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Burial Entries from Bishop's Transcripts of Parish Registers - 1700 to 1749

Please Note - Everyone involved with transcribing these records, have done there absolute best to be as accurate as possible. As these transcriptions have been copied from old records, there will be mistakes for various reasons, therefore it is strongly recommended that anything you find always be checked against the orginal records.

Elizabeth dau of John and Edith SCOTT - 28Mar
Elizabeth dau of Samuel and Mary ANTRUM - 29Mar
Thomas MERIEFIELD a widower - 29Mar
William son of William and Elizabeth AGLIN - 29Mar
Grace MALBY a widow - 01Apr
Ann dau of Richard and Ann VINCENT - 01Apr
Grace SANSOM a widow of Castledown - 02Apr
James son of Thomas and Elizabeth HODDER - 08Apr
Sarah wife of Philip ELLAWAY - 14Apr
John TOGOOD - 25Apr
Katharine wife of Thomas [unreadable] - 03May
Joseph ? [unreadable] son of William and Susanna - ??May
Robert son of Robert and Elizabeth JEFFERY - 15May
Roger son of Roger and Susanna HIDE - 17May
Grace MANFIELD, of North Woulton?, widow - 17May
Rebecca dau of John and Rebecca STITSTON - 17May
Richard son of William and Phebe MICHEL - 20May
Richard LUFFE - 24May
Jone PITMAN, widow - 24May
Ann GARDNOR, widow - 03Jun
Ffrancis son of John and Mary PRUTIN - 04Jun
Elizabeth dau of Thomas and Elizabeth MORRIS - 04Jun
John son of John and Ann RIVES - 10Jun
Martha dau of John and Elizabeth MAUNDEFIELD - 12Jun
James son of James and Mary BROWN - 13Jun
Elizabeth wife of Roger HIDE - 25Jun
Elizabeth dau of John and Mary SHORT - 26Jun
Mary dau of Edward and Jone SMALL - 02Jul
Margaret WALKTON, widow - 05Jul
William PITMAN - 07Jul
Mary wife of Richard AVOKE - 17Jul
Mary dau of William and Ffrances SHERLOCKE - 20Jul
Joseph son of Arthur and Ffrances DAVIS - 08Aug
Agnes wife of Benjamin GULLY - 09Aug
Elizabeth dau of William and Elizab. HIBDICH - 09Aug
Martha dau of William FFISHER (Gent) - 11Sep
Edward son of Edward and Hester HOOPER - 16Sep
Edward SCOTT, widower of [unreadable] House - 19Sep
Alice THRING ? - 20Sep
Abigail PORT, widow - 30Sep
William son of John and Edith SCOTT - 04Oct
Richard CHAUNT, w of Alms House - 14Oct
Elizabeth dau of John and Elizabeth CORPE - 15Oct
Ffrancis BARTLET widower of Alms House - 23Oct
Joyce wife of William SYMS a stranger - 26Oct
William son of John and Jone BOYS - 29Oct
Thomas son of John and Mary KING - 29Oct
Katharine wife of Richard STONEY 01Nov
Edward son of Edward and Susanna JUSTINS - 05Nov
John son of Samuel and Ann HODGES - 05Nov
Jone RIDOUT, widow of North Wooten - 07Nov
Sarah MICHEL, widow - 12Nov
Jone wife of John NOAKE - 13Nov
Martha dau of Richard and Mary CORPE - 13Nov
Martha dau of Joseph and Martha GOLDING - 13Nov
William son of William and Jone JUTCHINS - 20Nov
Sarah dau of Roger and Susanna HIDE - 21Nov
Hester dau of Roger and Mary LAMB - 21Nov
Thomas GLOVER, ux of Alms House - 26Nov
Ann wife of Richard BENETT - 26Nov
Ffrancis HOBBS, ux 15Dec
Robert GREEN, widower of Alms House - 16Dec
Jone WHITE, head of Alms House, wife of William - 16Dec
Bernard son of Henry and Jone RIDOUT - 19Dec
Michael son of William and Elizab. WOOLFORD - 27Dec
Jane BUGLER, widow of Alms House - 28Dec
Sarah dau of [unreadable] and Sarah WHITHEAD - 30Dec
Richard son of Abraham and Deborah BROWN - 01Jan
Jone HEATHMAN - 14Jan
Thomas son of John and Rebecca STITSTON - 15Jan
John BARTLET, widower - 24Jan
FFrances PENNY, widow - 24Jan
Richard son of Jone MANFIELD, a base born - 28Jan
Margaret LINKHORN, widow, of Alms House - 31Jan
Edith dau of John and Elizabeth PEARCE - 11Feb
Mary & Sarah dau's of Will. and Mary STURING - 12Feb
Mary dau of William and Mary WILLIAMS - 17Feb
Hester TIZER ?? - 19Feb
Grace STONE of Castletown - 26Feb
Hannah wife of George THRESHER of Castletown - 05Mar
Hannah wife of William DAMPHER - 14Mar
Jane dau of Edward and Dorothy ZORVEL - 16Mar
Ffrancis PARSONS, ux - 19Mar
Lydia wife of Thomas KING - 24Mar
Susanna dau of Bartholomew and Ann HIDE - 24Mar

1701 to 1705
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