The district of Meneage includes all that part of Cornwall which lies south of Helston and of the Helford River. All the parishes within this area are said to be in Meneage although no such division was ever recognised for any civil, legal or ecclesiastical purpose. Menek or Meneage is certainly a very remarkable district in many respects, and its geological structure is very peculiar. It consists of a moderately elevated tableland, deeply scarfed on the edges by romantic Valleys, and was richly wooded except at the southern extremity. The tableland itself varies much in aspect in different parts. Goonhilly Downs is remarkable for its extreme barenness, and Crousa Downs is distinguished by the immense number of rough lumps of gabbro rock which covers hundreds of acres of its surface.
The rocks of this coast are remarkably varied in character, in general dark coloured and fine grain. In many parts they are almost polished by the waves, and everywhere they are worn into fanstastic and beautiful forms. The beautiful Cornish heath, the sea asparagus, the henbane and many other rare plants grow abundantly in the Lizard distriact which are scarcely known elsewhere in Cornwall.

Cornwall Online Parish Clerk (OPC) Project
Cornwall Online Parish Clerk Project

A volunteer project where individuals take on the task of transcribing records and making them freely available online or providing lookups from the same records for a nominated parish or parishes. Although most of the parishes are covered in Cornwall, there are still many that need a volunteer to look after them. If you are interested in assisting with this project, please click on the OPC logo to the left to access the main Cornwall OPC page, where you can see which parishes are still available and can use the link to contact Diane Donohue the overall co-ordinator for the Cornish project.

Many of the Meneage Area Parishes are represented by OPC's and visiting the respective parish page will enable to contact these volunteer's direct for assistance (please remember to thank them for any help they give, as they do give there time freely), if you cannot find the information you are seeking on this site. We are still looking for a volunteers to take over the role of OPC for Manaccan, which I am presently looking after.



If you are looking for people who orginally came from one of the Parishes on the Meneage Peninsula, then below are onsite links to some nearby Parishes where many Meneage born people were found during the 1861 Census as well as many people from other areas of Cornwall.
Helston A to H - Helston I to Q - Helston R to Z - Sithney - Sithney/Porthleven


Personally I don't have any pictures of the Meneage Area and online seems to be a bit short of pictures as well. The best I could find was o on MyLocalWeb where you can click on "pictures" across the top, then use the drop down list to select the parish of your interest. Selecting "Cury" seems to bring up a good selection of pictures across the Lizard Peninsula. The only other source I could find is on the Cornwall OPC website under each individual parish although what is there does vary.

Can You Help?

Myself and the other OPC's who cover the Meneage Area (The Lizard) of Cornwall would welcome any help you can give in transcribing parish and other records. Please contact myself or the respective OPC if you would like to help out. I, myself, am also looking for photos, both old and new, as well as any articles about the history of the Meneage to add to this site. If you can help with this or anything else, then please do contact me.

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