GANDER   45   Yes
  Ann GANDER   20   Yes
  Mary GANDER   20   Yes
  Elizabeth GANDER   15   Yes
  Charles GANDER 14     Yes
Borough Street Richard SMITH 30   Labourer Yes
  Sarah SMITH   30   Yes
  Ann SMITH   3   Yes
  George SMITH 1     Yes
  James HAM 75   Pauper Yes
Borough Street Jean WARR   70 Pauper Yes
  Lucy WARR   35   Yes
Borough Street George SMITH 45   Labourer Yes
  Ann SMITH   45   Yes
Borough Street William GALPIN 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth GALPIN   25   Yes
  John GALPIN 6     Yes
  Lavinia GALPIN   4   Yes
  William GALPIN 2     Yes
  Austin GALPIN 8mths     Yes
Borough Street William BASSETT 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Edith BASSETT   70   Yes
  James BEACH 50   Ag. Lab Yes
  David LAMB 20   Carpenter Yes
  Elizabeth BASSETT   40 Sojourner Yes
  James BASSETT 5   Sojourner Yes
  George BEACH 30   Ag. Lab Yes
Borough Street William MARTIN 45   Thatcher No
  Ann MARTIN   40   No
  Edward MARTIN 20     Yes
  John MARTIN 15     Yes
  George MARTIN 15     Yes
  Leah MARTIN   13   Yes
  Thomas MARTIN 10     Yes
  Charles MARTIN 8     Yes
  James MARTIN 6     Yes
  Walter MARTIN 4     Yes
  Stephen MARTIN 1     Yes
Borough Street John BEACH 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  John BEACH 20     Yes
  Thomas BEACH 15     Yes
  Jane BEACH   45   Yes
  Emma BEACH   20   Yes
  Anna BEACH   15   Yes
  Elizabeth BEACH   15   Yes
  Flora BEACH   10   Yes
  Charlote BEACH   5   Yes
  Love BEACH   5   Yes
Lyes Mary SMITH   65 Ind. Yes
  Jane SMITH 15     Yes
Lyes William SMITH 35   Ag. lab Yes
  William SMITH 2     Yes
  Eliza SMITH   35   Yes
  Kezia SMITH   5   Yes
  Keturah SMITH   3   Yes
Adams Ann LAMB   40 Charwoman Yes
  Ann LAMB   20   Yes
  Mary LAMB   15   Yes
  John LAMB 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  William LAMB 12   Ag. Lab Yes
  Samuel LAMB 11   Ag. Lab Yes
Adams Mary FOX   35 Dress M. Yes
  William FOX 15   Ag. Lab Yes
  John FOX 13     Yes
  Eliza FOX   10   Yes
  Maryann FOX   8   Yes
  Elizabeth OSMOND   35 Ag. Lab Yes
  Thomas OSMOND 7     Yes
  Arther OSMOND 5     Yes
  Betsy OSMOND   3   Yes
Stacey James LAMB 65   Gardener Yes
  Ann LAMB   70   Yes
Stacey Joseph WARR 65   Labourer Yes
  Rachel WARR   60   Yes
Rectory John WYNDHAM 60   Clerk No
  Jane WYNDHAM   50   No
  Thomas WARR 30   Male Servant Yes
  Mathew EACOTT 20   Male Servant No
  Isabella DAVIDSON   30 Female Servant No
  Catherine MEAD   30 Female Servant No
  Hannah HALLS   30 Female Servant No
  Mary JONES   20 Female Servant Yes
Crases William WOODROW 30   Flax Dresser Yes
  Eve WOODROW   25   Yes
  William WOODROW 3     Yes
  George WOODROW 1     Yes
Normans Philip NORMAN 65   Ind. Yes
  Thomas NORMAN 20     Yes
  Anna NORMAN   15   Yes
  Charlote NORMAN   15   Yes
Normans Ann GALPIN   70 Ind. Yes
  Maria GALPIN   25   Yes
  Mary EDGAR   80 Ind. Yes
  George SMITH 25   Ag. Lab Yes
North Town John LAMB 35   Courier Yes
  Ann LAMB   30   Yes
  Mary Ann LAMB   10   Yes
  Samuel LAMB 10     Yes
  Elizabeth LAMB   5   Yes
  Thomas LAMB 3     Yes
North Town John SMITH 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Rachel SMITH   55   Yes
  Samuel PERRY 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Eliza PERRY   20   Yes
  Maryann PERRY   1   Yes
North Town William STEWARD 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Elizabeth STEWARD   30   Yes
  Love STEWARD   9   Yes
  John STEWARD 7     Yes
  Henry STEWARD 4     Yes
North Town Eliza EVIL   30 Weaver Yes
  Ann EVIL   25 Weaver Yes
  George EVIL 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  John COLWELL 9     No
  William COLWELL 7     No
North Town Raymond DIBSDALL 25   Blacksmith Yes
  Flora DIBSDALL   20   Yes
  Charles DIBSDALL 3     Yes
North Town John MITCHEL 65   Weaver Yes
  Susannah MITCHEL   60   Yes
  Jesse MITCHEL 15   Ag. Lab Yes
North Town Adam LAMB 35   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah LAMB   30   Yes
  Edwin LAMB 2     Yes
North Town John WATTS 45   Carpenter Yes
  Martha WATTS   50   Yes
  Elizabeth WATTS   70   Yes
  Fanny WATTS   8   Yes
North Town Jonas OSMOND 40   Ag. Lab Yes
  Sarah OSMOND   35   Yes
  William OSMOND 15     Yes
  Edward OSMOND 15     Yes
  Hannah OSMOND   12   Yes
  Martha OSMOND   10    
  George OSMOND 8     Yes
North Town John BROOKS 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Lucy DAVIS   65   Yes
Corton Wood James COLIS 45   Farmer No
  John COLIS 60   Ag. Lab No
  Ann POAPLE   50 Female Servant Yes
  Keziah TEER   20 Sojourner Yes
  Caroline TEER   1 Sojourner No
Whitcomb Farm William KING 15   Farmer Yes
  Louisa KING   11   Yes
  Lucy KING   9   Yes
  Jane KING   3   Yes
  Mary STAPLE   50 Female Servant No
  Susan BUGLER   14 Female Servant Yes
  John SMITH 15   Male Servant Yes
  Ann BAKER   45 Sojourner No
  Ann FEAVER   50 Sojourner Yes
  Ann FEAVER   15 Sojourner Yes
Whitcomb Farm Mathew CREED 25   Dairyman Yes
  Sarah CREED   25   Yes
  Anna CREED   8mths   Yes
  Elizabeth BARTER   20 Female Servant Yes
  Mary Ann MARTIN   12 Female Servant Yes
Girt Elizabeth DIBSDALL   60 Ind. Yes
  Daniel DIBSDALL 30   Blacksmith Yes
  Paul DIBSDALL 20   Brightsmith Yes
  Jane DIBSDALL   15   Yes
Girt John NORMAN 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Mary NORMAN   25   Yes
  Elizabeth NORMAN   20   Yes
Girt William DAVIS 60   Ag. Lab Yes
  Charlote DAVIS   55   Yes
  George DAVIS 15   Shoe M. Yes
  Ann DAVIS   15   Yes
  Elizabeth DAVIS   13   Yes
  Mary LAWRENCE   11   Yes
  Thomas DAVIS 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Philis DAVIS   20   Yes
  Henery DAVIS 1     Yes
Lower Walton Henery COLINS 45   Carpenter No
  Flora COLINS   15   Yes
  Eliza COLINS   15   Yes
  Henery COLINS 13     Yes
  Thomas COLINS 6     Yes
  John COLINS 4     Yes
  Maryann ANDREWS   15 Glove Sower Yes
Lower Walton Joel AXTINS 45   Flax Cormer? Yes
  Mary AXTINS   45   Yes
  George AXTINS 25     Yes
  Caroline AXTINS   25   Yes
  Mary AXTINS   20   Yes
  John SYMS 20   Carpenter Yes
  Jane SYMS   20   Yes
Lower Walton Abigal FIELD   60 Ind. Yes
  Susan FIELD   25   Yes
  Jane FIELD   15   Yes
Lower Walton John CHIDGEY 45   Weaver Yes
  Haryet CHIDGEY   45   Yes
  Elizabeth CHIDGEY   15   Yes
Victoria Cottage John CREES 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Frances CREES   40   Yes
  Robert CREES 15     Yes
  John CREES 15     Yes
  William CREES 14     Yes
  Able CREES 9     Yes
  Mary CREES   11   Yes
  Jane CREES   7   Yes
  Elizabeth CREES   5   Yes
  Sarah CREES   3   Yes
Victoria Cottage Richard LAMB 35   Gardener Yes
  Anne LAMB   35   Yes
  Emma LAMB   4   Yes
  John LAMB 1     Yes
  William NORMAN 30   Ag. Lab Yes
Bill Ash Isaac OSMOND 75   Ag. Lab Yes
  Martha OSMOND   65   Yes
  Alford OSMOND 20   Ag. Lab Yes
Bill Ash John LONGMAN 60   Weaver Yes
  Catherine LONGMAN   65   Yes
Bill Ash William LONGMAN 50   Ag. Lab Yes
  Ann LONGMAN   50   Yes
Bill Ash William PERRY 65   Ag. Lab Yes
  Hester PERRY   65   Yes
Bill Ash Uriah LAMB 30   Ag. Lab Yes
  Hannah LAMB   35   Yes
  Mary LAMB   5   Yes
  Joseph LAMB 3     Yes
  Elizabeth LAMB   9mths   Yes
  Sophia LAMB   20   Yes
Bill Ash William DARK 45   Ag. Lab Yes
  Lucy DARK   40   Yes
  Luiega DARK   10   Yes
  Ann DARK   3   Yes
  Betsy DARK   8mths   Yes
Bill Ash Moses RYALL 80   Labourer Yes
  Enock RYALL 25   Ag. Lab Yes
  Honor RYALL   65   No
  Honor RYALL   20   Yes
Bill Ash Ruben OSMOND 65   Ag. Lab Yes
  Susan OSMOND   65   Yes
  James OSMOND 20     Yes
  Mary OSMOND   20   Yes
  Sarah OSMOND   15   Yes
Church Farm John BRAIN 45   Farmer Yes
  Catherine CURTIS   50 Female Servant Yes
  Rebecca JONES   15 Female Servant Yes

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