Mawgan in Meneage - Marriages
1800 to 1899

The following transcriptions are primarily of the Parish Registers (PR's) and these have been very carefully checked against any other surviving records, such as Phillimores Transcripts up to 1812 in order to ensure the highest possible accuracy, with any differences being noted.
- These transcriptions have been copied from very old records, some of which are extremely faded to the point of being unreadable, so a mistake is still possible for various reasons, therefore I always strongly recommended that you check the original records for yourself.
(2) - From the second half of 1837 parish marriage records also include places of residence, occupations, father's names and occupations. The entries below will only list date, bride and grooms names and there residence if other than Mawgan.

229. - William WEBB to Elizabeth THOMAS, botp, by banns - 11Feb
230. - William ROGERS of Constantine to Elizabeth BOWDEN, otp, by banns - 20Apr
231. - Edward WILLIAMS to Mary WILLS, botp, by banns - 08Jul
232. - James TREWENNACK to Eleanor JULIAN a widow, botp, by banns - 18Sep
233. - John BERDINNER to Judith BARKER, botp, by banns - 16Oct
234. - Simon LUGG of Ruan Major to Ann WILLEY, otp, by banns - 21Oct
235. - John WILLS to Mary BOARD, botp, by banns - 26Dec
236. - Joseph WILLIAMS to Mary HARRY, botp, by banns - 28Dec

237. - Samuel TROUNSON of Cury to Elizabeth ROBERTS, otp, by banns - 01Jan
238. - Joseph WILLIAMS to Alice TRERISE, botp, by banns - 28Jan
239. - Thomas THOMAS of Cury to Mary WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 03Feb
240. - William WILLIAMS of Constantine to Eleanor SECOMBE, otp by banns - 10Feb
241. - John TRERISE of St Keverne to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 09Jun
242. - Samuel PENTECOST of St Keverne to Mary COOKE, otp, by banns - 21Jul
243. - Sampson ROGERS to Jane ROBERTS, botp, by banns - botp, by banns - 04Aug
244. - Thomas WILLIAMS of Constantine to Mary WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 20Oct
245. - John DAVIES, husbandman to Susanna THOMAS, botp, by licence - 29Dec

246. - Henry COPELIN of St Keverne to Mary RULE, otp, by banns - 06Jan
247. - Thomas COOK, otp to Ann ARIS of Borough of Helston, by banns - 06Jan
248. - John JAMES, otp to Mary EVANS of Borough of Helston, by banns - 18Feb
249. - Isaac WINN a Mariner to Honor SIMONS, otp, by banns - 27Mar
250. - James POTTER a Mariner to Mary WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 20May
251. - John WILLEY a widower to Joan MEAN, botp, by licence - 05Jun
252. - James NICHOLLS to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 19Jun
253. - Richard MEAN to Harriet SIMS, botp, by banns - 08Jul
254. - William WEBB a widower, otp to Grace WILLEY a widow from St Martin, by banns - 01Aug
255. - Thomas BOLITHO to Mary FERRIS, botp, by banns - 12Oct
256. - William LOBB of Borough of Helston to Grace TRESIDDER, otp, by banns - 21Oct
257. - Thomas SIMONDS a widower to Mary ROGERS a widow, botp, by banns - 30Nov
258. - Joshua HENDY, otp to Mary HENDY of Gunwalloe, by banns - 07Dec
259. - James TRELOAR of St Martin to Honour LUGG, otp, by banns - 30Dec

260. - Edward WILLIAMS of Constantine to Grace ROGERS, otp, by banns - 15Feb
261. - Francis CHENOWETH a husbandman of Cury to Jane CADDY a widow, otp, by banns - 14Jul
262. - Edward WILLIAMS a Farmer to Elisabeth MEDLYN - botp, by banns - 28Sep
263. - Wm. BRIANT a Farmer of Cury to Jane UREN, spinster, otp, by banns - 06Dec
264. - Samuel CURNOW a Labourer to Elisabeth HOSKIN, spinster, otp by banns - 26Dec

265. - Anthony FERRIS a Labourer to Margery Lyne JOHNS, botp, by banns - 02May
266. - Jonathan CURNOW a Labourer to Alice ROGERS, spinster, botp, by banns - 25Jun
267. - Sampson ROGERS Labourer in Husbandry, otp to Martha LOBB, spinster , botp, by banns - 17Jul

268. - John WILLIAMS a Labourer in Husbandry to Mary ROGERS, spinster, botp, by banns - 01Jan
269. - John THOMAS a Labourer to Elisabeth WYATT, spinster, botp, by banns - 29Jan
270. - Thos. CURNOW, otp to Mary SAUNDERS of Cury, by banns - 19Mar
271. - William PENLIRICK a Husband man of Wendron to Anne WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 09Jun
272. - Richard HALL a Farmer of Ruan Minor to Avis RICHARDS, spinster, otp, by banns - 16Jul
273. - John HOSKEN a Farmer to Susannah WILLIAMS, spinster, botp, by banns - 24Sep
274. - Robert TUCKER, Miner to Mary WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 10Nov
275. - Nicholas BOND a Smith to Grace ROBERTS, spinster, botp, by banns - 21Nov
276. - Edward CARLYON a Husbandman of St Keverne to Mary TRERISE, spinster, otp, by banns - 26Nov

277. - James MARTIN a husbandman to Martha Wicks HARRY, spinster, botp,by banns - 09Jan
278. - Richard WALTERS, Yeoman to Elisabeth THOMAS, spinster, botp, by banns - 09Jun
279. - Benjamin JOSE, husbandman to Rebecca POPE, spinster, botp, by banns - 28Oct
280. - Joseph RUBERRY, husbandman to Elisabeth TRELOAR, spinster, botp, by banns - 01Nov
281. - John MARTIN, husbandman to Jane BOWDEN, spinster, botp, by banns - 26Nov

282. - William HENDY of Gunwalloe, Yeoman to Alice GRUBB, spinster, otp, by licence - 10Feb
283. - Jeremiah MORRIS, Farmer to Maria DAVIES, spinster, botp, by banns - 14Jul
284. - Thomas STEPHENS, labourer in husbandry to Elisabeth WILLIAMS, spinster, botp, by banns - 19Jul
285. - Charles HOSKEN, labourer in husbandry to Elisabeth PRISK, sponster, botp, by banns - 08Sep
286. - John TROUNSEN, yeoman to Jane ROBERTS, spinster, botp, by banns - 07Oct
287. - James RULE, thatcher, otp to Ann WILLIAMS, spinster of Constantine, by banns - 22Nov

288. - William WILLIAMS, husbandman to Sabina CLEMENCE, spinster,botp, by banns - 26Jan
289. - Richard WILLIAMS, tinner to Joanna TREWEEK, spinster, botp, by banns - 04Apr
290. - James DOWNING, labourer in husbandry to Jenifer ROW, spinster, botp, by banns - 31May
291. - George WILLIAMS of Wendron to Mary TREGOWETH, spinster, otp, by banns - 09Aug
292. - Joseph WILLIAMS, labourer in husbandry to Mary WYATT, spinster, botp, by banns - 25Oct
293. - William HENDY, labourer in husbandry to Eleanor HENDY, spinster, botp, by banns - 24Nov

294. - Peter TRESIDDER to Elisabeth OTEY, spinster, botp, by banns - 05Jan1809
295. - Edward ROGERS, labourer in husbandry to Elisabeth JAMES, spinster, botp, by banns - 02Mar
296. - Richard PETHERICK, plaisterer to Elisabeth DUNSTONE, spinster, botp, by banns - 11Mar
297. - Michael WILLIAMS, labourer in husbandry to Elisabeth WILLIAMS, spinster, botp, by banns - 11Apr
298. - James JAMES, labourer in husbandry to Betty JOHNS, spinster, botp, by banns - 13Apr
299. - John HENDY, coachman to Sr Vyel Vyvyan to Joanna JENKINS, botp, by banns - 18Jun
300. - John LUKIES, farmer, otp to Mary HOCKING, spinster of Wendron, by licence - 02Nov
301. - Thomas LANE, labourer in husbandry to Grace JENNINGS, spinster, botp, by banns - 07Nov
302. - Nicholas CURNOW, mason to Sarah WILLS, spinster, botp, by banns - 18Nov
303. - Richard WILLIAMS, farmer, otp to Elisabeth TRERISE, spinster of St Martin, by banns - 27Dec

304. - Joseph RANDLE of St Martins to Christian MARTIN, spinster, otp, by licence - 23Sep
305. - Peter ALLEN of St Keverne to Susanna COOKE, otp, by banns - 10Oct
306. - Walter TRIPCONEY, labourer in husbandry of St Keverne to Ann HOCKING, spinster, otp, by banns - 20Nov
307. - Philip WILLIAMS, husbandman to Ann SANDREY, spinster, botp, by banns - 27Dec

308. - James HARRY, carpenter to Mary BOSISTO, spinster, botp, by banns - 13May
---- . - William JAMES to Grace Willey WILLIAMS, spinster, botp, by banns - [No Date entered, See Banns]
---- . - William WILLIAMS to Fanny WICKS, spinster, botp, by banns - 29Oct

---- . - William MATTHEW, husbandman of Constantine to Ann EVANS, spinster, otp, by banns - 02Jan
---- . - Joseph LUGG, labourer to Mary REED, spinster, botp, by banns - 06May
---- . - Thomas THOMAS to Mary JAMES, spinster, botp, by banns - [No Date entered, See Banns]
---- . - Joseph ORCHARD of Crowan to Prudence ORCHARD, spinster, otp, by banns - [No Date entered, just the Year]

John JOHN, husbandman of St Martin in Meneage to Mary HOSKEN, otp, by banns - 01Jan
Joseph BAWDEN, husbandman to Mary EDE, botp, by banns - 02Jan
Richard UREN, husbandman to Mary ORCHARD, botp,by banns - 19Apr
James OGERS to Jane THOMAS, botp, by banns - 08Jul
Jacob ROSKILLY, Mariner to Jane SMITH, by banns - 13Jul
John THOMAS to Mary EVANS, botp, by Lic: - 20Jul
John ROGERS and Elisabeth JOHNS, botp, by banns - 20Oct

Elias THOMAS of Sithney to Mary KEVERN, otp, by banns - 17Feb
Robert WHITE of Penryn to Mary SMITH, otp, by banns - 18Apr
William MARKS of Sithney to Prudence ROGERS, otp, by banns - 03May
Henry DOWNING to Jenifer BOLTON, botp, by banns - 12May
John WILLIAMS to Elisabeth MARSHALL, botp, by banns - 03Jul
Thomas WICKS to Mary RASHLEIGH, botp, by banns - 21Jul
Samuel HOSKIN to Grace TREGONETH, botp, by banns - 04Oct
John WILLIAMS to Mary TREWENNACK, botp, by banns - 29Dec
Thomas ROBERTS to Ann JULIAN, botp, by banns - 03Dec

William HARRY to Elisabeth LUKIS, botp, by Lic: - 02Mar
Richard WATERS to Ann HOSKING, botp, by banns - 04Apr
William Edmonds BULLEN to Mary DOWNING,botp, by banns - 04May
Edward DALE to Peggy HARRY, botp, by Lic: - 20May
William GILLERD to Jane JOHNS, botp, by banns - 15Jun
Richard PETERS to Jane WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 04Oct
Edward LAWRENCE to Mary PENHALE, botp, by banns - 06Oct
Anthony GILBERT of Mullyan to Elizabeth LYNE, otp, by banns - 25Oct

Henry SECCOMB of St Martin to Grace WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 07May
James WILLIAMS to Mary DAVIES, boyp, by banns - 11Jun
James DOWNING to Elizabeth NICHOLLS, botp, by banns - 15Oct

Joseph ROPPER to Mary ?UER, botp, by banns 01Jan
Tobias BULLEN to Alice JOHNS, botp, by banns - 14Jan
William CORNISH to Sarah JOHNS, botp, by banns - 23Jan
Nicholas ROGERS to Alice ALLEN, botp, by banns - 28Jan
John JULIAN to Susanna RICHARDS, botp, by banns - 06Jul
Richard MINERS of Madron to Elizabeth TREWINACH, otp, by banns - 19Aug
John REED to Elizabeth KEVERN, botp, by banns - 29Dec

James BROKENSHIRE of Helston to Amy PLUMMER, otp, by banns - 01Jan
John HARRIS to Ann TYACK, botp, by banns - 21Jan
Henry ELLIS to Grace Luke WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 17Feb
Humphry HARVEY of Constantine to Mercy HARRIS, otp, by banns - 02Mar-
Isaac WINN to Mary TRELOAR, botp by banns - 01Aug

Henry DALE to Alice WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 14Apr
James LANYON of Breage to Ann ROGERS, otp, by banns - 14Apr
Richard ROBERTS of Helston to Ann WILLIAMS , otp, by banns - 01Jun
William TREWINICK to Ann JOHNS, botp, by banns - 05Sep

William REYNOLDS, otp, to Avis WALTERS of St Agnes, by banns - 02Mar
Archibald LINDSAY to Ursula THOMAS, botp, by banns - 13Mar
James GREEN to Jane COOKE, botp, by banns - 29Mar
William WILLIAMS to Dinah EVANS, botp, by banns - 07Aug
Francis OLIVER, otp, to Eleanor NICHOLLS of Madron, by banns - 23Nov

John BOLITHO to Sarah EVANS, botp, by banns - 02Jan
John CURNA to Mary DOWNING, botp, by banns - 18Jan
Nicholas LUKIS to Jane HENDY, botp, by banns - 13Jan
John THOMAS to Elizabeth DALE, botp, by Lic: - 17Apr
James ROWE to Jane ORCHARD, botp, by banns - 08May
John JAMES to Mary Ann WICKS, botp, by banns - 05Jun
Richard BERDINNER to Grace WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 06Nov
Simon LUGG, otp, to Ann TRERISE of Mullion, by banns - 20Nov

Richard UREN to Blanch BULLEN, botp, by banns - 12Feb
Richard DOWNING to Alice WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 30Apr
James BISHOP of St Martin in Meneage to Jane SAUNDERS of St Martin in Meneage, by banns - 05Oct
Matthew ROWE of Cury to Jane HENDY, otp, by banns 05Nov
Richard RICKARD of Town of Falmouth to Jane HILL of St Martin in Meneage, by banns - 12Nov

Richard HOSKIN of St Martin to Elizabeth LYNE, otp, by banns - 11Feb
Richard JAMES of Falmouth to Prudence ORCHARD, otp, by banns - 13Feb
Cuthbert TREMAYNE to Mary TREZISE, botp, by banns - 11Mar
Richard BOWCHER of Mannacan to Jane DOWES, otp, by banns - 18May
William STEPHENS, otp to Ann WELCH of St Keverne, by licence - 12Jul
Joseph GILBERT to Elizabeth EDMUNDS, botp, bybanns - 29Jul [Referred to as a "Taylors Wedding" in Diary, no names mentioned]
John WILLIAMS to Elizabeth ORCHARD, botp, by banns - 24Aug
Edward STEVENS of Wendron, batchelor to Mary BOLITHO. otp. by banns - 13Oct
Henry POLKINHORN to Ann WILLIAMS. botp, by banns - 14Oct
James MARTIN of St Martin in Meneage to Ann ORCHARD, otp, by banns - 26Dec

Thomas HARRIS to Ann Mason RICHARDS, botp, by banns - 27Jan
Peter ANDREW ot St Martin to Elizabeth DAVIES of Mawgan, by banns - 13Apr
Joseph ORCHARD of Gluvias to Mary ELLIS, otp, by banns - 16Sep
John FREEMAN of Gunwalloe to Jane LUKIUS, otp, by banns - 23Nov
James CHEAFFERS of St Martin to Mary WILLIAMS, otp, by licence - 24Dec

Charles SMITH to Alice DOWNER, botp, by banns - 04Mar
William CHENSMARK of St Martin to Ann FERRIOS??, otp, by banns - 13Apr
Richard CLEMENCE of Redruth to Jane LYNE, otp, by banns - 21Apr
Peter WILLIAMS of Cury to Repper ??????, otp, by banns - 12May
Nicholas KEVERNE of Mawgan to Patty COOK of Mawgan, by banns - 13Jun
William PRYOR of Wendron to Susanna MARTIN, otp, by banns - 13Jun
Joseph BERNARD of St Martin to Sally STEVENS of St Martin, by banns - 18Oct
William POLKINHORN of Gwinnap, batchelor to Ann DAVIES of Mawgan, spinster, by licence - 24Nov

Edward DOWNING to Ann JAMES, botp, by banns - 17Jan
Sampson ELLIS to Elizabeth MOYLE, botp, by banns - 07Mar
Peter WILLIAMS to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 02May
John FAUL of Crowan to Avis ORCHARD of Mawgan, by banns - 13May
Edward BOLITHO to Jane BOND, botp, by banns - 13Jun
Henry PENPRAISE of Illogan, widower to Jane HENDY, spinster, otp, by banns - 17Oct
Richard THOMAS, Mariner to Amy WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 15Nov

John JULIAN to Margery BEDESOU of Gluvias - 15Jan
Simon BOLITHO to Ann WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 11Mar
Nicholas TONKIN of St Martin to Susanna TREZISE of St Martin, by banns - 11Mar
James STEWARD od Mannacan to Mary Ann WILLIAMS of St Martin, by banns - 18Mar
Edward HARRIS to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 27Mar
Thomas JOHNS of St Martin, batchelor to Ann CHING of St Martin, widow, by banns - 22May
John CARLYON of St Keverne to Rosa OATES of St Martin, by banns - 03Jul
Joseph ORCHARD of Mawgan to Elizabeth BOLITHO of Mawgan, by banns - 17Jul
Edward PRIOR of Mawgan to Mary EVANS of Mawgan, by banns - 29Jul
Robert JAMES of Illogan, widower to Grace BULLIN of Mawgan by banns - 27Aug
Joseph THOMAS of Madron to Mary Thomas DAVIES of Mawgan, by banns - 25Sep
Samuel CORNOW to Elizabeth BALL, botp, by banns - 14Nov
John BOADEN of Cury to Mary WILLEY, otp, by banns - 27Nov
Edward STEVENS to Mary Luke LOBB, botp, by banns - 01Dec

John BOADEN of Cury, batchelor to Jane WILLEY, spinster, otp, by licence - 14Feb
John WILLIAMS of Gwinear to Mary MARTIN of St Martin, by banns - 04Mar
Nicholas ORCHARD to Elizabeth WYATT, botp, by banns - 08Apr
John HARRIS of St Keverne to Grace ROGER of Mawgan, by banns - 17May
Francis JULIAN of St Martin to Mary GAY of St Keverne, by banns - 24Jun
William SCORSE of Redruth to Mary THOMAS, otp, by banns - 30Jun
John CARLYON of St Keverne to Alice CARLYON of St Martin, by banns - 02Jul
John DAVIES to Susanna SECOMBE, botp, by licence - 26Jul
Stephen CACKING, borough of Helston to Mary JAMES of Mawgan, by licence - 29Jul
William JOHNS of Mawgan to Ann POLLARD of Mawgan, by banns -
Samuel RETALLACK of St Martin to Ann BARNETTS of St Martin, by banns - 16Oct
James BERDINNER to Ann EVANS, botp, by banns - 18Nov
Samuel TRIPEANEY of St Martin, batchelor to Loveday TREZEDDER of St Martin, by banns - 23Dec

John WALTERS of Mawgan to Nancy Wills WILLIAMS of Mawgan, by banns - 01Jan
Edward POLKINHORN of Gwennap to Johanna DAVIES of Mawgan, by banns - 12Feb
Richard DUNSTONE to Grace ANDREW, botp, by banns - 23Mar
Thomas MARTIN of Mawgan to Susannah MARTIN of St Martin, by banns - 04Apr
William LORY to Jane WYATT, botp, by banns - 08Jun
Richard GILBERT of Mawgan to Susanna WILSON of Mawgan, by banns - 13Jul
William BOND to Mary WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 20Jul
Thomas THOMAS to Elizabeth WILLS, botp, by banns - 10Aug
Henry WILLIAMS to Mary Hosking CURNOW, botp, by banns - 18Nov

William WILLIAMS of St Martin to Mary COOKE of St Martin, by banns - 31May
Henry MITCHELL of St Martin to Eliza MARTIN of St Martin, by banns - 19Jul
John CARLYON of Mawgan to Elizabeth JOHNS of St Martin, by banns - 12Aug.
Samuel HILL of St Martin to Elizabeth MORKERN of St Martin, by banns - 21Sep
John TRERISE of St Martin to Eleanor OATES of St Martin, by banns - 05Oct

John MARTIN of Mawgan to Elizabeth WILLIAMS of St Martin, by banns - 25Oct
Edmund ODGERS, borough of Helston to Jane HOLLECOMBE of Mawgan, by banns - 15Nov
John BOLITHO of Mawgan to Mary TREZIDDER of Mawgan, by banns - 29Nov
John THOMAS of Mawgan to Alice WICKS of Mawgan, by banns - 01Dec

Samuel TRESIDER of Gwennap to Sebina CORNA of Mawgan, by banns - 24Apr
Thomas DAVIES to Mary CARLYON, botp, by banns - 22May
Christopher Wallis POPHAM, Esq: of Trevasno in Sithney to Harriet Elizabeth VYVYAN, youngest daughter of the late Vyel VYVYAN - 04Sep
Joseph THONAS to Loveday HENDY, botp, by banns - 04Sep
Nicholas CORNA to Elizabeth COOKE, botp, by banns - 16Oct
William FROUNDEN of St Ives to Elizabeth HARRIS of Mawgan, by banns - 05Nov
William MARTIN of St Martin to Grace OLIVER of St Martin, by banns - 17Dec
Henry RANDLE to Jane EVANS, botp, by banns - 27Dec

James WILLIAMS of Helston to Harriett BOLITHO of Mawgan, by banns - 01Jan
Francis CHENOWETH to Mary JAMES, botp, by banns - 05Mar
Thomas COOKE to Mary WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 14May
John BOLITHO to Elizabeth HOCKING, botp, by banns - 25Jun
Peter Thomas SECOMBE to Mary ORCHARD, botp, by banns - 09Jul
William HARRIS of Ruan Major to Elizabeth JAMES, otp, by banns - 23Jul
John DAVIES to Louisa BARTLETT, botp, by licence - 23Sep
Thomas BOLITHO to Susanna GILBERT, botp, by banns - 24Sep
James JOHNS of St Martin to Amy UDEN of St Martin, by banns - 01Oct
William JOHNS to Elizabeth LANE, botp, by banns - 08Oct
James DAVIES to Harriett BARTLETT, botp, by banns - 10Oct
John BARTLETT to Susanna DAVIES, botp, by banns - 17Oct

Richard STEPHENS of Gluvias and Penryn to Nancy STEPHENS, otp, by banns - 12Feb
Edward PRICE of Mawgan to Mary ROGERS of Mawgan, by banns - 22Feb
James WILLIAMS of Mawgan to Eliza WILLIAMS of Mawgan - 01Apr
James CURNO to Fanny Wicks WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 15Apr
Henry MANKEY of Helston to Frances HOLLOCOMBE, otp, by banns - 09May
Peter PERRY of Helston to Sally CURNOW otp, by banns - 02Nov
Joseph WILLIAMS of Mawgan to Grace BARTEL of Mawgan, by banna - 18Nov
Francis POPE of Crowan to Ann MARTIN of St Martin, by banns - 07Dec
Joseph RUBERY to Harriett JAMES, botp, by banns - 15Dec

William Green COULLS of Luageon? to Susan HOSKING of Mawgan, by banns - 01Jan
James RICHARDS to Maria CARBIS, botp, by banns - 25Mar
John WILLIAMS to Mary HOSKING, botp, by banns - 20Apr
John RICHARDS of Wendron to Elizabeth BOND of Mawgan, by banns - 05May
William MATTHEW of Constantine to Mary WYATT of Mawgan, by banns - 09Jun
Joseph BOWDEN to Elizabeth ANDREW, botp, by banns - 01Aug
Edward WILLIAMS of Mawgan to Mary VIVIAN of Mawgan, by banns - 25Aug
Edward PARNALL of Probus to Elizabeth CARLYON of St Martin. by banns - 06Oct
Nicholas JOHNES of Stythians to Susanna ORCHARD of Mawgan, by banns - 06Oct
William EVA of Helston to Grace WHITE, otp, by banns - 14Dec

Henry WILLIAMS to Jane JAMES, botp, by banns - 01Jan
William FORD to Mary HOLLOCOMBE, botp, by banns - 13Jan
Benjamin Matthews PASCOE to Ann HOSKING, botp, by banns - 25Feb
William SAMPSON, widower, of Crowan to Charity JAMES, otp, by licence - 07Mar
Henry SECCOMB, widower, to Ann STEPHENS, botp, by banns - 24May
Joseph POLLARD of Madron to Christian FERRIES, otp, by banns - 21Jun
John STEPHENS to Elizabeth JAMES, botp, by banns - 28Jun
Nicholas TRETHAWAN of Constantine to Margery MAYNE, otp, by banns - 27Sep
James JULLIAN to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, botp, by banns - 29Sep
Alexander WICKS to Elizabeth THOMAS, botp, by banns - 22Nov

John CLIFF, Mariner from Falmouth to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, otp, by banns - 31Jan
John FREEMAN of Gunwalloe to Anne DUNSTONE, otp, by banna - 14Feb
Robert TRIGGS to Jane DOWNING, botp, by banns - 25Apr
Samuel HILL of Landewednack to Mary ANDREW, otp, by banns - 02May
Edward ROBERTS of Crowan to Jane ORCHARD, otp, by banns - 20Jun
William WILLIAMS of Cury to Sarah WILLS, otp, - 11Jul
William WEARNE of Wendron to Grace LANE, otp, - 22Aug
Joseph MARTIN of T???man to Thomasine WILLIAMS of St Martins - 05Sep

John PERRY to Jenifer DOWNING, botp - 14Apr
Richard James PASCOE of Wendron to Elizabeth STEPHENS, otp - 24Jul
Thomas BOADEN to Mary THOMAS, botp - 10Sep1838
James HARRIS of Ruan Major to Jane JAMES, otp - 05Nov
Absalom DOWNING to Jane HOSKIN, botp - 15Nov
John JOHNS of Stithians to Betsey GILBERT - 14Dec

10. William WOOLCOCK to Alice DOWNING, botp - 13Apr
11. Joseph WHITE to Catherine HENDY, botp - 13Jun
12. John CURNO to Christiana UREN, botp - 09Jul
13. James JAMES to Christiana LUFF, botp - 23Jul
14. Charles Roger FOOTT, otp, to Ellen NICHOLLS of Manaccan - 20Aug
15. Thomas JAMES to Mary Ann LUGG, botp - 16Nov
16. Bennet PRYOR of Wendron to Mary WILLS, otp - 28Nov
17. William BENNETT of Perran Worthel to Mary Ann MATTHEWS, otp - 05Dec

18. Simon BOLITHO to Harriet REED, botp - 01Jan
19. Peter WILLIAMS of Camborne to Lovedy WYATT, otp - 07Jan
20. James REED, otp, to Jane REYNOLDS of Constantine - 23Apr
21. Philip MILES of Illogan to Mary Ann FERRIS - 06Jul
22. William PASCOE to Margery Lyne FERRIS, otp - 28Jul
23. Henry HOSKIN of Sithney to Lovedy RICHARDS, botp, - 22Oct
24. John WATERS to Elizabeth CURNO, botp - 26Dec

25. Peter WILLIAMS, otp, to Elizabeth TUBB of Helston - 21Mar
26. Robert TUCKER of Gweek Wendron to Frances MARTIN, otp - 27May
27. William GAY to Alice ELLIS, botp - 16Aug
28. William SKEWES to Amelia ODGERS, botp - 07Oct
29. Henry Reed LUGG to Elizabeth HOLLOCOMBE, botp -
30. William DAVIES to Mary Ann LYNE, botp - 19Oct
31. Charles RANDLE to Grace JAMES, botp - 31Oct
32. Thomas LUKIES to Jane DUNSTONE, botp - 09Dec

33. William JAMES to Ann COOKE, botp - 03Feb
34. Samuel SKEWES of Cury to Mary THOMAS, otp - 12Apr
35. Richard LUKIES to Mary Ann WILLIAMS, botp - 03Aug
36. Henry Addington SIMCOE of Eglosbery, Conwall. to Emily MANN, otp - 21Dec

37. John THOMAS to Mary Ann ELLIS, botp - 14Feb
38. Edward WILLIAMS to Charlotte Jane JAMES, botp - 16Feb
39. Francis MITCHELL, otp, to Eliza DODGE of Gunwalloe - 21Feb
40. John THOMAS to Mary Ann MITCHELL, botp - 21Mar
41. Edward CARLYON to Mary TRIPCONEY, botp - 30Apr
42. William JAMES, otp, to Charlotte CHEGWIDDEN of Cury - 10May
43. Nicholas CURNO to Ann WILLIAMS, botp - 17May
44. Charles RANDLE to Mary CURNO, botp - 18May
45. Henry THOMAS to Mary Lawrence SINCOCK, botp - 11Jul
46. John REED to Jane WILLIAMS, botp - 09Sep
47. Hanniball MATTHEWS of Sithney to Ann THOMAS, otp - 07Nov
48. John STRONGMAN to Celia Oppy THOMAS, botp - 13Dec

49. Henry GLUYAS of Trenethick, Wendron to Amelia RANDLE of Chuch Town, Mawgan - 04Jan
50. Edward WILLIAMS to Mary DOWNING, botp - 23Jan
51. John THOMAS, otp to Sarah HARRIS of Helston - 12Mar
52. James BENNEY of Breage to Charity THOMAS, otp - 30Apr
53. Samuel THOMAS of Mullion to Mary Ann WILLIAMS of St Martin - 02Jul
54. Thomas DAVIES to Jane THOMAS, botp - 28Nov
55. Hannibal LYNE to Elizabeth Ralph JAMES, botp - 12Dec

56. Josiah SECOMBE to Mary EDWARDS, botp - 23Jan
57. John OULD of Constantine to Mary Ann FERRIES, otp - 11Feb
58. Joseph ORCHARD to Frances BOWDEN, botp - 17Jun
59. James REPPER of Tregunna, Breage to Elizabeth HOSKING of Grange, Mawgan - 21Oct
60. Thomas BURGESS of Wendron to Ursula DOWNING, otp - 28Oct
61. William TRENBERTH of Redruth to Mary Ann DALE, otp - 04Nov
62. William MAYN of Constantine to Jenifer BOX, otp - 02Dec

63. Samuel HILL of St Martin to Mary Ann ODGERS, otp - 20Jan
64. William CORNOW of Camborne to Elizabeth CURNOW, otp - 09Jun
65. Richard EXELBY to Lovedy WILLIAMS, botp - 26Jul
66. Richard COOK to Alice JINKINS, botp - 18Aug
67. Richard CLIFT of St Day to Christian HOLLOCOMBE, otp - 09Sep
68. William HARRY of Redruth to Silena CURNOW, otp - 14Oct
69. William BOLITHO to Grace BRYANT, botp - 16Dec

70. James LUGG to Ann THOMAS, botp - 16Mar
71. James BOWDEN to Grace READE, botp - 03Oct
[there is no entry 72, numbers had all been reduced by one up to this pont]
73. Henry PENALURICK, otp, to Mary Jane RALPH of Meneage Street, Helson - 05Oct
74. Alfred Pearce IVEY of St Erth to Jane THOMAS, otp - 05Oct

75. William HOSKIN, otp to Mary Ham HARRIS - 13Feb
76. James WILLIAMS to Mary BOLITHO, botp - 05Mar
77. George LUGG, otp to Eliza LUKIES - 21Sep
78. William WICKS, otp, to Frances Jane HOLLOCOMBE - 14Dec

79. John COCK of Mullion to Jane PENGELLY, otp - 02Feb
80. Joseph WATERS of Gweek to Elizabeth JOHNS of Manaccan - 04Feb
81. James WILLIAMS, otp to Sarah BOLITHO of Helston - 09Oct
82. John WILLIAMS to Elizabeth HOCKING, botp - 11Oct

83. William GILBERT of Landewednack to Elizabeth Grace GILBART, otp - 02Apr
84. John DAVIES to Jane COOK, botp - 07Sep
85. John REYNOLDS of Wendron to Mary REED, otp - 16Sep
86. Henry WALTERS of Illogan to Grace LUGG, otp - 25Dec

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