Mawgan in Meneage - Marriages
1563 to 1699

The following transcriptions are primarily of the Parish Registers (PR's) and these have been very carefully checked against both the surviving Bishops Transcripts (BT's) and the Phillimore's transcripts in order to ensure the highest possible accuracy, with any differences between the PR's and BT's also being noted except for spelling where the PR has been largely followed.
- These transcriptions have been copied from very old records, some of which are in a very poor condition, so a mistake is still possible for various reasons, and I would always recommend that you check the original records yourself. If you do find any mistakes, please let me know or if you would just like an entry rechecked please do ask and I will help as much as I can.
(2) - The only surviving Bishops Transcripts for this period are for the years 1681, 1683, 1684, 1686, 1687, 1690, 1691, 1693, 1694, 1695, 1696, 1697 & 1698.

John CARNARTHER to Denis JOHN - 22May
Thomas GEORGE to Alson DOYE of Curyton - 26Sep

Michell ROBERT of Tregeare to Nicholl dau. of John BURTHOGG - 25Oct
William RAWE to Marie HOSKYN - 08Nov
Thomas ALLEN to Johane BOTELLACK - 26Nov
Richard JAMES to Katherin REYNOLD - 29Jan


John KESTELL, gent, to Anne eldest dau. of John VIVIAN, esq. - 30Sep
Thomas DAVIE was married - 07Oct
Thomas CURNOWE was married - 13Oct
Henrie DUNSTONE was married - 11Feb

James ROBERT to Elizabeth RAWLAND - 20Apr

Stephen LAWRIE to Grace PAYNTER - 11Jul
Henry GYNNINGS to Thomasine THOMAS - 12Jul
John ROBERTS was married - 18Jul
Peter HARRIE to Elizabeth ROBERTE - 03Oct
John TREVEARIE to Margaret JEFFRIE - 10Oct

John CARLEENE to Thomasine THOMAS - 30Apr
Charles BARNEWICK to Jane TEMINGOE - 15Oct
John MYLDON to Anne LAWEYE - 25Oct
Oliver RAWE to Margaret THOMAS - 30Oct
[Blank] to Alice dau. of John ROBERT - 28Nov

Richard BYNNER was married - 30Nov
Henry FARNABIE to Jane SUMMASTER - 29Dec
Richard FABIE to Thomasine HICKE - 18Jan
Rowland THOMAS to Johane WILLIAM - 03Feb

Thomas FLETCHER of Carminow was married - 06May

Henry LYNE to Johane JAMES - 02Jul
John BARNEWICK was married - 30Nov
Leonard BORNOWNE to Florance his wife - 30Nov

James BOLOSACK to Genny JOHN - 08Jun
Symon WILLIAM to Margaret EDWARD - 22Oct
Gerence WILLIAM to Nicholl [blank] - 24Jan
William FARE to Elizabeth AWDA - 24Jan
Edward JOHN alias RICHARD to Anne PERS - 30Jan
John NEYLE. the dier to Siblye ELLET - 15Feb

Edward RICHARD to Phelipp ROBERT - 30Jul
Peter TRUGGIAN to Anne dau. of Philip CURNOWE - 03Oct
Pawle HILL, gent, to Dorithie dau. of Mr ERISY - 06Feb
Thomas KINGE to Johane SOLLER, servant to Mr John VIVIAN - 13Feb

John OLDE to Anne dau. of Symon EDWARD - 03Oct
Robert FOX to Phillipp BORIOWE , widow - 16Oct
Thomas RAWE to Katherin SAUNDERS - 28Oct

Thomas HAWKINS to Johane dau. of William SYMON alias NEBLE - 13May
John TREVELLACK to Margerie BRENNCOMBE - 17Jun
Richard AVERIE to Johane CONGINGE - 29Jan

John son of Davie CLISE to Katherine dau. of William DAWE - 22Apr
William EVE to Anne dau. of Richard REMFRIE - 08Jun
Henrie CARLINE to Agnes LAWRIE - 10Aug


Walter NEBELL to Honor ASHEWELL - 07Jul
Walter STEPHEN to Johane dau. of John GOSSE - 11Feb

John BONYTHON, eldest son of Richard BONYTHON, esq. to Katherin, youngest dau. of John VIVIAN, esq. - 23Apr
Thomas CARNARTHER to Johane ANDREWE, servant to Mr DOTSONNE - 26Apr
Thomas BONDE to Grace dau. of Anne WARRINER - 07May
William JAMES alias BOSSOROWE to Elizabeth dau. of Leonard BARNOWNES - 03Oct

Richard MILDON to Christian BEMBOE - 27Sep
Robert, eldest son of Richard REMFRIE to Katherin RAWE - 30Oct


Thomas ROBERT to Amye, servant of Amie RONDELL - 05Oct
Nicholas RASHLEIGH to Christian dau. of Amye RONDELL - 05Oct
Henrie BURNOWNE to Margaret TERLEGAN - 22Feb
James ROBERT to Marie PRIOR - 23Mar

George RESOGAN to Edeth JAGO, servant to Mrs Anne VIVIAN - 08Oct
Richard TREOINNAM to Anne dau. of Amye RONDELL - 18Oct
John TISSARD to Elizabeth JOHN - 10Feb

John NICCLIS to Christian ROBERTS - 24Apr
William HOSKIN to Elizabeth JAMES - 01Jun
Edward JOHN to Anne ROWLAND - 02Jun
John STEPHEN to Chesten BOSSOROWE - 03Oct
John WILLIAM to Johane WILLIAM - 10Oct
Humfrie YORK, gent, to Barbara, dau. of John VIVIAN, esq: - [no date]

Stephen OLDE to Christen EDWARD - 23Jul
Oliver EDWARD to Anne OLDE - 16Oct
James RENFRIE to Wilmet HAYME - 02Dec
John JAMES to Jane EDWARD - 09Feb

Richard FRAUNCES to Tamsen EDWARD - 23Oct
James WILLIAMS to Marie EDWARD - 27Oct
John RAFFE to Elizabeth EDWARD - 06Nov
Thomas CHICOWSE to Thomasine WOODE - 30Jan

John NICHOLL to Jewanet CURNOWE - 02Jun
Harrie BETTIE to Jane CURNOWE - 07Jun

John STEVIN to Charitie SAUNDRIE - 28Apr

Henry RAWE to Elizabeth PERKIN - 14Jun
Symon WILLIAM to Alice SAUNDRIE - 03Sep
Rafe RAWE to Margaret PRIDEX - 13Sep
Henry RAWE to [blank] - [no date]

William FORTESCEWE, gent, to Christian, dau. of Mr. John VIVIAN, esq: - 13Oct
Robert HALLEYIE to Margaret DUNYELL - 30Nov

Richard CARNARTHER to Thomazine QUINOLL - 12Dec
Stephen RAWE to Phillipp TRETHEWIE - 20Feb

Richard RAWE to Christian MICHELL - 10Jun
Nicholas, servant to Mr. FORTESCEWE, to Elizabeth COWRTNIE - 11Jun
Anthony MICHELL to Margaret THOMAS - 28Oct
John PETER to Christen CHARLES - 30Oct

John EDWARD to Anne WAREN - 30May
Mychell JOHN to Margerie JOHN - 09Jul
John SAUNDER to Elizabeth HARRIS alias HELLWIN, widow - 20Oct
Marke ROWLAND to Christen OLDE, widow - 20Oct
Georg HALREGIE to Johane DUNYELL - 27Nov

William THOMAS of Carline, to Temperance dau. of John MURTON - 17Nov

Thomas TOIYE, mynyster, to Elinor WILLIAMS - 20Aug
Mr Frauncis TREDENICK, esq: to Blanch, dau. of Mr. Haniball VIVIAN, esq: - 26Oct
Stephen WAREN to Elizabeth, dau. of William WARWICKE - 30Oct

John LAUNDER to Margaret HANCOCK - 13Nov
Michell son of Rafe JEFFRIE alias SULA to Jone TREGEARE - 07Feb

Thomas TRYMMAN to Jane, dau. of Wattie BARNEWICKE, servant to Mr. Harrie SINTABIN [St Aubyn], of Carminowe - 25Sep
Richard OSBORN to Agnes, dau. of Edward TREGEARE - 01Oct
Philipp WILLIAM to Awustes, dau. of Thomas TREGADIOWE - 30Jan

John JEFFRIE, son of Rafe JEFFRIE to Margaret OSBERNE of Senye - 11Nov
Barnard, son of Symon BOLOSWAE to Barbara CHINHALE - 13Nov
Walter, son of William WALTER to Florance, dau. of John LAUNDER - 14Jan
Richard THOMAS, servant unto the right worshipful Haniball VIVIAN, esq: to Johane RICHARD, dau. of John RICHARD - 16Jan

Peter WILLIAM, servant unto Mr. Robert FLETCHER, rector of Mawgan, to Johane, dau. of John THOMAS of Carline - 22Jun

Mathewe COWRNOWE to Nicholl CARNARTHER - 27Jun
John PARKER, servant unto Mr. Frauncis GLANFIELD, to Redigan, dau. of Thomas KEENE of Barnecoose - 22Oct

Gerance, son of Phillip COWRNOWE to Christian, dau. of Symon WILLIAM of Relewas - 18Apr
Robert LEREHTY ? to Elizabeth RICHARD - 20Jul
Richard BYSHOP to Chesten JOHN - 23Nov
William RONDELL to Alse BODEN ? - 10Jan
Nycollas WARREN to Nycoll OLD - 17Jan
Walter CLISE to Christian CORNOWE - 26Jan
Hannibell BASSET to Amie HARRIE - 17Feb
Robt. HAYMON to Alice CHINHALL - 08Oct


Thomas LAUNDER to Elizabeth HARRIS - 12Aug
Peter WILLIAM to Phillippe LYNE - 25Nov
Francis CHYMBDER to Wonnie BARNES - 17Jan

John ROBERTE to Melliar PRISKAN - 16Jun
John FLAMMACKE to Christian MILL - 24Jun
Hanniball LYNE to Anne PETER - 13Oct
Richard CARNARTHER to Katherine DAVIE - 13Jan
John UMEGO to Christian RESKILLIE - 03Mar

John HARRIE to Joane TANGEY - 07Oct
Nicholas RENTFREE to Christian EDWARD - 29Nov
Richard ENOWE to Wilmot RENTFREE - 04Jan
John CARLION to Constance WINTER - 29Jan
Mr. Nicholas BOGANS to Dorothie, dau. of Hanniball VYVYAN, esq: - 09Feb

John ROBTE to Jane BOLITHOWE - 19Apr
Giles OLDE to Jane PRISKAN - 07Jan
John RAW alias BOLOSSACK to Marie RAW - 10Jan

William PRISKE to Margaret FORTESCUE - 06Apr
Thomas EDWARD to Anne CURNOW - 20Feb

John HECKES to Phillip WILLIAM - 16Jul
Lewis BATHE to Johane PENHALURICKE - 08Oct
Thomas STARTE to Anne, dau. of Mr. William FORTESCEUE - 27Nov
Henry BARNE alias TAYLOR to Phillippe OLDE - 02Dec
Symon OLDE to Sisley ROBT - 29Jan
Michell RAW alias GROMLEY to Elizabeth ENOSSE - 31Jan

Henrie NASIEVAN to Margaret OLD - 21May
William GOODALL to Johan CORNELL - 26Nov

Henrie MASON to Grace COMMEN - 27May
Symon LYNE to Marie SKYNNER - 15Sep
Thomas MICHELL to Elizabeth RAW - 20Dec
Steven WARREN to Anne LAYTIE ?? - 24Nov
Mr. William FORTESCUE to Elizabeth SLEMAN, widow - 10Feb

Hanniball TUCKER alias PPEARCE to Jane HANCOCK - 20Apr
Mr. Symon RANDALL to Mrs. Elynor JAGO - 23Dec

Phillippe CLISE to Nicholl POLGRENE - 27Apr
John TOY to Christian LEONARD - 19Sep
John son of Robt. RENFRA to Elizabeth YELLAN - 28Sep
Symon FRANCIS to Alson ROBT. - 10Oct
John son of James RENFRA to Sybill TREGENNA - 24Oct
Mr. George DAVIS to Marie SLEMAN - 07Jan
Ralphe PETER to Charitie CORNOWE - 24Jan
Nicolas RAW to Blanche HIGOE - 07Feb [spelt as HIGGOE in Phillimore]

Michaell PERKIN to Ursula HALVENSA - 19May
George WILLIAMS to Alson RAWE - 18Jun
Symon RAWE to Phillippe WILLIAM - 27Nov
John RAWE to Avis JOHN - 26Jan

Nicholas SYMON to Margaret HARRIE - 17Apr
John HUTCHIN to Elizabeth dau of John RENTFREE - 24Apr
Raphe GILLAM to Margaret THOMAS - 04Jul

James POMEROY to Margaret ARCHER - 15Apr
John WILLIAMS to Grace THOMAS - 15Oct
Anthonie HUGO to Ages MICHELL - 12Nov

Digorie WILLIAMS to Blaunch MICHELL - 17Jun
Richard GAY to Thomasin MILDON - 25Nov
Raphe PETER to Elizabeth RICHARD - 16Feb

Richard CHRISTOPHER to Mellior NICHOLL - 04Jun
Henrie PRISKE to Margerie ELLIS - 16Nov


Timothie WILLIAMS to Rebecca WILLIAMS - 01Aug
Henrie JOHN to Cenobie TREWMAN - 30Nov
John VINEGOE to Alice RICHARD - 08Jan

William WILLIAMS to Elizabeth OLD - 25Jun
Faldinando WILLIAMS to Elizabeth SARGEANT - 06Oct
Thomas JOHN to Margaret BERAN - 27Jan

Francis CLARKE to Margaret HUMPHEREY - 22Jul
Michell CARBUS to Dorothy HELIGGIE - 28Jul
Peter WILLMS to Phillip EDWARD - 28Jul
Peter CHIMBDER to Margaret [no surname] - 05Oct
Peter HANCOCK to Margaret HEYDEN - 23Jan

William JOHN alias HELIGGIE to Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER - 09Jun
Richard TALLACKE to Wilmot EDWARD - 15Jul

Raphe SYMONS to Jane ROWLAND - 19Apr
John WILLIAMS of Martins to Adney BELOSSACK alias RAW - 01Aug
Bennett TIPPET to Elizabeth ROBT. - 31Jan

John WILLIAMS to Thomasin EDWARD - 16Jun
Francis TREDGIAN to Grace TREDGIAN - 01Aug
Henry TREVISA to Alice EDWARD - 11Jan
John HARRIE to Florance OLD - 16Jan
John DEEBLE to Grace ROWLAND - 17Jan

John PENGWIN to Elizabeth JOHN - 17Apr
Michell GEORGE to Elizabeth PERKIN - 25Nov
William MUNDEY to Alice VUGLER - 27Nov

Phillip THOMAS to Nicholl CHYNHALL - 21Apr
Mark PERKIN to Oner BOLOSSACKE - 29Apr
Henrie MARKE to Alice HARRIE - 25Nov
Henrie THOMAS to Margaret CLIZE - 28Nov

William WILLIAMS to Anne OLD - 21Apr
George RICHARD to Christian CORNOW - 21Jul
Richard BOX to Rabbish OLD - 30Aug
Richard RICHARDS to Blaunch BUNNEY - 05Oct
Thomas MARTIN to Phillippe EDWARD - 19Oct
Richard LAUNDER to Anne SEARLE - 27Oct

Henrie TREVISA to Jevannet CHYMBDER - 22Jun
John LYNE to Mrs. Dorothie MASSET - 25Oct [MARRET in Phillimores]
John RASHLIGHE to Margaret EDWARD - 22Nov

Henrie ROWLAND to Hannah ROBT. - 26Apr
John OSBORNE to Anne WILLIAMS - 16Jun
Richard COURTISE to Annie PENROSE - 14Jul
Mr. Nicholas CONNOCKE to Mrs. Joane VYVYAN - 30Sep
Mr. William DUTTON to Agathe, widow of Richard OSBORNE - 04Nov
John CAMPELL to Grace HARRIE - 30Jan

Roger ROBT. to Phillipp GAIRE - 18Jul
Henrie ROW to Elizabeth TREDGIAN - 25Nov
John CARLEEAN to Thomasin ROW - 22Jan
William CURNOW to Abigaill TREDGIAN - 28Jan

John LYNE to Joane RICHARD - 03Jun

James OSBORNE to Phillip ROW - 29Apr

Richard KNUCKEY to Marie PENDER - 17Aug [14Aug in Phillimores]
Mr. James VYVYAN to Phillip WARNE - 06Oct

Sammell son of Walter HEYDON to Margaret dau of Gerance CORNOW - 04Jun
Thomas ROCHE to Ann, widow of John PETER - 14Nov
John CORNOW to Ame CHALLENER, by Lic: 05Mar

John OSBORNE to Peternell MUDDIE - 04Jun [19Jun in Phillimores]
John EVANS to Magdalen DONNALL - 17Oct
John BASSET to Elynor OLDE - 26Jan

Richard ROWE to Margarete GEARE - 17Jul
Philip BISHOP to Joane ROLAND - 21Aug
Mr. John TUBBE to Mrs. Mary BRISTOE, by Lic: - 24Oct
John LAUNDER, widower, to Zynobie SELLAR, widow - 15Jan

Samuell WALTER to Elizabeth BASSET - 04Apr
John MARTIN to Dorcas WILLIAMS - 12Apr
Thomas HANCOCKE to Margery AMBROSE of Filly - 22Jul
Paul HANCOCKE , junior, to Joane PETER - 26Nov

Richard GEARE to Barbara CHYMDER - 10Jun
John SYMONS to Charity ROBERTS - 17Jul
John WARNE to Margaret ROGERS - 25Nov [05Nov in Phillimores]
John ANGOVE to Elizabeth HANCOKE - 27Jan
Gerance CLIZE to Pascaw BERNARD - 02Feb

Richard OLD to Dorothy ARTHUR, widow - 07Jun
Benedict JANE to Philip WILLIAMS - 11Nov
Marke RANDALL to Elizabeth CORNOW - 18Feb

Michael BUXTON to Nichol ROBERT - 20Jul
Thomas SWEATON to Margaret MICHEL, widow - 04Aug
Mark THOMAS alias WARNE to Clary SANDRY - 03Nov

1642 to 1653
No marriages recorded in the register from 1642 through to 1653

1654 - [Note: Register pages covering the years 1654 to 1661 are in very poor condition and therefore extremely hard to read]
Henery EDWARDS to Alse RANDALL - 14Jul
Mr. John AYCOL [NYCOL?] to Mrs. Tomsen WINSTOW - 10Oct
Owen TILDER to Catherin HILL - 02Oct [GILL in Phillimores]
John JAMES to Mary TERNOWETH - 02Feb [I think this surname should be TRENOWETH]
John EDWARDS to Mary MICHELL - 04Feb
Nicholas SAMON to Dugles EDWARD - 29Feb

Edward BUCHER to Jane WILLIAMS - 29Aug
John JOFFRE to Elenor WILLIAMS - 01Oct [GOTTRE in Phillimores]
Francis COLE to Ame JANE - 24Oct [DANE in Phillimores]
Thommas BADEN to Anne CORLEAN - 21Feb

Samuell WILLIAMS to Jone LINE - 28Jul
William BADEN to Alse YEYDON - 01Dec

1657 - [these two entries in Phillimores under the year 1656]
Nathaniell WILLIAMS to Flower SYMONS - 20Dec
Peter LINE to Anne WILLIAMS - 24Jan

1658 - [these two entries are from Phillimores, being unreadable in the register]
Peter WEDLAKE to Mrs. Christian HANCOCKE - 16Nov
Michael ROBERTS to Margaret TRUGGEN - 30Nov

1659, 1660, 1661
No marriages for these years although half the page of the register is blank where these should be. (With 1658 also almost completely faded and therefore unreadable, with the entries coming from Philliomores transcripts only) I suspect these years have totally faded over time.

Hen. ROCH to Wilmott, his wife, of Helston - 13Oct
John MARTIN to Anne, his wife - 20Oct
Anthony ROBERTS to Catherine, his wife - 03Nov
Tho. JAMES to Mary, his wife - 02Mar

John STEVENS of St Ives to Mary, his wife, of StMartin - 21Apr
John EDWARDS to Agnes PERKIN - 03Aug
Mathew NICHOLAS to Ffrances ROWE - 06Oct
Edward THOMAS to Elinor TRENGOUE - 12Nov
Simon EVANS to Anne THOMAS - 14Jan

Henry DAVIS of Milor to Sarah THOMAS - 06Jun
Richard ANGEARE to Mary MOONE - 14Jun [Jane is writtem over Mary]
Humphery ROW to Loveday TREVETHIAN, both of Helston - 24Jun [ROUS in Phillimores]
Philip BISHOP to Margaret THOMAS - 13Sep
Peter WILLIAMS to Katherine OSBORNE - 27Sep
Joseph BENVER of Penzance to Salome RASHLY - 27Sep [place name mis spelt in Phillimores]

John DAVY to Alce FFOSTER - 23Jun

Richd. WILLIAMS of Cambourn to Avis HUMPHREY - 24Apr
Charles THOMAS to Grace PERRYAN - 23Oct
Aquila MICHEL to Maude ROW -31Oct

John OSBORNE to Phillip GEORGE - 15Apr
Henry TRUGION to Loveday LINE - 04Nov
Michael TIPPIT to Charity ANGEARE - 04Feb

Nicholas SYMMONS of Penzance to Anne CURNOW - 23Apr
Richard HARRYS to Anne PEARSE - 29Jun
Henry WEBB of Helston to Charity ETHORNE - 06Oct
Henry TIPPITT to Mary ROWE - 13Oct

James COIT was ????[unreadable] to Anne HEYDON - 17Jan
Thomas BISHOP to Alce RENDAL - 20Jan
Thomas ODGER to Mary ROW - 27Jan


Richard HEYMAN to Grace BURTON - 31Oct
Paul HANCOCKE to Joane LAUNDER - 22Nov
Willm SYMONS to Mary OLD - 09Jan
James PEIRCE of Cury to Ame TRETHWELL - 21Feb

1672 to 1680
No marriages recorded in Parish Register for these years except that in Phillimores there are three marriages for the year 1677 which follow below. To date I have been unable to find these three entries in the Parish Registers or Bishops Transcripts, but with the poor condition of the register pages during these years it is more than likely that the entries have faded completely, since the Phillimore transcripts were done.

Adam LAWRY to Eliza TRETHWELL - 03Jun
Walter TREVINNA to Winefrett FITTER - 09Jan
Rich. JAMES to Margery LINE - 25Jan

Oliver STEVENS to Alce PLANT - 07Nov [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Stephen ROWE to Beatrix LAWRY - 23Nov

Joseph EDWARDS, otp, to Elizabeth PEARCE of Cury - 26Jun
Joseph BASSETT to Zibella BASSETT - 05Sep

John MATHEW to Susana GINNINGS of Constantine - 03Jul [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
William FRANCIS of Constantine to Christian LINE - 03Jul [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Daniel PRYOR to Elinor GILL, both of Helston - 28Aug [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Leonard HANCOCK to Mary BASSETT - 06Oct [date shown as 09Oct in BT - Phillimores has this marriage under 1682]
Henry HANCOCK to Thomasen ORCHARD - 31Jan [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Sir Vyell VYVYAN, knight & baronet, to Lady Jane COODE - 24Feb [date shown as 24Jan in BT]
Mr. Robert HOOKER of Helston to Mrs Betty VYVYAN - 04Mar [date shown as 24Mar in Phillimores][this marriage recorded in BTonly]

** James HICKS to Grace RICHARDS - 18Feb
** Richard HICKS to Grace RICHARDS - 18Feb
Nathaniell BOUCHER to Hilery ROE - 03Mar [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Bernard JOHN to Mary TRESIZE - 04Mar [this marriage recorded in BTonly]

** Both these entries are in the PR with just the grooms first name being different. The BT has Richard HICKES to Mary RICHARDS - 18Feb and Phillimores transcripts have Richard HICKS to Marie RICHARDS - 18Feb

John CHIGWIDEN of Constantine to Mary HAWK of Ruan Major - 27Jul
John DANIELL, vicar, of Constantine to Mrs. Mary TREVEWSESS - 01Aug
William ANGEARE to Mary RANDELL - 19Jan

John JAMES to Grace TRAPLYN - 10Nov
William WILLIAMS to Mary ROBERTS - 08Feb

Mr. George HAWKINS to Mrs. Mary MELHUISH - 11Apr
Phillip TRENOWETH to Katherine PERKIN - 14Apr
Thomas LOE to Jane TRENOWETH of Falmouth - 09May
Rodger BAUDEN to Margery THOMAS - [date missing as page eaten away]
Thomas NICOLS to Johan TRAPLYN - 08???
Mr. Hugh TONKEN of Mullion to ElizabethDEANE - 22Jun
Nicholas CURREN to Fflorance WATERS - 20Dec
Edwas CARBENS to Alice BOLITHO - 07Jan

Walters RODGERS to Emblene PASKOW - 02Feb
Nicholas DOBLE to Darcus FFRANCIS - [not recorded]

John THOMAS to Grace RUSE - 10Jun
Peter HARRYS to Thomasin GEARCE - 23Jul

James CLISE to Elizabeth ROBARTS - 02Feb [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Daniell ARTINES to Jane CORNOW 02Feb [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
William COITE to Christian GOTRE - 11Feb [brides surname spelt GEAYTEOY and date as 21Feb in BT]
Walter PLINT to Alce EDEY of ???? [unreadable] - 12Feb [this marriage recorded in BTonly]

Edward CARBENS to Mary GINNINS - 21Jun [not in BT]
Charles CHALKE to Katherine NICOLS - 02Feb
William LUKE to Ann ROADER - 24Feb [not in BT]
John TREGIDGIAN to Phebe HEYDEN - 24Feb [date shown as 09Feb in BT]

[missing, as torn off] to Chesten PEARCE - 27Dec
John THOMAs to Elizabeth PEARSE - 01Nov
John TRESIGAN to Elizabeth THOMAS - 04Oct
Richard PRISKE to Ann OLD - 05Nov
Peter MICHELL to Mary BRYAND - 11Feb

Mr. Richard GREBEY of Ruam Lanihorne to Mrs. Ann GLUES [GLIREY?] of Penryn - 09Nov [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
James WILLIAMS to Johan CARBENS - 23Apr
Thomas PENROSE to Alice ROWE - 23Aug

Richard JENKING to widdow RUTTER - 23Jul [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Henry ROBARTS to Agnis dau of James COCKRAM - 24Jul [this marriage recorded in BTonly]
Henry FFERRETT to Ffrances GENNINS - 29Jul [BT says - Henry FFERRY to Frances dau of Henry JENNINGS - 28Jul]
Walter MANNELL to Petrenel dau of Mich. ROBARTS - 26Dec [this marriage recorded in BTonly]

Richard CHINOWETH to Elizabeth RODGERS - 22Apr [not in BT]
Henry HUTHNANCE, gent, to Mrs. Margaret TREWINARD - 26Dec [BT adds that Henry was "fellow of Exeter Coll, Oxon"]
Richard BARNARD to Thomasyn DYER - 26Dec
William RALPH to Ann LINE - 02Jan
John PEARSE to Prudence SPRAGUE - 04Feb [BT adds that John - "was the son of John PEARSE of Manaccan" & Prudence was "of Kenwen"]

1696 - [Place names only recorded in BT's]
John TONKEN of Wendron to Sarah PENTICOTTE - 09Jun
Nicholas DATE to Ann TREGLOHAN - 06Jun
John WEDLOCK of Gunwallo to Fflorance COUCH of Cury - 26Oct [date is 09Oct in BT]

1697 - [Place names only recorded in BT's]
John TRETHOWAN to Ffrances EVENS - 24May [date is 16May in BT]
John RANDELL to Barbara WILLIAMS - 05Jul [ date is 08Jul in BT]
FFrancis HOCKEN of Camborn to Mary HUMFRIES of Mawgan - 23Oct
Thomas COCK to Mary ROW - 27Nov
Richard JAMES to Johan MARVELL - 27Dec
Peter JOHN to Ffrances RALPH - 01Jan
John DOUTEY to Mary TREVISA - 01Jan

Noah LUKE to Charity JAMES - 25Apr [under 1697 in BT]
John PRIOR to Thomasine FFRANCIS - 27Apr [under 1697 in BT]
Richard LANDER to Mary OLD - 18Jul
John OSBORNE to Zenobia WILLS - 25Jul
James MILDERN to Ann DOW - 14Nov
Phillip REED to Magdalene GOTRE - 26Dec
John PEARSE to Sarah ROWE - 26Dec
Pascoe TREGIDGIAN to Ann LANDER - 26Dec
John EDWARDS to Susanna WILLIAMS - 14Feb

James PETERS to Jane HELSTON - 11Apr
John CARBENS to Ruth DUNCALFE - 11Apr
Joshua DOULTON to An LINE - 13Jun
Perkin LUKE to Sarah ROBERTS - 11Sep
Thomas HARRIS to Grace UDIE - 28Sep
Thomas MUNDAY to Ann THOMAS - 30Nov

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