St Martin in Meneage
Marriage Banns - 1860 to 1900

  Register Details Married
1. John Henry WILLIAMS, widower, of Gwenap to Elizabeth Ellen CARKEET - 12,19,26 Feb 1860  
2. Thomas LUGG to Elizabeth BANFIELD, botp - 04,11,18 Nov 1860 at St Martin, on 06Dec1860
3. William Honeychurch LAWRANCE to Dorcas Ann TRUSCOTT, botp - 13,20,27 Jan 1861 at St Martin, on 29Jan1861
4. Richard BOULDEN of St Keverne to Anne Meriah DAVIES,otp - 24Feb, 03,10Mar1861 at St Martin, on 02Apr1861
5. Henry Evan WILLIAMS to Grace CADDY, botp - 12,19,26 May 1861 at St Martin, on 30May1861
6. Thomas JOHNS to Eliza CHING, botp - 02,09,16 Jun 1861 at St Martin, on 18Jun1861
7. Joseph LUGG to Jane LUGG, botp - 15,22,29 Dec 1861 at St Martin, on 07Jan1862
8. Thomas BOLITHO, otp, to Susan BOLITHO of Mawgan - 19,26Jan, 02Feb 1862 at Mawgan, on 18Feb1862
9. William PEARCE of St Keverne to Charity WILLIAMS, otp - 02,09,16 Feb 1862 at St Martin, on 13Mar1862
10. James ROBERTs of Manaccan to Elizabeth Ellen WILLIAMS, otp - 13,20,27 Apr 1862 at St Martin, on 06May1862
11. John HOCKING of St Keverne to Betsy Johns VIVIAN, otp - 25May, 01,08Jun 1862 at St Martin, on 17Jun1862
12. Thomas COURTIS to Mary Jane DAVIS, botp - 24,31Aug, 07Sep 1862 at St Martin, on 09Sep1862
13. James WILLS to Elizabeth Jane LAWRANCE, botp - 31Aug, 07,14Sep 1862 at St Martin, on 29Sep1862
14. John TRERISE of Mawgan to Elizabeth WILLS,otp - 28Sep, 05,12Oct 1862 at St Martin, on 14Oct1862
15. Thomas DOWNING of St George, Truro to Sarah Ann VIVIAN, otp - 05,12,19Oct1862  
16. Henry Bowden WILLS to Jane WILLIAMS, botp - 14,21,28Jun 1863 at St Martin, on 19Jul1863
17. William Thomas HARRY to Eliza Elizabeth Jane PASCOE, botp - 25Oct, 01,08Nov 1863 at St Martin, on 10Nov1863
18. William Hill COOKE to Grace VIVIAN, botp - 09,16,23 Oct 1864 at St Martin, on 08Nov1864
19. Joseph WILLIAMS of Redruth to Eliza CHEFFERS, otp - 18,25Jun, 02Jul 1865 at St Martin, on 13Jul1865
20. Thomas WILLIAMS of Mawgan to Susan CARLYON, otp - 03,10,17Sep 1865 at Mawgan, on 05Oct1865
21. George LAMPSHIRE, mariner of Glerans to Caroline TREWIN, otp - 15,22,29Oct 1865 at St Martin, on 21Nov1865
22. John TREWIN of Gwennap to Thomasine RICHARDS, otp - 17,24Jun, 01Jul 1866 at St Martin, on 26Jul1866
23. James DUNN, widower, to Elizabeth EVANS, botp - 25Aug, 01,08Sep 1867 at St Martin, on 22Sep1867
24. Henry CURNOW, widower to Jane COOKE, botp - 13,20,27Oct 1867 at St Martin, on 24Nov1867
25. Richard MORGAN, otp to Esther HARRIS of St Keverne - 01,08,15Mar 1868  
26. Edward CARLYON, widower to Elizabeth BRAY, botp - 30Aug, 06,13Sep 1868 at St Martin, on 17Sep1868
27. Richard RICHARDS to Susan Ann WILLS, botp - 29Nov, 06,13Dec1868 at St Martin, on 22Dec1868
28. William Henry TREWIN to Elizabeth SAUNDERS, botp - 10,17,24Apr1870 at St Martin, on 19May1870
29. John HOSKIN of Manaccan to Mary WILLIAMS, otp - 29Jan, 05,12Feb1871 at St Martin, on 02Mar1871
30. John Champton PETERS, otp to Mary Jane OATS of Manaccan - 09,16,23Jun 1872  
31. Richard PEARCE, otp and Dinah BRAY of St Keverne - 15,22,29Sep1872  
32. Thomas WILLS, otp and Mary RICHARDS of Manaccan - 09,16,23Feb 1873  
33. Anthony SANDERS of St Anthony and Elizabeth WILLIAMS, otp - 27Apr, 04,11May 1873 at St Martin, on 13May1873
34. John Henery RICHARDS and Mary Ann COOKE, botp - 31May, 07,14Jun1874 at St Martin, on 02Jul1874
35. John MARTIN, otp and Selena STIRLING of Mullion - 06,13,20Dec1874  
36. Robert Bowden RICHARDS and Jane Edwards SANDRS, botp - 19,26Sep, 03Oct 1875 at St Martin, on 14Oct1875
37. Edward Hill PEARCE and Mary Ann HODGE, botp - 23,30Jul, 06Aug 1876 at St Martin, on 07Aug1876
38. John Henery MOCKAM and Grace Martin RALPH, botp - 24Sep, 01,08Oct 1876 at St Martin, on 19Oct1876
39. Edward COOKE of St Martin and Alice Ann PASCOL of Helston - 30Sep, 07,14Oct [no year]  
40. James Carlyon COOKE and Elizabeth Jane THOMAS, botp - 23,30Jan, 06Feb 1881 at St Martin, on 24Feb1881
41. James Davies COURTIS and Elizabeth Jane WILLIAMS, botp - 24Apr, 01,08May 1881 at St Martin, on 19May1881
42. William Herbert JAMES, otp and Emma HOLMAN of Alturinum - 09,16,23Nov 1881  
43. Francis James WILLIAMS and Lavinia Jane DEBBLE, botp - 15,22,29Jan 1882 at St Martin, on 02Feb1882
44. William John SECOMB of Mawgan and Elizabeth Rowse LYNE, otp - 04,11,18Mar 1883 at Mawgan on 27Mar1883
45. William John WILLIAMS and Mary Jane MARTIN, botp - 03,10,17Jun 1883 at St Martin, on 21Jun1883
46. Thomas Henry BOSANKO, otp and Harriet Ann CHINE of Manaccan - 24Feb, 02,09Mar1884  
47. Philip CHINN of Mawgan and Mary HOCKING, otp - 18,25May, 01Jun 1884 at St Martin, on 26Jun1884
48. Charles RALPH, otp and Eliza LAWRANCE of Manaccan - 07,14,21Sep 1884  
49. Matthew STEPHENS and Jane HOCKING, botp - 23,30Nov, 07Dec 1884  
50. William HOCKING and Mary Jane CHINN, botp - 14,21,28Dec 1884 at St Martin, on 08Jan1885
51. John Henry SCHROEDER of Falmouth to Mary TRELOAR, otp - 01,08,15Mar 1885 at St Martin, on 02Apr1885
52. John Wesley WILLIAMS and Elizabeth Mary STEVENS, botp - 20,27Dec, 03Jan 1885/6 at St Martin, on 05Jan1886
53. James LUGG, otp and Margaret Jane WHITE of St Keverne - 01,08,15Aug 1886  
54. Francis WILLIAMS, widower, otp and Frances ARAGOE?? of Manaccan - 08,15,22Aug1886  
55. Charles Henry LAWRANCE of H.M.S. Hercules and Emily COOK, otp - 02,09,16Dec 1888 at St Martin, on 24Dec1888
56. James WILLIAMS and Ada HOSKINS, botp - 17,24Feb, 03Mar 1889 at St Martin, on 05Mar1889
57. James SPRAGGINS, widower of Mildechalk, Suffolk and Sarah NUNN, widow, otp - 12,19,26May 1889  
58. Charles Edwin Treungor BOADEN?, otp and Theodora Adelaide PENGELLY of St Penwick - [no dates]  
59. Alfred DAVIES,otp and Louisa Mary BOADEN of Mawgan - 01,08,15Dec [no year] at Mawgan on 14Nov1889
60. James Thomas WILLIAMS and Philippa HOCKING, botp - 01,08,15Dec 1889 at St Martin, on 02Jan1890
61. Edwin CARLYON, otp and Elizabeth Hannah SKEAL of Crowan - 30Mar, 06,13Apr1890  
62. James Kempthorne WILLIAMS, otp and Philippa HOSKINS of Mawgan - 08,15,22Jun1890 at Mawgan on 24Jul1890
63. John Henry Wearne THOMAS and Emily WATERS, botp - 01,08,15Feb 1891 at Mawgan on 26Feb1891
64. Edwin RICHARDS and Elizabeth Annie JULIAN, botp - 08,15,22Mar1891 at St Martin, on 02Apr1891
65. John HODGE, widower of St Keverne and Phillis Clemo LAWRENCE, widow, otp - 08,15,22May1892 at St Martin, on 09Jun1892
66. Joseph THOMAS of Marazion and Jane BASHER, otp - 29May,05,12Jun1892 at St Martin, on 16Jul1892
67. William HILL, otp and Mary Emiline MUNDY of Helston - 03,10,17Sep [no year]  
68. William Ernest WILLIAMS and Caroline CLIFF, botp - 02,09,16Jun 1895 at St Martin, on 04Jul1895
69. Hori HARRIS, otp and Clara WILLIAMS of Mawgan - 28Mar, 04,11Apr 1897 at Mawgan on 19Apr1897
70 William Frederick BOSANKO, widower, of Carmenelli and Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS, widow, otp - 23,30May 06Jun 1897  
71. William Matthew BUNSTER, widower of St Keverne and Thomasine HENDY, otp - 22,29Aug, 05Sep 1897  
72. Albert Henry TRENERRY and Annie Mary TRERISE, botp - 28Oct, 04,11Nov 1900 at St Martin, on 15Nov1900
73. John WILLIAMS of St Keverne and Olga Unna BASHER, otp - 28Jul, 04,11Aug 1900  
74. Henry VARCOE and Hephzibah Ellen TRENERRY, botp - 01,08,15Sep 1900  

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