Abstracts of
Somersetshire Wills

This is an index of the Wills contained within volume one of the series made by the Rev'd Frederick Brown

John ABAROUGH of Ditchet, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 05May1589 - pg19
John ABARROW of Woodland, West Pennard, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 12Apr1659 - pg19
Richard ACKLAND of Holcombe Rogus, Devon. Gent, Will dated Aug1586 - pg88
Susan A'COURT of Frome, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 15Oct1683 - pg57
Thomas A'COURT of Frome, Somerset. Will proved 22Feb1635 - pg57
William A'COURT of Frome, Somerset. Will dated 26Sep1656 - pg57
William A'COURT, Merchant. Will dated 02May1660 - pg57
Richard ADAMS of Wells. Will proved 24Apr1634 - pg92
Edward ARTHUR of Clapton, Somerset. Gent Will dated 13Mar1594 - pg5 & pg88
Thomas ARTHUR of Clapton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 07Oct1542 - pg88
Thomas ATTWOOD of East Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 20Jul1612 - pg27
Elisabeth ASHE of Corsham, Wiltshire. Widow, Will dated 09Nov1675 - pg88
James AYSSHE of South Petherton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 23Jan1602 - pg59
John AYSSHE of Savoye, Middlesex. Gent, Will dated 06Jun1613 - pg59
John AYSSHE of Stoke under Hamden, Somerset. Sack weaver, Will dated 12Oct1619 - pg14
James AYSHE of South Petherton, Somerest. Will dated 03May1626 - pg59

George BALCHE of Ilminster, Somerset.Gent, Will dated 21Jun1569 - pg74
Hugh BALCHE of Ilminster, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative will 17Feb1615 - pg74
John BALCHE of Horton, Somerset. Will dated 01Apr1536 - pg74
Thomas BALCHE the Elder, of Cote in Martock, Somerset. Will dated 18Apr1594 - pg26
John BAMFIELD of Hardington, Somerset. Admom dated 08Dec1611 - pg12
Marion BAMFIELD, widow of Peter BAMFIELD. Will dated 17Nov1508 - pg10
Thomas BAMFIELD of Hardington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 15Apr1656 - pg12
William BAMFIELD of North Cheriton, Somerset. Will proved 17Apr1624 - pg11
Amias BAMPFIELD of Weston Bampfield, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 13Feb1648 - pg11
Amias BAMPFIELD of Weston Bampfield, Somerset. Gent, Admom dated 27Mar1678 - pg11
Benjamin BAMPFIELD of Middlemarsh, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 22Nov1613 - pg10
Edward BAMPFIELD of Nursling, Hampshire. Will dated 23Jun1678 - pg11
Hugh BAMPFIELD of North Cadbury, Somerset. Admom dated 16May1590 - pg11
John BAMPFIELD of Hardington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 15May1651 - pg12
Robert BAMPFIELD of Cheriton, Somerset. Clerk, Will dated 12Aug1613 - pg11
John BAMPFILDE. Will dated 13May1528 - pg11
Lady Elisabeth BARKLEY alias STRANGWAYS of Bradley, Gloucestershire. Will dated 09Feb1610 - pg25
Dr. Ralph BARLOWE, Dean of Wells, Somerset. Archdeacon of Winton, Will dated 09Jul1631 - pg56
William BELLAMIE of Congersbury, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Sep1661 - pg39
Jane BEOMONT of Leigh, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 04Dec1593 - pg22
Walter BERRINGTON of Frome Selwood, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 11Mar1600 - pg30
John BEVYN of Lufton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 22Feb1554 - pg70
William BEVYN of Ilton, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 20Jan1558 - pg16
Agnes BISSE of Croscombe, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 23Oct1626 - pg95
Christian BISSE of Croscombe, Somerset. Will dated 30Jan1608 - pg94
Edward BISSE of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire. Gent, Nuncupative will dated 18Apr1696 - pg54
Gilbert BISSE the elder of Keyford, Near Frome Selwood, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 26Sep1628 - pg96
Henry BISSE of Henstridge, Somerset. Admon dated 15Apr1597 - pg94
James BISSE of Stoke St Michael, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 03Apr1567 - pg93
James BISSE of Wells. Canon, Nuncupative Will 26Nov1607 - pg94
James BISSE of Pensford, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 04Sep1638 - pg96
James BISSE of Batcombe, Somerset. Esquire, Nuncupative will 07Apr1640 - pg96
James BISSE of Batcombe, Somerset. bachelor, Admon 20Jul1652 - pg96
James BISSE. Will dated 13Jul1582 - pg93
Joan BISSE of Pensford, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 28Oct1619 - pg95
John BISSE of Pensford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 20Oct1565 - pg92
John BISSE the elder, of Paglinche, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 21May1593 - pg93
John BISSE of Corseley, Wiltshire. Gent, Admon dated 07Mar1600/1 - pg94
John BISSE of St Marys, Savoy. Admon dated 08Feb1614/5 - pg95
John BISSE of Publow, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 10Feb1622 - pg95
Philip BISSE of of Axbridge, Somerset. Admon dated 30Aug1611 - pg94
Phiip BISSE. Will dated 07Oct1613 - pg94
Richard BISSE of Bristowe. Merchant, Will dated 28Nov1591 - pg93
Richard BISSE of Croscombe, Somerset. Clothier, Will dated 11Jun1623 - pg95
Samuel BISSE of Wells, Somerset. Widower, Admon dated 28Jul1636 - pg96
Thomas BISSE o Weston Super Mare. Parson, Will dated 20Aug1632 - pg96
William BISSE of Croscombe, Somerset. Clothier, Will dated 17Jun1625 - pg95
William BISSE of Croscombe, Somerset. Esquire, Admon dated 04Jul1627 - pg96
William BISSE of Tisbury, Wiltshire. Tanner, Will dated 20Jan1628 - pg96
Humfrey BLAKE of Overstowey, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 11May1559 - pg59
Thomas BLAKE, Will dated 23Nov1609 - pg3
George BLANCHFLOWER of Kingston, Somerset. Will dated 20May1625 - pg21
John BOND of Taunton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 14Jun1612 - pg27
Ann BONHAM of Haselbury, Wiltshire. Widow, Will dated 16Apr1548 - pg11
William BONNER of East Chinnock, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 02Feb1611 - pg56
John BONVILLE of West DILLINGTON, Parish of Ilminster, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 19Aug1551 - pg37
Thomas BONVILLE of Dillington, Somerset. Esquire, Admon 23Feb1582 - pg37
Robert BOTELER of Old Cleeve, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 07Nov1605 - pg5
Robert BOTELER of Old Cleeve, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 17May1635 - pg6
Philip BOUCHER of East Harptree, Somerset. Clothier, Will dated 14Feb1560 - pg17
Laurence BOURMAN of Hemyock, Devon. Admon dated 04Feb1577 - pg68
Francis BOURNE of Writhlington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 05Jan1588 - pg29
Francis BOURNE of Bath. Will dated 11Feb1600 - pg29
Margaret BOURNE of Bath. Widow, Will dated 27Oct1629 - pg29
Andrew BOWERMAN of Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 26Apr1647 - pg69
Andrew BOWERMAN of Milton in Gillingham, Dorset. Clerk, Will dated 23Jun1693 - pg70
Elisabeth BOWERMAN of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 03Sep1610 - pg69
George BOWERMAN of Isle Brewers, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 14Jan1615 - pg69
Sarah BOWERMAN of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 02Oct1652 - pg69
Andrew BOWREMAN of Comb Davy, Devon. Merchant, Will proved 20Oct1548 - pg69
Catherine BOWREMAN of Hemyock, Devon. Admon dated 13Nov1601 - pg68
George BOWREMAN of East Greenwich, Kent. Esquire, Will dated 08Nov1668 - pg64
Henry BOWREMAN of Chard, Somerset. Merchant, Will dated 19Jun1589 - pg68
Isabella BOWREMAN of Hemyock, Devon. Will dated 17Sep1574 - pg70
James BOWREMAN of Hemyock, Devon. Merchant, Will proved 06Apr1547 - pg69
William BOWREMAN, Subdean of Wells. Will dated 19Feb1570 - pg68
William BOWREMAN of Wells, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 18Sep1590 - pg68
Andrew BOWYER of Cannington, Somerset.Nuncupative will 03Apr1654 - pg28
John BOWYER of Beare in Cannington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 15Dec1598 - pg28
Thomas BREERTON of Yard, St James Parish, Taunton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 10Jan1601 - pg15
Thomas BREERTON of Yard, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 11Feb1630 - pg15
Robert BRENT of Cossington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 27Aug1500 - pg52
John BRENT of Cosynton, Somerset. Will dated 10Aug1524 - pg52
Sir Alexander BRETT of White Staunton, Somerset. Admon dated 23May1609 - pg66
Elisabeth BRETT of Edmonton, Middlesex. Widow, Will dated 01Oct1598 - pg66
George BRETT of Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 13Sep1633 - pg66
John BRETT of South Petherton, Somerset. Will dated 04Apr1531 - pg66
John BRETT of White Stanton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 16May1587 - pg66
John BRETT of White Staunton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 25Apr1674 - pg67
Mary BRETT of White Staunton, Somerset. Gentlewoman, Will proved 12May1666 - pg67
Robert BRETT of Edmonton, Middlesex. Gent, Will proved 07Feb1611/2 - pg66
Lady Ursula BRETT of White Stanton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20Mar1670 - pg67
William BRETT of White Stanton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Dec1666 - pg66
Edward BRIDGES of Kainsham, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 07Nov1638 - pg48
Ann BRIDGMAN of Badminton Magna, Gloucestershire. Widow, Will proved 08Jul1606 - pg25
Charles BROOKE of Temple Combe, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 04Apr1610 - pg4
Duke BROOKE of Temple Combe, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 27May1606 - pg 4
Peter BROOKE of Temple Combe, Somerset. Admom dated 12Jul1606 - pg 4
Richard BROUGHTON of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 02Jan1616 - pg91
Robert BROUGHTON of Sampford Bickefield, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 19Oct1622 - pg47
Thomas BROUGHTON of Sampford Bickefield, Wembdon, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 20Aug1579 - pg47
John BROWNE of Bristowe. Gent, Will dated 20Aug1538 - pg62
Nicholas BROWNE of Bristol. Merchant, Will dated 16Dec1516 - pg9
John BRUNE of Athelhampton, Dorset. Esquire, Will dated 16Jan1645 - pg51
John BRYANT of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 01Apr1616 - pg43
Agnes BRYMMORE, widow, of Bruton, Somerset. Will dated 20Feb1516 - pg8
John BRYTON of Kelveston, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03May1586 - pg37
Barbara BULBECK of the Savoy. Dec'd, Admom dated 22Jun1586 - pg20
Francis BULBECK of Clevedon, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 10Nov1585 - pg20
Alexander BULLER of Wood, Bath & Wells, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 1526 - pg6
John BULLER the elder of Lillisdon, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12Jan1591 - pg6
John BULLER of North Curry, Somerset. Admom dated 25Oct1599 - pg6
Thomas BULLER of Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 14Apr1543? - pg6
John BURNELL of Poynington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 16Sep1544 - pg9
John BUSHE of Broadwell Down, Butcombe, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 18Sep1603 - pg22
Honora BUTLER of Nettlecomb, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 13Feb1609 -pg5
John BYAM of Clatworthy, Somerset. Clerk, Will dated 20Sep1653 - pg76
James BYSSE of Croscombe, Somerset. Will proved 14Feb1606/7 - pg94
Johan BYSSE of Trestocke, Somerset. Widow, Will proved 03Nov1558 - pg92
John BYSSE of Stoke St Michael, Somerset. Will dated 13Feb1570/1 - pg93
John BYSSE of Pensford, Somerset. Will dated02Apr1585 - pg93
Nicholas BYSSE of New Sarum, Wiltshire. Will dated 10Oct1507 - pg92
Philip BYSSE. Will dated 18Jan1519 - pg92
Richard BYSSE of Publow, Somerset. Will dated 20Nov1559 - pg92

Isabel CADE of Congresbury, Somerset. Will dated 16Dec1576 - pg40
William CARENT of Toomers, Henstridge, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 22Jun1594 - pg19
Robert CAREWE of Crocombe, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 21Dec1602 - pg18
John CARLIEL of Spaxton, Somerset. Nuncupative will Aug1671 - pg46
Edward CARR of Worspring, Somerset. Nuncupative Will dated 15Jan1604 - pg19
William CARR of Bristol. Merchant, Will dated 10Jan1574 - pg19
Alexander CARSWELL of Thorne St Margaret, Somerset, Yeoman, Will dated 19Nov1609 - pg3
Jane CEELEY of North Curry, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 08Aug1630 - pg40
Joan CEELEY of Creech St Michael, Somerset. Widow, Admon dated 28Aug1632 - pg40
Maurice CEELEY of Bridgwater, Somerset. Admon dated --Dec1677 - pg40
Penelope CEELEY of North Curry, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20Oct1664 - pg39
John CHAMBERLAINE of London. Gent, Will dated 18jun1627 - pg80
Mabell CHILCOTT alias EVERY of Long Bridey, Dorset. Admon dated 06Nov1650 - pg75
William CHILCOTT of Berdey in Burton Bradstock, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 20Jul1643 - pg75
Sir John CHURCHILL, Knight, Will dated 24Jul1685 - pg78
Sir Winston CHURCHILL of great Mintern, Dorset. Knight, Will dated 22Apr1684 - pg79
Thomas CLERKE of Wookey, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 24Nov1554 - pg44
Sir John CLIFTON of Barrington, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 20Sep1591 - pg17
Barnard COGAN of Charde, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 23Oct1597 - pg26
Richard COKKE of East Harptree, Somerset. Will dated 02Dec1508 - pg21
Richard COLE of Wookey, Somerset. Will proved 15Jun1592 - pg28
Elisabeth COLLARD of Nether Stowey, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 15Feb1715 - pg87
Humphry COLLES of Barton, Somerset. Will dated 10Jun1566 - pg33
Elisabeth COLLES of Barton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 08Nov1633 - pg34
George COLLES of West Combland, Buckland St Mary, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 18Jan1632 - pg34
John COLLES of Wells, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 03Mar1603 - pg21
John COLLES of Barton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 03Sep1607 - pg33
John COLLES of Fidington, Somerset. Husbandman, Will dated 07Jul1626 - pg36
Bartholomew COMBE of Cannington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 07Oct1558 - pg8
James COMPTON of Sherborne, Dorset. Will dated 12Apr1600 - pg91
John COMPTON of Glastonbury, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 20Jul1551 - pg45
Ursula COMPTON of Wythes, in Greinton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20Feb1615 - pg91
George CORYATE of Odcombe, Somerset. Clerk, Admon dated 28Apr1606 - pg33
John COTTERILL of Kenn, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 21Apr1610 - pd18
Alexander COURT of Gregory Stoke, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10Dec1648 - pg44
Sarah COURT of Gregory Stoke, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 27Mar1629 - pg44
John COURTE of Bristol. Esquire, Will dated 20Dec1598 - pg44
Thomas COURTE of North Petherton, Somerset. Admon dated 17May1598 - pg44
John COXE of Borton, Somerset. Yeoman, Will proved 16Aug1594 - pg22
Jane COWPER of Winscombe, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20Feb1590 - pg28
Frances CREIGHTON of St Andrews, Wells, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20Nov1678 - pg76
Doctor Robert CREIGHTON Bishop of Bath & Wells. Will dated 17Nov1672 - pg76
Thomas CRIDLAND of Stobumber, Somerset. Will dated 22Jan1658 - pg39
Leonard CROSSE of Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03Aug1609 - pg3
John CUFFE of Cryche, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10Feb1556 - pg55
Robert CUFFE of Rowlands, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 16Dec1571 - pg55
Robert CUFFE of Michael Church, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 22Sep1588 - pg56
Thomas CUFFE of Rowlands, Parish of Aishwell, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 23Feb1582 - pg56

William DABORNE of Congersbury, Somerset. Vicar, Will dated 30Apr1563 - pg14
Sir Giles DAUBENY (buried South Petherton). Will dated 19May1508 - pg46
James DAUBENY of Wayford, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 13Jul1614 - pg56
John DAUBENY of Gorwell, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 01Aug1570 - pg61
John DAUBENY of Woolmeston, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Apr1625 - pg57
Elizabeth DOWNTON of Ilminster, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 22Jan1608 - pg32
Nicholas DOWNTON (or DUNSTON) of Ilminster, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative will 14Jun1605 - pg32

William EASTON of East Pennard, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 13Oct1593 - pg65
John ELLIOTT the elder of West Monckton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 18Apr1604 - pg36
Thomas ENGLISH of Podymore Milton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 16Jan1609 - pg5
Christopher ESCOTT of Old Cleve, Somerset. Dec'd, Admon dated 29May1587 - pg21
George ESCOTT of Carhampton, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 28Jul1585 - pg21
Hugh ESCOTT of Carhampton, Somerset. Dec'd, Admon dated 28Jan1585 - pg21
Hugh ESCOTT of Carhampton, Somerset. Dec'd, Admon dated 29Jan1646 - pg21
Thomas EVERIE of Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset. Will dated 31Aug1592 - pg19
Alexander EVERY of London. Clothworker, Will dated 25Dec1588 - pg73
Alexander EVERY. Will dated 19Nov1630 - pg75
Alexander EVERY of Cayland in Broadway, Somerset. dec'd, Admom dated 16Jul1647 - pg19
John EVERY of Broadway, Somerset. Admon dated 21Mar1576 - pg72
John EVERY of Chaffcombe, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 31Jan1584 - pg19
John EVERY of Wootton Abbotts, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 16Dec1616 - pg75
John EVERY of Cothay, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 02Jun1679 - pg76
Martha EVERY of Wootton, in Whitchurch, Dorset. Widow, Will dated 26Nov1673 - pg73
Richard EVERY of Pitminster, Somerset. Will dated 14Jan1586 - pg18
William EVERY of Chard, Somerset. Merchant, Will dated 10Jan1587 - pg72
William EVERY of Cothay, Kittisford, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 15Mar1651 - pg20
William EVERY of Cothay, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 07Jul1658 - pg73
John EYRE of Badgworth, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 31Aug1609 - pg 4

Thomas FISHER of Taunton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 08Mar1616 - pg90
Ellinor FLOWER of Norton Philipps, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 03Jan1604 - pg32
Agnes FREAKE of Misterton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 28Feb1607 - pg 4
Robert FREKE of Crewkerne, Somerset, Admom dated 09Dec1639 - pg 3
Thomas FREKE of Queens Camel, Somerset, bachelor, Admon dated 02Jan1613 - pg 3
William FREKE of Misterton, Somerset, yeoman, Will dated 04Oct1580 - pg 3
Nicholas FRYE of Axbridge, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 15Feb1614 - pg59
Sir Philip FULFORD. Knight. Will proved 30Jan1531 - pg51
William FULFORD of Oak, Somerset. Will dated 12Mar1648 - pg51

Anthony GALHAMPTON of Pawlett, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative Will 01Jan1598 - pg23
Elisabeth GALHAMPTON of Charlinch, Somerset. Spinster, Will dated 29Sep1624 - pg24
John GALHAMPTON of Stockland Gaunts, Somerset. Will dated 14Feb1557/8 - pg23
Alice GALLINGTON of Wells, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 10Feb1619 - pg24
Joan GALLINGTON of Dulcott, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 26 Jan 1587 - pg24
John GALLINGTON of Burcott, Wells, Somerset. Will dated 30Jan1624 - pg24
Mary GERARDE of Trent, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20Mar1577 - pg40
Thomas GERRARD (or JERRARD) of Trent, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 08mar1557 - pg46
John GIFFORDE of Frome, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Sep1601 - pg28
Sir John GILLIE of London. Knight, Will dated 10Aug1650 - pg43
Thomas GODDARD of Clatford, Wiltshire. Gent, Will dated 18Apr1595 - pg65
Anthony GODWIN of Wookey, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 20Nov1609 - pg4
John GODWIN, Burgess of the City of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 12Jul1551 - pg17
John GODWIN of Wells, Somerset. Mercer, Will dated 06Sep1570 - pg17
John GODWYN of Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 07Apr1610 - pg4
Phillipe GODWYN of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 26Jan1655 -pg91
Richard GODWYN of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 01Jan1577 - pg17
Thomas GOLDE of Northover, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 23Jan1566 - pg62
Thomas GOULD of Northover, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03Mar1624 - pg62
Roger GREENWOOD of North Perott, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 27Oct1613 - pg56
Eleanor GROBHAM of Estcombe, in Bishops Lydiard. Widow, Will proved 25Oct1594 - pg22
Henry GUISE of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire. Will dated 18Jan1676 - pg48

James HADLEY of Withycombe, Somerset. Will proved 26Mar1537 - pg65
Cicely HAGGAT of Wells, Somerset. Widow, Will proved 06May1583 - pg29
William HAMBRIDGE of Morterie in Buckland Dinham, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 16Oct1588 - pg32
Benjamin HANAM. Will dated 17Aug1581 - pg10
James HANHAM. Esquire, Will dated 08Jul1669 - pg39
John HANHAM of Wimborne Minster, Dorset. Will dated 14Nov1661 - pg10
William HANHAM of Wilkinthroope, Horsington, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 14Dec1599 - pg10
James HANAM of Holwell, (now) Dorset. Esquire, Will proved 20Jun1597 - pg9
Alice HANNAM, widow. Will dated 12Jan1559 - pg10
Hugh HANNAM of Happerton in Easton in Gordano, Somerset. Yeoman, Will proved 03May1625 - pg9
John HANNAM of Wimborne Minster, Dorset. Esquie, Will dated 20Jan1558 - pg10
John HANNAM of Huish, Yatton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 28Apr1620 - pg10
Richard HANNAM of Wimborne Minster, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 23Aug1572 - pg9
William HANNAM of Hewish, Yatton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 14Nov1611 - pg10
Thomas HARRIS of Badialton, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 12Feb1612 - pg27
Thomas HARTE of Ilminster, Somerset. Merchant, Will dated 11Jan1590 - pg28
Henry HARVEY of Brockley, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 16Jul1612 - pg51
Roger HAULE of Clevedon, Somerset. Will dated 02Dec1606 - pg32
Thomas HEIRE (or EYRE) of Sanford Orcas, Somerset. Will dated 22Aug1585 - pg40
Andrew HENLEY of Taunton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 11Oct1630 - pg14
Henry HENLEY of Leigh in Winsham, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 13Mar1638 - pg14
Robert HENLEY of Leigh, Somerset. Law? suit 1615 - pg15
Henry HENSLEIGH of Spaxton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 02Sep1620 - pg71
John HENSLEIGH of Sundercombe, in Hewish, somerset. Admon dated 07Aug1599 - pg71
John HENSLEY of Leigh, Somerset. Admon dated 07Feb1588/9 - pg71
Robert HENSLEY of Hensleigh, of Selworthy, Somerset. Will dated 09Jun1637 - pg72
John HEWYSCHE of Doniford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 24Jul1551 - pg13
Alexander HILL of Taunton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 12Dec1613 - pg35
Christian HILL alias PERYE of Ashbrittle, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 06Jul1612 - pg74
John HILL of west Martyn, Wiltshire. Esquire, Will dated 27Apr1602 - pg35
Margaret HILL of Taunton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 01Jun1548 - pg35
Robert HILL of Taunton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 21Apr1581 - pg67
Roger HILL of Taunton, Somerset. Merchant, Will dated 06Jan1544 - pg34
Roger HILL of Pondsford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 22Dec1606 - pg35
William HILL of Poundsford, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 06Jun1592 - pg35
Joan HILLARDE of Stapleton in Martock, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 24Dec1611 - pg27
Eleanor HODGES of Wedmore, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 20May1649 - pg84
James HODGES of Somerton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 27May1601 - pg30
John HODGES of Lymington, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 05Sep1558 - pg16
John HODGES of Lufton, Somerset. Will dated 14Apr1608 - pg34
Richard HODGES of Dinder, Somerset. Clothier, Will dated 06Jun1593 - pg17
Thomas HODGES of Wedmore, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 25Aug1600 - pg83
William HODGES of the Friary, Ilchester, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 12Dec1603 - pg32
William HODGES of Hoalte in Melbury Osmond, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 22May1609 - pg72
Henry HODY of Gothelney, in Charlich, somerset. Esquire, Will dated 25Apr1615 - pg60
Robert HOLLWORTHYE of Bridgewater, Somerset. Gent, Esquire, Will dated 08Aug1600 - pg30
Nicholas HOOPPER of Old Cleve, Somerset. Will dated 05Oct1612 - pg27
Richard HORNE of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 19Nov1626 - pg58
Isabella HORTE of Yatton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 26Apr1533 - pg30
William HORTE of Yatton, Somerset. Will dated 21Apr1513 - pg30
Edward HORTON of Bath. Esquire, Will dated 29Oct1603 - pg26
Henry HORTT of Axbridge, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 13Sep1623 - pg52
Charles HOWARD, sick at New Sarum (Salisbury, Wiltshire). Will proved 30Nov1594 - pg20
Giles HOWARD of Lytes Cary, in Charlton, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 15jul1592 - pg20
Thomas HOWARD, Viscount Bindon. Will dated 14Jun1607 - pg20
Thomas Lord HOWARD, Viscount Bindon. Will proved 14Feb1582 - pg20
Christopher HOWE of Michael Creeche, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 11Apr1616 - pg74
Elisabeth HOWE of Stogumber, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 31Aug1580 - pg82
Johan HOWE of East Bagboro, in Lydiard Bishop, Somerset. Will dated 20May1575 - pg82
John HOWE of St Helens, London. Will dated 24Jan1573/4 - pg82
James HOWPER of Meriet, Somerset. Will proved 04Feb1597 - pg29
Sir Thomas HUGHES of Wells, Somerset. Knight, Admon dated 13May1626 - pg60
James HUISH of wells, Somerset. Will dated 02mar1638 - pg13
Joan HUISH of Tuckerton, in North Petherton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 12Sep1638 - pg12
John HUISH of Donyford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 27Nov1648 - pg14
Richard HUISH of Blackfriars, London. Esquire, Will dated 30Jan1615 - pg12
Edward HUISHE of Wells, Somerset. Public Notary, Will dated 04Mar1623 - pg12
William HUISHE of Donyford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 11Oct1599 - pg12
William HUISHE of Aller, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 08May1611 - pg13
Margaret HURD of Compton Dundon, Somerset. Will proved 10Feb1616/7 - pg90
William HURDE of Compton Dundon, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 05Dec1580 - pg90
Richard HURFORD of Oke, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 22Sep1602 - pg30
Grace HYDE of Bittisham, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 10Feb1608

Leonard IVEY of St Dunstans, London. Admon dated 16Nov1593 - pg58

Myles JACKSON of Comb Hay, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 15Oct1616 - pg89
Francis JAMES of Barrow, Somerset. Will dated 27May1613 - pg39
Joane JEFFERIES of Bowrehinton, Parish of Martock, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 18Nov1605 - pg32
Joan JENNINGS of Churchill, Somerset. Widow of Raphe, Will dated 12Feb1577 - pg18
Robert JENNINGS of Burton, Curry Revell, Somerset. Will dated 10Sep1593 - pg18
Ralf JENYNS of Churchill, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 09May1572 - pg17
Robert JERARD of Sampford Orkeys, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 14Jun1505 - pg45
William JERARDE [or GERARD] of Trent, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12Jan1567 - pg40
Johane JERRARD of Sampford Orcas, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 14Nov1594 - pg47
John JERRARD of Freer Moyn, Dorset. Will dated 08mar1557 - pg46
William JERRARD of Somerton, Somerset. Will dated 22may1619 - pg47

Martin KAYLEWAY (or KELLAWAY) of Lillington, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 04Dec1575 - pg46
Laurence KEMYS. Will proved 12Apr1619 - pg24
Robert KEMYS of Cucklington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 17Jun1587 - pg24
Thomas KEMYS of Cannington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03Sep1581 - pg24
Walter KEMYS, Rector of Compton Basset, Wiltshire. Will dated 15Nov1587 - pg16
Elizeus KEYMER of West Chelborough, Dorset. Admon dated dated 23Jan1575 - pg71
Ellis KEYMER of Preston Plucknett, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Jun1639 - pg72
Guy KEYMER of Compton Durville, South Petherton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 05Jul1648 - pg72
Henry KEYMER of Pendomer, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 05Oct1619 - pg71
Henry KEYMER of Marsh in Hardington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 22Jul1624 - pg72
Thomas KINGE of South Brent, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 25Mar1601 - pg29
Richard KINGSTON of Lydiard Episcopi, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 30Apr1603 - pg26
Sir James KIRTON of Almsford, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 22Jul1620 - pg43
Thomas KITSON of Wells, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12Aug1615 - pg74
Robert KNIGHT of Wayford in Crewkerne, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 18Dec1606 - pg32
Peter KNOYELL of Sandford Orcas, Somerset. Will dated 07Sep1508 - pg45
William KNOYLE of Sandford Orcas, Somerset. Esquire, Nuncupative will 21Jan1607 - pg33
William KYRTON of Faringdon, Hants. Esquire, Will proved 10Feb1552 - pg44

William LACY the Elder of Hartrow, Stogumber, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 31Dec1607 - pg33
Robert LANGHAM of Skilgate, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 23Feb1602 - pg31
John LAVOR of Middle Lambrooke, Somerset. Will dated 03Apr1610 - pg5
Edward LEE of Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Jun1616 - pg90
Richard LEE of Huntspill, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 20Sep1586 - pg62
Andrew LEVERSAGE of Frome Selwood, Somerset. Nuncupative will 29Jan1605 - pg36
Philip LEVERSEDGE of Bristol. Sope maker, Will dated 15Oct1679 - pg37
Richard LEVERSEDGE of Yernefield, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 30Jan1649 - pg37
Philip LIVERSAGE of Yarnfield, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 07Feb1627 - pg36
Ralph LIVERSAGE of Frome Selwood, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 29Mar1614 - pg36
William LIVERSEGGE of Vallis, Frome, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 20Feb1581 - pg36
Ashborne LOTTISHAM of Stawell, Somerset. Dec'd, Admom dated 10Jun1610 - pg16
Hugh LOTTESHAM of Aston, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 27May1598 - pg16
Mary LOTTISHAM of Godmanston, Dorset. Widow, Will proved 19Jun1602 - pg16
Oliver LOTTISHAM of Fodington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 21Mar1615 - pg16
Joan LUCAS of Chilton, Somerset. Widow, Will proved 26Jun1629 - pg14
Richard LUCAS of Decumans, Somerset. Will dated 14Oct1611 - pg14
Joane LUTTRELL of Dunster, Somerset. Will dated 22Apr1618 - pg81
John LYDE of Yeovil, Somerset. Will dated 13Feb1587 - pg37
Thomas LYDE of Longford Martock, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 16Oct1613 - pg37
William LYTE of Northover, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 27Dec1558 - pg58
Thomas LYTE of Bradon, Somerset. Will proved 14Apr1573 - pg58

Bridget MAHATT of Wells, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 28Jun1655 - pg69
Philip MAHATT of East Brent, Somerset. Vicar, Will dated 17Aug1631 - pg69
Adam MARTYN of George Hinton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 11Dec1596 - pg22
Henry MARTYN of Hinton St George, Somerset. Counsellor at Law, Will dated 18May1608 - pg23
Robert MARTYN of Athelhampton, Dorset. Will dated 28Jun1548 - pg65
Edmund MASCALL of Clevedon, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 29Nov1616 - pg90
John MAWDLEY, the elder, of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 20Jul1540 - pg9
John MAWDLEY of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 31Mar1570
Richard MAYE of Bristol. Gent, Will dated 28Apr1603 - pg37
Robert MAYO of Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire. Gent, Will dated 16Nov1572 - pg27
Anthony METHWIN of Ilton, Somerset. Clerk, Will dated 27Aug1641 - pg63
William MIDDLETON of Merston, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 28Jan1587 - pg24
George MILBOURNE of Milborne Port, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 30Jun1559 - pg46
John MOHUN of South Petherton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 21Feb1675 - pg77
Margaret MOHUN of Carhampton, Somerset. Spinster, Will dated 22Feb1704 - pg77
Jasper MORE of Heytesbury, Wiltshire. Esquire, Will dated 01Jun1599 - pg61
Thomas MORGAN of Feilonde, in Wraxall, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 08Sep1567 - pg87
Thomas MORGAN alias KEMEYS of Clevedon, Somerset. Husbandman, Will dated 24 or 29May1579 - pg88
William MOSELEY of Eastern in Gordano, Somerset. Will dated 07Sep1616 - pg90
John MUSGRAVE of North Petherton, Somerset. Will dated 07Dec1630 - pg57
Richard MUSGRAVE of Nettlecomb, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 01Jun1686 - pg57
Thomas MUTTLEBURY of Aishill, Somerset. Admon dated 10Apr1652 - pg53

Lady Caroletta NETTLES. Will dated 12Aug1698 - pg78
Alexander NEWTON of Bresworth, born at Swell, Somerset. Will dated 16 May 1565 - pg23
Alexander NEWTON of Swell, Somerset. formerly of Ireland. Will dated 19May 1654 - pg23
Edward NEWTON of Swell, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12 Aug 1617 - pg23
John NEWTON of Sandell, Withycombe, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 09Nov1583 - pg21
John NEWTON of Swell, Somerset. Will dated 25 Mar 1587 - pg23
John NEWTON of Bath, Somerset. Admom dated 25Jan1595 - pg7
Richard NICHOLAS of Edington in Moorlinch, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 19Dec1599 - pg29
Thomas NORTHOVER of Aller, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 24Feb1612 - pg27

John ORENGE of Mells, Somerset. Clothier, Will dated 19Sep1603 - pg32
George OWEN, Esquire. Will proved 26May1559 - pg18

Thomas PARSYVALL of Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 01Mar1670 - pg81
Henry PAUNCEFOOT of Fulstone, St Peters, Wiltshire. Gent, Will dated 01Jan1522 - pg67
Alice PAYNES of Chewstoke, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 27Dec1576 - pg34
Isabella PEAYTON of Dundry, Somerset. Will dated 10May1581 - pg14
James PERCEVAL of North Weston, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 02Sep1645 - pg81
Christopher PERCEVAL of Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset. Will dated 18May1647 - pg81
James PERCEVALL of Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset. Will dated 23Mar1594 - pg81
John PERRY of Gerberston in West Buckland, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 15Mar1581 - pg38
John PERRY of Halse, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 07Mar1617 - pg39
Edward PHELIPPES of Montacute, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 16Jan1679 - pg78
Lady Edith PHELIPPS of Montacute, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 14Aug1728 - pg78
Sir Edward PHELIPPS of Montacute, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 22Mar1698 - pg78
Richard PHELIPPS of Charleboro, Dorset. Esquire, Will dated 24Jan1556 - pg77
Sir Thomas PHELIPPS of Winchester, Hampshire. Knight, Admon dated 26May1627 - pg77
Lady Elisabeth PHELIPS. Widow, Will dated 02Jul1635 - pg77
Sir Thomas PHELYPPES of Barrington, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 21May1618 - pg77
Richard PHILIPPS of Winterbourne Whitchurch, Dorset. Esquire, Will dated 20Nov1606 - pg76
Thomas PHILIPPS of Montacute, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 25Sep1588 - pg77
Lewis POLLARD of Woolston in Bicknoller, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 24Jan1600 - pg29
John POOLE of West Harptree, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 01Sep1511 - pg50
Roger POPLEY of Disco, Brewton Parish, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 06Jun1612 - pg27
Catherine POULETT of St Andrews, Wells, Somerset. Widow, Admon dated 09Nov1694 - pg76
Francis POULETT of Wells, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 06Sep1679 - pg76
Lord Thomas POULETT of Cossington, Somerset. Will dated 26Feb1583 - pg64
Nathaniel POWNELL of Bristol. Gent, Will dated 15May1611 - pg26
John PRESTON of Crickett St Thomas, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 14Jul1588 - pg31
Ann PROWSE of Wellington, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 25Sep1684 - pg83
George PROWSE of Kingeston, next Yeovil, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10Aug1623 - pg82
James PROWSE of Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12Aug1659 - pg82
James PROWSE of Lancock, Somerset. Will proved 03Mar1672 - pg83
Joan PROWSE of Bradford, Somerset. Widow, Admon dated 28Sep1633 - pg82
William PROWSE of West St, Axbridge, Somerset. Will dated 08Apr1667 - pg83
Thomas PRYN of Swanswicke, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 01Feb1618 - pg19
Sir Gilbert PRYNN of Allington, Wiltshire. Knight, Will dated 11Apr1626 - pg64
William PYM of Woolavington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10Jan1608 - pg5
John PYNE of Cory Mallett, Somerset, Esquire, Will dated 01Jun1607 - pg3
Joyce PYNE of Axmouth, Devon. Will proved 05Jan1602/3 - pg64
Thomas PYNE of Merriott, Somerset. Admom dated 19May1610 - pg4

Thomas QUIRKE of Minehead, Somerset. Merchant, Will dated 20Jan1604 - pg15

Walter RALEIGH, Parson of Chedzoy, Somerset. Will proved 23Jun1648 - pg63
Arthur RAYMOND of Ilchester, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 01Feb1623 - pg60
George RAYMOND of Ilchester, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 27Oct1615 - pg60
Julian RAYMOND of Charde, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 27Jul1618 - pg31
Thomas RAYMONDE of Charde, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03Aug1604 - pg31
William REYNES of Chew, Somerset. Will dated 06Jan1543 - pg14
John RICHARDS of Selworthie, Somerset. Clothier, Will dated 26Dec1591 - pg13
William RICHARDS the elder of Milverton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 1619 - pg13
Thomas RICHEMAN otherwise SHEPPARD of Babington, Somerset. Will dated 12Jan1550 - pg37
John RICHERS of Comb Florey, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 29Aug1606 - pg13
Richard RICHMOND alias SHEPPARD of Langford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10Feb1591 - pg38
Thomas RICHMOND alias SHEPPARD of Wraxall, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03Oct1619 - pg38
William RICHMOND of Stanton Prior, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 28Jan1645 - pg38
William ROE of Staple Fitzpayne, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative will dated 06May1639 - pg57
Ann ROLLE of Periton, Somerset. Admon dated 01Sep1620 - pg84
Denys ROLLE of Morrays, Cornwall. Esquire, Will dated 18Jan1712 - pg84
Sir Francis ROLLE of Shapwick, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 18Dec1678 - pg84
Henry ROLLE of Shapwick, Somerset. Sergeant at Law, Will dated 02Jul1656 - pg84
Dame Priscilla ROLLE of Shapwick, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 04Sep1707 - pg84
Sir Samuel ROLLE of Heanton Sackville, Devon. Knight, Will dated 20May1647 - pg84
Samuel ROLLE of East Tyderleigh, Hampshire. Esquire, Will dated 09Jun1727 - pg85
John ROSSITER of Wolmeston, Crewkerne, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 08Apr1611 - pg15
Alexander ROSEWELL of Soley, Wiltshire. Gent, Will proved 09May1584 - pg62
Richard ROSEWELL of Fastern, Wiltshire. Gent, Will dated 01Jan1584 - pg63
Thomas ROSEWELL of Bristol. Gent, Will dated 02Oct1625 - pg63
William ROSEWELL of Dunkerton, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 10Nov1568 - pg62
John ROSWELL of Inglishcombe, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 04Sep1596 - pg31
William ROWSEWELL of Loxton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 05Jul1570 - pg62

Christopher ST ALBON of East Quantockshead, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 15Dec1689 - pg85
Elisabeth ST ALBON of Alfoxdon, Somerset. Will dated 27Oct1634 - pg85
George ST ALBON of Elworthy, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 08Feb1714/5 - pg85
George ST ALBON of Holford, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 25May1744 - pg87
John ST ALBON the elder, of Alfoxton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 24Jan1699 - pg85
Launcelot ST ALBON of East Quantoxhead, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 19Mar1694 - pg85
Joan ST ALBYN of Nether Stowey, Somerset. Widow, Will Dated 07Jun1746 - pg87
Launcelot ST ALBYN of Alfoxon, in Stringston, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12Aug1624 - pg85
Launcelot ST ALBYN of Nether Stowey, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10May1744 - pg87
Edward ST. BARBIE of Ashington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 02Jan1592 - pg22
Henry ST. BARBIE of Ashington, Somerset. Will dated 27Nov1567 - pg40
Francis SANDYS of South Petherton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 13Sep1590 - pg30
William SANDYS of South Petherton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated --Jan1603 - pg31
Jane SARGER of Sherborne. Gentlewoman, Will proved 27Jan1591 - pg83
Nicholas SARGER. Will dated 18Nov1550 - pg83
John SAUNDERS of Chewstoke, Somerset. Yeoman, Will proved 07Jul1587 - pg34
Simon SAUNDERS of Taunton, Somerset. Clothier, Will proved 11May1591 - pg56
Thomas SAYARD of Axbridge, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 12Mar1610 - pg15
Thomas SELYE of Michell Criche, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 21Feb1631 - pg40
John SEYMOUR of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucester. Esquire, Will ratified 06May1597 - pg24
Sir John SEYMOUR of Bitton, Gloucestershire. Knight, Will dated 14Jun1663 - pg54
Sir Thomas SEYMOUR of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucester. Knight, Admon 07May1628 - pg24
Peter SHEA of Yatton, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 12Nov1588 - pg24
Christian SHERCOMBE of Bridgwater, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 02May1613 - pg50
William SHILSTON of Kirton, Devon. Will dated 17Sep1550 - pg74
Sarah SIDDENHAM of Sherborne, Dorset. Will dated 19Oct1598 - pg91
SILVESTER, widow of Sir John Butler, of Badminton, Kent. died 29Nov1564 - pg5

John SKRINE of Warley, Bathford, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 29Apr1610 - pg5
Richard SMITH of Crewkerne, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 05Mar1615 - pg75
Anne SNIGGE (eldest dau. of Sir George). Will dated 29Apr1625 - pg21
George SNIGGE of Bristol. Will proved 13Nov1582 - pg22
Sir George SNYGGE. Knight, Will dated 12Mar1612 - pg21
Edmund SOMERSET of East Martyn, Wiltshire. Will dated 16Oct1566 - pg16
John SOMERSET of South Brent, Somerset. Dec'd, Admom dated 24Apr1581 - pg16
Francis STALLINGTON of Hemington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 03Nov1662 - pg63
John STALLINGTON of Cannington, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative will 01Feb1645 - pg63
Thomas STALLINGTON of Cannington, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 06Mar1638 - pg63
Thomas STALLINGTON of Cannington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 26Oct1652 - pg63
Lady Catherine STEWKELEY of Hinton Ampner, Hampshire. Admon dated 14Nov1679 - pg80
Sir Thomas STEWKELEY of Foxleys, Berkshire. Knight, Admon dated 17Apr1639 - pg81
Lady Catherine STEWKLEY of Hinton, Hampshire. Admon dated 14Nov1679 - pg82
Dame Elisabeth STEWKLEY, Widow. Will dated 26Aug1648 - pg82
Charles STEYNINGS of Holnicote, Somerset. Will dated 25Aug1592 - pg17
Giles STRANGWAYS of Charlton Adam, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 21Dec1677 - pg48
Nicholas STREATE of Bridgwater, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 01Nov1616 - pg89
Henry STRODE of St Clements Danes, Middlesex. Gent, Will dated 24May1541 - pg65
Elizabeth STUKELEY, Widow. will dated 10Aug1598 - pg79
George STUKELEY of Dunster, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 26Sep1605 - pg80
Hugh STUKELEY of Marshtowne, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 19Feb1588 - pg79
Margaret STUKELEY of Marshtowne, Somerset. Will dated 28Oct1606 - pg80
Alexander SYDENHAM (buried) North Petherton, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 05Jun1523 - pg70
Alexander SYDENHAM of Luxboro', Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 05Oct1584 - pg70
Johane SYDENHAM of Leigh, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 18Jan1548 - pg70
John SYDENHAM, Senior. Will dated 16Apr1547 - pg70
Richard SYDENHAM of Brode Marston, Somerset. Admon dated 22Sep1586 - pg91
Ursula SYDENHAM of Leigh, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 12Oct1606 - pg71
Elizabeth SYMES of Doynton, Gloucestershire. Spinster, Will dated 22Nov1675 - pg53
Henry SYMES of Poundsford, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 15Jun1599 - pg52
Henry SYMES of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire. Esquire, Will dated 28Jan1678 - pg53
John SYMES of Poundsford, Somerset. Will dated 05oct1658 - pg53
John SYMES of Mountserrat (overseas). Esquire, Will dated 02Apr1709 - pg55
Meriell SYMES of Barwicke, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 04Jul1710 - pg54
Thomas SYMES of Barwick, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 18Nov1681 - pg54
William SYMES of Poundsford, Somerset. Merchant, Will dated 04Jun1597 - pg52

Robert TILLYE of Abbots Lye, Somerset. Will dated 30Jan1601 - pg30
Diana TORRINGTON of St Decumans, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 15Mar1625 - pg43
John TORRINGTON of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Will dated 23Mar1624 - pg43
Alexander TOWSE of Wells, Somerset. Will dated 12Apr1612 - pg58
Alexander TOWSE of Curry Rivell, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 16Jun1633 - pg59
Arthur TOWSE. Will dated 20Feb1624 - pg58
Giles TOWSE of Swell, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative will dated 06Sep1592 - pg25
Hugh TREVELIAN of Yarnscombe, Devon. Will dated 01Feb1663 - pg42
John TREVELIAN of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 27Feb1622 - pg41
George TREVELLIAN the elder, of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 21Oct1653 - pg42
Amos TREVELYAN of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Admon dated 07May1657 - pg42
Ann TREVELYAN alias LACY of St Audries, Somerset. Admon dated 08Mar1692 - pg43
Anthony TREVELYAN of Yarnscombe, Devon. Will dated 16May1622 - pg42
Elisabeth TREVELYAN (dau of Sir George). Will dated 06Aug1690 - pg43
Sir George TREVELYAN of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Baronet, Will dated 02Mar1663 - pg42
John TREVELYAN of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 20Jan1518 - pg40
Julian TREVELYAN of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Will dated 16Nov1686 - pg42
Mary TREVELYAN. Will dated 03Aug1670 - pg42
Lady Mary TREVELYAN of Nettlecombe, Somerset. Widw, Will dated 03Jun1688 - pg42
Thomas TREVELYAN of Yarnscombe, Devon. Esquire, Will dated 16Aug1565 - pg42
Hugh TREVILIAN of Tymbercombe, Somerset. Admon dated 15May1577 - pg41
John TYLLIE of Hutton, Somerset. Will dated 20Jan1542 - pg8
Thomas TYNBERY of Mynchin Buckland, Somerset. Will dated 06Oct1540 - pg6
William TYMBERY of Bruham, Somerset. Will proved 24Jan1593/4 - pg65
John TYNBURYE of Lynge, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 05Feb1552 - pg45

George UPTON of Wells, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 23Jan1608 - pg7
Jefferye UPTON of Warminster, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 14Jan1582 - pg7

Lady Frances VERNON, Widow. Will dated 07Nov1624 - pg44

Sir Edward WADHAM of Tormarton, Gloucestershire. Knight, Will dated 17Jan1546/7 - pg49
Edward WADHAM of Meere, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 05Jul1613 - pg50
Dame Jane WADHAM of Merrifield, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 22Jul1557 - pg49
John WADHAM of Merrifield, Somerset. Clerk, Will dated 09Aug1503 - pg48
John WADHAM of Merrifield, Somerset. Will dated 01Apr1577 - pg49
John WADHAM of Catherston, Dorset. Gent, Will dated 12Jan1583 - pg49
Margaret WADHAM, Widow. Will dated 15Dec1518 - pg48
Sir Nicholas WADHAM of Muryfelde, Somerset. Knight, Will dated 25Nov1539 - pg49
Nicholas WADHAM of Merrifield, Somerset. Esquire, Will proved 03Nov1609 - pg25
Nicholas WADHAM of St Mary at Hill, London. Admon dated 09Sep1699 - pg50
Philip WADHAM of Ashbrittle, Somerset. Admon dated 23Oct1640 - pg50
Robert WADHAM of Wishford Magna, Wiltshire. Gent, Will dated 10Sep1623 - pg50
Susanna WADHAM late of North Curry, Somerset. Admon dated 08dec1675 - pg50
Alice WALL of Yatton, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 23Sep1592 - pg28
William WALRON of Langridge, Somerset. Gent, Will proved 29Jun1613 - pg19
Henry WALROND of Sea, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 09Oct1616 - pg91
Henry WALROND of Isle Brewers, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 18Apr1670 - pg6
Humphrey WALROND of Bradfield, Devon, Esquire, Will dated 26Mar1586 - pg61
Roger WALROND of Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 13May1562 - pg61
Humfrey WALRONDE of See in Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 12Feb1577 - pg60
John WALRONDE, the younger, of Bovye, Devon. Esquire, Will dated 07Jan1563 - pg61
Edmond WATTS of Wells, Somerset. Canon, Will dated 29May1599 - pg28
Hugh WATTS of Cucklington, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 10jan1622 - pg31
Philip WATTS of Greinton, Somerset. Gent, Will dated Jul1611 - pg14
Thomas WAULE of Yatton, Somerset. Will proved 03May1591 - pg28
John WEBB of Clapton, Somerset. Yeoman, Will dated 10Nov1595 - pg18
William WEBB of Sarum, Wiltshire. Will dated 08Jul1584 - pg11
John WEBBE of Swainswicke, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 13Mar1614 - pg74
Katherine WEBBE widow of William WEBBE, of Motcombe, Dorset. Will dated 10Oct1602 - pg11
Sir William WEBBE of Motcombe, Dorset. Will dated 28Nov1607 - pg12
Ann WEBBER of Meryet, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 06Mar1558 - pg58
Richard WEKES of Wellington, Somerset. Will dated 20Jul1577 - pg7
William WHETCOMBE of Oriel College, Oxford. M.A., Will dated 07Feb1610 - pg15
Daniel WHITE of London. Gent, Will dated 12Nov1602 - pg31
Ann WHITING of Wood. Widow, Will proved 16May1534 - pg64
Arthur WINTER of Tiverton, Devon. Gent, Will dated 28Oct1641 - pg89
William WINTER of Clapton, Somerset. Will dated 26Feb1631 - pg89
William ARTHUR of Clapton, Somerset. Will dated 01Feb1644 - pg89
Agnes WOGAN of Sylvinche, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 08Feb1574/5 - pg45
John WOGAN of Silving, White Lackington, Somerset. Esquire, Will dated 27Oct1558 - pg45
Agnes WYKES widow of William, of Nynehehed Florie, Somerset. Will dated 30Jul1552 - pg8
Agnes or Ann WYKES, dau. of Andrew WIKES. Will dated 20Mar, 2 Eliz. - pg8
Edward WYKES of St James, Shaftsbury, Dorset. Will dated 20Oct1603 - pg8
John WYKES of Clutton, Somerset.Gent, Will dated 16Dec1640 - pg15

Nicholas WYKES of Wells, Somerset. Gent, Will dated 12Jan, 8 James - pg8
Hugh WYNDHAM of St Decumans, Somerset. Bachelor, Admon dated 11Oct1646 - pg43

Ann YEARD of Wells, Somerset. Widow, Will dated 01Aug1615 - pg60
Richard YEARDE of Staple, Somerset. Gent, Nuncupative will 22May1608 - pg34
Dame Joan YOUNGE of Bristol. Widow, Will dated 01Apr1601 - pg25
Sir John YOUNGE of the City of Bristol. Knight, Will proved 25Nov1589 - pg25
John YOUNGE of Coliton, Devon. Will dated 13Aug1610 - pg35

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