Gwinear Burials
1700 to 1799

PLEASE NOTE - These transcriptions have been copied from very old records, some of which are in a very poor condition, so a mistake is still possible for various reasons, and I would always recommend that you check the original records for yourself. If you do find any mistakes, please let me know or if you would just like an entry rechecked please do ask and I will help as much as I can.

1600 to 1699 --- 1700 to 1799 --- 1800 to 1899



Henry UREN - 13Jan
Patience LANYON of Phillack - 28Jun
Eliz. BURCH - 29Aug
Mrs Ann TRE?Y - 18Sep

Jo. LANINE - 04May
Eliz. PHILLIPS - 06May
Mrs Katharine MADDERN - 16Aug
Eliz. INGRAM - 15Feb

Eliz. CARPENTER - 10Apr
Jo. ROSWARN - 18Jul
Mary CORIN - 22Jul
Jo. WILLIAMS - 02Sep

Mrs Prudence SPERNEN? - 16Jun
Anthony POLVEN - 17Aug

Jo. JULYAN - 24Apr
Will. MAJOR - 21Feb

[Completely Faded]

Margaret ELLIS - 01May
Rich. MITCHELL - 22Jul
Jo. PHILLIPS - 28Sep
Jo. ELLIS, Jnr. - 28Oct
Ann PRYOR - 19Oct
Katharine WITHEMAN - 15Oct
Henry KNEBONE - 14Dec
Hen. WHERE - 01Feb
Eliz. HENDRA - 05Feb
Hanna MITCHELL - 18Feb
Mary FLOOD - 23Feb
Tho. OLD - 14Mar
Will. RUBY - 14Mar
Gilbert TREWELLYN - 14Mar

Alice WILLIAMS - 26Mar
Henry son of Tobias LANYON, Gent - 12Jun
Samll. son of Thos. WHEARE - 04Oct
Thos. WHEARE - 29Oct
Denney FLOYD, widow - 30Oct
Jane daughter of Tobias LANYON, Gent - 07Oct?
John son of Francis SANDON - 07Oct
Jno. BARKER - 08Oct
Thomas ???LEN,widow - 18Oct
Nicholas MITCHELL - 28Oct
Henry son of Richd. SEADDON - 07Oct
Wm. NOBLE - 14Oct
Mary daughter of Hercules CARK - 06Oct
Ann daughter of Xtopher PRYOR, Jun. - 06Jan
Xtopher son of Tobias INGRAM 20Feb
Robt. GOBLE - 17Mar

Mary MITCHELL, widow and Mulier by wife of Gabriel TREGONNING - 18May
Jno. son of Ricd. WILLIAMS - 19May
William EVAH, the elder - 01Jun
Joan the wife of John JONES - 10Jun
Mathias the son of Martyn MITCHELL 18Jun
Jno. the baseborn son of Henry TOOKER and Mary HANTON - 13Aug
Christopher RIC'D [or ROBT?] - 20Aug
Eleanor the wife of George JENNINGS - 02Oct
Xtopher PRIOR - 04Oct


Margory the wife of James COCK - 20Apr
John the son of Rodger POTTER - 18May
Blanch PAINTER, widow - 27Dec
Thomas REYNOLDS - 15Jan

Dorothy KNEBONE - 09Apr
Mary the daughter of Rodger POTTER - 11Apr
Elizabeth THOMAS - 27Apr
James RICHARDS - 17May
Meshack PRYOR - 29Aug
Elizabeth the wife of Henry HUTHNANCE - 18Sep
Mary the daughter of Edward BLEWETT - 19Nov
Mary the wife of Thomas GLIN, Gent - 29Nov
Richard TOM - 30Nov
Jane JONE - 07Jan
Jannes the wife of Sigyo WILLIAMS - 08Mar

William the son of Richard HOSKIN - 14Jun
Henrey the son of John PENHALL - 24Jun
Elizabeth the wife of Thomas MICHELL - 21Jul
Grace WHITE - 23Nov
Mrs Constance PASKOW - 23Dec
Mary ROSEWARNE - 27Dec

Christopher COCK - 16Apr
Jone WILLIAMS - 17May
Susanna the daughter of William BRANCH - 25Jul
Mary JORDAN - 25Aug
Cordelia the daughter of Jno. PHILLIPS - 23Aug
Richard the son of Thos. WHEARE - 28Oct
Elenor VINCENT - 29Oct
Tobias PENHALE - 30Oct
Jno. PENROSE - 15Nov
Patience OLD - 23Nov
Mary FLOYD - 26Nov
Ann INGRAM - 15Dec
Thos. the son of Thos. PAYNTER, Vicar - 05Jan
Mary the daughter of Jno. JOANE - 30Jan
Agnes PRIOR - 11Feb
Ann RODD - 16Feb
Ralph MITCHELL - 25Feb
Jno. KING - 02Mar
Eliz. FLOYD - 05Mar
Grace wife of Philip FLOYD - 06Mar
Henry HUTHNANCE - 08Mar
Wm. son of Wm PHILLIPS - 15Mar

Peter HAMMELL - 28Mar
Meliora KNEEBONE - 30Mar
Anthony GOBE - 11Apr
Mary daughter of Christopher HENDRA - 19Apr
George MITCHELL - 27Apr
Tamar wife of Charles VINCENT - 29May
Elizabeth wife of Jno. ADAMS - 01Jul
Elizabeth daughter of Jno. TREGURTHA - 28Jul
Gabriel TREGONNING - 01Aug
Tobias son of Henry HETHIER - 07Aug
Jno. DEWENS - 18Aug
Mrs Honour KNIGHT - 19Aug
Tobias son of Tobias PENHALE - 08Oct
Jane the daughter of Tobias LANYON, Gent - 17Oct
Blanch the daughter of Jno. FLOYD - 01Nov
Katherine WHEARE - 10Nov
Thos GLYMS, Gent - 26Nov
Frances JENIFER, Gent - 04Feb
Jane BARKER - 24Feb

Steven HERFOS - 10Apr
Tobias INGRAM - 13Apr
Thomasin MICHELL - 19Apr
Anne daughter of Richard MICHELL - 13Jun
Anne CARPENTER - 23Jun
Jacob the son of Jacob KNEEBONE - 23Jun
Mary the daughter of Mathew BROAD - 25Jul
Luke LOVE - 27Oct
Jane JONES - 29Oct
Richard FLOYD - 03Dec
Mary the wife of Phillip TOOKER - 17Dec
Blanch the daughter of Alis RICHARDS - 11Jan

Elizabeth daughter of Henry HETHER - 23Jun
James BARTEL - 01Aug
Elizabeth wife of Henry HETHER - 15Sep
George JENNINGS - 19Oct
Jhon [sic] INGRAM - 19Oct
Thomas RENOLDS - 09Nov
Jone daughter of Phillip HAMMELL - 17Feb

George the son of George MICHEL - 25Mar
Jane the daughter of Thomas BARTER - 28Mar
Robert the son of Roger KNEBON - 01Apr
John the son of Thomas BARTER - 01Apr
Ms MAY - 06Apr
Mary daughter of John WILLIAMS - 14Apr
Sigyeo WILLIAMS - 16Apr
Mary daughter of Roger POTTER - 11May
Nicholas son of Jane BARTEL - 12May
Margret daughter of Bennet HAMELL - 12May
Humphry son of William ADAMS - 25May
Dorithy daughter of William ADAMS - 29May
John son of Richard SHAY - 09Aug
Elizabeth daughter of Alexander TREMELLING - 11Aug
Geard CHIPMAN - 13Nov
Sarah GUNDRY - 22Nov
John CLEMENT - 16Nov
Mary wife of Thos. GLIN, gent - 20Nov
Peter son of Peter HAMEL - 16Feb
William son of William TOKER - 24Feb

James COCK - 12Apr
John HATHNANS? - 17Apr
Mylor OLD - 23Apr
Jane daughter of Richard SHAY - 01May
John QUICK - 16May
Jane daughter of William JENNINGS - 23May
Richard son of William BRANCH - 26Jun
John TREDRE - 03Jul
Margret wife of John JONES - 21Jul
Thomas son of William BLEWET - 21Jul
Nicholas son of Edward FLOID - 27Oct
Constance BROAD - 01Nov
Mary daughter of Henrey EVEON - 21Nov
Jane CALENSO - 14Dec
Dorithy daughter of David ROGERS - 20Jan
John JONES Sen. - 18Feb
Tobias LANYON, Gent - 15Mar

John son of Sigyeo WILLIAMS - 10Apr
John son of Humphry WOOLCOCK - 16Sep
Eliz. daughter of Richard EVA - 13Oct
Andrew son of David ROGERS - 22Oct
Grace daughter of John PENHALE - 24Dec
Richard son of Richard ROSEWARNE - 24Dec
Thomas PELLOWE - 15Feb

Philip TOOKER - 23Jun
Mathew son of John HETHIER - 17Jul
Henry HOOPER - 21Sep
Dorcas daughter of William ADAMS - 29Oct
Ann daughter of John PHILLIPS - 30Oct
Richard son of James MITCHELL - 07Nov
Abraham son of Jacob JENKINS - 28Nov
William son of William JENNINGS - 01Dec
Isaac son of Jacob KNEEBONE - 04Dec
John son of Henry ROGERS - 16Dec
John son of John WILLIAMS - 18Dec
Mary daughter of Jno. MITCHELL - 01Jan [bastard written out to side]
Bridget daughter of Tho. PENDAREES - 01Jan
Richard son of Richard HOSKYN - 05Jan
Wm. son of Robert ORSITER - 05Jan
Jane daughter of Thos. PRIOR - 17Feb
Richard son of Richard THOMAS - 04Mar

Richard WHEARE - 17Apr
William son of Jno. LAKES 19Apr
Christian wife of Thos. MITCHELL - 27Aug
Patience daughter of Jn. TREGURTHA - 28Aug
Mary wife of Theodore JONES - 14Nov
Rose wife of Richd. PHILLIPS - 01Jan
Jane HOLMAN - 08Jan
Mary daughter of T. PAYNTER, Vicar - 05Feb
John CALLENSOE - 11Mar
Dorothy LAKES - 22Mar
??? ?ANLY?? alias SANDS - 23Mar

1724 - [Note: Many of the first names can not be read]
??ter FLOYD - 30Mar
??el MITCHELL - 08Apr
Jno. KNEBON?? - 12May
Dorothy dau of T. PAYNTER, vicar - 14Jun
???? son ofJacob KNEEBONE - 04Jul
Henry? son of Henry KNEEBONE - 08Jul
[unreadable completely faded] - 06Aug?
Thos. RICHARDS - 20Aug
????d? CHECOOSE alias PHILLIPS - 16Sep
Blanch SIRCOURT - 21Sep
??ter BRYANT - 03Oct
Mary? dau of Jno. SHUGG - 10Nov
Richard MITCHELL - 03Jan
[blank] son of Robert ORSITER - 27Jan
Mary SCADDON - 19Feb
Mary LOVE - 02Mar
Richd. UREN - 11Mar
Elizabeth dau of Phil TOOKER - 11Mar
Henry son of Phillip TOOKER - 18Mar

1725 - [Note: Some of the first names can not be read]
Rose? wife of Michael OLD - 11May
Robert VERRIAN - 07Jun
Richard son of James HARVEY - 25Jul
Catherine & Florence WHEARE - 02Aug
Margaret MATHEWS - 10Oct
Honor? OATEY - 19Oct
Henry UREN - 19Oct
Mary HAMMELL - 29Oct
Hercules CLERK - 02Nov
James THOMAS - 12Nov
Christian MITCHELL - 29Dec
Jone? RENNOLDS - 01Jan
Thos. MITCHELL - 10Jan
John EMMETT - 18Feb

Ruth UREN - 28Mar
John STONE - 03Apr
Henry SEADDON - 20May
Pascowe HOOPER - 29Jul
Grace ROBERTS - 08Aug
Temperance EMMETT - 04Mar
[blank] son of Edward FLOYD - 13Mar

Margaret BLEWET - 30May
Elizabeth MITCHELL - 04Nov
Alice DEWENS - 03Dec
Mary wife of Richard FLOYD - 22Dec
Thos. THOMAS - 09Mar

[blank] son of Humphry WOLLCOCK - 25Mar
Jane CORYN - 06Apr
Tobias INGRAM - 04Aug
Richard JEOFFRIES - 12Oct
Sarah MITCHELL - 19Oct
Mary RICHARDS - 02Nov
John son of Henry HETHIER - 30Nov
Jacob KNEEBONE - 16Dec
Margery SEADDON - 16Dec
Philip TOOKER - 29Dec
Toms. MITCHELL - 02Feb
Margaret wife of Philip HANMELL - 28Feb
James son of Philip HANMELL - 13Mar
Jane daughter of Thos. BREA - 15Mar

Theodore son of Theodore JONES - 27Apr
[entry crossed out and very hard to read] Simon son of Simon PENTECOST - 06May
[entry crossed out] Jno. son of Jno. THOMAS - 06May
Jno. TREGURTHA - 08May
Grace CLARK - 13May
Richard HOSKINS wife - 14Jul
Samuel ANGEL 08Aug
??ll. WHEARE - 07Sep

William RICHARDS alias PENHALE - 10Apr
Eliz. ADAMS - 11Apr
James son of Bennet HAMEL - 24Apr
Christan MITCHEL - 29Apr
Blanch wife of John PERET??? - 20Apr
Cathren daughter of Thomas WHERE - 01Jun
Joseph & George being twins to Mr Charles PENICK, gentleman - 14Jun
Richard son of John FLOYD - 04Jul
Henery VERNA - 28Jul
Mathew CROADE - 30Jul
Mary daughter of James THOMAS - 21Aug
Henry son of Lulaljah FREEMAN a base child - 18Sep
Philip FLOYD - 07Oct
Mary daughter of Richard CLEMENCE - 09Oct
Alexander son of David ROGERS - 14Oct
Richard son of Richard SHUG - 02Nov
Zennobiah CRIANT - 10Jan
John ROSEWARN - 02Feb
George EDENY - 17Feb
Edward MICHELL - 17Feb

Dorothy JOB - 25Apr
John CARPENTER - 16May
Zacheus son of Phillip FLOYD - 30May
Thomas GUNDREY - 03Jun
Andrew VIGURS - 20Jun
Suzannah daughter of Alexander BRANCH - 12Jul
Constance TREMELLING - 07Aug
Elizabeth VIGURS - 18Oct
Mary DORVININ - 03Dec
Martha LOVE - 08Dec
Jane BARKER - 26Dec
Elizabeth daughter of Simon PENTICO - 05Jan
John PRIOR - 10Jan
Willm. son of Richard EVA - 10Jan
John JOANS - 25Jan
Catherine FRANCIS - 07Feb
Zennobiah OLIVEY - 14Feb
Mary daughter of Richard CLEMENTS - 20Feb
Anne daughter of Phillip FLOYD - 25Feb
Elizabeth HOOPER - 11Mar

Thomas PAYNTER, Vicar - 26May
Anne MITCHELL - 24Aug
Mary daughter of Benedict HAMMELL - 14Oct
Richard ROSEWARN - 15Oct
William son of John WILLIAMS - 25Oct
Simon UREN - 27Dec
Alice JONES - 19Jan
Eliz. BEDENNER - 25Jan
Prudence wife of Thomas BLEWET 29Jan
John son of Seipio WILLIAMS - 17Mar

John WILLIAMS - 29Mar
Prudence daughter of Wm. HARVEY - 19Apr
Elizabeth MITCHELL, widow - 15Jun
Anne daughter of Seipio TOOKER - 31Jul
Mary wife of Mr. John HUTHNANCE - 08Aug
William PHILLIPS - 16Aug
Mary wife of John SHUGG - 26Sep
John WHEARE - 07Oct
Dorcas MICHELL - 17Oct
Peter son of John FLOYD - 20Oct
Tabitha daughter of Richard WILLIAMS - 28Oct
Thomas NOBLE - 14Nov
Honour daughter of Wm. PASCOE - 29Dec
Richard SHUGG - 11Jan
Jane??, widow of Humphry ADAMS - 23Feb
James son of Bennet HAMMILL - 10Mar

?????? HAMMILL - 11May
Jn?. ROBERTS - 03Jun
Humphry son of John ADAMS - 08Jun
Mr. John HUTHNANCE - 22Jun
Richard HOSKYN - 23Jun
William son of Wm. HARVEY - 02Aug
James SAUNDERS Sen. - 06Aug
James HARVEY - 25Sep
Elizabeth daughter of Wm. PHILLIPS - 08Oct
John PHILLIPS - 17Oct
Andrew Paul base son of Mary EVAH - 10Nov
Thomas son of Colan WILLIAMS - 13Nov
Henry son of Henry SEADDAN - 18Nov
John FLOYD - 25Nov
Jane daughter of Henry NEWBONE - 16Dec
Thomas LADNAH - 29Dec
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas KING - 08Jan
Margaret daughter of Bennett HAMMILL - 13Jan
Thomas son of Thomas MITCHELL - 02Feb
Mr. John TUCKER - 19Feb
Mary daughter of Samuel ANGEL - 06Mar
Henry son of Henry TUCKER - 14Mar

Sarah widow of Wm. PHILLIPS - 28Mar
Elizabeth wife of Wm. BARTLE - 08Apr
Sampson DOWNING - 07May
???illa wife of Samuel MICHELL - 16May
Thomas son of Thomas WHITE - 03Jun
Anne daughter of Samuel OLDE - 05Jun
George son of Michael OLDE - 10Jun
Julian wife of William STRICKLAND - 26Jul
Susanna wife of Richard PHILIPS - 09Aug
Francis STONE - 08Aug
Henry TUCKER - 23Aug
Mary daughter of Sam. CLARKE 26Aug
Prudence daughter of Will. and Alice HARVEY - 07Sep
Humphry ADAMS - 11Sep
Richard PHILIPS - 27Sep
John FLOYD alias FLOOD - 12Oct
Michael OLD - 28Oct
Theodosia wife of William EVA - 04Jan
Richard EVA - 05Jan
John son of John and Grace WILLIAMS - 05Jan
Gideon ROBERTS - 16Jan
John WILLIAMS - 08Feb
William BARTLE - 21Feb
John PEARCE alias PERROWE - 06Mar
Mrs Mary THOMAS, widow - 10Mar

Elizabeth wife of Thomas WHITE - 26Mar
Mary daughter of Richard and Grace HOSKEN - 11Jun
Elizabeth MICHELL - 30Jul
Mary CLEMENTS of Phillack, widow - 09Aug
Richard son of Alexander and Elizabeth BRANCH - 11Aug
Catherine wife of Thos. JORDAN - 03Aug
Joan MICHELL, widow - 06Aug
Catherine wife of Richard WILLIAMS - 10Aug
Honour CALENSOE, widow - 15Aug
Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth PEARCE - 26Aug
????? MICHELL - 21Oct
Francis SANDO - 14Jan
???nor ROBERTS - 22Jan

Elias son of William and Zenobia BARKER - 24Apr
Joan wife of Christopher HENDRA - 02May
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas BRAY - 02May
Alexander son of David and Mary ROGERS - 12May
Catharine PENHALE - 08Jun
William base child of Florence LAKES - 16Jun
Elizabeth daughter of Gregory and Charity PHILIPS - 04Jul
John son of John and Grace WILLIAMS at Whitty? - 08Jul
Richard son of Margery ROSEWARNE - 09Jul
Jane daughter of Tho. PEARCE - 20Jul
Richard son of William FLOYD - 22Jul
Richard EVA - 26Jul
Mrs Mary LANYON, widow - 08Aug
William PEARCE - 09Aug
Simon son of Simon UREN - 14Aug
Charles MICHELL - 17Aug
Catharine STONE widow - 22Aug
Mary wife of John JUAN - 22Aug
Henry HETHIER - 31Aug
Richard son of John BARKER - 06Oct
Thomas KING - 07Oct
Charity daughter of John PEARCE - 11Oct
Anne BRYANT - 12Oct
Thomas and Miriam children of Thomas and Elizabeth KING - 13Oct
Abraham son of Stephen PEARCE - 14Oct
Christian daughter of John WILLIAMS - 18Oct
Roger POTTER - 20Oct
Anne daughter of John MICHELL - 21Oct
Thomas WHEARE - 05Nov
Margaret daughter of Thomasine EVA, widow - 09Nov
Mrs Mary WILLS, widow - 21Nov
John son of James PIPER - 30Nov
Henry son of Henry KNEEBONE - 07Dec
Elizabeth TREDREA, widow - 10Dec
Thomas CARPENTER - 26Dec
Philippa wife of Reginald KING - 12Jan
Charity REYNOLDS, widow 19Feb
John WILLIAMS - 08Mar

John son of John and Anne ALLEN - 11Jun
Anne wife of Paul MICHELL - 06Aug
Margaret PENHALE, widow - 18Aug
Richard SCADDAN - 21Aug
Frances SCADDAN - 01Sep
John WALTERS alias ROBINS - 01Sep
James SANDERS - 04Sep
Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary TREGURTHA - 14Oct
William son of Humphry WOOLCOCK - 15Oct
Elizabeth CRAZE - 31Oct
Richard RICHARDS - 01Nov
Thomasine SHUGG, widow 16Dec
Grace RICHARDS, widow - 01Jan
Samuel son of Samuel and Elizabeth CLARKE - 10Jan
Elizabeth daughter of Mr Thomas PAYNTER, late Vicar - 07Feb

Blanch wife of William TUCKER - 02Dec
Charles ANGOLA - 24Dec
Margery daughter of Charles CALENSOE - 24Dec
Alice RICHARDS, widow - 01Jan
John CONNER - 28Jan
Francis Paynter son of John and Frances SICKLER - 19Feb
Mary wife of Philip WILLIAMS - 24Mar

Elizabeth PEARCE - 09May
Mrs Anne PAYNTER - 13May
Martha daughter of Thomas and Alice LOVE - 18May
Mary wife of William PEARCE - 20Jun
Samuel OLD - 27Jul
Elizabeth PIPER - 03Aug
Salome daughter of Francis and Mary THOMAS - 13Aug
Mary daughter of James and Alice SHUGG - 20Sep
Richard WILLIAMS - 09Oct
Reginald KING - 08Nov
Roger KNEEBONE - 10Nov
Mary daughter of John and Grace PEARCE - 16Dec
Henry son of Henry and Joan HENDRA - 20Jan
Jane HARRIS - 16Jan
John ADAMS - 31Jan
Anne PASCOE, widow - 13Feb
William PEARCE - 24Feb
Joan wife of William NOBLE - 01Mar
John PEARCE - 09Mar
Jane DOWNING, widow - 19Mar

Dorothy daughter of John and Dorothy RICHARDS - 19May
Grace wife of Robert ORSITER - 22May
John POTTER - 20Jun
John CALENSO - 10Jul
Tryphena wife of William NOBLE - 13Aug
Thomasine PELLOW, widow - 30Aug
William NOBLE - 09Nov
William ROWE - 12Nov
Grace HARVEY, widow - 16Nov
Jane NOBLE, widow - 09Jan
Grace HARTFORD, widow - 31Jan
Elizabeth GOBLE, widow - 17Feb
Richard FLOYD - 21Feb
Robert son of Francis and Loveday CARNE - 02Mar
William JAMES - 11Mar
Thomas VINCENT - 20Mar

Barbara MICHELL, widow - 29Mar
Charles CALENSO - 03Apr
Salome daughter of Thomas and Alice LOVE 03Apr
Mary wife of Thomas BLEWET - 11Apr
John son of Bennet and Isabel HAMEL - 13Apr
Mary wife of Mr. Henry HUTHNANCE - 14Apr
Thomasine wife of Charles CALENSO - 20Apr
Margaret daughter of Richard and Grace HOSKEN - 20Apr
Thomas WHITE - 23Apr
Margaret KNEEBONE, widow - 29Apr
Margery wife of William BRANCH - 13May
Elizabeth TREGARTHA, widow - 08Jun
Elizabeth JAMES, widow - 18Jun
Charles OATIE - 20Jun
James son of Henry and Elizabeth SCADDAN - 28Jun
Thomas son of William and Anne CLEMENTS - 09Jul
Mary STONE - 31Jul
Joan WILLIAMS, widow - 08Aug
Mr Henry HUTHNANCE - 03Sep
Margaret wife of Sergio TUCKER - 23Nov
William son of John and Frances SICKLER - 01Dec
Margaret MICHELL, widow - 10Jan
Elizabeth GREENSLADE - 14Jan
John SHUGG - 19Mar
Edward PHILIPS - 21Mar

John FLOYD - 04Apr
Elizabeth FLOYD, widow - 09Apr
Scipio WILLIAMS - 14Apr
James SHUGG - 21Apr
Mary PHILIPS - 24Apr
Mary daughter of John and Joan WILLIAMS - 02May
William son of Richard and Jane UREN - 17May
Bipater son of Anne WILLIAMS - 07Jun
Margery FLOYD, an infant - 03Sep
Cordelia daughter of John and Catharine PHILIPS - 28Sep
Elizabeth daughter of William and Jane JENNINGS - 30Sep
Pascoe son of Alexander and Elizabeth BRANCH - 03Oct
Catharine daughter of John and Mary WILLIAMS - baptised 16Oct [this is as printed in Register]
Elizabeth wife of Walter DOWNING - 30Nov
Peter HAMEL 17Dec
Jane daughter of John and Anne BARKER - 26Feb
Christopher CLEMENTS - 02Mar
Mary OLD, widow - 02Mar

Elizabeth daughter of Wm. and Mary DOBLE - 12Jun
John NOBLE - 25Jun
Susanna daughter of Richard and Grace JEFFERY - 12Jul
James son of Henry and Eliz. SCADDAN - 27Jul
Alice JAMES, widow - 23Nov
Mr Thomas BRIGHT - 24Nov
Robert ORSITER - 21Dec

Thomas MITCHEL - 09Apr
Mary daughter of Tho. and Eliz. KING - 19May
Nicholas HONY - 17Jul
Thomas MORCOMBE - 27Jul
Elizabeth wife of Samuel CLARKE 10Oct
Mary KING, widow - 24Oct
William HARVEY - 06Dec
Richard WILLIAMS - 13Jan
William son of William BRANCH - 15Jan
Joan wife of Edward FLOYD - 23Jan
Eleanor wife of George THOMAS - 16Feb
Elizabeth daughter of John TREGURTHA - 17Feb
Theodore son of John JONES - 21Mar

William son of William CLEMENTS - 26Mar
Mary BREA - 29Mar
Richard son of William DOBLE - 01Apr
Eliz. daughter of Charles and Eliz. OATIE - 22Apr
Anne WILLIAMS, widow - 08May
James MITCHEL and his son - 24Jun
William MITCHEL - 29Jun
Jane PHILIPS, widow - 25Jul
Elizabeth wife of Henry UREN - 15Aug
Gertrude CRAZE, widow 10Sep
George THOMAS - 16Sep
Henry UREN - 24Sep
Francis Paynter son of John SICKLER - 17Jan
Philip son of John and Eliz. HAMMEL - 08Feb

Elizabeth daughter of Mr Tobias LANYON - 01Apr
Eleanor CALENSO, widow 12Apr
Thomas KING - 17Apr
John WILLIAMS - 19Apr
John CLEMENTS - 19Apr
Anne wife of John HETHIER - 27Apr
John PENHALE - 28Apr
William MITCHEL - 01May
William EVA - 15May
Anne daughter of John ANGOVE - 25May
Eliz. daughter of Nicholas JAMES - 19Jun
David BOGERS - 23Jun
Thomas son of William EVA - 28Jun
Alice daughter of William EVA - 04Jul
Jane wife of John SHUGG - 11Jun
Thomas son of Thomas and Mary BRAY - 19Jul
Mary daughter of Paul and Dorothy MITCHEL - 16Aug
Edward BLEWET - 03Sep
William son of Xtopher INGRAM - 12Oct
Catharine TREGONNING, widow - 18Oct
Mary KNEEBONE - 03Nov
Philip WILLIAMS - 06Dec
Thomas son of Tho. HUTHNANCE - 22Dec
Grace ADAMS, widow - 05Jan
Jane wife of Robert ORSITER - 15Jan
Loveday WILLIAMS, widow - 09Feb
Theodore JONES - 01Mar
William son of Henry SCADDAN - 03Mar
James POTTER - 20Mar

Mary ROBERTS, widow of Gwennap - 28Mar
Dorothy daughter of Paul MITCHEL - 31Mar
John TREGURTHA - 28Apr
John CLEMENTS - 14May
William BECKERLECK - 17May
Mary daughter of Samuel SHUGG - 18May
Richard JEFFERY - 18May
Eliz. ADAMS, widow - 27May
John son of John KING - 28May
Margaret wife of John PENHALE - 28May
John PHILIP - 30May
James THOMAS - 30May
John CALENSO - 10Jun
Richard son of Richard JONES - 11Jun
Alice daughter of Wm. EVA - 26Jun
Mary daughter of Margaret VIVYAN - 27Jun
Theodore son of John JONES - 11Jul
Margaret wife of Ralph MITCHEL - 13Jul
Abraham JENKYN - 17Jul
John WALTERS - 17Jul
Peter HAMEL - 29Jul
Joan daughter of Maddeon PRISK - 07Aug
Charles son of Charles BECKERLECK - 21Sep
Nicholas PEARCE - 24Aug
William NOBLE - 31Aug
Jane PHILIP, widow - 03Oct
Tobias INGRAM - 09Oct
Jane wife of William CHAMPION - 24Oct
William SHEPPARD of Redruth - 28Oct
John JONES - 11Dec
Elizabeth WILLIAMS, widow - 12Dec
Charles son of William OATES - 05Mar

Thomas WHEARE - 22Sep
Mary wife of Hugh MURLY - 09Oct
Richard CLEMENTS - 16Dec
John JUAN - 16Jan
Elizabeth wife of Tho. WILLIAMS - 29Jan
Hannah wife of Philip CARTER - 21Feb
Thomas SANDERS - 01Mar

Richard WILLIAMS - 26Apr
Jane dau of John SHUGG - 06May
John BARKER - 11Jun
Anne wife of Stephen PEARCE - 16Jun
Dorothy wife of John RICHARDS - 24Jun
Tho. son of Wm. BARKER - 18Aug
Vernon JONES - 14Jul
James son of Wm. CLEMENTS - 09Aug
William son of Nicholas JAMES - 30Dec
Christopher WERREN - 20Feb

Xeniobia wife of Wm. BARKER - 28Mar
Eliz. dau of Richard & Mary OATES - 09Apr
John THOMAS - 05May
John son of Gabriel MITCHEL - 11May
John son of William UREN - 29May
Mary wife of Thomas EVA - 02Jun
Mary KNEEBONE - 05Jun
James son of Mary HARRIS - 09Jun
Mary dau of William FLOYD - 01Sep
John PHILP - 08Nov
Elizabeth wife of Tho. BLEWET - 15Nov

Daniel HANNS - 04Feb
Ralph son of Ralph PEARCE - 27Feb
William son of Wm. REYNOLDS - 26Mar
Ralph MITCHEL - 18Apr
Benjamin son of John PEARCE - 04May
Edward PEARCE - 27May
William SICKLER - 30Jun
Mary dau of James RUSSEL - 13Jul
Anne dau of Eleanor THOMAS - 22Jul
Rachel dau of William BRANCH - 23Sep
John son of Ralph PEARCE - 14Nov
Salome SANDO - 01Dec
Anne RICHARDS - 12Dec
Ralph PEARCE - 27Dec

William son of William GILBERT - 20Jan
John FLOYD - 24Jan
Margaret wife of Wm. CLEMENTS - 16Feb
Christopher PRIOR - 29Mar
Rebekah EVA, widow- 15Apr
Stephen son of Stephen BENNATS - 20Apr
[blank] son of Paul PRISK - 25Jun
William son of Nicholas HARVEY - 26Jul
Dorothy dau of John CLEMENTS - 24Jul
Mary dau of Joseph RIPPER - 12Aug
John HARRIS - 28Sep
Edward son of John & Mary PEARCE - 08Oct
John WILLIAMS - 21Dec

John PENHALE - 15Mar
Mary HETHIER - 11Apr
Christopher HENDRA - 03May
William JONY - 04May
Richard OATES - 23May
John PHILIPS - 24May
Elizabeth dau of Richard PEARCE - 24Jun
James COCK - 03Jul
James son of Scipio WILLIAMS - 15Jul
Benjamin son of Benjamin HOCKEN - 31Jul
William son of Nicholas JAMES - 11Aug
Scipio TOCKER - 16Aug
Blanch dau of William TOCKER - 28Oct

John THOMAS - 24Feb
Margery dau of William CALENSO - 06Mar
Richard PEARCE - 01Apr
Mary dau of Thomas BRAY - 05Apr
Grace dau of Philip FLOYD - 28May
Jane dau of John KING - 08May
Mary wife of Humphry PENHALE - 05Jun
John THOMAS - 18Jun
Thomas LOVE - 30Jun
Elizabeth dau of William THOMAS - 24Jul
Vernon son of Richard JONES - 30Aug
Alice wife of William OATES - 30Aug
Peter SHUGG - 09Sep
Elizabeth dau of Ralph MITCHEL - 14Sep
Mary dau of Francis THOMAS - 11Oct
William son of Richard SICKLER - 12Oct
Jane dau of Richard SICKLER - 13Oct
Blanch dau of Philip CORYN - 22Oct
Humphry son of Humphry WOOLCOCK - 01Nov
Peter son of Charles OATIE - 02Nov
Nicholas son of Nicholas HARVEY - 04Dec

Mary dau of Thomas SCANLIN - 27Jan
James son of James KNEEBONE - 31Jan
Jane OLD, widow - 05Jan
Catharine SANDERS - 21Feb
Thomas PENDARVIS - 18Mar
Mary wife of William BLEWET - 19Mar
Sarah wife of Newman BRIGHT - 22Apr
Thomas BRAY - 21May
Mary dau of Richard SICKLER - 26May
Eleanor wife of John CORYN - 17Jun
William son of William EVA - 28Jul
Robert son of John CARNE - 02Oct
Mary KNEEBONE - 22Oct

Salome wife of Joseph RIPPER - 11Jan
Richard PENHALE - 20Jan
John WILLIAMS - 10Feb
Richard GOBLE - 14Feb
Margery wife of William BRANCH - 06Apr
John CALENSO - 17Apr
Jane THOMAS, widow - 18Apr
John HETHIER - 09May
Thomas BLEWET - 05Jun
William son of William UREN - 28Aug
William STICKLAND - 07Sep
Thomas BARKER - 09Oct
Jane wife of Thomas MITCHEL - 25Nov

John PEARCE - 21Feb
Emlyn CORYN - 15Mar
William PEARCE - 27Mar
Dorcas wife of Francis ADAMS - 08Aug
William son of William HETHIER - 28May
Jane wife of Thomas CLATKO - 08Sep
Bennet HAMMIL - 27Sep
William BLEWET - 02Nov
Catharine GARTREL - 20Nov
Mary wife of Wm. ADAMS - 22Nov
James MITCHELL - 28Nov

Jane wife of Christopher RICHARDS - 14Feb
William ADAMS - 14Mar
William MAYNE of Mawgan - 15Mar
Richard PENTECOST - 21Mar
Thomas MITCHEL - 31Mar
William BARKER - 30Apr
Blanch dau of William TOCKER - 01May
William TOCKER of Sithney - 02Jun
Anne dau of William BLAKE - 26Jul
Thomas WILLIAMS - 28Aug
Anne MITCHELL, widow - 01Oct

Mary wife of John GARTREL - 05Jan
Jennifer BRAY, widow - 05Jan
Mary THOMAS, widow - 21Feb
Margery wife of Robert ORSITER - 30Mar
George BRYANT - 05Apr
Thomas TEAGUE - 05Apr
Thomas SHUGG - 07May
Idnah wife of Richard MITCHEL of Crowan - 19May
Richard PENHALE - 30Jun
James son of William CLARKE - 14Jul
William BRANCH - 05Sep
Zaccheus son of John FLOYD - 14Sep
Elizabeth dau of Elizabeth UREN - 22Sep
Elizabeth dau of Ben. HOCKIN - 08Oct
Mary wife of Francis LOVE - 12Nov
Thomas son of Thomas BLEWET - 22Nov
Elizabeth dau of Richard UREN - 24Nov
William ADAMS - 15Dec
Jane dau of John ROSEWARNE - 15Dec

Jane dau of William ROSEWARNE - 03Jan
John KING - 05Jan
Scipio son of William TOCKER - 11Feb
William CLEMENCE - 09Mar
Elizabeth wife of Reginald BOSANKO - 23Mar
Francis ADAMS - 06Apr
William MATTHEWS - 22Apr
Peter son of Peter & Patience FLOYD - 24Apr
Mary wife of William UREN - 25May
James son of George & Philippa THOMAS - 09Jun
Reginald son of John & Honour KING - 23Jun
James ROGERS - 13Jul
Margaret wife of Richard THOMAS - 15Jul
James son of William & Jane CLEMENCE - 27Jul
William son of Nicholas & Elizabeth JAMES - 19Aug
Elizabeth dau of Colan & Elizabeth WILLIAMS - 19Aug
The Reverend Mr Thomas PASCOE - 26Aug
James son of John & Mary WILLIAMS - 12Oct
Phillis dau of Thomas & Ann SCANLYN - 09Nov
Tobias son of Paul MITCHELL - 06Dec
Elizabeth dau of James MITCHELL - 06Dec
Catharine BARKER, widow - 21Dec
Anne ROSEWARNE - 30Dec

Temperance dau of John HAMEL - 10Jan
William son of John HARVEY - 04Feb
Mary dau of George JOHN - 18Feb
Barbara WILLIAMS, widow - 25Feb
Mary VINCENT, widow - 08Mar
Margaret dau of Jo. PEARCE - 12Mar
Thos. CLARKE - 17Mar
John REYNOLDS - 30Mar
Agness BRANCH - 08Apr
Catherine MATTHEWS - 17Apr
Tobias LANYON - 09May
Francis HOCKIN - 11May
Rebecca HOSKIN - 27May
Honour THOMAS - 12Jun
Colan WILLIAMS - 15Jul
William JENNINGS - 03Sep
John HOOPER - 18Sep MICHELL - 21Sep
William STICKLAND - 04Oct
Marjory COLENSO - 13Nov
William WILLIAMS - 18Nov
Henry MATTHEWS - 18Dec
Mary CLEMENCE - 24Dec

Mary MICHELL - 05Jan
Honour OATIE - 06Jan
Jane PEARCE - 15Jan BULLOCK - 26Jan
Geo. THOMAS - 18Jan
Edward FLOYD - 08Apr
Henry son of Henry PASCOE - 11Jun
Wm. UREN - 18Jun
Eliz. dau of Will. HAMEL - 19Jun
Tobias HEATHYER - 27Jun (Wm. SAVERY, Vicar)
Joseph CARNE - 14Aug
Wm. son of Alexander STEVENS - 27Sep
Richard FLOYD - 24Oct
Jane dau of Christopher RICHARDS - 25Oct
Grace CLARK - 23Dec

Phillipa dau of William ROSEWARNE - 07Jan
George & Samuel CLARKE - 10Feb
Thomas son of Thomas & Mary PHILLIPS - 11Feb
Grace PEARCE - 19Feb
John MARTYN - 12Apr
Robert UREN - 14Apr
William son of John KING - 14Apr
Mary OLIVY - 01May
Mary TREDREA of Cowan - 05May
Thomas THOMAS, Jun - 17May
Anne dau of William WILLIAMS - 19May
Mary PEARCE - 09Jul
Mary THOMAS - 27Jul
Paul CLARK - 28Jul
Margaret PEARCE - 15Aug
James CLARK - 16Aug
Dorothy MICHELL - 25Aug
Mary MICHELL - 11Sep
Mary PHILP - 03Oct
Alice EVA - 05Oct
Mary BARKER - 06Oct
James JENKIN - 24Oct
James HAMEL - 06Nov
Jane GUNDRY - 06Nov
Margaret JEFFERY - 23Nov
Thomas BLEWET - 20Dec
John COREN - 23Dec

Elizabeth ROGERS - 03Feb
Jane PENHALL - 09Feb
Mary wife of Wm. FLOYD - 18May
William REYNOLDS - 19Jun
Willm. PEARCE - 22Apr
Amey HOSKEN - 28Apr
Mary FLOYD of Crowan, wife of Wm. - 18May
Wm. REYNALDS - 19Jun
Richard UREN - 18Aug
Mary wife of Phillip CHONEN - 26Sep
Cath.rn. wife of Martyn NICKLIS - 07Nov
Gilbert son of Jelbert TREMELLING - 12Nov
Henry son of Wm. & Mary TOOKER - 23Nov
Roger HENDRA - 26Dec

Margery ROSEWARN - 08Jan
Mary EUSTIS - 12Jan
Wm. PASCOE - 19Jan
Wm. BLAKE - 19Jan
Margaret JOAN - 21Jan
Joan MURLEY of Phillack - 28Jan
Margaret FLOYD - 09Feb
Ralph MICHELL - 15Feb
Francis VINCENT - 22Feb
Scipio WILLIAMS - 08Mar
Edward PHILLIPS - 09Mar
Mary FLOYD - 15Mar
Elizabeth BULLOCK - 05Apr
Joan PEARCE - 08Apr
Jane dau of Henry SCADDEN - 16Jun
Wm. TONKEN - 09Jul
Anne PRYER - 16Aug
Jacob JENKIN - 05Oct
Jane dau of Hannah PEARCE - 20Oct
Jn. HAMMEL, Jun - 04Nov
Daniel TONKEN, Jun - 20Dec
Jn. MICHELL - 24Dec
Jane TONKEN - 25Dec

Henry GUNDRY - 04Feb
Alice PENDARVIS - 15Feb
Grace SPUR - 25Feb BRANCH - 28Feb
Margaret CARN - 08Mar
Honour OATTE - 17Mar
Joseph GILBERT - 19Mar
Wm. THOMAS, gent - 26Mar
Richard MICHELL - 29Apr
Wm. son of Joseph ROGERS - 22May
Temperance MICHELL - 24May
Humphry WOOLCOCK - 06Jun
Mr. Hugh LANYON - 08Jun
Mrs. Mary ROGERS - 01Jul
Margaret base child of John GUNDRY - 01Jul
Phillip JEWELL, Jun - 09Aug
Grace MORGAN - 13Aug
Francis son of John HARVEY - 15Aug
Prudence BRIAND - 18Sep
John GARTER of Phillack - 03Dec
Joanna MICHELL - 25Dec

James POTTER, Jun of St Earth - 03Jan
Wm. BLEWET - 16Jan
Lovedy EDNEY - 27Jan
Thomas FLOYD - 01Feb
John FLOYD, Jun - 14Feb
Joan WHEARE - 16Mar
Charles OATTE - 18Mar
Gilbert TREMELING - 10Apr
Henry WHEAR - 10May
Thomas THOMAS - 21May
Henry JENKEN - 19Aug
Jane SCADDEN - 21Aug

Mary ANGOVE - 13Jan
Wm. THOMAS - 14jan
Mary HOCKEN - 20Jan
Wm. WILLIAMS - 06Feb
Catharine PHILLIPS - 08Feb
Elizabeth WHEAR - 08Feb
Sidwell MICHELL - 02Mar
Elizabeth JEWELL - 14Apr
John SHUGG - 22Apr
William ROSEWARNE - 16May
Henry son of Henry PHILIPS - 12Jun
Sarah dau of William JEWELL - 14Aug
Marlin SHUGG - 16Sep
Richard UREN - 27Sep
Mary wife of Francis SANDOE - 07Oct
James son of William CLEMENCE - 11Oct
Hanna dau of William CLEMENCE - 23Oct
Henry SCADDAN - 30Nov
Mary CLEMENCE of Phillack - 30Nov

Henry ROGERS - 17Feb
John JOAN - 18Feb
Ann dau of John & Mary JENNINGS - 21Feb
Mary dau of John & Patience DOBLE - 22Feb
James THOMAS - 09Apr
Susannah wife of Wm. MITCHELL, Jun - 21Apr
William son of John & Mary STEVENS - 03May
Honour dau of Edward & Sarah MITCHELL - 05Jun
Dorothy dau of Paul (Jun) & Dorothy MICHELL - 09Jun
Honour wife of Newman BRIGHT - 18Jun
Wm. son of James & Alice MICHELL - 26Jun
David ROGERS - 09Jul
Francis LOVE - 12Jul
James son of Edward & Ann HAMPTON - 06Sep
Roger COUCH - 09Sep
Thomas SCANNIL - 02Nov
Mary dau of James & Mary HAMEL - 04Nov
William son of James & Mary HAMEL - 18Nov
Thos. son of Philip, Jun & Mary FLOYD - 29Nov
Dorothy wife of Paul MITCHELL, Jun - 20Dec

John BRANCH - 25Jan
Mr. Ralph MICHELL - 31Jan
Loveday wife of William JONES - 15Feb
Thomas son of Thomas HUTHNANCE of Phillack - 27Mar
Jane JENNINGS, widow - 17Apr
Christopher RICHARDS of St Hillary - 01May
Honour dau of Rich'd WILLIAMS of Crowan - 09Jun
Mary wife of William DOBLE - 20Jun
Henry son of John MICHELL - 20Jun
Grace SANDERS, widow - 17Jul
Jane PENHALE, the younger - 20Jul
John son of Thomasine EVA - 23Jul
James son of John NOBLE - 09Aug
Mary dau of John STICKLAND - 08Sep
John RICHARDS - 01Oct
Joan THOMAS - 18Oct
Thomas MICHELL of Crowan - 22Nov
Martha dau of Francis THOMAS - 02Dec
Catherine FLOYD - 11Dec
Jane PENHALE, widow - 26Dec

Joanna dau of William CLEMENCE - 08Jan
John son of Isaac JENKIN - 11Jan
William son of Elizabeth PEARCE, widow - 05Mar
Elizabeth dau of William OATS - 22Mar
William PEARCE - 15Apr
Mr. John HUTHNANCE - 05May
John son of George EUSTICE - 20May
Elizabeth dau of James THOMAS - 02Jun
Nicholas MEDLIN - 18Jul
William son of Ann GWIN - 20Jul
Tobias son of Jane PENHALE, widow - 29Jul
Thomas WILLIAMS of St Erth - 20Sep
James son of Richard WILLIAMS of Crowan - 11Oct
Frances dau of Henry SCADDEN - 13Oct
John JONES - 18Oct
Dionysia WILLIAMS - 25Oct
William son of Henry SCADDEN - 20Nov
Margery CLEMENTS, widow - 24Nov
Alice WATERS, widow - 22Dec
George THOMAS - 30Dec

James BARKEL - 06Jan
Richard JONES - 28Feb
Thomasine EVA, widow - 05Mar
Richard son of William JONES - 27Mar
James son of William CLEMENCE - 16Apr
Humphry WOOLCOCK - 17Apr
John son of John HOOPER - 20Apr
Jenifer MATTHEWS, widow - 30Apr
Ann wife of Edward WATTS - 04May
John STICKLAND - 23May
[blank, faded?]JENKIN, widow - 23May
Elizabeth WOOLCOCK, widow - 31May
Elizabeth TREMELLING, widow - 31May
Mary wife of John TREMELLING - 07Aug
Philip son of William TOCKER - 01Sep
Francis JENKIN - 25Sep
Henry son of John HOOPER - 27Sep
Mary STICKLAND, widow - 01Nov
Ann dau of John (Clerk Vicar) & Philippa BENNET - 18Dec

Richard BARKER - 16Jan
Thomas THOMAS - 22Jan
John BARKER - 29Jan
John son of Mary WILLIAMS, Widow - 07Feb
Mary dau of John & Mary JENNINGS - 08Feb
Mary wife of Marmaduke JEWEL - 12Feb
Samuel MICHELL - 09Mar
Robert ORSITER - 20Mar
William son of James & Eleanor GILBARD - 21Mar
Priscilla dau of Henry & Jane SCADDAN - 22Mar
Richard son of John HOOPER - 25Mar
Will'm. son of Jane UREN, by John THOMAS - 31Mar
Honour HEATHIER, Widow - 11Apr
Ralph son of Paul & Dorothy MICHELL - 22Apr
Ann dau of Philip & Ann JEWEL - 26Apr
Charles TONKIN - 28Apr
Philip son of Philip & Ann JEWEL - 03May
Elizabeth dau of Marmaduke JEWEL - 04May
George EUSTICE - 12May
Joan wife of John CARPENTER - 24May
Bridget dau of Elizabeth BRYAND, Widow - 31May
John CARPENTER - 31May
William son of William & Ann HAMEL - 12Jun
John son of Charles & Mary HARVEY - 17Jun
Joan dau of Richard & Joan BRANCH - 19Jun
Henry PHILIPS - 13Jul
John son of John & Mary MICHELL - 13Jul
Eleanor dau of Joseph & Mary ROGERS - 24Jul
Mary NOBLE, Widow - 15Oct
Dorcas dau of John & Elizabeth JULIP - 20Oct
Charles VINCENT - 03Nov
Mary dau of Martin NICHOLAS - 20Nov
Catherine dau of Martin NICHOLAS - 04Dec
Alice wife of Seperan KNEEBONE - 09Dec
William son of Joseph ROGERS - 22Dec

Jane dau of Henry & Jane KNEEBONE - 24Jan
Richard PHILIPS - 06Feb
Grace dau of Richard WILLIAMS - 06Feb
Elizabeth dau of John SPUR - 08Feb
Eulalia ORSITER, widow - 24Feb
Philip FLOYD Jun'r & Grace his wife - 13Mar
Colan WILLIAMS - 05Apr
Elizabeth dau of Wm. & Eleanor THOMAS - 18Apr
Robert STICKLAND - 25Apr
Mary wife of Thos. BRAY, the Elder - 02May
Isaac JENKIN - 23May
Elizabeth dau of Wm. & Eliz'th HAMEL - 26May
Petronel dau of John & Elizabeth RESUGGAN - 02Jun
Mary dau of Marmaduke JEWEL - 18Jun
Ann dau of John & Margery WARD - 28Jun
Philip KING son of Philip KING of Gwinear, by Joanna DARK of Madron - 28Jun
Mary dau of Richard & Mary JONES - 02Jul
Eleanor PHILIPS, Widow - 21Jul
William MICHELL - 27Aug
Catherine dau of Ann HENDRA, Widow - 28Aug
Thomas BLEWETT - 29Sep
John THOMAS - 07Oct
Henry son of Henry HENDRA - 09Dec
Henry POLGLASS - 10Dec
Joan PASCOE, Widow - 15Dec
John HOOPER - 18Dec
James son of William & Ann BARKELL - 22Dec

Roger THOMAS - 03Jan
Tobias son of Peter FLOYD - 07Jan
Elizabeth dau of James HAMMILL - 23Jan
Jane dau of John & Joan BOURGAN - 27Jan
Matthew JOLE - 08Feb
John son of Edward HAMPTON - 23Feb
Jennifer dau of James MICHELL - 07Mar
Margaret BLEWETT, Widow - 08Mar
Catherine dau of John PENHALE - 10Mar
Elizabeth MICHELL - 30Mar
Mary wife of Edward ANGOVE, the elder - 07Apr
John son of Richard WILLIAMS - 28May
Thomas REYNOLDS - 23Jun
Mary MEDLIN, Widow - 25Jun
Ann CLEMENCE, Widow - 05Jul
Catherine dau of John PENHALE - 15Jul
Thomas son of Henry HENDRA - 03Aug
Tobias son of William OATS - 16Oct
Elizabeth dau of Morgan MORGAN - 01Nov
Mary wife of William BRANCH - 06Nov
Joan dau of Peter HAMMILL - 14Nov
Benjamin son of John PEARCE - 01Dec
Frances MARTIN, Widow - 05Dec
Philippa wife of George PAUL - 10Dec
Peter FLOYD - 13Dec
Mary dau of George UREN - 25Dec
Alexander BRANCH - 31Dec

John son of John STEVENS - 06Jan
Mary wife of Thomas FLOYD - 20Jan
Mary dau of John STEVENS - 24Jan
Grace dau of James ELLIS - 14Feb
Mary dau of William MURLEY - 05Mar
James son of Henry STEVENS - 16Mar
Edward son of John JENNINGS - 18Mar
Tryphena dau of John NOBLE - 26Mar
Colan son of Richard WILLIAMS - 29Mar
Mary dau of Arthur & Elizabeth MURLEY - 03Apr
William son of William & Mary WHEARE - 08Apr
Henry KNEEBONE - 23Apr
Philip CHOREN, 55yo - 25Apr
Richard DOBLE, 31yo - 29Apr
Elizabeth REYNOLDS, widow - 01May
Joan dau of Henry & Mary VIVIAN, Infant - 02May
John BRIAN, 59yo - 17May
Sarah THOMAS, widow - 01Jun
Christopher INGRAM, the elder, 65yo - 18Jul
John son of John & Elizabeth FLOYD, Infant - 18Oct
Henry, base child of Elizabeth PASCOE by John CORNELIUS, Infant - 02Nov
James WILLIAMS, 22yo - 11Dec

Christopher HENDRA, the elder - 08Jan
John HAMMILL - 10Jan
Margaret PEARCE, widow, 77yo - 06Feb
Edward BRANCH, 31yo - 15Feb
Honour EUSTIS, 17yo - 17Feb
William son of Marmaduke & Mary JEWEL, Infant - 17Feb
William DOBLE, 80yo - 22Feb
Mary POTTER, 18yo - 31Mar
Marmaduke JEWEL, 29yo - 04Apr
Elizabeth HODGE, widow - 06Apr
Philip FLOYD, 83yo - 19Apr
Charity BUCKINGHAM - 03May
Peter BRIAN - 20May
Catherine wife of William WOOLCOCK, 44yo - 20May
Catherine HOOPER, widow - 22May
Elizabeth wife of Thos. HUTHNANCE of Phillack, 64yo - 25Jun
John WOOLCOCK, 54yo - 27Jun
Thomas son of Philip & Ann WILLIAMS, Accident Drowned, 18mths old - 09Aug
John CARPENTER, 33yo - 08Sep
John PEARCE, 63yo - 13Sep
James MICHELL, Jun'r - 10Oct
Charity PHILIPS, widow - 11Oct
Elizabeth PEARCE, widow, 54yo - 13Nov
Mary wife of Peter OATTIE, 44yo - 16Nov
Margery wife of John WARD, 38yo - 23Nov
Mary wife of John WILLIAMS, 53yo - 07Dec
Clarinda wife of Thos. SHUGG the elder, 76yo - 26Dec

Thomas son of John WARD, Infant - 14Jan
Grace dau of James & Elizabeth WOOLCOCK, Infant - 17Jan
Mary MICHELL, widow - 23Feb
John PEARCE - 27Feb
Elizabeth dau of Eliz'th BRANCH, widow - 05Mar
Elizabeth WILLIAMS, widow, 72yo - 07Mar
Grace dau of John & Grace MICHELL, Infant - 29Mar
Henry son of John & Grace MICHELL, 2qtr yo - 11Apr
Elizabeth BRANCH, 34yo - 15Apr
Catherine dau of Eliz'th WILLIAMS, widow, 6yo - 23Apr
Thomas son of Edward & Ann HAMPTON, 4half yo - 29Apr
John STEVENS, 42yo - 02Jun
John MICHELL - 02Jun
Matthew FLOYD, 50yo - 22Jun
Henry HENDRA, 72yo - 03Jul
Michael HARVEY, 27yo - 13Jul
Henry son of William & Mary WHEARE, 4qtr yo - 27Jul
Hannah dau of Mary MICHELL, widow, 2yo - 29Jul
William son of George & Eliz'th JENNINGS - 02Aug
Elizabeth dau of Francis & Mary THOMAS - 24Aug
Jane dau of Edward MICHELL - 10Sep
John POLGLASS - 10Dec
Richard son of Richard & Elizabeth INGRAM - 11Dec

Christopher son of Henry & Mary HENDRA - 30Jan
Simon UREN - 31Jan
James THOMAS - 07Feb
Philip CHOREN - 12Feb
Elizabeth CHOREN, widow of Philip - 14Feb
Jane UREN - 20Feb
Dorcas dau of John & Elizabeth JULIP - 05Mar
John JOHNS - 18Mar
William MICHELL - 30Mar
Ann PHILIPS, widow - 30Mar
Mary wife of James KNEEBONE - 02Apr
Elizabeth wife of Roger WILLIAMS - 04Apr
John son of Jacob KNEEBONE - 19Apr
William UREN - 23Apr
Richard PEARCE - 04May
Samuel son of Alice EUSTICE by John WARD - 13Sep
Martha dau of George & Catherine PERKIN - 19Sep
William son of Jane RASLEY of Helston by Wm. WOOD of Truro - 01Oct
Mary dau of Elizabeth FLOYD, widow - 17Oct
Thomas FLOYD - 22Oct
John son of John & Joan JONES - 25Nov
Constance wife of John MATTHEWS of Penzance - 27Nov
Mary dau of George & Catherine KNEEBONE - 10Dec
William son of Elizabeth HAMMILL, widow - 18Dec

Jane dau of John & Margery PENHALE - 12Jan
Rebecca wife of Philip WILLIAMS - 14Jan
Honour HOCKING of Cambourne, widow - 24Jan
Mary dau of Richard & Joan BRANCH - 25Jan
William son of John & Patience DOBLE - 09Feb
Mary wife of George JOHNS - 28Feb
George son of William & Margaret BRANCH - 01Mar
William EVA, Parish Clerk - 05Mar
Ursula wife of Thomas MICHELL - 07Mar
John son of Mary MICHELL, widow - 16Mar
William, Thomas & Jane, sons & dau of Thos. & Mary PHILIPS - 23Mar
William son of William & Eleanor THOMAS - 02Apr
Sithey ANNEAR, widow - 22Apr
William son of Richard & Dorothy ROSEWARNE - 26Apr
Philip son of Philip & Mary FLOYD - 28Apr
Jane dau of Jane HOOPER, widow - 28Apr
Sarah CLOAK, widow - 28Apr
Alice UREN, widow - 01May
Christian dau of Christopher & Christian RICHARDS - 16May
William son of Martin & Catherine NICHOLAS - 17May
Tobias son of Edward & Ann HAMPTON - 28May
William son of Philip & Ann WILLIAMS - 04Jun
Elizabeth dau of William & Amy MICHELL - 07Jun
Richard DOIDGE - 06Jul
Elizabeth dau of William & Ann JAMES - 06Jul
Catherine dau of John & Ann NOBLE - 20Jul
Philippa wife of John ROSEWARNE - 09Aug
Richard WILLIAMS - 08Oct
Richard son of John & Ann HAMBLY - 11Nov
Mary wife of James THOMAS - 23Nov
Richard Pearce son of Willm. jun'r & Joanna TOCKER - 05Dec
John son of Ann SCANNIL, widow - 22Dec

Edmund Uren & William sons of Mary RICHARDS by Edmund UREN - 21Jan
James MICHELL (Lust) - 06Feb
Richard THOMAS (Dogma) - 27Feb
James WOOLCOCK - 07May
William BRANCH - 11Jun
Margery THOMAS - 24Jun
Alexander STEVENS - 26Jun
Richard BARKER - 27Jun
John EUSTICE - 28Jun
Edward MICHELL (Boman) - 30Jun
George son of John GLASSON of Camborne by Ann OSBORNE - 08Jul
Mary wife of Wm. UREN (Calisnah) - 09Jul
Thomasine MICHELL, widow - 15Sep
Francis SANDOE - 10Oct
Tiberias MICHELL, widow - 16Oct
Jane wife of William CLEMENTS - 22Nov

Christopher son of John & Jane HENDRA - 17Jan
Charity WOOLCOCK - 28Jan
Tobias INGRAM - 22Feb
James MICHELL (Tiger) - 01Mar
Thomas MICHELL (Pope) - 06Mar
William son of Richard & Dorothy ROSEWARNE - 21Mar
Richard Pearce son of William & Joannah TOCKER - 28Mar
Richard ANNEAR of Crowan - 08Apr
John son of William CLEMENTS of Camborne - 17Apr
Richard JOAN - 03May
Ann HENDRA, widow - 07May
Bridget STICKLAND of Phillack, spinster - 20May
Ann dau of Elizabeth BARKER, widow - 10Sep
John JONES (Justice) - 24Sep
Richard FLOYD - 01Oct
John son of John & Joannah HARVEY - 21Oct
William son of John & Catherine FLOYD - 14Dec
John MICHELL (Buffcoat) - 17Dec
Amy wife of Wm. MICHELL (Buffcoat) - 24Dec

James TONKIN - 16Jan
Mary TONKIN - 19Jan
Alice LOVE, widow of Newlyn by West - 21Jan
Jane TONKIN, widow - 25Jan
Mary OATIE - 04Feb
John WOOLCOCK of Crowan - 05Mar
Dinah TONKIN - 19Mar
Ann dau of William & Ann BARTLE - 16Apr
Mary FLOYD, widow - 22Apr
William UREN (Ian) - 05May
Elizabeth dau of John & Ann NOBLE - 04Jun
Henry son of William & Philippa MURLEY - 19Jun
Elizabeth wife of John HARVEY - 30Jun
James son of William & Rebecca WILLIAMS - 01Jul
Thomas THOMAS - 04Oct
Philip FLOYD - 19Nov
Morgan MORGAN - 30Nov

The Rev'd John BENNET, Vicar of This Parish - 17Feb
Jane HARRIS - 03Mar
Henry SACKLER - 13Mar
Bridget GRAY, pauper - 15Mar
Thomas SHUGG - 03Apr
Philip WILLIAMS, pauper - 12Apr
Thomas MICHELL (Bufcoat) - 15May
Elizabeth PASCOE (Pendarvis) - 30May
John GILBERT - 09Jun
Florence WHEARE - 22Jun
Francis THOMAS - 24Jun
Jane MICHELL - 25Jun
Grace PEARCE - 27Jun
Eliza CORIN - 05Aug
Susannah dau of John & Eliza FAULL - 28Aug
Mary THOMAS - 05Sep
Mathew son of James FLOYD - 07Sep
Eleanor STEVENS - 11Sep
Mary TOCKER - 06Oct
John son of John THOMAS - 30Oct
Will'm. OATS - 30Oct
Philip ANDRAWARTHA - 06Nov
Mary SHUGG - 09Nov
Mary dau of James FLOYD - 29Nov
Elizabeth dau of Will'm. & Ann JONES - 08Dec
Mary dau of Thos. & Mary MICHELL - 09Dec
Paul MICHELL - 10Dec

Elizabeth dau of Nicholas RICHARDS - 28Jan
Colan son of Richard WILLIAMS - 09Feb
Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Elizabeth WILLIAMS - 14Feb
Elizabeth dau of Peter OATIE - 02Mar
Theodore JONES - 21Mar
Ann FORCE - 07Apr
Will'm TOCKER - 14Apr
Mary WILLIAMS (pauper) - 20Apr [word "WIGGS" written half way between surname and date]
John KING - 09May
John son of Rich'd JONES (pauper) - 02Jun
Elizabeth KNEEBONE (pauper) - 05Jun
John VIVIAN of the Parish of Phillack - 19Jun
John ARTHUR of the Parish of Phillack - 07Aug
Will'm HOSKEN - 05Sep
Eleanor TREGURTHA - 07Sep
John son of George & Catharine KNEEBONE (pauper) - 10Oct
Jane wife of Will'm CLARKE - 17Oct
James MICHELL - 27Oct
Francis HALE - 02Nov
William CLARKE - 17Nov
Christian RICHARDS - 01Dec
William CLARKE, jun'r - 10Dec

Anne dau of Bennet TRELOAR - 07Jan
Anne dau of Thomas & Sidwol MICHELL - 24Jan
George son of George MICHELL - 29Jan
William BULLOCK (pauper) - 26Feb
Richard WILLIAMS (pauper) - 27Feb
Martha SHUGG - 09Mar
Peter PEARCE - 13Mar
Alexander son of Robert STEPHENS - 19Mar
Mary dau of William CORIN - 19Apr
Grace THOMAS, brought from Camborne, 80yo - 19May
William son of Benjamin PASCOE, 2yo - 10Jun
Richard son of Charles OATIE - 13Jun
Arthur DOIDGE - 25Jun
Joseph SPURR - 09Jul
Samuel KING, 28yo - 16Aug
John ROSEWARNE - 20Aug
John son of Christopher RICHARDS - 20Sep
John PHILIPS - 28Oct
Mary MITCHELL alias TRUSWELL - 01Dec
Elizabeth dau of Edward & Elizabeth EDWARDS - 12Dec
Peter HAMILL, 59yo - 25Dec

Richard WILLIAMS - 16Jan
Jane HOOPER - 10Mar
Dinah INGRAM - 25Mar
George MICHELL, brought from Crowan, 49yo - 08Apr
Edward ANGOVE, 79yo - 11Apr
Bridget STICKLAND, 80yo - 17Apr
Elizabeth HENDRA, 90yo - 06May
Mary wife of John THOMAS, brought from Phillack 22yo - 08May
Humphry WOOLCOCK, brought from Camborne, 31yo - 31Jul
Mary dau of John & Mary JENNINGS - 07Aug
William son of John & Joanna HARVEY, brought from St Erth - 14Oct
James MICHELL - 29Oct
Thomas BARKER, pauper - 30Nov
Elizabeth SICKLAR - 22Dec

Roger WILLIAMS, Febic, 42yo - 12Feb
Sarah wife of William MICHELL, 60yo - 28Feb
Henry PASCOE, variolis, 6yo - 03Mar
Thomas NOBLE - 09Mar
Richard SHUGG, 33yo - 12Mar
John PENHALE, Inf - 13Mar
Dorothy BLEWETT, 90yo - 17Mar
Mary dau of John & Jane ANDREWARTHA, Febic, 16yo - 21Mar
William MICHELL, 25yo - 21Mar
Elizabeth WOOLCOCK, 60yo - 02Apr
William son of John & Anne HAMBLEY, 3yo - 14Apr
Mrs Anne HALE - 25Apr
Mary THOMAS - 06May
Hannah PEARCE - 07May
Henry CLARK - 24May
Mary DAVEY, Febre - 03Jun
William DAVEY, Febre - 03Jun
William BRANCH, Febre 3yo - 04Jun
Elizabeth REYNOLDS, pauper, Febre - 11Jun
Thomas son of Tho's KING, Febre, 3 1/2yo - 24Jun
William MARLEY jun'r, Taber Ph. Pulm., 19yo - 29Jun
John son of George & Cath. KNEEBONE, Febre, Inf - 03Jul
William JENKIN, brought from St Erth, 75yo - 06Jul
Elizabeth dau of Tho's KING, Febre, 8yo - 07Jul
Rachel BRANCH, Febre, 26yo - 18Jul
Alice EVA, widow, 77yo - 08Aug
Richard BRANCH, Febre - 09Aug
Philip son of Tho's KING, Febre, Inf - 06Sep
John HOCKIN, pauper, brought from St Erth. colic - 18Sep
Richard THOMAS - 22Sep
Hannah RULE - 26Sep
Mr William CORIN, 71yo - 12Oct
Dorothy JENKIN - 04Nov
Jenefer CARTER - 11Nov

William PERRY, Tabe Ph. Pulm., 24yo - 02Feb
John WILLIAMS, Killed in a Harland Mine - 14Feb
Humphry PENHALE - 11Apr
Francis HARVEY, Killed by accident - 17Apr
William CORIN of Trevaskis - 02May
John DOBLE - 24May
Anne dau of Francis & Elizabeth HALE - 03Jun
Edward PEARCE, Febre - 03Jun
James POTTER - 03Jul
Anne GILBERT - 23Jul
Mary & Grace dau's of Will'm THOMAS, Febre - 28Jul
John son of Wm. THOMAS, Febre - 31Jul
Eleanor dau of Wm. THOMAS, Febre - 01Aug
Thomas son of Wm. THOMAS, Febre - 13Aug
Thomas PHILIPS - 22Aug
Thomas HARVEY, a child - 23Aug
John son of Christ. HENDRA - 26Aug
Elizabeth BARKER, Febre - 30Aug
Priscilla JONES - 09Sep
William son of Wm. & Elizabeth MITCHELL - 09Sep
Mary dau of John HUTHNANCE - 04Oct
Matthew son of John HUTHNANCE - 12Oct
Samuel son of William JAMES - 29Oct
Thomas HARVEY - 09Nov
Catherine NOBLE - 07Dec
William MICHELL - 25Dec

John THOMAS - 07Jan
John BARKER - 12Jan
Thomasin THOMAS - 02Feb
Margaret TONKIN, brought from St Erth - 19Feb
Richard CLEMMENS - 22Feb
Margaret HAMMILL - 04Mar
Thomas SAUNDERS - 08Apr
Ann CORIN - 08Apr
Jenefer ROSWARNE - 13Apr
Mary CORIN - 17Apr
Richard ROSEWARNE - 19May
Mary PASCOE - 05Jun
Humphry PENHALE - 16Jun
Emline HOCKIN - 20Jun
Honor MICHELL - 23Jun
Maria REYNOLDS - 24Jun
William son of Wm. BRANCH - 01Jul
Rebecca dau of John HOCKIN - 08Jul
Samuel WHEARE, 23yo - 25Jul
Jenefer WHEARE, 54yo - 17Aug
Christopher son of Tho's HARVEY, 3yo - 21Aug
Anne dau of Tho's SCANDLING - 15Oct
Joseph son of John SPURR, 3yo - 05Nov
Elizabeth dau of Tho's WILLIAMS, 5yo - 10Nov
Thomas THOMAS, 78yo - 02Dec
James son of James MICHELL, 1yr 3mths, Variolis- 03Dec
William PEARCE, infant, Variolis - 19Dec
Edward FLOYD, killed at Helston in a Riot, 24yo - 22Dec
Mary dau of Benedict HOCKIN, 3yo, Variolis - 30Dec

Simon son of Simon UREN - 05Jan
Ann dau of George UREN - 07Jan
Charity PHILLIPS - 07Jan
Henry HENDRA, 45yo, Subito - 11Jan
Mrs Prudence LANYON, 80yo - 18Feb
Mrs Elizabeth KING - 22Feb
Mary dau of John CORNISH, 4mths - 22Mar
Mary MURLEY, 14yo - 07Mar
John son of John AFTER in ARTHUR - 29Mar
Ann dau of Richard MARTYN, Scalded by Milk - 22May
Jenny dau of Samuel JOHN, 19yo - 24May
Scipio KNEEBONE, Subito - 18Jun
Benedict PASCOE, 49yo, Febre - 27Jun
Mary ROGERS, 38yo, Tabe V P P - 07Jul
Scipio son of Philip HAMMILL - 20Aug
William POLGLASE, 23yo, Tabe - 16Jul
Martha dau of Tho's SHUGG, infant - 28Aug
Dorothy Rogers STICKLAND, infant - 29Sep
Mr Edward LANYON, 25yo, Tabe V P P - 04Nov
James HAMMILL, 20yo, Tabe V P P - 06Nov
John BATTEN, found dead on Conner Downs - 27Dec

Henry WHEARE - 18Jan
Elizabeth THOMAS alias DOBNA - 19Feb
Mary THOMAS - 21Feb
Ann CARTHEW - 28Feb
Elizabeth HAMMILL - 05Mar
Mary THOMAS, Trowell - 19Apr
James son of James THOMAS - 23Apr
William RAPSON, infant - 25Apr
Ann INGRAM - 26May
John WHEARE - 30May
William ANGOVE, 51yo, Tabe V P P - 13Jul
Catherine MATHA, infant - 18Jul
David Rogers STICKLAND, 24yo, Subito - 24Jul
Mary MICHELL, 69yo, brought from Phillack, Hydrope - 15Oct
Phillis HAMBLEY, 19&1/2yo - 24Oct
Benjamin son of John & Elizabeth ARTHUR - 04Nov
Elizabeth WOOLCOCK, 28yo, brought from Phillack, Partu - 23Nov
John son of Vernon JONES, 7yo, brought from Crowan - 24Nov
James TONKIN, 25yo - 04Dec
Mary WILLIAMS, infant - 04Dec
John BOSANKO - 04Dec
Elizabeth KING, 3yo - 30Dec
Ann UREN, 14mths - 31Dec

Richard ROSEWARN, 3wks - 09Jan
Mary THOMAS, 59yo - 30Jan
James HAMILL, 59yo - 09Mar
Elizabeth dau of Sam'l & Grace MICHELL - 30Mar
John HARVEY, 79yo - 01Apr
Mary ROGERS, 68yo, Febre - 14May
William GILBERT, 71yo -15May
George RODDA, infant, brought from Crowan - 16Jun
Mary THOMAS, 37yo - 17Jun
James BLIGHT, 3yo - 02Jul
Mary UREN, 61yo, brought from Redruth - 29Jul
William CLARKE, 2yo - 16Aug
Catharine CLARKE, 36yo, Hydrope - 26Sep
Thomas SCADDAN, 5yo, Variolis - 18Oct
Grace SCADDAN, 14mths, Variolis - 20Oct
Elizabeth TREDREA, 14yo, Capitis Hydrope - 31Oct
William Pearce HUTHNANCE, 2&1/2yo, Variolis - 08Nov
Dorothy ARTHUR, 3yo, Variolis - 17Nov
Christian dau of Tho's HAMPTON, 4yo, Variolis - 24Nov
Mary HENDRA, 6yo, Variolis - 17Dec

Mary STEPHENS, infant - 06Jan
Mary MICHELL - 11Jan
Mary TONKIN, infant - 28Jan
John ANGOVE, near 90yo - 31Jan
Mary HARVEY, 77yo - 10Feb
Phillippa THOMAS, 94yo - 11Feb
Jennifer OATIE, 7&1/2yo, Febre - 27Feb
Edward WATTS, 70yo, Febre - 30Mar
Ursula JONES, pauper, 78yo - 01Apr
Gabriel BLEWETT, 23yo, Subito - 07Apr
William SYMONS, infant - 07Apr
Thomas BLEWETT, infant - 11Apr
Anne OATIE, 14yo, Tebre - 23Apr
Benjamin son of John & Elizb. ARTHUR, infant - 15May
John FLOOD or FLOYD, 71yo - 11Jun
Elizabeth WOOLCOCK, 47yo - 13Jun
William TREDREA, Miller, 71yo, Teb. put - 30Jun
Richard WILLIAMS, 10mths, Morbo Gutturis - 05Jul
Thomas son of Will'm GREGOR, infant, Tussa - 11Jul
Sally dau of James TONKIN, infant, Tussa ferina - 16Jul
John BARTLE, 16yo, killed in Wh. Fancy Mine - 18Jul
Mr Thomas HUTHNANCE, 29yo - 29Jul
Mary HARVEY, 12yo, Mortiff - 18Aug
Christ'r BLEWETT, 56yo, fell in a Tin Pit 120 fathoms deep - 01Oct
Mary PHILLIPS, 57yo - 07Oct
James son of William NOBLE - 30Oct
Elizabeth FLOYD, 71yo, Subito - 05Nov
Mary dau of Thomas CARTER - 16Nov
Gilbert POLGLASE, 24yo - 29Nov
Phillis dau of John & Ann HAMBLY, infant - 30Nov
Elizabeth POLGLASE, 52yo, Febre - 06Dec
Ann EUSTACE, infant - 17Dec

William PEARCE, 65yo - 05Jan
John EUSTIS, infant - 11Jan
Peter son of Peter HAMILL - 16Feb
Matthew HEATHIER - 16Feb
Mary dau of John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, infant - 23Mar
Mrs Loveday CORIN, widow - 25Mar
Mary HAMILL, 2&1/2yo, brought from Camborne - 12Apr
Richard FLOYD, infant - 19Apr
John HUTHNANCE, brought from Ludgvan - 22Apr
John EUSTICE, 3yo - 01Jun
Christian RICHARDS - 11Aug
Christopher INGRAM, 26yo - 11Sep
Samuel MARTIN, Parish Clerk, 67yo - 21Sep
Francis VINCENT, 2&1/2yo - 23Sep
Thomas son of William HARVEY, 14mths - 03Oct
Mary MURLEY, 1yo - 09Oct
William HAMILL jun'r, 21yo, Tabe VPP - 12Oct
William JOHNS, 20yo, Impost - 14Oct
John PENHALE, 55yo - 22Oct
Tho's HUTHNANCE, 16yo - 30Oct
Mary HARVEY - 20Dec
Martha THOMAS, 82yo - 27Dec
James HARVEY - 30Dec

Christopher INGRAM, 56yo - 25Jan
Mary UREN - 02Mar
Thomas SCADDON - 07Mar
Jeptha TONKIN - 09Mar
William ARTHUR - 16Mar
John KEMP, infant - 07Apr
Rich'd son of Rich'd BRAY, infant - 21Apr
Jane PENHALE, 29yo - 09May
Will'm MICHELL alias TRUSWELL, 78yo - 31May
John CLARK, Fell into the Engine Shaft in the Manor Mine - 10Jun
John FLOYD alias FLOOD, 27yo - 15Jun
William OATS, 22yo, Tabe Vel Phth. Pulm. - 16Jul
Martin NICHOLAS, 70yo - 21Jul
Philip ORCHARD, 48yo, Killed in the Manor Mine - 21Sep
Thomas SOWDON, 63yo, Jaundice - 14Oct
Parnel JONES, 5yo, Poisoned by Mundie - 07Oct
John POLGLASE, 26&1/2yo - 27Oct
Ann NOBLE, 41yo, Parta - 09Nov
William SCADDAN, 17yo, Tabe Vel Phth. Pulm. - 24Dec
George JOHN, 72yo - 27Dec

Elizabeth Perkin AUSTIN, 10mths - 20Feb
Richard TOCKER, 35&1/2yo - 25Feb
William ROSEWARN, 6yo - 04Mar
Mary PASCOE, 59yo - 17Mar
John WHEARE, 61yo - 27Mar
Charles MEDLAND, 3yo - 20Apr
Anne LANDER, infant - 01May
Mary wife of Will'm POLGLASE - 08May
Fanny HAMBLY, infant - 14May
Thomas INGRAM, 17yo, Killed in Wh. Fancy Mine - 16May
Jane RICHARDS, 25yo, Tabe Vel Phth. Pulm. - 27May
George STEVENS, 67yo - 17Jun
Susanna CORNISH, 18yo , Hydrope - 24Jun
Thomas THOMAS, 51yo, Tabe Vel Phth. Pulm. - 18Jul
Anne HOCKING, 76yo - 23Jul
Will'm NICHOLAS alias TREVORROW, 18yo, Subito - 29Jul
Mary WILLIAMS, 17yo, Scarlet Fever - 11Aug
Joseph ROGERS, 77yo, Subito - 13Aug
Dorothy MICHELL, 78yo - 01Sep
Elizabeth OATEY, 75yo - 04Sep
Rich'd PENHALE, 29yo, In Fod. vulgo sick mano occiso - 16Sep
Mary FRANCIS, 12yo, Febre - 20Sep
Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 6yo - 28Sep
John RICHARDS, 2yo, Febre - 16Oct
Anne HAMBLY, 43yo - 31Oct

Martha HOCKING, infant - 09Jan
William JONES, 44yo, Phth. Pulm. - 10Jan
Mary PEARCE, 82&3/4yo, 20Jan
James KNEEBONE, 87yo - 17Feb
Elizabeth HAMPTON, 39yo - 09Apr
Elizabeth CLEMENTS, 92yo, brought from Phillack - 18Apr
Anne UREN, 14yo - 27Apr
John WILLIAMS, 41yo, Phth. Pulm. - 30Apr
William MICHELL, infant - 11Jun
Fra's FLOYD, infant, Variolis - 12Jun
Benedict HOCKIN, 81yo - 05Sep
John HARVEY, 2yrs4mths, Variolis - 13Sep
Rob't JOHNS, a base child, 3mths - 13Sep
Margery dau of W'm. TONKIN, 2yrs8mths, burnt to death - 16Sep
Richard son of Rich'd BRAY, infant, Variolis - 11Oct
Margery STEPHENS, 69yo, Hydrope - 28Oct
Dorothy ARTHUR, 2yo, Variolis - 28Oct
John MARTYN, 6yo, brought from Perran - 08Nov
Mary dau of Will'm BRANCH, 6yo, Variolis - 18Nov
Mary MICHELL - 08Dec
John FINNIS, 12yo, Killed in Mine by a Whirn - 10Dec
Tobias HENDRA, 3yo, Variolis - 13Dec

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